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From the shortcake who sold the world

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Despair is a myth. Hope is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Memes.

>Mukuro is a doormat who enjoys getting spanked by her sister

What if Hajizuru and Chiakizuru decide to name their daughter Chiaki in honor of AI Chiaki?

The new addition to Juzoboys copy pasta should be

>Didn't told munakata about junko so he could have more asses to kick and punch

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigirbros, Juzoboys, and I guess Chisapals too that this story will have a happy ending!

AL Chiaki?


Chiaki Jr.

ai Chiaki

Would he fuck and impregnate her, too?

Has he completely lost it?

Am I missing something with the Bowie references?

Are you ready?


This is your class for today.

That ship has sailed.


Am I wrong for fucking hating Chisa?

Like I know she was brainwashed but man I fucking hate her

Yes. Apparently that desire comes from his Ultimate Father talent.

Metal Gear Solid V where the main character is just a duplicate of the real main character just like how AI Chiaki is a duplicate of the real Chiaki

Where did this idea of a Chiaki Izuru come from? Did I miss something?

I'm going to consummate my marriage with Hiyoko!

Two episodes left.
It's not too late.

Tengan possibly being the mastermind and having shown interest in not wanting the Izuru project to go to waste

>Both Junko & Izuru acknowledge that meme magic is real.

Okay its decided anybody who hates either of these two characters are a fucking traitor to Cred Forums and should kill themselves like the normies you are.

Not if I do it first!

The Mirai-hen ED has some interesting lyrics worth mentioning.

> Along with an aria that signals the end, a miracle is waving a white flag amid the cheers of your escape, the handcuffs are now upon you. Take a look, you silly pawn, behold this farce of a conviction. A valkyrie acting on her own accord, wearing witness to the contest. Cast your gaze this way, you admirable young men (break it!). It's like a crackdown, push through the crowd and shout out 'my justice is the right way'. The breakthrough of a valkyrie, where loss is the only teacher. Show us the way, you of great talent (fake it!). A meeting all too brilliant, categorization that begins to shift. Nobody knows, only I know. You already know it's already over. Everybody loves despair.

What does it mean? I mean, even the OP literally told you who the attacker was, so it's gotta hold some sort of meaning.

man a week happend and i still feel awful for chiaki death, i feel worse than when her AI was executed


Another baseless theory with no evidence to back it.
Just like Kirijunko.


I already did it! Because she's my wife and mother of my child!

Could the shsl breeder Gundham Tanaka breed the haemophilia out of the Nevermind dynasty?

Fair enough. I hadn't played beyond MG 2, so I only barely knew who Raiden was.

The KIBOU is coming

*Shows Kibou animu*


Post yfw www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjbgj2V6-o0

No I did! Have fun raising my child you cool dude

>tengan said he wouldnt give up on the project
>tengan is more or less confirmed to be the mastermind now
> when chiaki is dying in episode 10 junko leaves alongside the DR2 cast, but then the camera turns back on and focuses in on her corpse while izuru was already in the room with her,
>theres a 16th person in the game we havent seen
>izuru is able to hide his presence
> tengan's dying message was likley speaking to a new izuru not naegi or mitarai.

it being chiaki has less to do with the theory needing it to be her and more to do with there really just not being any MIA characters that could fill the spot. Tengan is very likley actually dead so we need someone to be the driving conflict for the final 2 episodes.

I don't have swirly eyes but I have the Rinnegan, is that good enough to join in?

I still haven't watched last episode of Zetsubou.

Anything worth mentioning?

Why would Mitarai write himself as a worthless faggot?

what did the fanslation mean by this?

Back off, she's mine. I bet you all would ignore her after her growth spurt, you pedos.

I still can't believe them Hope Arc memesters are actually right

Why is Funi always delayed?

Convince me why I should pay for them if fansubbers get it out on time every time and don't change shit like "hurr gamergate XD"

Growth spurt is the best part, dumb poster.

Izuru literally says meme, it's an accurate translation

Chisa is love.
Chisa is life.
Chisa is a miracle of the universe.
Chisa might've done some things wrong, but only out of brainwashing that even HOPElet couldn't resist.
Chisa is alive and undespaired, as confirmed by the theater scene.

>Writing yourself as a Mary sue.
It would be God tier writing for starters to not have you be a demi god.

Guys, what if Monaca was just fucking with Komaru and Toko and is actually responsible for everything?

It's a Monaca-like thing to do.

Absolutely lost my shit when Naegi dodged that wrench.

Yes, but is your despair far greatest than theirs?

Nothing really. It was a wasted episode that only mattered in the last seconds when it was announced that the despair special next week is a fusion of both arcs and is called HOPE.

in their defense its not their fault, due to legal bullshit they are entirely reliant on being sent in the episode from japan and could get in trouble if they used a ripped raw that gets posted on nyaa for example. Whoever is meant to send the episodes to funi is to blame.

>Paying Funi

You know what, I'm just going to link you to this. It's a little out of date (I speculated we might find out more in despair 11) but whatever.

Read the lyrics of Future's ED

especially this line:

Assemble those scattered pieces in an anagram - Are you prepared?

Here it comes: The End!
The End!
Which can be rearranged to write
which means
to perform (a play) to play (a part) to act (a part)

Now consider kyoko's actions in the game

Also if we look at that line then look at the end of the future op we see monokuma split up into two parts

Shirokuma or the white despair part with Kyoko

Kurokuma or the black hope part with makato

Logic would dictate that the part with the person thats the despair part would be the one junko is in so it would be kyoko

She's an alien and she's done with earth. She only learned that earthlings can only scream Zetsubou and Kibou at each other and those with hair spikes are ones to be feared


His luck is not as hack as Komaeda's but hell, he is like Rito Yuuki, except that he doesn't fall in women.

I love her for who she is, not for what she looks like!

There was no way for Mirai to have a proper conclusion in one episode anyways. It would have been a disaster.

It means you should go read a dictionary.

Look at this handsome boy.

16th person is clearly Killer Killer MC. Killer Killer is supposed to be relevant to DR3, and his habit is to be inconspicuous and hide in spots. I'm sure Tengan contacted this fella to help the Killing Game come along. I can't wait for his seiyuu announcement!

You shouldn't if you just want Danganronpa. They're about to go dub-only soon.

And being fair, Lerche is fucking up real badly with this show. then again if Funi was on their game like France they would have the episode out already, so that's totally on them

Does pain count as despair?


Yeah I know that, I'm not blaming them but what the hell, it's like I'm getting a joke played on me for doing the "right thing"

t. Junkofag who can't handle the HOPE

He falls into women though, they just dont have a very great survival chance.

Where's you get the anagram part?

I mean, the lyrics that [HOPE] subbed at different.

Look at his completely legitimate and true smile!

Was she watching this?

Half of those are mine, thanks.

"It's done?"

"Yes. I'll handle the rest. Here, that's your name as of today. The 13th Branch Head. Best change your face too."

"But the New World Program?"

"Class Rep, the whole world wants your head. Don't worry, the AI can handle it. I'll be in the simulation too. Move now, quickly."

"I hope we meet again my friend."

This image embodies everything that was bad about Despair.

Leave her alone. She's mine.

Also I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.
And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

No, it has more than Kirijunko. Kirijunko had absolutely no basis and was spouted before episode 2 came out. Chiakizuru only became a thing last week due to how shady Tengan is and other stuff..

Smack Mukuro's butt!

Just autistic Chiakifags coming up with dumb theories on their waifu being alive.

Just ignore them.

You can have the (You)s, I just want you to know I hate you

You're disgusting. Don't even dare touch her.

I'm not saying he should write himself as a Mary Sue but he would have written himself as a moderately competent character or at least someone that won't incite outright contempt from the audience.

This anime made people hate Mitarai for being so useless.

I'm going to save Hiyoko from you and she'll reward me by giving me full rights to breeding her

I want to hug this shortcake therapist.

It proved that Chisa's plan was to drive Munakata into despair.

No Chiakizuru literally has no basis and is just as retarded as Kirijunko

Can't wait until these retarded theorists get BTFO when these dumb theories turn out to be bullshit


Hope is nothimg more than an illusion. People believe what they want to believe and see what they want to see, in other words delusion. The only path forward is to open the door of truth known as despair.

got them here lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/trustrick/recall-the-end/

Dr3 is blatantly setting up a relatively happy ending for the survivors aside from maybe munakata, who lets be honest, hes gonna sacrifice himself to save naegi in the next 2 episodes.

kirigiri is pretty much guarenteed to come back cause of the cure W bottle, keep in mind it takes a conscious effort to put in a 3d model of a bottle rolling into animation. As for how hinata + DR2 cast get a happy ending, they might pull some bullshit about ai chiaki still having a back up, that or what anons here are saying sounds like a legit possibility too.

kirigirifaga and chiakifags sure have become cancerous ever since their waifus died. kinda sad.


What would you think of DR evolving into a franchise like Fate, where different writers can create their own killing game with own unique characters and their own brand of twists?

They're even alike, in that their both battle royales, which is a concept that lends itself well to reuse. Fate got Urobuchi, Narita, ... Think of the possibilities. And after a while a writer starts to reuse elements he always uses so it's a good way to bring freshness into the franchise.

Junko fuck off, you didnt even enjoy despair by the end of 2 cause your back up plan sucked

Has Kodaka returned to Twitter?

>she would turn into an evil bitch mere hours later


That's a bittersweet ending user. Not a happy one.

The rapists don't deserve hugs.

>More delusions



What would Hopeman's opposite be like?
>Isn't this wonderful? All of you and your hope, I want to see you rise higher! All of you working together to create the Ultimate Despair!

I want to have a private session with her.

> Tfw you were the one who started the KiriJunko theory way back when and perpetuated it for several episodes.
> Tfw it evolved into a sort of bizarre Kirigiri cult sect.

What monster have I brought into this world? Memes truly are powerful.

I thought Izuru did that for a second because Junko was sitting at the building's edge.

whatcha gonna do about it, hopeboy?

I would hate it and love it simultaneously

You realize in the end it'll be you who gets BTFO, right?

I mean it's called KIBOU Arc

Not "Chiaki and Kirigiri stay dead WAIFUFAGS BTFO" Arc


>it's that user from last thread

please guys don't bite into his autism. let this be the last reply he gets

Thanks user, im hard now.

If only it had been true.

i did say relatively user, its still being made on the corpses of a dozen plus people + kirigiri likely not being 10/10 looking anymore

user your shitposting and possible samefagging last thread ruined what was a fun one, dont do this again.

I would quite like it, honestly. I can't say I like what's happened to the Fate series as of late, but if there's one thing that Kodaka struggles with, it's a good mystery. Other writers could easily make up for that and bring in their own twists, without actually having to involve fucking Junko or Monokuma again.

It was interesting to see in this episode how the initial doubts start to form in Mukuro's mind, I liked that. Then she went ballistic during the game, ayy. What a transformation.

AE Monaca.

Yeah sure. Why not?

Just give more Danganronpa and make sure it's quality.

It can werk. And concept of SHSLs is an interesting flavor as proven by Nagito.

It's just this retarded post-apocalypse plot that feels like a fighting game's "plot" that ruins everything.

Only 2 of those are mine...

So what are they even going to do?


Yes this please, the guy spammed the last thread and turned into whats basically a Cred Forums thread.

I want to taste AI Chiakis shortcakes

>uses "normies"
>calls anyone else a traitor to Cred Forums
Fuck off.

Not when the only thing they want to rape is the despair inside of you.

Let's be honest, the only losers of this anime are the ones actually dumb enough to think Kirigiri and Chiaki were gonna stay dead

I regret making this meme.

Because Future trumps all. Hope and Despair can't compare to the Future.

The best thing Despair arc did was destroy most of the "Mukurofags" who thought she was strong, independent and cold instead of the tool gag character she is.

This is what I mean by cancerous. They really think their waifus being revived is what would be the meaning of Hope Arc.

Or hope in general instead of having the survivors push past the despair of loving their loved ones and fighting for a better tomorrow and fix the world

But no Hope boils down to it being about waifus according to these retards

>tfw you were there to witness the First 16 Hours.
>tfw you're the one who collected posts to create the shitstorm collages
>tfw you've created endless amounts of OC
>tfw you singlehandedly started an endless war simply by flipping a Hopeman image
I can brag too user

Why not? SHSL Talents are pretty much Noble Phantasms anyway


If the chiaki theory winds up being true, they are gonna go there to talk her down and take her back to jabberwock.

if the chiaki theory isnt true, then fuck all if i know, we dont even know if tengan is actually dead or not though having him kick everyone's ass around for 2 episodes sounds hilarious as shit. Can you imagine the shit talk he'd give naegi for letting kirigiri die.

He smiled because he was hoping Munakata would doubt him.

Are DR fans in general suffering from ADHD? Why can't an episode pass by without any major revelations, like I don't know, 98% of all anime episodes? Or is this thread filled with Cred Forums crossboarders?

It was a nice wrap-up episode, and one of my favorite Despair ones overall. Even offered some hints with Izuru/Chiaki/Chisa.

Izuru had to have saved IRL Chiaki and put her on life support on a coma.

My evidence is that he programmed AI Chiaki to have a mole on her boob. How could he have known that was there unless he didnt undress her to fix her up?

I thought people liked her because she was a spaghetti spinner in disguise of a soldier.

That's pretty hot.

I wasnt expecting people to actually take it seriously, like I thought how sarcastic the copypasts were gave that away

at least this meme stayed pure

He's that same guy spouting that garbage about Chiaki and Kirigiri and pretty much spamming it at this point so I just hid his retarded comments

Despair arc overall was okay. The worst stuff was mind hack memes, Izuru kind of sucking, and the lack of character development with the class 77. It's cool we got everything explained for the most part but it was very meh with the surprises not being that interesting. I'm glad I watched it though. Interested in how the next 2 episodes wrap everything up.

Post rare Juzos.

Yes. See how they need to have theories spammed in their faces for them to remember that they exist. These threads suffer from a lot of repetition and I find myself having to go over what I already said to somebody - and more than once it's happened in the exact same post chain.

Dat blush HNNNG

Thank you, I will cherish this gif.

That's from a different portion of the ending, it's not in the TV Size version. If you have the full version handy, it's right during the bridge part.

it was a nice wrap up episode, i just kind of wish they shed light on tengan's motive a bit. Granted he might not of gone off the walls by this point.

Its mainly because they decided to prioritise DR3 characters over SDR2 ones. But I agree whilst disappointing Despair arc was still an enjoyable watch.

Rare Juzos?

Because the pacing so far has been absolutely shit and there's been almost nothing to discuss after episodes now. Most shows, even without having very many constant revelations, do provide something to discuss, whereas DR3 relies on weak suspense and nothing else.

Hell, this episode is baiting us into thinking about the creation of AI Chiaki. The most you can do is theorize whether Chihiro being her creator has been retconned. That's very little and it leads to very onesided and unfulfilling discussions.

Because HOPE brought back the dead class 78 students.
Because HOPE caused the comatose class 77 kids to wake up.
Hope is all about moving past the despair to new horizons.
It's going to have a happy ending, but not because those girls miraculously come back to life.

Because were at the end of a series. This was the final Zetsubou episode and it was pretty much no different from any other random episode.

Because you're in Cred Forums where the most retarded of fans who are also on /drg/ lurk with their retarded theories, ships etc and pretty much spam it to the point of ruin and shit on these threads.

Also this. These threads have turned to literal shit because of it

Just wait until it turns out to be true.

Honestly, I'm just in love with the killing game, confined space survival shit. Keep it coming. Just make sure they're not all EXACTLY the same

This is fine.

>Sonia is shelling the shit out of slavshits

I didn't think she could get better

I knew that mole would become relevant someday!

It's a disappointment because for like 5-6 episodes it wasn't just better than Mirai, it was actually very enjoyable. But everything changed when Junko appeared.

They were there yes but I'd still like if there was some more focus regarding it

>it's a micro usb port

Despair arc had some genuinly fun moments, i loved the way it made imposter an actual character and showed us the first killing game objectively.

I guess in general its nice seeing these events confirmed through an objective look rather than relying on junko's half truths/outright lies.

It also doesn't help that playing things straight, given the way the plot is going right now, would be insanely boring and would lead to the anime being quickly forgotten, if not derided for a long time. Given that most people in here are fans of 1 and 2, both of which had big twists, it's no surprise that they're looking for revelations in a work that belongs to a medium that normally can very easily provide them with that on a regular basis.

I believe it


>But everything changed when Junko appeared.

>Side: Hope

Did you actually just use MOLE ON THE BOOB as a fucking piece of evidence?



Honestly back in DR1 I thought it was just a secluded case where a bunch of kids got kidnapped to play to the whims of the mastermind. THEN SUDDENLY, the entire world has gone to shit. That worldbuilding wasn't necessary because then you have to explain it, and you can, it's just that Kodaka didn't put in the right foundation in DR1 so now he wants to reboot the entire thing.

>The best thing Despair arc did was destroy most of the "Mukurofags"
"Most" should definitely be your key word here, user-kun. I love Mukuro lots. And it's not her fault that Junko keeps dragging her into different gag situations.

>he's this new
I'm being polite here, user. This isn't at all uncommon. This is what happens when you run out of things to discuss but you don't run out of threads. Cred Forumsfags and /drg/fags are cancerous to be sure, but it's not like the anons here are that much better. There's no namefagging, ERPing, etc. so try to think on the bright side.

Of course, you could always go play the games again and stay out of these threads. However, you may miss out on dank new memes.

>DR2 has a batshit insane character who is obsessed with hope and uses despair to get it
>V3 has a batshit insane character who is obsessed with despair and uses hope to get it
Which of the revealed characters could it possibly be?

She is intended to be warm, after all.

Warm like the spaghetti Usami constantly drops.


r8, h8, appreci8

Fuck hope. Fuck despair. Fuck the future. Post memes


Literary how

I refuse to believe that there are people who didn't even bothered to know about the character they liked

We're you bummed that some of the early dead characters in future arc didn't get any focus on why they mattered? Like I compare Bandai and Bull guy with Leon and Sakura(?). Leon and Sakura both had some decent moments as characters, with Sakura still being brought up in current episodes. I wanted to know Bull Guys deal.

Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday, the monitors with knives in them from DR1...
It's obvious at this point.
Junko is back.
Junko literally all but confirmed to be the mastermind/16th person
She said she'd need a high spec brain, BUT WHOSE??? (Kirijunko, Chiakizuru, zombie, etc).
Why is her method so radically different for the Final Killing Game?
We don't know.

I've never seen this Juzo posted.




But seriously, focus drastically shifted from Hajime and 77th class to Junko and brainwashing anime.

It should have been Junko and 77th class.

I used to like Mukuro. Emphasis on used. She turned out to be a silly character, and right when she's about to express some individuality by doubting Junko's plans the anime ends.

is my Queen.

I think DR3 got an unfair treatment just cause we are judging it while incomplete and banking entirely on alot of headcannon and inane theories rather than the merit of its own plot half the time, its not without flaws but Dr2 in particular was a game thats hard as fuck to judge until its done cause the entire thing i building up to the twist involving the entire class being despairs + hinata being the mastering. Can you imagine the shitposting over togami's death on a weekly basis for 11 weeks of everyone calling eachother delusional

Mukuro a slutty shit

Is shit!

What is the basis behind Kirijunko? Why didnt Junko from Kirigiri just turn off the power before the NG hit?

I like the Junko stuff but yeah, it was a total change in pace and quality. I think the problem was her use of mind hacks pretty much killed any depth he plan had for viewers. So I was less interested in what she was doing than her as a character.


3 has proven that DR is a disaster without Kodaka at the wheel.

yes he did, i love these threads

Try to fit the cellphone part in there.

Never played Bayonetta myself so I can't judge. I did however enjoy watching her get rekt by Dante

>Wow Mukuro! We really became Danganronpa© 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy

Seriously Kodaka?


Well shit, user, I think you're right

I absolutely agree, but that's part of the issue with making DR3 an anime instead of a game like the previous entries. Plus, SDR2 was very good on its own until that point and definitely did provide you with things to think about while going through the chapters, which is something you simply cannot say about DR3, especially Zetsubou-hen.

is best


I really like this Juzo.

I know who the mastermind is

You guys think the video that makes you kill yourself became the Rickroll of the DR world?

Yes you are right about that. Brainwashing 77th class should have never happened. It was a cop-out/lazy writing.

There literally is none, people also thought Kizakura was actually Junko's dad based solely on the shape of his eyelashes. People are fucking dumb and will grasp to anything, even nothing at all if it fulfills their dipshit fantasies.

>This is it, Izuru. We did it, we are now Danganronpa© 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy: Despair Arc

I was concerned about this ending getting a little too cheery, but fuck that noise. Let's go full saccharine Saturday-Morning on this shit. Reveal that Kirigiri and Chiaki are alive, have the SDR2 characters appear (all of them, because the victims woke up from their comas), make the mastermind Ghost Junko who everybody sends back to hell with the power of friendship.The skies turn blue again, there's a happily ever after for everybody, Naegiri, Himanami, and Toukomaru all get married and then everyone has a picnic together while reading the first volume of Komaru's manga.

We're never gonna see these guys again anyway. Let's just crank the HOPE and the cheese to 11 and tear off the knobs.

I fucking hate her too right now. I hope she gets redeemed at some point, although considering she's fucking dead, I guess that's never happening.

Is there a character who underwent worse character assassination in this anime?

the basis behind kirijunko was literally started as joke but then people started taking it seriously, the original copypasta was pretty funny and blatantly sarcastic with hints of worry that kodaka was enough of a hack to pull it anyway, what it is now is just shitposting and some genuinly insane fanboys.

as for why kirigiri didnt turn it off, she never got to explore the room since juzo and ruraka were trying to kill them, she also didnt confirm her theory, it was naegi who ultimately solved the mystery

We all know that Liquid Komaeda is going to be the mastermind, right? The entire killing game fits him to a T, pitting hopes against each other, using mindhack anime as a litmus test for hope, everything he wanted all along. It also means that the stuff that Monaca said would make total sense.

Chiazuru is too much of an asspull, even for Kodaka, and KiriJunko is unlikely with the time remaining. With Komaeda, Junko, Izuru, and Naegi involved in the final battle, the fujos would go absolutely wild.

best doujin

Meant for

my fellow hopebro


That's fan threads in general. People don't like to us there brains.


Were memes actually the intended translation, or was HOPE pulling some commie bullshit here?

>this again
reminder Dr2 outright said they were brainwashed and junko brainwashing has been a thing since DR1 and only further emphasized in 0

Post despair memes.

So was Tengan's message for Naegi or Mitarai?

Don't hate the player, hate the game

It's alright, user.
I still like her, if only for her dynamic in the trio. Especially as a despair.

Nah, I hate her. She was a fucking bitch.

Memes were intended

if you haven't noticed yet the anime has been pretty much been Metal Gear Solid


Sounds more logical than.
>this witness' emotions keep fluctuating in completely different ways.
>Ergo, they have Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Yeah she was right, but still.

Izuru literally says meme.

Just listen.

Danganronpa is all about making you hate nice characters (Sayaka, Aoi with her suicide shit, Mikan depending on how much you tolerated her subservience) and making you like bad characters (Fuyuhiko, Toko)

Oh, and then there's Hiyoko.

Can you prove that IRL Chiaki actually has a mole on her tit?
For all we know, Izuru could model her AI to have mole just because he has a fettish on tit with mole.

Is a Goddess and the new meme Queen

>despair is literally a meme

While not this level of cheese, this is pretty much how i see this ending now. its the last time we will see these characters again canonically so lets just end it on a cheery note to see them off, no point in making this sequel and tacking on a more depressing ending to the hopeful ends of Dr1 and 2. Kirigiri and naegi being cannon, togami maybe finally giving touko a chance, weebro and kanon making weedbabies, hinata sving chiaki finally after 3 tries, sonia at least not hating souda, naegi becomming the new head of future foundation. Happily ever after


like this


I love her!

>you will never post dank memes on the internet with Junko

Why did Mukuro suggest to kill Naegi if she's supposed to be in love with him?

>Sayaka descending from Heaven and helping Kirigiri fake her death
See? Can't we all just get along?

To be fair, Uendo was literally changing his facial structure every time he turned into Kisegawa.

Hope will end with buy V3, lol

That's what I want. We have to go cheesier than DR2.

There's nothing to not like about it

In this episode Junko used a message to get Monokuma's gloomy sunday to play on the cellphones of the reserve course students. What if Mitarai gets it next episode?

And then you woke up

its almost like meme is a real word that has nothing to do with rage faces or cat videos.

yeah that works
can you see about fitting the subtitles for "monokuma's gloomy sunday" in the bottom two?

I'm okay with this.

Music Girl > Porky Gamer

Then nothing of value will be lost


He says memes
>noun \ˈmēm\ an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from one person to another in a culture

at this point, neither and it was meant for thw 16th participant

No one's Juzos are rarer than mine.

Ibuki friends, report!
Why do you love this beautiful guitarist?

Chisa did nothing wrong, and will get her happy ending.

Where the hell is that scene between hinata and chiaki from?



She's kind of into him, but she apparently only loves him in IF. In canon she probably just thinks he's cute.

Agree to disagree. They're both great.

It's an act you retard. It's all just an anime. Nobody is actually dead. Kodaka actually went that route

>junko brainwashing has been a thing since DR1
Memory erasure and brainwashing are two different things user. Plus they also said in SDR2 that Junko used her charisma and manipulation skills to bring people to despair one by one. If you've also played DR:AE the WoH go on about how kind Junko was and the only persona who ever gave them hope and they were never brainwashed.

Why is Hajime's guitar riff sprite single greatest thing in the universe?

It's real

Because she still needs more hopedick to begin doubting Junko's plans

Fuck off /mlp/


What does she keep in the backpack

sayakafags should like that interpretation as it implies she such an angel she would help her technical rival just so naegi can be happy.

Then you haven't been paying attention.

Its a good thing those waifufags didn't start parading chisa as the second coming of christ like they did with mikan

God I hate mikan

was that a happy end

or a bad end

Because IF is a fanfic

>being angry for literally no reason at all
Are you okay?



>Final boss is Nagito possessed by Junko's arm
>At the end, he admits he was merely pretending

I actually would be fine with this, these characters have gone through enough shit and if we arent seeing them again then lets at least give them a happy end.

Was it an ending?

Hey guys, check this out!

Can somebody explain to me wtf was the point of Junko freeing Izuru? I mean how exactly did Izuru contribute anything at all to Junkos plan? All I remember him doing is standing around doing absolutely fucking nothing.

Like how would Junkos plan not somehow work without having Izuru? Once she has the brainwashing anime, why does she need Izuru?

And speaking of Izuru, why would he need to test Hope and Despair to see which 1 is less boring, AFTER Junko already lost to Naegi and company? Wouldn't that have already answered his question? Why did he need to wait until Junko lost a 2nd time in order to find his answer?

Her ex's head

Why do we live user?


>tfw it was literally Juzo's fault all along
>tfw people who had justifiably shit on him until now unironically apologized to Juzoboys after Monday's episode
>tfw people will still defend him


Except they're both dead. If it was Sayaka saving Asahina it would mean more.

Not even in the same league as The Rape of Asahina

It was mostly Junko's fault

Or it was Munakata's fault for being so sexy


WOH werent brainwashed though, the DR2 cast was said to be brainwashed in the official reports from FF you read in chapter 6.

Chisa took delight in hurting best boy. She can suck a cactus.

Just sayin', best of both worlds.
>Kyoko teaches Sayaka how to handle a gun
>Sayaka gives Kyoko singing lessons
>both of them build some cardio with Naegi

Was this a sad end, or good end? I'm confused

cuz it feels sad af

>p-people like a character I don't

stay mad faggot

Junko's brainwashing has been a thing since DR0

Junko manipulated the WoH differently compared to the UD

Recruiting =\= transforming them into UD

I want a Class 74 happy ending (especially Chisa, she deserves it the most).

Honestly, dooming the world to keep feelings he can't punch a secret is fucking pathetic, man.

A lot of people in here have serious anger issues.

Chisa/Chiaki is just one of many lewd ideas I've had when I watch DR3.

Every NG victim except Kirigiri had their legs covered.

Hey guys, wanna do a jumping contest off the roof?

My dives are incredible! You gotta see them.

You know you love her.



Izuru doesnt have a fetish!

People would argue that Junko would have been killed by Nagito had Izuru not showed up.

>And speaking of Izuru, why would he need to test Hope and Despair to see which 1 is less boring, AFTER Junko already lost to Naegi and company?

Because Izuru knew that Junko intentionally lost to Neagi and that doesn't give him the answer he seeks.

Your mindhacks are weak



What happened in today's episode? Also is the hope arc real?

Except this means nothing you fucking retard

Last episode after the ed

Never would have figured Juzo for a Nazgul

Neither, cause its not the end.

izuru's existence was what let her cause the reserve course students go bonkers. She genuinly was interested in him and was trying to get him on her side more so than her using him. Also if izuru werent there nagito would of actually been the hero who killed junko and prevented the whole series.

Hope arc is two episodes

If Izuru was against Junko, her plan wouldn't have worked because muh SHSL everything, she needed him on her side.

nothing. yes.

Is it me or its kinda cold here? Im gonna get closer to that fire.

>wanna kill this manlet who'll obviously ruin your plans?
>nah, if he does I'll feel best despair


He literally says memes. And it's a real term. It involves the passing on of cultural traits.

>That happy-as-hell Junko

Naegi certainly did. Put his hopestick in her every night at HPA

if only chisa answered her fucking phone

Technically, he's the SHSL Fetishist

How small is Naegi's hitbox?


Yeah right, fucking fag.

Probably can't even do a backflip like me.

But he's the SHSL Fetishist.

I didn't expect this, that was actually funny

Trying to pretend like the series well known for being a parody is taking itself very seriously, you know they kind of remade the entire tone from scratch to be outlandish and cartoony for a reason


>Two episodes

Its a pixel in the middle of his ahoge.

>WOH werent brainwashed though

I never said they were and that's the point. Until DR3 there was more implications that she manipulated them into joining her cause rather than brainwashing them.

Even if juzo tries to tell him chisa would have cockblocked his plans regardless

>stay mad
Why? My favorite character is still alive and not a gigantic pussy who acts like an edgelord to hide his gayness.


I would just like to mention, i really like that tengan was (or at least at the current moment the most likley) mastermind, it actually makes sense how they could pull this whole game off, his entire character takes on a different meaning given new context going from based as fuck to evil as fuck, has alot of genuinly subtle foreshadowing since the start from kirigiri's suspicion of him to his strange calmness and awareness of whats going on around him.

>tfw she won't get her happy ending
>tfw she died a despair
>tfw everyone has made her out to be the biggest cunt in DR3, despite Ruruka existing

>Junko's brainwashing has been a thing since DR0

Yes that is correct and that's why I don't have a problem with the masses being brainwashed.

>Junko manipulated the WoH differently compared to the UD

The whole point user. Is that none of SHSL Despair were ever manipulated they were outright brainwashed.

>junko knows losing to some faggot named naegi would give her ultimate despair
>actually loses to naegi
Is everything mememagic now?

nice buzzword, i bet your favorite character is betahajime


Well, shit.
>yfw you remember to doublecheck NISA's lines on DR2 but you forget about this one

I want to take pictures with Mahiru

If it's 12 episodes each arc then what's the next one for despair?

Junko's agenda is to never have a foolproof plan. It proves that despair is superior if she wins and she gets to feel despair if she loses.

there isnt, people keep getting their hopes up that theres gonna be an hour long future episode + hope episode.

as of right now its more or less set in stone hope is basically future 3 and will conclude both the despair arc and future arc storylines, basically dont expect izuru+crew to show up till either the stinger of the last episode or the last episode itself.

>tfw despair is gonna get btfo by based izuru in the next episode

All the normies dying was actually hilarious. I'm not surprised Junko enjoyed it as well.




In retrospect, the reveal that Izuru really was AI Chiaki's father and stuck her in a death game just to see what would happen should have been obvious with how Class 77 and 78 never really interacted with each other. It also explains certain quirks like her insatiable need for knowledge that neither Alter Ego nor Monomi, her supposed 'siblings', have - the guy who actually made her knows pretty much everything there is to know and would rather have somebody who he can teach things to rather than somebody who's already an equal.

Still, it was kind of sad to see people - including me - slowly realize it over time. It was kind of like a really long, excruciating execution of seeing something that was common fanon for years be ripped apart into nothingness in a few weeks.

AI Hinanami is still cute, though.

Are we just here to suffer?

christ the first anime's art was fucking weird, at least kirigiri looked cute.



The special episode that's been hinted since the beginning. Zetsubou-hen episode: Kibou-hen

Have fun, I'll just be making a woman out of her.

No, Despair gets 11 episodes.
The episode that airs in Despair's time slot next week is the finale and is called Side Hope.

Huh, for some reason I can dig it. Mahiru being an actually sensible human being might help Pepsi to unlock his true potential. I mean, he's a good mechanic, that shit's valuable.

Have fun

I do and I'm not ashamed

next despair is the hope episode thats basically future 13


Nice buzzword, too bad Juzo is by far the most beta character in the entire series.

Those pictures almost look like a puddle of cum.

It was hotter when I thought that's what they were.

Her motives are far beyond your comprehension

Yes, I truly do hope she's alive though. She deserves a happy ending.

But at least we can take solace she blew up a fucking building.

I'm more sad that Chihiro/Alter Ego being her creator is likely retconned. Poor fella deserves some recognition and I don't want God Himself to take that away from him. It's one of the dumbest possible things to retcon too seeing as they could've easily had Chiaki interact with the NWP at some point during the show.

And I'll watch

how can it be round ending killcam if he was never killed?

The blue man group joke made me laugh though. I'll give you that.

is there a reason not to?
she is quirky
she is the one that always seems to be cheerful
her overreaction is cute
her gestures are funny
sure her role isnt that significant but that doesnt mean she is not likeable.

Good ol reddit trying to be EPIC xDDDD111

Because Naegi misses it and Sayaka is hit

reminder that mikan is trash

Ruruka didn't murder children.

What is this? A pig for ants?

Please dont bully Mikan

Of course. That doesn't need mentioning.

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.

ok hajimecuck

I don't see how this retcons it, really. The way I see it, Chihiro laid the groundwork for the other AIs, so in a way he's also AI Chiaki's father.

How would Izuru stop Junko? He was locked in a room all day. And even if he was let out, what makes anybody think he would actually care to want to stop Junko? Wouldn't it be too boring?

I mean so far I just don't see how Izuru has done anything than be a glorified bodyguard. Junko could've shown the killing game to all the students and never even mentioned Izurus name and the same thing would've happened. Just say something like "Your funds were being used to weed out of the worst of you!" or something. No need for Izurus existence to be needed

Yes. Only ants love this pig shit


I'm not getting the sense that it's getting retconned.

Even without her inclusion, his statement that he wants to see which side will win makes sense.

There's also the fact that AI Chiaki was noticably un-Chiaki like.

But she did lure them into her van.

>hates Mikan
Good so far
>Posts Hiyoko
God damnit user you were so close

Ruruka also wasn't brainwashed.


Ruruka killed 2 people out of fear for her own life.


That sounds hot.

Literally nothing wrong with Hiyoko.

Consider that Junko also considered the DR2 guys as chumps

Jokes on you senpai i already want to kill myself

Which turned out to be completely unwarranted in the end.

Daily reminder that Mukuro nonchalantly recommends killing Naegi, meaning all the fanon of Mukuro having feelings for Naegi has been conclusively disproven

Izuru set up the events of SDR2 in which despair loses, so in other words he's hope-aligned.

also reminder that Kirijunko is a thing

Can't argue with that.


Just like Chisa's life.

No seriously what is Chiakizuru? AI Chiaki?

Being Katana is suffering.

Except that she's smelly and bad tempered. Refine your shit taste user.


Read her FTE or DR/Zero, friend

I only like Hiyoko for her pre-growth spurt body.

I am scum and I don't care.

Ultimate Chiaki

>had plans to poach people for her own group
>killed her husbando out of paranoia
>tried to brainwash juzo to kill other people
>doing all this shady shit while not being mindhacked by junko
Sure buddy

If you were a dumb kid and this girl offered you candy at the back of her van, what would you do?

Monaka as the best grin

DR3 supercedes all


Worse than trash, a worthless pig.

A retarded theory in which Chiaki survived her execution and was turned into another ultimate ultimate.

Which is a lot better than killing a playground full of kids for shits and giggles.

All of the quality of this anime was put into Monaka's eyelashes

I want to protect that grin.

Kodaka is a fucking hack.

NTR is a shit fetish, user

They're the same level of canon, what are you talking about?



These two would get along

the entire DR3 budget was in fact put on Monaka

see this
at this point its looking genuinly possible.

I want to take Mahiru.

But Ruruka wasn't brainwashed.

>Not being an intellectual
It's 2016

Later content supercede earlier content. Mukuro has been retconned and confirmed to feel nothing for Naegi

I wouldn't even need to be offered candy, man.

Ogata's screams are the best.

I want to crawl between those legs

A theory that Chiaki's nearly dead body was taken and turned into a second Izuru.

>second Izuru.
Is there anything that points towards this? Even a hint?


It's the dumb theory that Gray Fox's body was taken from the battlefield after Metal Gear 2 and made into the Cyborg Ninja.

Only idiots still believe it.

Ignore the delusional chiakifags



When Tengan said he wanted to "protect" the Kamukura project, he meant that Izuru is the 13th branch head.

That would explain away him being involved with AI Chiaki's creation.

Chiakifags are worse than Juzoboys and Kirifags

He brings it on himself.

No, but that's what Chiakizuru is. The guy asked.

Fuck, I wouldn't have believed it before today but since we're going full metal gear anyway.

Yeah, who would fall for that dumb shit

Would NG code porn parody work?

Like, if participants of mutual killing orgy will die out of semen injection overdose unless they perform some sexual act such as: autofellatio; get someone's foot up your ass; make someone orgasm with a nose; get whipped 50 times and etc.

sensible kek

who got the ful pic hit me up


That's my point, actually. It makes quite a bit of sense that she wasn't really like Chiaki, unlike Alter Ego Chihiro or Junko, if the person who made her never truly knew about her. He wouldn't really know about her being the class rep and how she acted, what he knew about her was largely based off of moments where she was in extremely poor emotional states (like seeing one of her friends pull out a gun or get tossed into a death chamber). That, and what scattered memories about their own dates he might have been able to piece together in his mind. This, topped off with moments where he probably got a burst of emotion and his judgement got clouded. Like having her be relatively nonchalant about an execution because he was traumatized over the real one's reaction to death.

In other words, AI Chiaki was a mess of bulletpoints and minor corrections. Even for the SHSL everything, she would be lucky to resemble the real one much.

DRK isn't written by him and it has a fanbase that extends beyond the normal DR crowd.

yes, tengan outright said he doesnt want the project to go to waste, back in episode 5 when we thought he was just some based as fuck kung fu grandpa this kind of just flew over people's heads, now that hes essentially confirmed to be the mastermind his words take on a different meaning. its not guaranteed to be chiaki (i think people are just saying that in hopes of a happy end)but izuru 2.0 is pretty much a inevitability.

The full pic is disappointing

I-I'm down with that game

Delete this.

I [hope] the scream compilation webm is updated with despair Naegi

That grin is actually pretty scary.

boring ass hajme

put the gun down


user im not even gonna try to one up this joke, i just love you for this. You are hope/

Why didn't she pick up the phone?

i dont care nicca send it

Wouldn't him wanting to protect the Kamukura project just mean he doesn't want to kill Hajizuru? Whom he knows is part of Ultimate Despair and Munakata is trying to murder?

put your gun down 3d doppleganger


yeah im surprised doujins havent been made yet where kirigiri's NG code is not having sex before the round is up.

You First!

Okay, THIS is a Monokuma grin. The Monkey D Luffy crap up until now like is not.

shitty monkey d. luffy grin



No he likley saw hajime as a failure all the way back in despair arc, he probably intended chiaki to actually be a success.

The reason tengan set up the killing game i think was to kill off the undesirables of the FF to give it a fresh start with izuru 2.0 being the new leader.

>NG code: don't get aroused by all these people porking around you

Hold it you 3


I got it off a 2chan thread.

actly she was ok pre-despair
plus did she really hate the reserve course so much??
isn't narrator chisa also despair chisa


Even in porn parody, bandai is suffering.


So its gun meme time again.

One last final I need Ju(zo)


reminder of the canonical happy ending


fuck (You)


thats a xnalara picture right
just want to confirm since i don't really remember if you can turn the perspective off there

>Not even reached 500.

Kill Yourself.


Where is this from?

...You do know that there is at least one year in which they stay closed off in that bunker right?

and that such timeskip could easily explain her newfound doubt in the DR1 FTEs right?

Thing is, everything else he's said has shown he speaks in half-truths and answers that are revealed as "technically true but you know that isn't what the person asking the question was talking about", like the attacker alternating actually being suicides, all so he could piss Munakata off. He baited Hajime into becoming Izuru by giving him a confidence-weakening speech that forced him to dwell on what would happen to him if he didn't join the project. If he IS the old man in Worst Day Ever, then he also directly lied to Naegi about luck and baited him into following him to test out his luck.

Does it really make sense that he would suddenly talk at face value about this one thing?

They're both Monokuma's grin, the only difference is she's covering half her mouth in one.


Reminds me of this

I'm not I'm the genuine monkey d luffy grin hater.

sound good, but...
Monaka know who is the mastermind but don´t says nothing because is too boring and she laugh when she says that somebody (Kirigiri) is going to die because Naegi fault.
I don´t think that kirigiri is "junko" or that she is in despair.




Was Izuru implying that he was the one who created the Chiaki AI with his "lol xD I'm so random" contest for Hope vs Despair?

Holy shit i never noticed till now that he was blatantly baiting hajime back in despair arc.

see this is how you do a good mastermind reveal, when they are shown as the villain their pasts scenes should take on a completely different meaning. tengan went from based as fuck kung fu gramps to literal sin.

Chisa is all right tho. First she was genki maid, then she became not-so-genki kid killing maid. Meanwhile, Mukuro is a non-character

Which is why she can't be dead. Killing her off prevents more DRK novels that are set in the future.


Oh cool. I thought that was a website shot.

I hope we get something so beyond cheesy.

Hopefully Mitarai's story is done in Mirai-12

monaka didnt need to know. she only knew the NG codes and that the attacker was sucide and Remember what aijunko said to baby gangster about the idea of her being peko. She can mimic the person's personality if she has enough data so if she was trying to be kyoko she'd be kyoko until she wanted to drop the act. Junko's proven that she doesnt give a shit about monaka so why would she reveal herself to her if she was acting ?

>and it has a fanbase that extends beyond the normal DR crowd
How the fuck?

I'm with you on him tricking Munakatana, but I think you're giving him too much credit with Hajime. He seemed set against it, even during his meeting with Jin and Kizakura. It sounds more like he begrudgingly went along with it because it's not like he could stop it anyway and decided that since what's done is done he's better off protecting Hajizuru rather than wasting all the effort HPA put into the project.

I normally hate Junko, but I have to admit that this scene was great.

Silly user, you posted the happy end.

It's really easy to not notice it because he talks nicely to him and appears supportive. You have to look at what he's actually saying, like telling him he could go back to his old high school - which we know he didn't exactly enjoy back in episode 01 - to realize his aim is the exact opposite. He's playing on Hajime's insecurities with a friendly smile and a 'genial old man' act when we know that even years later he's perfectly capable of kicking ass.

See above. He could have said something else, but he baited him into not only dwelling on his own normality (the source of his issues) but what might happen at his old high school.

>Yoi: Loving vanilla sex with his girlfriend
>Rurugirls: Letting any of the FF go unfunded
>Boozeman: Either drunk sex or taking his hand away from his dick
>Gekko: Moving out of the modified sex toy wheelchair
>Munakata: Spreading pussy
>Juzo: Asshole is off limits
>Chisa: Munakata cums before her
>Seiko: Must initiate
>Tengan: No NTR
>Gozu: Fucking to the point of exhaustion
>Bandai: Voyeurism
>Kirigiri: Staying in for 4 rounds with Naegi's virginity in tact
>Naegi: No fapping

Because they're good detective novels that you don't actually need to be familiar with DR to enjoy. Really, they're so far removed from the main series that they might as well be a separate universe.

There's literally nothing wrong with murdering children

Rurugirls: Letting any of the FF go unfucked

Ruruka wasnt brainwashed.

So, did Chisa blow up the school?

No. She blew up the classroom to make it look like the 77th class was killed.

Best girl.

> This is so boring.

He was referring to the despairfags plan to raid the island.

Izuru was given the hope. Future too.

>Tengan: Cannot allow a sex scene to happen without committing NTR
This would be choice for Tengan.