Can we have a felix thread, please?

Can we have a felix thread, please?

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shut this down

ayo hol up


ferris threads welcome all day every day


You're gonna trigger the homos, op.

Fuck off

THis is a Ferris I can get behind.

it's okay guys

the penis is still there

Something is wrong with this pic


The only good thing about Ferris is that he is a guy.








I don't know why, but I think Ferris looks better now



>he didnt win
Just fucking end me


Dang it man. I can't accept reality yet.





Why do they always show traps having boobs? Isnt it just futa at that point?

Just accept it man, boitits

Yeah I'm all out.

Nice work saving the best picture for last user; you did good. Its too bad theres so little artwork of him.

>turns into a hyper-passive-aggressive dick
>probably not even gay

>absolute bro-tier, has subaru's back and would even give him a brojob if asked
>can talk to animals unlike ferris, a catboy

We both know who the better boy is.

>subaru wants to die and so ferris kills him because noone else would
>pushes subaru off the fucking wagon to leave him as bait for the white whale
Yeah user, we do know who the better boy is.

Otto x Ferris where and when

op I got some news for you

jajaja anime name plis

>dumb cringy retard that you don't even know got you into this mess is attracting the white fucking whale, that also won't fuck off since he's in your cart
>not pushing him off with your superior strength


U just jelly

>superior strength
Is this true?

neko chinpo

Ai yo

subaru is weak as shit the only thing i've seen him do so far in terms of strength was almost 1v3'ing the thugs in a loop

Delete this


bumping ferris's butt

Ferris is good.
But Ferris and Crusch is better.

It actually makes it better

it still has a dick right?


cats aren't people

His parents knew that.

but hes a catboy, just like catgirls but with a dick
catgirls are girls right? Why not catboys?

Whenever I fap to something gay I feel disgusted immediately afterwards. Same thing with BBW. I think I'm turned on by things I'm disgusted by and degeneracy. I wish I wasn't turned on by it because I know I should be disgusted by gays and fat people.



Reinhard posting again.

Whats with you guys, liking Felix is so fucking normie.

Newhalf > trap

ITT: literal faggots

>tfw move across country to college
>step up and buy yourself a queen size bed cause you've been slumming it on the twin since childhood
>tfw you're not sharing it with otto and felix while rem makes you all food

No cause he doesn't have a vagina.

t. felix

Is he on hormones?

Does he actually like Subaru?


>two traps loving each other

But user, that's forbidden love!

>trap threads get no love

Cred Forums is ded