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1st for best boy's return to glory and even more posting of him.

Take note, kids.

smeck smeck

JoJo girls have big, fat butts!


So do cute jojo boys.

Poll from last thread strawpoll.me/11281759/r

Hey what chapter and page was it where they explain the green baby's ability in part 6? I need to know because I'm trying to describe frustration to a friend of mine, the idea of always getting close but the closer you get the more impossible it is for you to get where you're going. I'll pretend to be your waifu if you can link me this.

Gappy makes me happy

new poll

>Still links the fucking results

I'm a dumb, sorry
You still are

Never understood milk lovers.

Aesthetic makes me happy

>He doesnt love milk
Are you lactose intolerant or just grew out of it? Either way i can understand.

Don't open this picture.

I'll drink milk, I've got no problem with milk. However I simply don't relate with people who insist drinking this fatty liquid is the only way to quench your thirst. When you're thirsty, you need water. Milk will clear your throat and it's nice cold but water is really what you need. Who eats pbj as an adult anyways? It's a food for children.

Gotta love that protein.
Also maybe it's just me, but it really makes me feel good after workouts, probably has something to do with calcium.


Not him, but I'm lactose intolerant.

You have to help with his math.

The person who drew that clearly has a confusion and can't render fictional people accurately, but they're good and I would fuck that picture. Too bad its 2016 and you'd have to be stupid to still have a printer.

As a person who doesn't work out and who is old enough to be done growing, drinking milk is wasteful and fatty. I would probably drink milk if i wanted to get swole.

But with PBJ? PBJ and milk? That's an oddity for an adult.

Is this Trish?

It seems that even though I slowed down my posting of him, you dumb fuckers have still found a way to disrespect him.
The only solution is to post more of him than ever before.

Fuck off back to Cred Forums.

Milk makes me feel gay, that's why I rarely drink it.
But once I've burned my throat and I was drinking lots of cold milk to ease the pain and that felt very good.

>That's an oddity for an adult.
>Who eats pbj as an adult anyways? It's a food for children.
Why are you trying so hard to prove your maturity?




>better the band/song referenced worse the actual stand is
agree or disagree?

Is RPS kid the strongest stand user ever?

No, that doesn't work at all. I don't think you thought about this for even a moment before posting it.

>killer queen
>highway star


Disagree. KC the stand and KC the band are top tier.

See also: Weather Report, Crazy Diamond, Echoes, Killer Queen, Stone Free, Holy Diver

I don't really see how it is wasteful. After all, it is a food that will nourish you well. You got the enzymes to break it down, it's good to make use of them. Fat is also something you need.

And man, food is not age-restricted. PBJ sure is a sugary treat that I would generally not eat, but one every once in a while would not hurt.

Other way around, actually.
Case in point, King C is one of the best stands, King C is a shit band.

>Never understood milk lovers
Are you one of those /fit/ faggots that also doesn't like bread?

He didn't. Right now there seems to be a very strong backlash against 5 for some reason, despite 5 getting better translations steadily.

Maybe it's a bunch of fucking meming retards who are trying to say 5 is shit even with good translations? Who knows



What's with this sudden persecution complex out of nowhere? What does part 5 have to do with anything?

Why is she so good?

The protagonist and antagonist are the only representation of a Part and 5's has some of the weakest in both regards. King Crimson itself is a badass Stand though

The only really great thing it does better than other Parts are having some amazing Stand battles and not being paced like ass like the Diamond manga which might as well be replaced by the anime at this point

What even is this post?
>hurr you need enzymes to break it down
>it has fat, you need fat
>sugary treat
You're like some faggoty redditor who's trying to fit in. Fuck off.

And no, PBJ is not ever something you should consider in a balanced, let alone healthy diet.

The actual worst JoJo theory ever

I feel like the characterization was definitely way better than Part 3, though. Gio isn't perfect but I found him more interesting as a character than Jotaro, and Abbachio died an Avdol but managed to be pretty great as well.

Post em r8 em don't h8 em

>user is actually getting assmad over milk

What's more likely to get a QUALITY treatment
>Stray Cat
>Cheap trick

>yukako and koichi are irrelevant for the rest of the entire part

why did araki spend so much time on them for no reason?

Its not a victim complex, there just seems to be a lot of hate for part 5 recently. Read the last thread.

And yeah, KC is one of the biggest parts of 5, criticising it is criticising the part. If I said Pucci was a shit villain it'd be a criticism of 6.

>The protagonist and antagonist are the only representation of a Part

So how strong 5 is thematically, how great the supporting crew was, the majority of the fights being fantastic, and it having really good pacing doesn't matter because you don't like Giorno and Diavolo?

Yukako is best girl.

>King C is a shit band.

Fuck YOU, and YOU, and the horse you rode in on, until the end of time.

What are you even trying to say?
How did I even rile you up this much with a post as simple as that?

I did read the last thread. You're imagining it.

That's just what I'm suggesting, because as I said before everything ELSE about the Part is pretty top tier

Both Giorno and Diavolo could've been pretty badass though if some changes were made to the characters. Especially Giorno's stupid doughnut hair design, or making him a more prominent role instead of inspiring a bunch of jack asses to become better people only to die anyways. It's his story but a lot of other people did all the work while he played medic, even more than the Jojo with the ability to fix things

It's still good to read, but one of the weakest given it came after the classics and before Araki got really good at writing

Yukako is actually worst girl.

Cheap trick, it's a dumb arc.

I actually really liked Gio. He was a well mannered guy, but brutal. He was smart and used his stand creatively, not throwing things out of his ass like Star Finger (except for the early part) and he didn't hog the spotlight, but when he got it like in Green Day or Man in the Mirror he really shined. I also liked that he was serious without being completely bland and one note like Jonathan or Jotaro, though I'm sure people will try and say otherwise.

>JoJo fact
The reason mista exists is because Araki wanted hol horse to be a main character for some reason

Sure thing, man.

There's a tribe of Rohan Kishibe enthusiasts in brazil

Stop samefagging, you literal fucking dadfucker.

Go back to /fit/ and stare at some more man ass, you obviously aren't getting enough here in jojo.

Your post was fucking retarded, am I not allowed to call you out on that?

You may think that but you are actually incorrect.

>Last episode for Chase tomorrow

Will we finally get acoustic version?

That wasn't an offer. What are you, gay?


No one will ever be as cute as him ever.


fucker changes his mind like crazy, even rewriting basic facts, like anasui's sex, tsuguri's age, or what kira was doing 3 days before he was found

it's a sure sign of a shit writer

I wish there was more down time to establish the characters' interactions between fights. Almost every arc happens instantly after the last

Giorno shows a lot of promise early on when he's fucking with his ear, fighting Luca and Koichi and carrying the lighter around but by the end he only really had spotlight because Trish and Mista were left

Would DIO even let his son hang out with such a fag?

Giorno's character and the themes of part 5 are hinged on his inspiring presence. His story was to show that even you are the son of DIO, arguably evil incarnate, you don't have to let your past, fate or anything else define you, that you can pursue your dreams.

And Giorno didn't just inspire them to die, Mista and the others knew they were going to die because of what Rolling Stone had shown them, it was Giorno's conviction that pushed them to face it.

Jesus, user.
Take your pills before you pop a vein. You seem to be getting awfully aggressive over milk.

Gio became a medic half way into the part. Josuke was a medic all part 4.

He's not a fag if anything DIO is more of a fag than him.

>authentic Dio's ear

>even more than the Jojo with the ability to fix things
There was a pretty delicate balance going on with Josuke. His stand was great at healing, but he couldn't do it to himself and he very often found himself right in the middle of the action so things still managed to feel tense because he absolutely couldn't afford to get himself fucked up. With Giorno that all goes out the window.

are you forgetting who DIO's second-in-command was

Kill all those who insult the doughnuts

>rohan episode being QUALITY

Why was Vanilla Ice so horrifying?

>Mista and the others knew they were going to die because of what Rolling Stone had shown them
They didn't see it. Mista was walking away from it as it was changing shape.

Giorny makes me horny


Fugo's head in this pic will be my head soon.

>Would DIO even let his son hang out with such a fag?
Dude it's fucking DIO if anything he'd encourage Giorno to explore his sexuality like his old man did and fuck Narancia.

>disgusting pic.

How the fuck is narancia disgusting fucker?

yummy yummy in vorenilla ices tummy

He's still a good person and I got that theme. I just wanted a bit more of the dominance that DIO managed to show off along with his sensual cunningness to bewitch other's hearts into following him

Basically just a reminder now and then the story is focused on Giorno's growth rather than how important it was to protect Trish. I got that out of the 7 page Muda but it didn't really last long


that explains why.

Well we do have interactions. I mean it's about the same level as SDC but SDC's interactions were fun. You have stuff like the steal 100 cars thing, the scene where they're eating lunch after fighting KC the first time, etc.

Also, Giorno really was in the spotlight of his own accord against Diavolo. I think part 5 stressed the thematic relation of him and diavolo - you have him, son of god, versing the devil. Giornox who was born from evil incarnate into a shitty environment, showed he could let that not define him, while diavolo, raised by a priest and becoming boss after a series of miracles, who wanted immortality and the ability to control fate rather than ever meet it, basically KC's ability. When he finally does meet fate in GER, he gets his wish of immortality fulfilled at a gigantic, literally infinite price.

Stuff like this that's never really stated but comes out through analysis is what me go from being a speedreader to kinda liking 5 to loving it

Rank the endings of each Part.

6 > 1 > 7 > 5 > 4 > 2 > 3

None of them are bad though, so don't get triggered.

Two words, user. Two simple words.
Cream and 「 CHARISMA 」

>Would DIO even let his son hang out with such a fag?
>having problems with faggotry of any kind

Honestly I think DIO would have tried to fuck Giorno if he stayed with him long enough.
I mean, it's not like he has any moral standards agaisnt invading people's bodies agaisnt their will and forcing them into sexual acts considering what he did with Jonathan.
And it would be as close as he could get to having sex with himself and Jonathan since Giorno is pretty much the both of them rolled into a single person.

Someone post the Funny Vorentine please

This fanart coulda been so much better with more colors or just better colors

Weird list but ok

1 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 7 > 2

1 is great, 6 is great, 5 has great and chilling themes, 4 and 3 are nice wrap ups, 4 has better final boss though, 7 has high voltage and 2 is utter dogshit

I think even DIO would draw the line at raping his and Jonathan's son. At least I hope he would.



Hokuto no Jankem is Invincible

The way I see it, his composure and gentlemen side was what he inherited from Jonathan. I do agree that having more things demonstrate the almost god like presence of DIO would have been nice, but I enjoyed how he had the respectful and calm nature of Jonathan until you stand in the way of his dream.

"Same type of stand" in part3 was lame but GER was such a letdown.There was an amazing buildup for it too.


I'm still mad tumblr basically made this artist quit drawing anything jojo related

Wait what? I admit that I posted their weird fetish art to laugh at it, but it's drawn really well and was a commission anyway. How did tumblr make them quit JoJo?

Not interested in gay porn myself, but do tell.

Jonathan and Dio were designed as entire foils for one-another. One represented action, one was reaction, it was good vs. evil at their very core

Having Jonathan traits were redundant considering we already had Jonathan. Giorno being a Joestar is obviously superfluous for the sake of it remaining a generational series. His personality should be more in-line as a heroic DIO than needing Jonathan's traits, they had similar backstories and even personality traits

All I ask for is a bit more to work with

Another user made a callout post saying they were a pedophile for drawing shota.

Just for the record I abhor incest but I'm just seriously questioning as to whether DIO would attempt to fuck his child or not.

I can't think of any time where DIO has ever drawn the line on anything whatsoever. Even the character's more sympathetic moments are only punctuations of his madness.

>can you imagine my pain Giorno ?
>to find out that Jonathan's only son died a young man to a zombie I made ?
>to find that the rest of his family were nothing but pale imitations
>surely you can understand
>that the only man worthy of I, DIO, deserved more, and so did I
>but then I found you
>a worthy successor of Jonathan
>perhaps even an improvement over the original
>oh look
>JoJo seems to like you, Giorno

Was Shizuka Joestar a wasted character in your opinion?

>Tumblr crying pedo

I hate this so much about them. They shit all over artists instead of actually doing anything about real life molesters and abusers because that's too difficult for them. Fucking slacktivism

Does that relate to Jojo somehow or did they get him/her to just stop drawing altogether?

>mad because one of your streams of child porn has stopped

Not the user you're talking to
>His personality should be more in-line as a heroic DIO than needing Jonathan's traits, they had similar backstories and even personality traits

But it is.
Virtually every single aspect of Giorno as a character is molded by DIO. He is literally a DIO.Jr.
The Jonathan traits are there but Giorno is a lot, a lot more like DIO than he was like Jonathan.
That's kind of the whole point of his character.
Hell his introduction chapter alone has like 5 callbacks to DIO.

What if JoJo didn't like Giorno and DIO's attempts to rape his son were foiled by flaccid Joestar dong?

And it was still a pretty humiliating and traumatizing experience but Giorno gets off lightly by having his dad's floppy dick squished into his asscrack a few times but no actual penetration taking place

We see this several times.

He kills polpo despite the latter not knowing he killed the old dude by mistake, he stole from koichi and showed no mercy to luca, he infected illuso with the virus, sent a snake after melone, killed ghiaccio outright, the muda barrage, etc. He's shown more as a cold, calculating guy who's righteous, instead of the other way around. He was a twisted and hateful kid till a fucking gangster who never spoke to him saved him. His very determination fuels the entire cast and the part, and he is a character of action like Dio.

Just because a part doesn't spell out a character to you doesn't mean they're designed very specifically. Actually, no part does this, giorno seems to just get attacked more than the others. It'd be like saying josuke is a second joseph or something dumb like that.

>He even WRRYYYYY's
Time to re-read this shit up

Also, Vaporwave/Eurobeat stand when?

>Implying there's anything wrong with gay incest
Giorno can't get pregnant, silly

Yeah sure, whatever user. Doesn't stop them from actually dealing with the problems they claim to be against. It's hypocritical and a waste of time

He has a lot of elements of DIO but does miss a lot of the visible charisma that made him entertaining to begin with. A chapter or two dedicated to building up the character's backstories as if we're supposed to relate to them after that was Part 5's biggest issues

It's because actual crimes hold no interest to them, as circumstantial theft, violence, and so on etc could all be considered forms of social justice. Such things as pedophilia, no. It's abhorrent no matter how you slice it. But they've developed a particular inclination toward thought crimes above all else.

I think Giorno would probably have snakes bite DIO's dick off before he got close enough.

Not that it would stop DIO considering he can use his veins as tentacles. The sick fuck would probably enjoy it.

You think we can swap his head like his dad?

>Shizuka could be read as Jo
>Will we never have a part/one-off based on her as a teenager using her stand
I guess she is a wasted one

1 > 6 > 7 > 3 > 4 > 2 > 5

Jolyne a cute

He is the embodiment of perfection.


>Giorno turns his pubes into snakes
Fund it


Jonathan's fate with dio gave me chills. It also really complemented the start of part 2 with new yorks jojo
Glad to see other part 5 friends in this thread too. I rarely post here anymore but i remember it being a huge drag just seeing people shit on part 5 everyday. I love the sleeping slaves of destiny part. Really poetic and aesthetic end. Also Diavolo getting thrown into the Tiber river by people hthat were formerly in were in charge of protecting him mirrored the end of Roman emperor Elagabalus who was killed by his own soldiers and thrown into the Tiber which is neat.

Part 2's ending was perfect for Joseph's character. Spitting in the face of his family's sorrowful destiny. My favourite of the happier endings.

I want to be that ice cream.

Template please

>does miss a lot of the visible charisma that made him entertaining to begin with
He doesn't really have DIO's visual over-the-top presence and positive attitude but because DIO's attitude is the kind of thing that works for a villain like him. Giorno is not a villain and he's clearly supposed to be more restrained and mentally sound than DIO.
He's not without charisma, though, it's just that his is more of a heroic spirit that infects those around him like Jonathan's was

>A chapter or two dedicated to building up the character's backstories as if we're supposed to relate to them after that was Part 5's biggest issues
Okay so are you saying that building up backstories through chapters is a problem or the backstories themselves were a problem ? Or are you saying the backstories ultimately didn't matter that much ?

Petition Araki to team up with David to write an OVA featuring Old Oldseph getting up to wacky adventures in invisible-babysitting

Which boards would every villain visit?




Cred Forums

Diavolo? Pucci?

I want to mindbreak Pucci


None of them would waste their time on Cred Forums.

>I've been fortunate to have such a great career that has taken me all around the world but one place I will NEVER go again is England.

>Initially, I was super excited to go since a friend told me they have over 10 stations completely owned by the BBC. You can imagine my fury when I realised it was just soap operas about pathetic white people in poorly decorated apartments.

>After letting off a bit of steam with a Shane Diesel DVD, my daughter got me worked up again by telling me her pregnancy test was negative, AGAIN!

>I got straight on the phone to the concierge desk and screamed "Listen up Prince Fuckstick, I need the address of the nearest Interracial Breeding Grounds NOW!"

"We dun 'av nuffin like dat 'ere mate but deres a swingers club a coupla blocks away innit"

>"Is it BBC exclusive or what?"

"Don't fink so matey, sorry bout dat"

>I slammed the phone down, cancelled my shows and donated all proceeds to the NAACP and hopped the first plane back to LA just in time to drop my girl off at Kylie Jenner's birthday party. Fuck England.

What if it's with narancia and young narancia?

I want to be mindbroken by Pucci

Diavolo would do /r9k/ and Cred Forums for sure, probably /biz/ too. Maybe Cred Forums since he's always using computers to give orders and he might be interested in them in general.

Pucci wouldn't browse here at all.

Cred Forums

Pic related

It just mostly seemed in order to really develop all the characters that Giorno meets they had to go out of their way to explain backstories. It's mostly because we and Giorno meet these characters already developed instead of them developing more over the story. It would've helped if there were more newbies like Trish so it didn't feel like it needed to have every single last character jump away from current events just to tell us why they are the way they are

Cred Forums


>It's hypocritical

>be 17~ year old kid
>support social justice but despite flaws mean well
>see someone drawing child porn for a living
>call them out
>be told i am not allowed to say that by some random Cred Forums user because i am not personally a police officer arresting pedophiles

But I'm not the one getting his mouth filled.
That's him.

I beg to disagree


How would you edit this for current /jojo/ threads?

6 > 1 > 7 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2

I consider all of them great and I actually like the way Parts 3 and 2 end.

>implying at least Kira wouldn't
The habits of the NEET make for the quietest life known to man. Besides drifting through space, but I guess Kars isn't technically "man" either.


Oh boy here we go again!

Is alright, it's not gay unless you kiss

On what part you forgot about Hamon, if you disliked stands at first?

>Not having a logical separation of fantasy and reality

It's the same damn thing as calling yourself a purity wolfkin but it's looked down upon because it resembles reality and that makes people uncomfortable

Araki draws people getting gored all the time, does that make him a murderer? What about writers who write things like pirates raping bar maidens, are they rapists?

As long as nobody is harmed, what's the crime?

But that's the best part.

Part 4

I was salty Part 3 didn't really use it despite vampires still being a credible thing, but it's really, REALLY only useful against vampires so after DIO there really wasn't any use for it anymore

The best part is post marital sex with the lord's holy mark

I only started liking Stands during Part 4.

>Abbacchio will never leave black lipstick smeared all over your dick

>be 17~ year old kid

Nah I'm pretty sure kissing narancia is the best thing.
That's gay.

>moving the goalposts
I'm fine with loli, but you said that someone can't criticize it because they are not fighting pedophilia in real life.

You're gay.

>Villains in shounen don't really care about becoming perfect anymore
When did all go wrong?

No I'm not.

I disagree because, with the exception of Fugo and Diavolo (it's not like Diavolo even really needs character development), every single Part 5 characters gets through some sort of progression and arc over the course of it's duration, even if it's minor.
Part 5 builds characterization heavily not just through backstory but also through the shift in character speech and fonts when the characters are interacting outside of fights (and even during fights like White Album).
Obviously backstories are important and they provide the bulk of the whole thing but they are practically mandatory, and they weren't all that the VA characters had going for them in terms of character development.

Diavolo is the seed of either:

A: His namesake

B: A futa

>what are fake greentext stories


But that's what I'm saying too. These people are shitting on artists like they're suddenly good people

I'm criticizing time wasted attacking perfectly reasonable people drawing things whiny fags don't like

How the fuck do people like how Part 6 ended?

Because it's a happy, conclusive ending to the original series that was just poorly explained

Just because it was a downer ending doesn't mean it's bad.

When JJBA switched to Seinen 12 years ago.

My naranciaposting is almost back in full steam.

DIO frequents the biggest boards with a tripcode because he likes the attention.
Kira lurks /biz/ and /fa/, occasionally starts weird cat threads on /an/
Kars would view every board, get bored, and leave
Valentine shitposts 24/7 on Cred Forums and Cred Forums using D4C clones
Diavolo lurks /r9k/ and /x/. Seven proxies. Doppio likes to browse Cred Forums.
Pucci wouldn't come to this sinner site.

I'm getting mixed signals here, guys.

It was a downer but it wrapped up the themes nicely. Also only Part 6 was changed, 1-5 still happened.

Yes you are too.

>These people are shitting on artists like they're suddenly good people
>suddenly good people
And what do you mean by this? That it's impossible to both not like drawn child porn and to be a good person? Are you saying that if something is wrong, if bad people criticize it, it becomes right?

>whiny fags
>everyone who disagrees with me is a faggot and is wrong by defauilt
>implying fags are the ones who like loli and shota in the first place

Again, no qualms with them, but there are certainly reasonable objections to both and to say otherwise is to be irredeemably out of touch with reality.

I'm not though.

>people still don't get Part 6's ending
Holy fuck it's from a magazine written for fucking 14 year olds, it's not that difficult.

It's not child porn if it's drawn.

You really are.

Tell me, do you know it's the downer ending that it is, or do you think it's a happy ending that it isn't?

How am I?

I'm pretty sure Kira would have a thread up on /r/ for hands

Also Tonio shitposts on /ck/ with trip and loses it when either proper hygiene or the bastardization of Italian food. Goes apeshit when someone mentions deep dish pizza



Just finished reading part 5.
Not impressed, gotta say.
Best - worst list for would be
4 > 2 > 1 > 3 > 5
Which is odd, since I was expecting it to be
5 > 3 > 2 > 1 > 4
based on what little I knew of the parts when I started reading

Did it get shitty near the end or were you not really fond of it the whole way through? There's two types of people who don't like Part 5

Those that don't care for the themes and those that didn't get it in the first place

It's a downer ending but it's still a hopeful one. Jolyne's sacrifice means she's gone and forgotten by everyone but Emporio, but because of her Emporio was able to spare everyone from his bullshit and allow someone else a batter chance than what Jolyne got. And the other Parts were unaffected.

The only difference I'd make in your list is switching around 3 and 5. 5 isn't that good, but at least I enjoyed reading it. Can't say the same for 3.

Rate my MS paint friendo's

You're all right. Don't come to /jojo/ tomorrow.


But how am I gay?

I remember when I first read SO, and that Jotaro Pic, he was more useless than DBS Vegeta.

You like men.

Naw, Kira would take it to /soc/. Because he's just that kinda guy.

>M O R I O H ?

No I like Narancia.

You're gay.

Absolutely, araki could have gone somewhere with her and never did

Loving Narancia doesn't make me gay.

>Tonio shitposts on /ck/ with trip and loses it when either proper hygiene or the bastardization of Italian food. Goes apeshit when someone mentions deep dish pizza
He must had a heart attack with the Rainbow Ramen guy

>citation needed

Completely gay.

True, she couldve been what Hagaruke in BNHA is.

Couldve been a better support character than Hermes.


No it doesn't.
Give me proof that it does.
I'll end you fucker.

>Being social

I feel like he has a list of minimum social interactions for the month so he doesn't come off as a loner

Anyways Okuyasu would frequent porn boards and browse /o/ but also browse /c/

fuck you user.
you've awoken something in me



Just got around to reading the new chapter. Man this was a good one.

wtf you like vore now

Honestly the part did a pretty good job of doing little arcs for each character, even if it wasn't much.

We're reaching a point in discussion about 5 where people are expecting it to be this really amazing arc and we're starting to ignore that a lot of these flaws are in other arcs. 2 and 1 have barely any development sans Jonathan, not even Joseph has anything. 3's characters are very static and Kakyoin's arc literally ends with an awkward character backstory that fails to endear us to the character - at least 5 had the decency to include the backstories before most of the fights began and at appropriate times (right before Buccellati fights KC is a really good example of this), not halfway through a big battle. 4 drops a lot of characters it develops halfway like Koichi or Yukako, with the only one that really does develop fully being Okuyasu I guess. Hell, 7 does the EXACT same thing 5 does and it's arguably worse because it throws in a bunch of segments of Gyro or Johnny's past at once. But at the end of day, Gyro, Johnny, and a lot of the part 5 characters are dynamic (though obviously the first two much moreso) for it.

It was definitely worst in the end, but I just generally didn't care for it.
Before Diavolo appeared, it was "alright", and I was looking forward to seeing how they'd handle Diavolo, whom they'd been building up for quite a while.
Then the very first thing he does is fuck up and let Bruno escape after fighting him 1v1 for a good while.
Then the next thing he does is straight up lose to Risotto. As Doppio, granted, but still. Had it not been for Narancia, he'd have just been killed off by a villain-of-the-week character with barely any relevancy to the main story.

3 had some good moments, I find. Polnareff beating Vanilla Ice, for example, or Dio beating Kakyoin. The D'Arby "fights" were also pretty neat.


Anyone agree the filler in Part 4 has been great?

MORIOH RADIO(which for me its the best addition to the show)

I want to make sweet love to Pucci

I want to be mindbroken by all the villains.

Don't remind me user ;_;

I don't think it's fair calling Risotto irrelevant. The majority of the fights in Part 5 are with his men after all.


3 more days to go!


the last panel where vanilla ice was jacking off did it for me

Can the boys draw me as more jojo characters im too fucking lazy


How are you too lazy to take two minutes in MSPaint to become the fattest fucking Joshuu I've seen.

Nero was the top dog in a group of psychics that specialize in assassinations. Nigga was invisible half the time. That's not a easy fight.

He didn't let Bruno escape, he outright killed him and Giorno saved his soul in the nick of time. Hell as things go Diavolo is the villain with the least amount of bullshit in him in the series - as soon as the gang betrays him he immediately sends stand users after them and goes right to Sardinia to eliminate all evidence, then kills Abbachio and Narancia really quickly. From what you're telling me you also really didn't get or didn't care for his thematic role in the story.

Risotto is not irrelevant, he's the other main big bad of part 5, and Metallica is a broken strong stand to boot. This is like complaining that Jotaro lost to a rat, stand battles are not just straight up statistics matches or power level wankery.

But whatever, neither I nor anyone else is going to force you to like 5.

Still, you get my point. He just shows up and is promptly killed off after making Doppio/Diavolo look weak.
It'd be like Vanilla Ice beating Dio, it killed any tension of him ever being a threat for me, despite the evidence to the contrary.

but I'm having so much fun.

Stay back fucker

Why is All Star Battle so fucking fun? A lot more depth than you would think.

guess who


fantastic quality 10/10

Gas these fetish motherfuckers for the love of God
Tumblr has a fucking acceptance movement for over glorified traps, what merit do they have to talk?

See My issue wasn't that it made it no sense, but that it completely killed all tension. The first Dio did was completely destroy Kakyoin. The first thing Kira did was completely destroy Shigechi.
The first thing Diavolo did was fuck up. The second thing Diavolo did was fuck up. It became very hard to see him as a threat after that.
>He didn't let Bruno escape
I consider him being left alive and able to help out team Giorno for literally the rest of the part, most of it spent in an objectively superior state, as letting him escape.
>This is like complaining that Jotaro lost to a rat
I would complain about this too, Jotaro was horribly nerfed in Part 4.

Thanks man.

too late

Diavolo had no way of knowing Bruno would be brought back to life. What Giorno did to him isn't exactly the norm.

I'll end you fucker just wait.


Can someone please link me video i once found in this thread, it's less then a minute, where is showed battle cryes from ABS's cast scenes, i tried to find that on YT, but there was footage from fights itself.


I've been waiting

Just die already you are evil.


did you forget stray cat almost killing kira
araki loves to play with his readers expectations. i love it

Might I remind you of our deal?

By that logic I could argue there's no tension for any part since you know the hero is going to win somehow, even in 6.

But alright, I'll humor you. The first thing Diavolo did was donut Bruno and chop him in half, and then get fucked over by Giorno's turtle trick. The scene where Bruno gets revived by Giorno is probably some Jesus and Lazarus thing and it's meant to show Bruno's strength of character, rather than Diavolo's weakness, and it's not something Diavolo would have known.

The second thing Diavolo does is immediately send stand users on the gang's trail, nearly killing them all, and eradicating all evidence in Sardinia. As for the Metallica thing you keep bringing up, Kira got nearly fucked over by Stray Cat until by stroke of luck it lost a light source and became complacent. Dio nearly got eaten by a vampire the first time he tried on a stone mask until the convenient sun came up. Pucci almost got bodied by Weather Report until Jolene arrived. As I've said, if stand battles were just straight up power battles, this series would be a hell of a lot less interesting, and having the villains show weakness makes them more fleshed out instead of generic Saturday cartoon villains like DIO or Kars. Jotaro nearly losing to a rat makes a lot more sense when you consider what the rat's stand can do and why it's a great counter to Jotaro.

Do we even see any Jojo character canonically lifting considering how every looks so jacked?

I'd assume that Josuke and Okuyasu are gym bros. Would be awkward if Kira joined and saw them there.

Might I remind you that I will never succumb to your evil deal.
I'll protect my anonymity and Narancia.

>The first thing Diavolo did was fuck up.
Bruno was walking zombie what more do you want a nigga to do
>The second thing Diavolo did was fuck up
defeating an enemy, killing abbachio to protect his identity all while using a proxy is fucking up?

Did you forget the 3rd most important scene in part 1?

> i have 2 volumes of SO left
> still bored to death.
It was sometimes cool though.

Kira doesn't go to the gym. Like hell he's touching dumbbells that some sweaty guys touched with the hands they use to masturbate.

Why is Kira so fucking jacked?

He says all he does 20 minutes of stretching before bed and he has no gym membership because he's afraid of sweaty cum stained man hands but when we see his back muscles later he's built like a fucking greek god. Fucking how?

like this??

holy fuck, good shit brodie

As you wish

>expecting characters to be logical
nah user,they just sorta popped outa no where,their abs


Fuck you


Kira is a guy who meticulously obsessively schedules everything in his life. He probably doesn't eat junk food and, as he said, he only drinks occasionally. Plus, he does 20 minutes of stretching everyday and his lifestyle is perfectly healthy from a physical perspective.

He's not overly muscular he's just really ripped because of said ultra healthy and meticulous lifestyle

good genes senpai. he's super athletic and talented but likes to hide his strengths by getting 3rd place

I guess.

It's just the funniest fucking thing when some businessman who can barely lift 70 kg and walk a few blocks is built like fucking heracles

Not eating junk food and stretching doesn't give you any significant gains at all. He would have to be doing strength training to get that muscular.

>Reach the end of VA
>Asspull after asspull after asspull

Araki definitely was making this shit up along the way to end it somehow. I have a feeling Chariot Requiem could've been handled much better

>goes to the gym
>uses KQ to snag some dumbbells as inconspicuously as apparently aimlessly floating iron comes
>returns home and uses his hands to lift weights
>no, his other hands

There. Now we're working out the Kira way.

Hey, it was your decision

Eternal reminder that Giorno (and friends) are actually all pretty brutal, even outside of scenes like eyelid torture or the seven page's worth of destroying Cioccolata. Remember that absolutely noone in part 5 is merely 'RETIRED', every single villain the group encounters dies. Usually horribly. Sometimes they even go out of their way 'specially just to kill them. (see: Melone) and it's worsened by how almost every villain here is comparatively more relatable than people like Alessi or Teru, instead you have Pesci 'n his 'fra', Ghiacco freaking the fuck out over the most minor things and casually talking with Melone before he's murdered by a goddamn snake, or Risotto still bothering to chase Buccellati's team solely because all the rest of the Execution Squad was killed by them. Giorno has a sense of justice, but he inherited a bit of brutality from his father, and let's remember the entire cause for the part's existance is him immediately deciding 'I'm going to kill your gang's boss Buccellati, you must help me'

I hate to seem like a part of the VADF patrol going around, but what were the asspulls in 5's ending?

And it's your decision to shit up threads with your shitty villain you can stop anytime.

Not the guy you're arguing to but I'd like to add this: Valentine also nearly died fighting Diego, and he was almost killed by Lucy too.
>having the villains show weakness makes them more fleshed out instead of generic Saturday cartoon villains like DIO or Kars
I disagree on that. Kars showed plenty of weakness (in fact that's actually kind of a problem) when he failed to get the Stone from Joseph downhill and Lisa Lisa was obviously stronger than he was, hence why he cheated (and why he jobbed really hard to Joseph).
Dio was also reduced to a shrieking mess after Dire stabbed him in the eye with a rose
And DIO in DIO's World not only almost died to Polnareff stabbing him in the eye, but he spends nearly the entire fight trying to avoid Jotaro once he finds out Jotaro can move through frozen time and he gets his shit kicked in several times.

I'd just like to point that out. I entirely agree to the rest of your post.
And thanks for pointing out how the "Jotaro jobs to a rat" thing is actually great on the series.

>supposed to be half Jonathan and half Dio

>is a worse version of both


You k-know there's other ways of getting dumbbells besides stealing them using a ghost. Maybe purchasing them?

>any post say something negative about 6,7 and 8, part 5 haters gather around.
part 5 was way more entertaining than boring mess of 6.

if that's so,how is killer queen so T H I C C ?

>Chariot Requiem's abilities basically being made up on the spot to keep people away from the arrow
>The weakness comes off as literally, "Look behind you!"
>The arrow going through King Crimson's hand just in-time for it not to work because lolBruno

This climax feels kind of fucked after what was a pretty reasonably fun adventure

What is this, "purchase" of which you speak...

I think that would cross the Dio line of "love to hate him" and bring him straight into "jesus christ araki this is disgusting did you read this after you wrote it what the fuck" territory

How dare you! Carne is a fantastic misunderstood villain who deserves praise.

>kind of negative post about Part 6
>the Part 5 haters roll in

You are really grasping there buddy.

>tfw no comfy lift sesh with Joseph and Caesar

Now I'm sad, this could have been awesome and super useful in Stone Ocean

Carne is just a suicidal faggot who had a dumb stand.

I was hesitant to say Valentine, because the poster I was replying to was saying Diavolo won through getting lucky and Aerosmith appearing (which is a legitimate complaint, but doesn't take away from how menacing Diavolo is or how great of a fight Metallica made for), while Valentine legitimately won the Diego and H.P. battle and the Lucy 'fight'. Still, the concept of exploiting weaknesses and fighting all the way down to the wire is crucial to how great a lot of fights in this series are, so yeah.

For Kars, I actually kind of forgot the snow hill scene and the fact he cheated, I might have to rematch part 2.

For DIO, I was mostly talking SDC Dio and just about how for the entire part we see him as this aloof god figure until the very end. I won't argue DIO vs Jotaro being anything less than great but before then...eh.

And a dumb fucking everything about his anatomy basically

>Reach the end of VA

I'm reading it right this moment. Everything just feels too sudden and forced

Yeah, and as fucked up as JoJo gets at times, Araki would never write something like that.
Honestly I think what Dio did to Jonathan was fucked-up as hell but this just crosses into a territory JJBA would likely never go to.
I bet the fans would still love Dio though.


This is actually why I didn't really like most of part 6's villains. A lot of them like D an G, Kenzo, Dio's sons seem to have these tacked on backstories which doesn't really tell me about their character or how they fight. It's also why I didn't like a lot of part 4's later villains like Teru or the Transmission Tower dude, because there they just lacked a sense of personality and felt very one note and bland. Not making every villain out to be a super arrogant god complex dickbag in 5 really worked in its favor, and 7's later on.

SCR was odd and araki was hitting the reader with all kinds of crazy at the same time to add tension. pretty fun to read over again desu


Yeah I agree, I just think Valentine is probably the best example of this considering how D4C, before Love Train, is not that invincible of an ability compared to that of the other villains, and he gets close to death more times than the other villains do.

Kars is actually kind of a massive jobber before he becomes the Ultimate Lifeform (and even then he dies really quickly), which I think could work but was mostly dissapointing because the character had such little build-up and his presence implies a certain power (and I don't think the contrast was intentional).

Are you saying you don't like Shadow DIO ? Or just the way he sticks to the shadows until the end not fighting anyone ?


SCR's abilities were probably just Araki having fun with what he could do with a rampant alien god thing and how it would protect the arrow, it's not really an asspull in the sense of the word. And Bruno giving Giorno the arrow using his last breath is a great moment, it's much more meaningful than something like Caesar's useless death and unlike Kakyoin or Shigechi's deaths we've had a lot of time and development with the character.

I do agree on the SCR weakness, though. It's fucking bullshit, I don't even understand why or how it works or how Diavolo figured out what to do.

i found dio's sons to have a lot of personality actaully. Kenzo was great too, feng shui assassination, was some jonestown like cult leader, drank his own piss etc... D and G just cried a lot iirc so hes like ACDC lite

Well, I said most. I do like Rykiel a lot and I do like all of their stand abilities, I also liked how DD actually didn't even obey it's master, thought that was extremely unique and a great spin on things.

I'm talking more about how the backstories of each villain just aren't really relevant outside of...well, anything else the villain does. Sure, the Y2K stuff for D an G is cool, what does that tell me about Yoyo Ma or why he cries a lot? Sure, Kenzo being a cult leader's cool, but then why is his stand so honorable and uptight about rules?

And then you have donatello versace's backstory being really similar to that Louis Sachar story which is just really odd, and not in a good way.

how would you even get that answer?

I miss Shiggy, fuck

Yeah, I guess I don't like Shadow Dio. Shadow Diavolo's aight because he at least still fights people and does things important to the plot, but DIO just being this static, unmoving black blob of muscle just wasn't entertaining.

why do people like jojo?

We gays.

why do you like jojo?

top tier husbandos
pic related

It's fun and the later stuff is actually well written and meaningful in addition to fun.

when polnareff's body died i think Requiem just became its own thing. kind of like the arrow's very own stand. apparently the arrow is some mysterious rock with space bacteria on it? Yeah SCR very alien like. It's presence even started people to mutate and shit. Like some kind of space invasion. Also in the stand book Araki just dropped the silver chariot part in its name. maybe because its too long idk, but I think they refer to SCR as Requiem in the manga too

This makes me really want to wedgie him as hard as possible and run off

bittersweet, you dense ass mother fucker

araki is a weird dude and i like his strange ways


I had to go leave my house to buy something, I doesn't finish the dolphin/jotaro mod
I'm back now and I'll start again.
The dolphin was too heavy for the change

>implying he won't enjoy said wedgie

Don't post again

I don't remember where it's stated, but the arrow itself, with the beetle, is actually host to some eldritch god monster called Requiem that essentially exists outside of spacetime, and that the other arrows contain a little bit of its power to make stands. (that's why giorno didn't get GER when black sabbath stabbed him in the beginning)

Like, in that final scene with Diavolo getting his actions negated by GER, GER begins talking with him and basically just laughs at Diavolo erasing all time from the world as if it were nothing, then proceeds to fuck him. Requiem really has no master and when it was roaming free as SCR it probably just wanted to fuck with the world a little bit

Don't reply to me ever again.

Literally was like this:
>Requiem nullify the erased time
>Talk with diavolo
>"You can't do anything"
>"Even my user didn't know my power"
>"I'm the ultimate stand, the supreme power"
>"All your attempts are futile"

Reminder that if the blood from the punch had never hit the Stone Mask by sheer dumb un-luck this entire goddamn series would never have happened
Literally none of it
Not even Steel Ball Run, fuck you there's probably some way the alternate universe can be connected to the Stone Mask somehow

>Ywn hug, kiss and marry Jolyne

anasui pls go and stay go

Why didn't Ultimate Kars have a stand?

You could said if Dario wasn't an asshole because it covers both universes but whatever

>Wanting to marry a woman whose great-uncle is a filthy arsonist

stone ocean's end was crazy but the vento aureo end was borderline insanity
diavolo king crimson spirit possessing people, turtle polnareff,an alien stand space rock being running amok mutating people, and good old space time fuckery...
shit was wild

I honestly thought Shadow DIO had some of the best moments in Part 3 and I started to like DIO mostly because of those scenes.

>at least still fights people and does things important to the plot
DIO does have an actual reason for staying in the shadows that was his inability to move in sunlight and his weakened state with Jonathan's body, and it's stated that he's going after more followers to fight the Joestars.
A lot of people disliked Shadow DIO especially after seeing Phantom Blood and they went into Part 3 expecting DIO to be all over the place like he was in Part 1, rather than take a more mysterious role and let the story build up hype to his reveal.
I understand your viewpoint even if I disagree with it.

I will fist your face so hard that your balls will cringe up and die from how bad it looks

He did, we just couldn't see it because Joseph wasn't a Stand user at the time.

Annasui you should hug, kiss and marry Jotaro first to show him how good you are at it, then he'll let you do it to his daughter for sure



>Passione controls funeral services

What in the fuck does Diavolo do with that asset?

What do you think his stand was?

oh shit! I never knew that, it's even on the wiki.
interdasting, this is the first thing I ever really learned about Jojo in /jojo/

It's a Stand that lets him see other Stands. Pretty fearsome, eh?

Mobs typically have their fingers in all sorts of benign, random shit. Construction work, funeral services, restaurants, etc etc.

This is the exact point I realised that these threads have been going on for way too long

He makes a killing.

but he's sends minions 1 or two at a time into what might as well be a meat grinder.

Whoch is made dumber by his logic that anyone caught must be executed immediatly, so let's not give anyone any back up, right?

Light Mode

>Kill someone
>Take their money
>Family takes them to your funeral home
>Take their family's money too

Look what I got /Jojo/


the other two seem extreemly useful and could help form a town to his liking.


You can't just go around stealing invisible babies under the assumption that nobody will miss them, user. That's fucked up; what is wrong with you?


>In an interview with Araki, he dispelled theories of Kars returning in a future part, stating that unless Kars developed a compass ability or crash-landed on another civilization, he'll remain in space forever.
What if Kars finds the aliens that created the arrow and returns to Earth with their help?


>Stand users attract other Stand users
All he needs is that little bit of rock and he's good to go. Make it so, senpai.

Fuck forgot image


Yeah, I see where you're coming from.

I think the biggest problem is that we already know who Dio is and generally what he looks like, so being super shady doesn't work. I will say I really did like the scene where Hol Horse tries to shoot DIO - in just a few lines of dialogue, it did a lot for the intimidation factor and for Hol Horse's character. I just wish there were more of those scenes and less of the philosophy, though I guess that's a precursor to Pucci.

Post it

pretty sure the arrows came to Earth as meteor and people carved them.

All that stand magic shit is literally some completely natural alien stuff that people unimpregnated by it can't comprehend. Kind of like Madoka.

we need the whole thing, right now.

Well stands themself are just psychic projections of the spirit. It just takes a lot of power to be able to make creating them possible. In OGverse, it's an alien god. In SBRverse, it's Jesus and the weird power behind the Wall Eyes.

Who's Mista fan in here?

Was Kira actually jewish?

Your friend is an ugly fat and has greasy hair, so I made him better

New OP today, boys. It's probably going to be a comfy upbeat one considering the name of it

not this

anything but this

please no more came

If he doesn't stab you means that you got it right

Wait, so why is this Sleeping Slaves arc placed right the fuck after Gold Experience Requiem?

Did we really need one more fate spiel during the Epilogue?

Oh shit nevermind i misread your post, youre the greasy fat in the picture, sorry

It's Episode 26 today. We're still in the 2nd cour.

Next week is our first chance, but depending on how much they're cramming in we may not even get any OP at all!

kek, that's well done

It's still the second cour you idiot, the new OP will be next week or the week after.

My only hope is it involves Kawajiri antics at some point

Jesus fuck, carne would be horrifying in real life

Well I liked him more than I did Narancia or Fugo

>sends minions 1 or two at a time into what might as well be a meat grinder.
It's the old cliche of evil overlords to never send all their minions at once otherwise there would be no story.
No JoJo villain does it, really. It's the kind of thing that has to happen in any type of setting where you have a big bad throwing minions at someone.
I'd say saving the strongest Stand Users for last (Vanilla Ice, Pet Shop) and luring them to Egypt where he has the advantage worked better for him (not that it prevented him from losing).
>anyone caught must be executed immediatly
This was only really the case with Enya since she was one of the only people in the world who knew the secret of DIO's power, hence why she had to go.
It's shown that DIO is not really that strict when it comes to his followers because he knows most of them are too scared of him to betray him and would rather kill themselves. Hol Horse fails him three times and tries to betray him and he still keeps Hol around because Hol is just not a threat to him.

>we already know who Dio is and generally what he looks like, so being super shady doesn't work.
But here's the thing user: Jotaro and Joseph don't, and the story is told through their perspective.
Besides the "staying in the shadows" thing being more in line with the way DIO is in Part 3 (more intelligent, more introspective, working as a shadowy cult leader instead of a reckless emperor), it's more natural.
In Phantom Blood, we, through Jonathan, grew up with Dio, so there's no mystery there. We know how he looks like and even get to see his inner thoughts.
But in Part 3, Jotaro and Joseph only know him through family legend and the occasional picture. They have no idea who DIO really is, so they have to "earn" the right to fight DIO.
It allows the character to keep an air of mystery to DIO, build his character, and tease the readers because Araki knows people are waiting for DIO to come back and be the awful asshole he is.

4th best part 5 character

It was tying up the themes and explaining why Buccellati acted the way he did throughout the Part. It just falls flat in English because of the shit translations and feels completely superfluous. I read it in Italian and it's pretty critical in tying up the themes, so hopefully JJCA finish up on VA soon and you can read it properly.

There were too many characters in DiU so someone had to get on the chopping block

Diavolo sent like 3 tag teams
Grateful dead and bb
Clay and talking heads
Chocolate doctor and mud guy

Remind me, hasn't it been basically deconfimred that wall eyes have given anyone a stand? Josuke was already a fusion of Stand Users and Joshuu got it in his blood.

Prosciutto and Pesci were sent by Risotto actually, but your point still stands.


I really feel like ending Part 5 on another backstory soured the fuck of my taste since this entire Part used backstories to develop its characters. This wasn't something that should've been after Golden Experience Requiem as the ending, Bruno already died several chapters beforehand

Reading it properly didn't change the fact that it doesn't actually feel like an ending. The Part just stops

What if Araki start naming the stands after another media like Movies, Books, Games
>Divine Comedy
>Sunset Boulevard
>Clockwork Orange
>Dances with Wolves

Okay, theory on why Kaato killed that kid

Jobin got the stone sickness. Rather than sacrifice her husband or herself, she did equivalent exchange with some boy and then put him out of his misery

you can still be born with a stand I'm pretty sure, but the human bite marks are probably involved with others (imagine if limp bizkit is actually the one responsible, and reanimated Jesus under the tree)

Also dio had oingo boingo and hol horse/j geil
Most of Dios assassins seemed like hired guns that wouldn't want to share wealth or just guys that work alone like that Native American doll guy


Are you new? Last time we hear Chase will be today if they don't skip it (Hopefully acoustic).

They usually skip the OP first episode of a new cour (if there's a new OP) so most likely we'll get it the week after next.

Daiya and Sasame both claimed to have gotten their Stands from playing on land that eventually became Wall Eyes when they were kids, and Joshu and Yasuho both got the bite marks just before their Stands appeared and they were said to itch each time their Stands were used. So it's probably got a link to them somehow for sure.

That's not the same as "sending all the minions at once", which is what I was talking about.
And DIO sent 5 tag teams (although only three of them ever came close to being useful, my point still stands):

Hol Horse & Hanged Man
Mariah & Alessi
Oingo & Boingo
Hol Horse & Boingo
Vanilla Ice & Terence & Kenny G

yeah, I'm definitely liking that invisible zombie jesus theory

My bad but yeah tag fights are some of my favourites in Jojo

Anyone have the working pastebin link?

Survivor would have to be changed to Fight Club


I've always thought Quiet Riot would've been a great alternate name for Survivor.

I feel like they all got the bite marks at one point but in Daiya and Sasame's case it was when they were very young so they don't remember the marks appearing.

Hol Horse is a character whose stated he absolutely needs a partner to work well

Mariah and Alessi weren't really tag teams at all. Neither were Vanilla Ice or Terence. The Crusaders were just kind of split up by that point and shit was just happening at the same time

That's fucking beautiful.

Imagine Eye of the Tiger playing in the background of this fight?

Best stand fight of each part?

3. D'arby
4. Highway Star
5. Grateful Dead/Beach Boy
6. Jailhouse Lock
7. Sugar Mountain

the bite marks being having a human jaw shape but no visible source, gathered around the area where we learned jesus's corpse was hidden, in an AU of a universe where there's a power that raises invisble zombies

Really, I'm not joking here. We even know that jesus's body gave stand powers, it seem's like the most perfectly retarded idea ever: there is an invisible zombie jesus running around Morioh and biting people

Mariah & Alessi and Vanilla & Terence were stated to be working together. Even if they didn't fight the Crusaders together, they were working as a team.
Terence and Kenny G in particular were working together since Terence's room was an illusion from Kenny G, and he split the Crusaders so the rest could be taken out by Vanilla Ice.
If we count Secco & Cioccolata as a team then we can count them as a team

Precisely my thoughts. Consider this also; dead Rock Humans and corpses afflicted by the Rock Disease look similar to the Holy Corpse. The American agents who went to retrieve the corpse from Johnny could potentially have mistaken his corpse for that of Jesus. So whoever was in charge after Valentine was probably very confused as to why the corpse wasn't doing anything when he cut it up and tried to put it in his body.


3.) I didn't like any of them desu
4.) Highway Star
5.) Grateful Dead/Beach Boy
6.) Survivor/Planet Waves
7.) Either Mandom or Tattoo You

thing is that other villains in the series at least make aome sort of move against the protagonist themselves while their henchmen do shit.

Diavolo was out there kicking ass while henchmen covered for him. Valentine got really active around the middle, even before his Stand reveal. Pucci was a proactive legend.

Part 3 Dio gets up when its time to defend himself from the lose state.

>Golden Wind
>Sticky Zippers
>Six Pistols
>Gloomy Blue
>Purple Smoke
>Spicy Lady

That's because the first three villains didn't really give a shit about the protagonists

Dio always had others do his bidding because he thought he was so powerful that they didn't deserve to deal with him
Kars just didn't give a fuck since he was more after the plot MacGuffin than fighting the heroes. He only started caring when they got in his way
And Kira just wanted a quiet life

DIO was arguably doing more than Diavolo behind the scenes.

>I didn't like any of them
What? How? Did you read the manga?

You got good taste m8
>Highway Star
>White Album
>Planet Waves/Survivor
>Mandom (this was hard to pick. 7 has so many good fights)
>I am a Rock (so far. this was a toss up with Vitamin C.)

3. Daniel J. D'arby
4. Highway Star
5. White Album? None of them really stood out to me
6. C-Moon
7. D4C Love Train
8. Probably the Schottkeys, though Doobie Wah gets honorable mention for having a hilarious resolution

Someone post "not the beetle's room"

I ain't clicking that shit negro

Why I could never get into Jojo!

Life occasionally gives you things that you don't understand. Sometimes its people, or school work, and sometimes, its why something is popular. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was recommended to me by so many people who regarded it as one of the best series ever. Upon watching it, I realized that to enjoy the show, you must turn your brain off and just take it in. As such, I did, yet I still ask the question: WHY THE HELL IS THIS SERIES SO POPULAR!!!????????? In my honest opinion, Jojo is the worst series I have ever seen so far, and I promise this isn't a troll and I know that I am in a minority. Usually, I am a completionist who must finish every series I watch all the way through. I just couldn't do that with this one, and its the first series I ever dropped. Personally, I found every scenario really stupid, with dumb characters, and surprisingly good music. I'll do my best to explain why I hate this series so much and though I know most will disagree with me, at least try to understand where I am coming from.

Art/Animation- My god does this anime look like shit. I get what they were going for: a very stylized, comic book style art style. I don't have a problem with that, and I feel that it could have added to the story. However, it just looks so unpolished. I give points for the interesting style and fluid animation, but the art makes this anime look like it's from the early 2000's. Hell, I saw footage of the 1993 adaptation of Jojo and at some parts, it barely looks better. I will also say that character designs are very uninspired and I found many of them to look remarkably similar, but with some different colors on them. Overall, the art was pretty bad on this one, and the solid animation doesn't make up for it.

That's the problem, yeah. I guess Anubis was okay. Death XIII too.

Story- Art style doesn't prevent a story from being good. Like I said, I figured out to watch this show with my critical brain turned off, but here is what I noticed even without it. First, SO MANY PLOT CONVENIENCES!!! Occasionally they are fine, but I found most of the show's scenarios were that there was an item in the exact right place at the exact right time, or that a character was holding something that was never shown or alluded to. One of the worst examples was when fighting a monster weak to sunlight in part 2. Once the monster was lured outside, it just so happened to be exactly noon, and there was a well in the exact spot where the sun was shining brightest, which was used to reflect light to the monster on both sides. Even with no critical mind, I noticed that and it bothered me, and I can name plenty of other similar scenarios. Also, Part 1 was incredibly boring to me. The 7 year time skip from episode 1 to 2 was really stupid and we got no sense of what the characters involved went through. It was jarring. On top of that, scenarios that weren't plot conveniences, which were few and far between, were just to stupid. I know that they were trying to be "bizarre", but they took it way to far. It wasn't even stupid funny, just stupid. The premise was somewhat interesting, and there were a few episodes that were actually kind of entertaining, but overall, the story was just really bad in my opinion.

Why enter the JoJo thread, then? Nobody cares.


Your least favorite Character fights your most favorite character

Who wins?

Found this earlier.
Curious what you guys thought.
>tfw still have a decade to go before i will ever see this.

Characters- I wish that the characters helped, but unfortunately, they don't. I'll name most of them. Jonothan Joestar was meh. The seven year time skip changed his personality totally and we got no idea of what happened during that time. He was supposed to be a gentleman, but he did some rather rude things to Dio (though he deserved them). He was supposed to be a weakling who can't win a fight, but he suddenly transformed to a monster who can win with a broken arm. All of that is just stupid, though he was entertaining sometimes. Dio was a decent villain, but only because he was so easy to hate. He had no motive, and was simply an asshole for no good reason. He also went from wanting money, to wanting to take over the world in literally one episode. I just found that jarring. Speedwagon was interesting, but my problem with him is that in less than an episode, he went from fighting Jojo, to becoming his best friend and biggest supporter. Thankfully, I was somewhat interested in his character. Zepelli was by far the most interesting character, but we didn't find out much about him at all. Joseph Joestar was mostly an annoying brat. Caesar was also annoying. Finally, Lisa Lisa was intriguing, but not enough for me to want to finish the show for her story. Overall, the characters were along a normal curve, with some being rather good, some being rather bad, and most being meh.

That's a pretty bad example. They knew it was noon, that's why they tried to lure him outside.

It was honestly a whole lot better than expected.


Thats what i thought. I clicked it expecting cringe and i was actually mildly impressed.

Sound- I will however, give credit where credit is due. The soundtrack for Jojo was actually really nice. It always fit the mood and added to the scenes (as much as it could). It was mostly epic fight songs, but that works for a series like this one. Also, there were some nice atmospheric songs that added to the mystery aspects of the show. Also of not, was the second OP, as it is absolutely fantastic and one of my personal favorites. The ED theme is also great, not only for it being a giant meme, but just for being a great revival of an awesome old song. Finally, I have to admit that sound effects were pretty nice. While none of it blew me away or anything, it was definitely very good. Jojo's sound is by far its best quality.

Overall- I'm usually a pretty generous reviewer. The fact that I score anything below a five means its really bad to me. I just can't get myself to finish this show because I can find barely any redeeming factors. With brain on or off, I don't understand how this show could have such a huge following. It honestly baffles me.

How did valentine get his scar again?

He was a POW during the civil war

>Diavolo was out there kicking ass while henchmen covered for him
He wasn't "kicking ass". He was moving from place to place giving people orders on his computer. He didn't even want to fight Risotto, Doppio just stumbled into him. I like Diavolo a lot but he didn't do that much behind the scenes.
Pucci I can't disagree. Next to Part 1 Dio he really is the villain that takes the most action. Motherfucker just takes the plot and runs with it.
And, as I've stated before, DIO was in a weakened position and he was still making moves agaisnt the protagonists by going after followers (the Egypt God villains were portrayed as having joined DIO's crew in the middle of the journey) and giving people Stands or killing people to regain his strength. And there's a whole context as to why DIO stays in the shadows in Part 3 for the whole duration of it.
He had more of a reason to do it than Diavolo or Kars did. And I'm not saying villains who stay in the shadows until the protagonists come to them is a bad thing because, really, it isn't if it's pulled off right. If there is a build-up to the villain's eventual reveal and establishment of his character, which was the case with DIO (remember that, at the time, no one knew DIO could stop time. The build-up to DIO's World was massive).

Because it's the manga with the following, not the show you turboautist.

>Letting a naked chick sit on your lap while you're clothed and handsome
DIO's gonna have snail trails on his pants, gross

>Snail trails
Go to bed Weather Report.

>implying he even cares
DIO is gross and over-dramatic, more news at 7

I,DIO, do not care if its that time of the month!

Kars wen't after the Stone himself and even got a mid part fight over it. He's no part 3 Dio.

I can't change the model, SZS Modifier says "It's too big"
help me

>tfw your blood flow only makes his fingers succ harder
Grotty shit tbqh

>DIO being really enthusiastic about eating chicks out when they're on the rag
>'Blood-clots add extra texture'

Like what? Diavolo was doing plenty of ordering and manipultion himself.

Make it less big

Rate this song for part 6 ED:
I don't think it's endings type of song, but if they edit this, mayby it gonna work, am i retarded or what?

Oh... thanks.

Too slow/10


All of the enemies in the first half of part 5 were acting entirely of their own accord. DIO orchestrated every single attack on the Stardust Crusaders, but the effects of Diavolo's orders can be seen in at most 3 people (counting the turtle).

>Dio grew a wild mane of hair upon turning into a vampire

Actually, Dio's hair in general feels inconsistent to me. I almost can't see the similarities between young, adult, vampire, DIO and high DIO

>MrDonutTheDonut revealed today that he hasn't done an Echoes Leitmotif because he's waiting for the anime to be over.

Here's a preview though

I intend Last Train Home kinda vibe here, but yes, i agree.

np dawg

>at most
He sent Buccellati the first time, Pericolo, all the hints to getting Trish to him, Squalo, Tiziano, Carne, Cioccolatta and Secco. Probably more.

He changes his clothes a lot, probably the most of any character in the series. It makes sense he'd change his hairstyle too.

>watching the first season again
>get to the end of episode 12
>that Owner of a Lonely Heart sound-alike
Did they do this very much? I'm not really into Yes, so I wouldn't be able to pick out much.

>squalo, tiziano, carne, cioccolatta, secco
>first half

His hair generally depends on the situation.
12 year old Dio has shoulder length hair but it's kind of slicked back, it even tucks into the back of his coat.
When he is 19 it's a little short but so is Jonathan’s, because they’re university students.
And then he gets that super wild mane when he turns into a vampire.
Jonathan has longer hair near the end of the story too. It's the classic "hairstyle change" to reflect romantic hero and villain in an epic struggle type of thing.

Why do Jojo vampires even have the fangs if 99% of the time they suck blood by jamming their fingers into their victims?

Bruno's gang was a lot closer to meating Polanreff as soon as that ventire started than The Joestars were to Dio all the way in Egypt.

We KNOW Dio had no where near as big of a stand army as Passione must have within its over 750 members, atleast a chunk of which went through a stand giving test, but Diavolo had a much smaller window and just mobilized his Dio's Mansion tier guys immediatly.

Was there any particular reason why Iggy was introduced like this, or why he got a 180 redesign?

All that gum fucked him up real badly.

Probably just because it was funny to start with.
He did change over time, but it's not until the fight with Pet Shop with lots of close ups and emotion shots that he's totally turned around.

They're basically an attempt at becoming ultimate lifeform which fails due to being much to weak vessels. They really should have way more useless animal traits. Them suck your blood through their fingers isn't a cool advantage, it's utter failure at copying a pillar man's absorbtion powers within every cell in his body.


Why did we forget about Jolyne?

What would you do to loli joly?

I want to fuck her underdeveloped cervix until she passes out from a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Be a better father than jotaro

2 types of people

Same reason why DIO sleeps in coffins despite not needing to: it's a stylistic choice.

I mean, can you really imagine a guy like DIO going through the traditional neck-nibbling thing ?
Of course not, he's not exactly a traditional vampire character either, hence why you have him just shoving his hand into someone dramatically and sucking them dry.
He's a larger-than-life vampire in a larger-than-life series so it's just more fitting.

Send her to Disney World. Giorno will take good care of her. I'm gonna go sleep with the fishes.
Don't you fucking ask.

>One user follow the path of the sun
>The other join the darkess following his ambitions

Jotaro-san why are you on Cred Forums

Buy her an ice cream

There was ranking of light novels recently, but what about games?

I don't have the brain power to remember combos but what little did I play of hftf was good and I liked it more than EOH
Do we include the SDC snes rpg and the ps2 beat em ups of PB and VA?

With my sperm in it of course.

> Do we include the SDC snes rpg and the ps2 beat em ups of PB and VA?
If you could.

No you fucking wont

Take her far, far away from this horrible place

Who's hyped for Josuke and Yasuho to get fucking rich by abusing the Milagro Man and Shakedown Street in the coming arc?

Basically what said. I like ASB for its more extensive cast, superior graphics, music, and fanservice, and like this user said I can't be bothered to remember extensive combos. I hate combo-heavy fighters anyway

The only real answer



Nah, its too [obvious] Araki-sama won't do it.


This is my i shit background


>Not Naranciafag allowed in the poal

Why is Rohan best boy

>Not Josuke


Why there's a lot of art with this gureit duo?

Whamuu picks up a pillar in the chariot race against Joseph

Yeah but what's the point of setting up all these ways you can get rich in Morioh if he's not gonna bring them when the main character needs to get rich? It's one of the more likely scenarios imo.


Araki drew jolyne with giornio a lot in his art books, leading to fans to pair them up as well.

This Josuke is so fucking deformed, holy shit
Her entire ass area is fucked up beyond repair


>Araki taking the O B V I O U S path.

But you know what? Milagro Mang didnt get a satisfactory ending, so you have a 1% chance of being right.

And they are also the sons of of the two biggest rivals in the series
discounting Jonathan

Maybe the real reason I liked part 4 the most was because it had the most attractive women. The only attractive girl in part 5 was Narancia, and in part 6 they were all ugly, especially Joylene, president girl wasn't to bad in 7 and I've not even read part 8 because I disliked 7 so much.

Is Doppio spoiler ?

>dating your great great uncle


>Maybe the real reason I liked part 4 the most was because it had the most attractive women.
>I've not even read part 8 because I disliked 7 so much.
Maybe you should fucking read JJL then.

Part 8 has best girls

new thread

>he fucks her
>GER happens
>shes stuck in a never ending pleasure loop

I bet it doesn't have good girls, if so post some.

I guess because as the only girl, Jolyne just has to get paired up with SOME other MC and Giorno seems fitting for sharing "holy shit is this yugioh?" hair and similar size plus winged bug symbolism? They're also the immediate kids of pic related and fandoms love pairing shit like that.


it's a friendship-ship

not all ships are sexual.


Man face.



Fall off your horse, moefag.

>What's a plural noun?

Jolyne's a lady. Kids would be a better word.

You are right

Why the hell did Araki try to replicate Josuke's hair by giving Giorno and Jolyne stupid anime hair?

I guess it makes sense for Jolyne being the delinquent she is, but it looks stupid on Giorno

>that VAing
>those fucking ORAs
good besides that though

>searching for Jojolion Kira pics on tumblr because I like his sailor outfits
>all this gay shit with Josefumi

>replicate Josuke's hair
In what way, just having something notably different and unique? The heroes start getting varied visually once Jotaro comes in.

And instead of having weird hair, the MC's in SBR and JJL just have weird hats.