Is there a more memorable year in anime than 1988?

Is there a more memorable year in anime than 1988?
>Graves of Fireflies
>Char's Counter Attack
>LoGH first season

Oddly enough, only OVAs and films.

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>Overrated shit
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1997 had Princess Mononoke, End of Evangelion, anime Berserk, anime Pokemon and Utena starting.

1978: Mirai Shounen Conan, Captain Harlock, Daitarn 3, Galaxy Express 999, Treasure Island, Space Battleship Yamato 2, Shin Ace wo Nerae

And then you have 1994:
J-Decker, Sailor Moon S, G Gundam, Iria: Zeiram, Marmalade Boy, Macross Plus, You're under Arrest, Tenchi Muyou ryououki part 2, Jojo, Magic Knight Rayearth, Macross 7, all with the slam dunk movie, a YYH movie, two dragon ball z movies, street fighter movie, and a Ranma movie.

>, all with the slam dunk movie, a YYH movie, two dragon ball z movies, street fighter movie, and a Ranma movie.

Are these even memorable?

>Mirai Shounen Conan
I just downloaded this.

>I haven't seen most of these but they are shit because I'm an edgy 17 year old and have often seen people say these are good

Dennou Coil
Gurren Lagann
Terra e.
Serei no Moribito
5cm per second
Sword of the Stranger
Kara no Kyokai
Iblard Jikan
Darker than Black
Nodame Cantabile
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Lucky Star
Eva 1.0
Ghost Hound
Lovely Complex

It's incredible how much the industry went to shit in just 10 years.

2007 just made up for half a decade of shit before that

How many of these will still be memorable in 20 years.

I don't think Cosette and SotS will be relevant within 10 years.

You can say that but 2004 was really fucking good too.
Paranoia Agent
Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig
Area 88
Dead Leaves
Ghost in the Shell 2
Samurai Champloo
Koi Kaze
Tetsujin 28-gou
Samurai 7
Mind Game
Rozen Maiden
School Rumble
Seed Destiny
Desert Punk
Fantastic Children
Black Jack
Howl's Moving Castle
The Place Promised in Our Early Days

Those are all shit. Pick any of the surrounding years and you may have a point.

Define memorable.
Some of the best anime of the '10 are Ping Pong and Uchouten Kazoku, are they "relevant"?
Do you think they will be remembered more than AoT?

>It's incredible how much the industry went to shit in just 10 years.
I blame the economics of a global recession

I blame the jews

To each his own I guess

You already know what to do.

I blame the otaku only buying shit and making Madhouse going bankrupt.

1986 was also a very memorable year.

Uchouten Kazoku is relevant in my heart. :_:

Ova and movies tend to have a more timeless appeal because the quality of animation is unparalleled, even today.

2009 had K-ON. Enough said.

OVAs and films are always superior in quality and are what's usually remembered. Not a lot of people remember a lot of old TV anime. Nobody knows off the top of their head what other TV anime aired alongside Eva as an example.

Let's try this
What anime from 2016 will be remembered in 20 years?

Psycho pass

Re: Zero

>Gundam Wing
>Fushigi Yuugi

LoGH animation is shit tho

Noriko's carpet match the drapes.

>Gundam Wing
>Fushigi Yuugi
Those are the only ones you could think of? Dumb fujoshit. Gundam X and Escaflowne were better anyways.

2007 was really the Eva of our time.


I think we are talking about relevance, not quality.

Romeo no Aoi Sora is my second favorite of 1995 after Eva, but I don't think it's relevant enough to be mentioned.

1988 is unbeatable, but 2001 ain't bad either:
- Spirited Away
- The Adult Empire Strikes Back
- Metropolis
- Millennium Actress
- Princess Arete

Koe no Katachi or Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni of we're talking remembered by people of taste and not remembered by MAL.

LoGH doesn't really qualify as either. I think once you cross the 100 episode mark it stops being an ova and starts being a regular series.

>people of taste

WMT, Conan, Lupin, Joe, 80s space opera and mecha. Plenty of old but timeless TV shows. More than OVA I think.

He says, outing himself as tasteless.

Hey CCS is good too

The manga is atrocious past the oneshot and there's no reason to believe the movie will be much better, since they didn't rewrite it from scratch like anyone with half a brain would have done.


>but in the manga..!
Cool regurgitated opinion, but it's irrelevant.

But user, they were overrated shit.
There so old looking, the animation doesn't hold up, it's full of QUALITY, most of the stories are rittled with clich├ęs.
Over all, compared to the current state of anime this stuff is a shit.

KnK is patrician and Kyoani's most existentially painful work of art yet. I wouldn't expect the common layman to understand.

Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou
Mob Psycho
New Game
March comes in Like a Lion
Hibike 2
Your Name
Koe no Katachi
Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

>Patlabor OVA
>Overrated shit
literally the best looking piece of Japanese animation ever.

Yes, the manga is terrible and so will be the anime.
Is it that hard to process?

You fail.

Wow once a certain amount of releases are past it stops being considered direct to video.

The best piece of Japanese animation is Robot Carnival though.

Half of those were forgotten the moment they stopped airing.

They will be remembered whether you like them or not.


You goofball.

You have no understanding of the arts, I suggest you pick up a few introductory texts on aesthetics. Otherwise, you're 10000 years to early to even think about conversing with me.

>Patlabor OVA
This, how can you forget this.

Is it just me or is Bakabt down? Did it get taken down?

I think 2011 is a contender


>Shouwa Monogatari
>Carnival Phantasm
>Letter to Momo
>K-Ons feature film

Not really

Just you.

Who fucking cares

Also nice years here and 2016 isn't that bad.

It was a very good year.

There really hasn't been anything good this year, in my opinion.

dude havent you seen re:zero ??

I need to get around to rewatching Baccano.

I forgot to mention 2006.

The most cringeworthy post I've read in a while, congrats.

Working just fine for me.

1998 was pretty good.
>Serial Experiments Lain
>Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
>Cowboy Bebop
Cred Forumscore obligatories:
>Initial D
>Kare Kano
>Cardcaptor Sakura
Other good ones:
>Record of Lodoss War
>Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala
>Outlaw Star
Other notables:
>Ao no 6-gou
>Brain Powerd
>Silent Mobius

MAL also lists Perfect Blue, but Wikipedia says it was first at a festival in 1997, so may not count.

You're joking, but it's probably my favourite so far. Generic in a lot of ways and pandering, sure, but fuck me if it wasn't a page-turner.

The shock of mere proletariat when confronted by greater minds than theirs is not unexpected.

>liberal arts majors

I'm curious. What about your "notables" are actually notable? Besides Brain Powerd being Tomino which is reason enough to watch it.

Akira has the ugliest character designs of all time

Hiding behind implications and greentext: an expected response!

Fuck you I love the big heads

There's none

> spoonfeed me the gist of 2016 please

I have heard about them. Yu gi oh is a popular shounen with an active fanbase to this day.

otomo is literally the greatest mangaka artist of all time though

No, I was just making a point at how the current year is shit.

That's Tezuka.

>mfw Cred Forums doesn't know the difference between quality and memorable

he's a furfag so nah

Feels good being a 1988 kid

Tezuka is a hack



Opinion discarded.

These are from 1996 you dumb fuck

NGE probably spilled over into the year after.

>An error occured. It's been logged

It works on my phone though.