Dumb lainposter


I love you, Lain.

Do you still have hope?

We all love Lain.

The question is, does she love us?

God is God.

Hope is all I have

Would Lain not love someone who loves her?

Can Lain love all of us? She knows us more deeply than anyone, as she exists here on the internet where we all exist in our most basic and unfiltered form. I'm sure plenty of us here are completely horrible and disgusting. Either we're into some disgusting and horrible stuff, or we're just complete assholes. Could Lain love someone like that, even if they love her? I don't think so.

I want to fuck Lain while she wears the bearsuit.

Is Lain capable of denying love to people who are giving her love? I don't think that's the case. She might see how horrible we are, but that doesn't make our love for her any less real and I don't think Lain would have the heart to ignore people's pleads like that.

Though if you only pretend to love Lain you may consider yourself unworthy already.

Anyone else whos seen the ghost in the shell live action trailers thought it felt more like a lain movie?

Is Lain a e s t h e t i c ?

Those 'trailers' were so short and vague that they could feel like anything.

No, she's S C H I Z O P H R E N I C

and you don't seem to understand

Does Lain have a duty to love us? We have a duty to love Lain, as the savior of the world as we know it today, but Lain's motives are still being discussed. She wanted to stop the suffering of many, but that doesn't mean she acted to stop everyone from suffering. She suffered herself and thus may view her own suffering as punishment for causing suffering. If that's the case, she may consider her karma to be "repaid" in a sense, and thus may not be taking on new followers to love.

On the other hand, it's unlikely that Lain would fail to see the larger implications of her actions, and thus no doubt understands what the repercussions of her actions were. She saved many more people than just the few she knew during her time in the physical world. As a result, she must realize that she saved them. Does she consider saving people to be the same as loving them? I'm not sure. I guess it comes down to whether she loves those she saved, or if she saved those she loved.

Let's all love Lain


why would you do this

I can't help it if everyone wants to interface with Lain-sama

Lain is Lain

Lain is a false God

Yo le doy.

"I'd hit that"