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It was a week to go until Martyrs! Then delays means it's a month and a week to go.

We finally got some kind of trailer,

A kind user translated Strike Frontiers intro:

Another nice user linked us chink spoilers for BiS:

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Who /NVA/ here?

>reconnaissance work
>intelligence gathering

A Pham is fine too.

Posting best girls.

>Beatrix surrender kiss
What did he mean by this?


Waiting for her CGs.

I want to run my hands through her silky fluffy hair

Who is she dressing up for? Why?


Sharon is a slut but that's what I like about her


What he means is that Beatrix finally seduced Jurgen. Jurgen is the one who surrendered. She's got him wrapped around her finger now so she can pull of her evil schemes.

Even if she is a secondary, Gretel will always be the main heroine of my heart

>She's a gloryhound who wants to exterminate all possible GDR defectors from the DDR and she literally killed MCs family as far as he's concerned!
>She's just butthurt Irisdina's brother wasa revolutionist and swim with sharks you're a shark thought process
>Iris bro didn't like the DDR and she's mad butthurt over Iri existing and being better at being a pilotBasically Beatrix is a shit human being all around, and that's before we get into the torture porn
>She wants to murder forever, see you in Valhalla is her admitting communism might be a bit shit and challenging Theo's resolve all at once

>IP counter still at 8
really makes you think


so the power in favela got turned on and he got his 10min daily ration of electricity?

Okay but she didn't sleep around with anyone and everyone. She was Yuuya exclusive until he had to go and he broke up with her. They're still on great terms, and they didn't want to break it off.

Nah, this is just shit that was said years ago on animesuki. It's basically stale copypasta now.

Your implications really going to make my cognitive functions go full blast.

>BiS Vol 3 & 4 never
>HQ pictures of Jürgen's buddies never
>pictures of Jürgen and Bea in the tub never
>pictures of Iris and Bea in anatomically correct trainee reinforced suits never
>Translations never

We'll never get an HQ version of this picture.



That's not really HD, just upscaled. Compare pic related, for instance.

still better than your pic. and don't fucking save pictures as jpg.

This is why I really want to see her HCGs.

I don't know what humors me more; the fact that Beatrix and Sylwia are ranked so low, or that they used an image of Iris for Lise.

>Seriously, there must be something wrong in your head.

Well, I can't really argue that.

>People like you make me sick. Seriously, there must be something wrong in your head.

The feeling is mutual then.

What happens when someone tries to molest Lise:

1982年5月1日 2200刻
  德意志第三帝国 勃兰登堡郊外 罗特穆尔基地

Where is this supposed to be from? Requiem? Flashback?


A malnourished, petite girl like Lise couldn't possibly have done that. It would tickle the man, and she will be then mercilessly raped in the ass, with only her blood to act as lubricant.

Can i have the link to this LN?

>Stasi or NVA plan to gangrape her in the locker room
>she fucks up their leader
>the rest of them get cold feet and leave
>puts a couple of other people in the hospital for catcalling her

Why do the Werewolves treat Lise so badly?
Why is she so loyal to them?
Why are they so stupid? Even guys like the Waffen SS had a ton of camaraderie. RL stasi certainly did too, they were about the only people they could trust.

Werewolves in LN were forbidden from gossiping or asking/bringing up each other's pasts by Beatrix, so they probably took camaraderie/unit morale/ and not being douches to one another seriously (or at the very least, Beatrix did.)

And isn't it Farka's and the rest Lise's Flight reaction to Theo being a rebel, in the LN at least, to try to help capture him alive for Lise?

>Many member in this battalion had a dirty history and it was forbidden to talk about anyone's past experience. Lise discovered that there were many criminals like deserters and traitors in the battalion.

Farka was like the only person Beatrix could spare for Lise. It was nearly enough too.

>Pham only a C

What did we do wrong? ;_;

>young Iris is now Lise apparently
>Sylwia D tier
>Beatrix fucking E-tier (what the fuck is E-tier anyways)
>Galko F-tier
>Hotaru F-tier
>Waifu tier list - Winter 2016

MAL, ladies and gentlemen. Is this person just trying to be a contrarian because they want to be different? I don't get it.

I suppose we should be lucky, they put Katia and Gretel only at C-tier. I suppose there always is a silver lining.

Pretty sure that's not Werewolves doing that to her. Sounded like others were smiling about it too.

(Communism is nothing, for it denies religion.)

there are also Socialist countries that practices religion.

Does anyone have all of the SF HCGs that have been found so far?

What I think he meant, if it's transliterated properly, was that it denies spirituality, it denies mankind any hope or faith in a better future. He's making a sort of dual meaning point, that it kills the human soul.

Do a translation comparison mate.:


He's saying religion, not faith or spirituality. They don't really show it in the anime, but he starts wearing Iris's cross and praying with it after she dies:

>but he starts wearing Iris's cross
Nah they showed that, but the cross is little more than a fashion accessory in the anime.

When does Iris get the cross anyways. I've noticed that it hasn't made an appearance in BiS yet. Also, who gave it to her? It seems to bear some significance beyond purely being religious. It could be Jurgen but it'd be even more ironic if Beatrix was the one who gifted it to her way back when, especially because ruby red is the color used to represent her. It's also interesting that Beatrix never takes it from her despite physically assaulting her.

That'd be pretty funny. Iris goes to grip her cross when Beatrix is around. Theo sees it and thinks she's praying to God to keep this demon away and he couldn't be more wrong if he tried.

>I've noticed that it hasn't made an appearance in BiS yet.
Well we've got more or less nine months, in story, before the Strachwitz-purge, so maybe next chapter, It'll make its appearance.

>it'd be even more ironic if Beatrix was the one who gifted it to her way back when, especially because ruby red is the colour used to represent her.
>Beatrix drinks tea because of Iris
>Iris carries a gift of Bea's around constantly
It hurts. Why can't they finally bury the hatchet, if they are so obsessed with one another?

It's a broad point user, yes he's saying religion, but as I said he's making a dual point there. I know we're not used to Theo exactly being a deep thinker, but you can read a similar sentiment from Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn in Gulag Archipelago, or Kang Chol-hwan in The Aquariums of Pyongyang, or really any of the people who wrote books about the communist system, and lived in them.

It does hurt. A lot.


New from /m/

Poor Gouda-kun, he stood no chance against the Bakayuki.

Aw yiss, at school. I wonder why there hasn't been more of this.

Why is Lise so head over heels for Theo?

It goes back a long way. I think Lise always wanted a brother, she knew the way kids know from their parents, that she had a large extended family, but she never saw any of them. And I guess it was just first love when she saw Theo walk through that door, looking forlorn and lost.

Theo quickly learned to love to, and from there, they became inseparable. They had always been calling to each other. It's not exactly clear when their love became more than just a sibling love one, but maybe it was from the moment they met.

This is all before of course, their troubles. That only strengthened their bond. Lise, he was her only rock of sanity and hope left, and Theo, he rejected the world and redefined his life because a life without Lise wasn't one worth living.

This scene made me more sympathetic towards Lise. I really pity her by the fact that she has to live through harsh circumstances in order to live till this very day hoping that one day she would meet her brother again. Seriously, fuck you Theo! If I were you I would've accepted her and try my very best to persuade and change her!


Today's stream is up!

Like always, post screenshots for our fellows who can't watch it live.

That was beautiful, user.

So it's probably going to be SF for the rest of the Stream?

I like SF, but I'm going back to sleep. Ain't worth being tired through.

Probably. Expect SF stuff for the next few weeks mainly with birthday streams around the first week of a month.

Good man.

So they just showed on the stream the trailer for martyrs I supposed.

They used alot of scenes from the anime, mostly fight scenes.

Maybe they will have the final battle between theo and beatrix play out just like in the anime.

Depending on what route you take I forgot to say.

nothing much to hope for. It will all be the same in the VNs.

Why can't they show us more what's in that production book?


Because they want more Hype, while killing it using anime scenes.

Because its spoilers. Who else will buy if most of the scenes are from the anime.

They dont want filthy westerners, chinese and japnese peasents know what they have.



Ayamine and Video games, I think


I accidently clicked number 4 by the way.

And the stream is over for some minutes ago.

But Kouki is going to stream something else, himself.

Maybe here we'll learn something new.


What did he mean by this?


>Girls Und Panzer
What's going on here?

GuP in MBTs vs the BETA when?


Its a doujin. Like the Girls and Tank-class image a couple of years back.

Yui scene two when?


>Lise putting potential rapists and molesters in the hospital
Nice. Shame she has to live in circumstances where that is apparently a regular occurrence for her to deal with though.

What? Besides jaws dislocate easier than you think, just gotta get the angle right. The fact her looks catch men off guard gives her even more of an initiative advantage let alone that she's a more skilled and experienced fighter than they expect. Or that she is as direct and brutal as she is.


Well if Pham can take on Stasi, I don't see why Lise can't too.

Lead belly wasn't a man though. And she's mentally handicapped.

Aren't Kouki and GuP mangaka friends or something?

>and she's mentally handicapped

>goes into an NVA base with no backup and only armed with her service pistol for an arrest
>proceeds to antagonize the whole base
>instead of taking the little girl hostage, she goes for the target that is as tall as her and could, even without martial arts, overpower her if the pistol wasn't there.

Sounds pretty hardcore to me.



Post Stasimouto


More like pretty stupid
She should have gone with this fellows

So whats different about Martyrs?

More like stupidly evil, with emphasis on the stupid not the evil. Leadbelly was so perfect for Watanabe's vision for the Stasi, that he infected all others with her stupidity and incompetence, while cutting her out.

She's still pretty cute though.

3 routes

But if you're one man breaking into a big base, that makes you the good guy. Lead belly was a hero for like 20 minutes.

>send more than one agent to detain a little girl
It was a simple in/out job. And Pham was the only hostage available at the time, things just escalated way out of hand.

Stop posting.

If you kill your enemies then they win.

Shooting leadbelly was an mistake.

>tfw no Yugoslavia front VN

ah okay

Lise and this time?

No thats actually right. I can't be the only one who was rooting for her at the time.

Yeah we only need to take one guy
what could possibly go wrong?


Lise, Iris and Katia routes
and a secret Beato route

I remember the bane posting when the anime was airing.

It was fun

Dumb memeing scum.

Hothead pls go


I think they were talking about the F-35 earlier. Turns out Japan's rollout is in like an hour.

Lockheed shill get out

Pierre "Lemon Man" Sprey get out

Delicious silver hair.

Maybe next time they should try to headpat her instead.

Why would Lise let creepy old men headpat her?

With how horrible her life is she needs all kindness she could get.


Aside from the Theo/Bea anime fight scene it was 90% cgs from the first VN. I get it if they don't want to spoil anything we don't already know especially concerning the other two routes but I feel like we could have gotten more.

>it was 90% cgs from the first VN
Im pretty sure the first VN did not have scenes from episode 1, 10, 11 and 12 from the anime. Also the episode when they fight fort class which might be episode 2.

Where do you think that other 10% came from user.

>you will never make Vivi and Anett cry

go away Pierre

I want to protect that smile! Kouki make it so!

I want to try to steal Lise's ribbons and get beaten up by her.

i overslept both streams. any interesting happened?


I want to molest teen Iris

Not enough.

That they showed footage from the anime version of Theo and Beatrix fighting is off putting but its too early to tell how its gonna go overall. Given Age's track record however I don't blame you for being jaded about the possibilities but nothing is set in stone.

I think even ixtl recognizes releasing multiple kusoge is not a good idea.

Girls should be beaten up for being girls.

you are looking into it too much they just added anime scenes to make it look nicer and save on money.

If they want to use anime scenes, they'll need to retcon some of material too match. Shouldn't be anything too big (unless they start changing things like Walter's death to use the anime footage), but it still changes the tone of the story. Take the final battle, Theo doesn't lose his arm and the finishing attack is delivered after his opponent had lost the ability to fight.

I meant for the trailer. They used the scenes to make it look better. It doesn't mean it will be in the game.

and by trailer i meant OP.

They said that the anime scenes would be in the game and that's their OP, btw.

Spending time with Lise!

Spending time with Sylwia while wearing a Halloween costume, making her think I'm Walther, then getting my ass kicked when the truth gets revealed

Double date picnic with Sylwia and Lise?

The anime version of Theo's final gambit was better.

Just like how the anime version of Irisdina's final gambit was better as well?

No, that was pretty retarded.


>give Irisdina a fight scene with Axmann
>don't even make it good and/or painful enough for Axmann to be satisfying
If you want to go full retard, at least do it entertainingly.

Thank you for reminding me of one part of Martyrs I know for certain I'm looking forward to.

knowing axuman that is just some ketchup on his neck.

Well apparently it must hurt really bad given the expression on his face.

Now we need to get one of Beatrix, Schmidt, and Suzy.


Kouki won't allow it.

>Now we need to get one of Beatrix

Punching Anett in the face!

But why?

She's cute, so it's funnier to bully her,

implying kouki won't

You don't even understand why i wrote that. let me give you a tip: Inghild isn't his favorite.

We can rebuild her.

Is she though?

Please don't. We don't need another Paulfic.

I just want a robo-Inghild as my maid.

I prefer to avoid reading fanfiction with rare exceptions, bottomline it for me.

Stop, it burns.

That's one of the most retarded things I have ever read

delt this

>Too easy, Beatrix thought to herself as she surveyed the damage from the air. To think everything would end so quickly, so easily, after dealing with these disgusting rebels for so long. The most entertaining thing was she never even planned on taking down the mighty Verteidiger. She had been a second away from finishing off one of the pathetic members of Schwarzesmarken when the Verteidiger erratically swerved into her sights and took the shot.

>Beatrix's grudge against that particular machine cut deep. The Verteidiger's pilot escaped custody and took the experimental craft with her, but that wasn't the worst part of it. She had hijacked a massive cache of Stasi resources on her way out, which she was using to keep the Verteidiger in working condition with minimal underground support. Its mere appearance had become a mockery of everything the Stasi stood for.

>Now sweet revenge would belong to Beatrix.

>Being incinerated alive in a fiery explosion was always a good death for worthless sub-human scum. Beatrix focused her Aligatori's crosshairs at an exposed fuel pod on the crippled Verteidiger.


>Beatrix started to raise the Aligatori's shield. The world moved in slow motion as the Verteidiger inched closer and closer and Beatrix braced for impact.

>An instant before the Verteidiger was in contact range, Beatrix gasped at what she saw in her optics. The vehicle's fangs popped out of its grill like titanium battering rams. When the machines collided, one of the fangs smashed through Beatrix's cockpit door and instantly crushed her ribcage.

>Jo and Beatrix went into a freefall together. Impaled on her seat, blood frothing from her mouth, Beatrix could see the Verteidiger's weapons port opening directly in front of her with her bare eyes.

"And the outside port houses the Tunneler Missile. It carries an explosive payload. It's unguided, it's basically used to clear obstacles."

The missile left the Verteidiger's launcher, traveled forward three feet, and struck the Aligatori's exposed cockpit at point blank range. Major Beatrix Brehme was terminated with extreme prejudice.



its worse than head cannon.

How would Gretel feel if you sexually violate her with her own dickgrip gun?

Why "paulfic"?


isn't that the Acts of the Apostles?

If you're going to do this, at least do it right.

kek. yours are even more wrong than his. you are autistic don't try to understand other people you are not capable of it.

>I don't know what humors me more; the fact that Beatrix and Sylwia are ranked so low, or that they used an image of Iris for Lise.
Sylwia is low because little screentime and no willies for MC's dikku.

>Delicious silver hair.
My descendant of past pilgrims of foreign decent who arrived on the coasts which would be later known as Virginia, who also happen to have dark skin pigmentation.

How am I more wrong?

Howabout Beatrix then; why does she rank so low?

>Chaotic Evil
She's only disobeyed authority twice in her life.

why are you so obsessed with her?

Because Beatrix is my waifu.

>Howabout Beatrix then; why does she rank so low?
Maybe it's because her character is cheap? Dunno...

Lurk for 3 million minutes before posting.

Come back plz
I need more of those

But I like it here.

because you placed them in D&D alignment system. SM characters are too complex to be put in such a simple system. And while you are both wrong yours is even more. mostly because how you placed theo and lise.

Theo is true neutral, he's a free agent. Lise is chaotic neutral as most of the evil she does is forced onto her, and she's insane anyways.

Are the also intelligent, nihilistic and have wicked senses of humor?

That's this guy

>SM characters are too complex to be put in such a simple system.
While the heroes can be complex, nuanced, and flawed, the villains aren't and there is a very clear line between the good(ish) guys and the bad guys. SM politics is a far cry from anything in TDA or ML, mostly because the antagonist can be boiled down to doing shit for their own gains or just because they enjoy being evil so much, rather then having legitimate political grievances like the French or Sagiri.

Stop quoting Type-94. Even by his own internal, retarded logic, he constantly contradicts himself and gets a lot of things wrong.

No amount of Picard plot power is going to get us out of this.

If it's gonna be a happy ending, it's gonna be like the suffering of Sisko. It'll be what you leave behind.


Already molested in her heart because Jurgen didn't molest her.

I'm going to molest Irisdina in bed after our wedding.

Jesus Christ you both suck at this.

>Massive cache of Stasi sekrit documents
>in the same place as an experimental TSF gantry
>in the same place as a Stasi prison
>implying the Stasi manufacture any heavy machinery, let alone TSFs
>let alone experimental TSFs, or the labs needed for them
>the documents are somehow keeping the aircraft going
>it's not like you need very specialized tooling and factories to make said parts
>"weapon port" on the front

Just kill me already.

>quoting Type-94
>SM politics is a far cry from anything in TDA or ML, mostly because the antagonist can be boiled down to doing shit for their own gains or just because they enjoy being evil so much, rather then having legitimate political grievances like the French or Sagiri.


Too be fair, the stasi stole the prototype from the West along with Inghilde. Of course, that just introduces more plot holes.

And it's not like the stasi were that intelligent or competent in the anime either

>people so starved for content they have to reply to paul fanfiction
kill yourselves

Where the fuck does this "Paul" thing come from?

>molest in bed after our wedding
You mean make sweet vanilla sugary consensual love involving handholding, whispering sweet nothings, and procreation.

Paul is a social construction

it comes from a guy named paul who writes dumb shit

That comes after as some playful molesting is fun for foreplay.

So, sucking her tits for an hour?

>and she's insane anyways
Driven insane by said evil forced onto her, she was perfectly normal beforehand, if not straight up good given her naturally self-less nature. Its what happens when you try to force a circular object into a triangular space. It doesn't work, doesn't match, doesn't fit, but if you keep pushing it then eventually its gonna break and what you're left with is something that is neither a circle or a triangle.

Hence why she is Chaotic Neutral.

Yeah I was agreeing with you, guess I could have explicitly stated so but it should be obvious chaotic neutral fits her the most. Don't know what other guy is talking about.

What does it feel like to kiss Beatrix?

It's not exactly molesting then, if it's on your wedding night, is it?

That makes even less sense than before. Nevermind that it still wouldn't be under Stasi care when they simply can't maintain an experimental stolen TSF, how the fuck is Inghild suddenly from the West? She's from a Junker family in former eastern Germany!

6 reasons why Iris is better then Beatrix:

1) Doesn't have to use makeup to cover herself up; she's already banging.

2) Her eyes, specifically her irises, are well proportioned, compared to Beatrix who has small, feral, demonic irises. Sapphire blue is also such a nicer color then ruby or blood red anyways.

3) She has nicer hair. Beatrix's is a messy tangle, giving her a barbaric look that would snare fingers while Irisdina is straight and silky and would be a joy to run your hair through.

4) Better proportions. Beatrix is too much of a good thing. Her hips, breasts, and overall measurements are exaggerated to the point of grotesqueness. Iris has just enough of everything and her body parts compliment one another.

5) Better personality. This kind of goes without saying.

6) Angels>Demons

Lise is the best though.


But Beatrix is just a flirty Irisdina.

I agree with the very last part. I will make no comment for or against the rest.

Wrong on every single point.

Where's your counterpoint then?

Yui, Inia and Cryska are my waifus.

How does it feel to be so wrong? Not saying I hate Irisdina, but your Beatohate is hurtful.

Really gets those neurons firing.

Why are you so mean? Who did what to you back then?


stop bumping this thread

How did Pham get so big anyways?

But agreed.

We've already told you this. No multiples.

Harem end is best end.

>grayscaling color illustrations

Why they do this?

Socialism itself IS the religion.

Mostly to save on costs. It doesn't make much sense for Ebooks though, but then, age is pretty lazy about things like this.

Which girl gets bullied the most in SM, both in and out of story.

So when are they gonna retroactively add the anatomical correctness to the fortified suits in images that originally omitted it due to that utterly asinine censorship policy they arbitrarily decided to self-impose?



Tell them to stop that! It's bad enough no one who's privy to the original publications bothers to provide decent scans for those of us who aren't!

>bullied in story
Canonically Beatrix and Lise, both in more ways than one.

>out of story
Lise got a lot of shit while the anime was airing, but overall Beatrix gets more crap than anyone.

Not even close, both in or out.

>Not even close, both in or out.
Katia gets bullied all the time here.

If her fans had better manners she wouldn't be.

And it pales in comparison to the flak either Lise or Beatrix have gotten in total. She's probably third, but theres a power gap.

you might have a point if you factored out the 12 weeks the anime aired

Beatrix was relieved to die, that should tell you something.

How can Katia compete with this?

>How can Katia compete with this?
She's not a corpse.

She probably is by now. Why else would Theo lose his shit and become a mastermind villain?


absolutely disgusting. go back to /m/ with your cockroach.

She's not a roach, not a roach!

Yes she is, remove roach

The closest one to being a roach is pic related.

fuck off katiafag

You started this.

no you did it

>How can Katia compete with this?
>She's not a corpse.

she kinda is.

Technically thats the Irisfag's fault.

Looks more like a cosplaying semen demon to me.

Does Beatrix make your dick as hard as a CIWS? I think I've fapped to her more then any ML girl, and possibly more then any other animu girl, ever.

Irisfags consists of mostly people couldn't get over their immaturity problems hence why they kept on shitting on poor and innocent katiafags.

>hence why they kept on shitting on poor and innocent katiafags.
>poor and innocent katiafags.

>poor and innocent
>katiafags have for the most part the ones to stir up shit the most
See this is why no one likes katiafags. Not that this whole meta discussion isn't pants on head retarded.

One protagonist wasn't enough for Stella, so she went for two of em instead. Who knew that Yuuya would be so open to a three way?

The only murdering she's doing is committed against my unborn children


We katiafags trying our very best to bring in proper discussions to why we liked Katia but the response we got from otherfags is just being shit on. E.g. Constantly being called delusional for liking Katia.

If Katia, one of the heroine of the series being despised by the fandome so badly means that Age fail in properly creating Katia.

>katiafag shit ups the thread, again

Like clockwork

She's still popular enough to get the most merchandise after Irisdina, so that has to count for something, right? She even got her own daki.

Stella is such a slut.

Her daki flopped
bad example katiafag

You 'katiafags' have historically been the biggest shitters in these threads, constantly spouting bullshit jargon and tearing at other waifus with misnomers and half truths, and the most prominent katiafag has been extremely virulent in that regard. You don't promote proper discussion you promote ignorance and crippling oversimplification. Eat your own shit.

And this is just a laughably pathetic rationalization. Whatever you feel like you have to prove whether out of spite or insecurity you're going about it all wrong. Not that you should try so hard in the first place.

Her daki flopped so bad that age scrubbed it from their stores.


>She even got her own daki.
Like that's an achievement.

She got a daki, a figurine, and is playing a huge role in advertising both the anime and Martyrs.

Stop that. Stella is not a slut.

than why is she sucking multiple cocks?

Not even Lise can but at least Lise has boobs.

Ribbons are for Lise too. All of them apparently.

>doing naughty things with Lise in a wine cellar

Her daki has done fairly well, considering that she's still on the front page as one of the top (or recommended) products (for a comparison, Iris and Ilfie are on the third).

Also, it's cute that they call her Bea or Bea-chan on the store page.

Not quite as big as Iris's but they're a perfectly proportioned and perky shape.

Irisdina's daki is pretty bad and Ilfie doesn't get as much publicity.

Lise daki when?

That's clearly an edit, in case you guys didn't know.

>You 'katiafags' have historically been the biggest shitters in these threads.
at least I'm the one you meant that would shit on other people's waifu. I realize anons like you tend to post things that are pretty much aggressive and unpleasant towards Katiafags. It's like we katiafags are trying our very best to share the pros of our waifu and then you came out of nowhere and shit on it. E.g. your reply towards this post , giving us an unhealthy experience in the SM fandom.

We once ruled these threads and now they're getting us back for it.

I'm not** apologize for typo

What is the original source of the image?

>an unhealthy experience in the SM fandom.
You mean like what you have constantly given Beatrixfags and on occasion Lisefags? Because the "pros" you share of your waifu seems to have more to do with trying to tear other waifus down. As well as an unhealthy perspective you seem to have where everything must be a competition. Like so you think its about getting back or getting even when its about getting you to stop being annoying and antagonistic fagets.

None of this would have happened if it weren't for how you have repeatedly chosen to conduct yourselves. You get shit on because your the biggest shitters. Start building bridges instead of tearing them down and things can start to mend for the better.

Don't know.

I'd totally buy a Lise daki if they decided to make one, but for now I'm more than happy with how wonderful her figure turned out. The wall scroll bonus for the upcoming VN is looking good too, although I think I like the first poster a little more, The blue and white babydoll with the ribbon matching shimapan is too good.

>Release date: 2015 December 27
Still a top seller nearly a full year later. That's impressive.

That's because it's not.

Like I said, you are judging your point based on the majority of what those extreme Katiafags said. There are a minority of us who would just bother about Katia without discriminating other waifus.

What those extremists do doesn't mean that I have to shoulder their shame and wrong doing because I'm just a normal fan who loves SM, loves Katia without discriminating others.

Then bravo you wonderful person, carry on. Now that we've had this dialogue things should be much more pleasant from now on, and in the future you can rightfully claim to have been wronged if you get bullied despite holding to your word.

Remember this?

>Yes! Katia must be protected from the bullies as best as everyone can! She deserves to have her happy ending with Theodor, and nothing less! Even Theodor's own sister, Lise, is one of the bullies, and must be drawn and quartered for the sake of Katia's happiness! For the sake of her smile, for the sake of her happiness at having Theo pet her everyday and rub behind her ears! Having her rub into his chest, begging softly to be pet more, to feel his hand upon her scalp once more!

>Though even in the best circumstance, I fear that her happiness would sometimes be interrupted. Sometimes, even while she was enjoying feeling Theo pet her, talking to him about things, she might start crying, knowing how many nameless soldiers had to die and sacrifice themselves for the sake of East Germany, and how many comrades both she and Theodor lost over the course of their journey together.

>They may even both be brought to tears at some points, such as how the treacherous Lise had played with their emotions and led them both into terrible traps, or how Beatrix, that most evil of fiends, attempted to orchestrate their demise! At this, they would both hug each other, letting their emotions out and freeing their burdens as they took comfort in the thought that these two were damned to the lowest pits of hell! That sort of sad situation is precisely why she need not be bullied by anyone ever! The rigors of life and reflection bully her enough. Nobody else should add to her burden!

>Remember, comrades, that Katia's smile and future lie in your hands! Do not give in to the bullying enterprises of those who would harm Katia's smile, do not bow down to the machinations of those who would terrorize her to the point of urinating herself. We must proudly march against them, and fight no matter the cost, no matter how much blood we must spill or how often we must be brought to the brink of annihilation! Stand tall, brave soldier, and fight on to protect Katia!


>it's not
Not what? Fake? For starters you can tell by how poorly cut the head is, some of the hair's lineart is cut off, in addition to that her head is slightly off tone, but enough not to notice on first glance. It's also blurry and not as sharp compared to the rest of the body - clearly cut out. The icing on the cake? The head is cut off from one of the promo/preview images straight from Strike Frontier. I know because someone has been posting that image of Stella from time to time whenever the game was brought up here. I don't have it but someone else can probably find it and post it again.


I want to experiment with expanding Lise's wardrobe to see what she likes and doesn't like.


just accept that you are waifu is a slut.

I wanna marry Stella.


Sure no problem, I'm okay with it. Overcoming harsh realities is definitely one of the process of understanding.

I'm still new here and never seen this. It tells me that he is a fanatic and an extremist.

Do you have any posts about how Sylwia deserved to get raped because she hit Katia?
Those are my favourite rage-inducers.

More Lise SoL would be nice. I want to take her to the beach somewhere nice where she can forget about East Germany and start anew.

She'd probably kill you if you got in the way of her agendas. Her true sweetheart died a long time ago, now she's just a bitter witch.

We figured out how Jurgen's wingman kept up with him

like this? she'll get a sunburn if you aren't careful.

>postscript 5: Vacation
As a matter of fact exactly like that. You da real MvP.

I want to feel Sylwia's hair on my face

False! This is clearly lies, Stella may be slutty in her mannerisms, but she only has eyes for Yuuya. Well, that and any girls she wants to rope in on a day where she feels like sharing. Don't spread this propaganda.

Rude! Cruel! And untrue.

I was going to say. Hasn't SM been pretty consistent in pairing the girls with their guy?


>shirt lift

Is that supposed to be Stella's trademark or something?

Looks fake.



there's a non-negligible chance it is fake, it would be a coup for ukie intelligence if it was real. She's a lawyer and a single mom though, so there's an equally good chance it is real. The strangest part is the uniform. even if it was her, you'd expect some sort of club skank outfit instead of her work clothes. She got promoted since the invasion so her rank is correct, btw.


God I love this woman.

The uniform is part of her charm, no? Men like women in uniform, just like women like men in uniform.

Muv Luv spin off with psychic idols Macross style when?

Hopefully never. The Vat Imoutos need love, not to be pimped out like Idols are.

>He doesn't want high intensity TSF dogfights happening in tandem with idol concerts
This fucking guy

>Sandek finds out he can mass produce idol champions

Don't give the man ideas. He'd want to have seen his poor imouto be an idol and a heroine. He would do anything, ANYTHING for his sister's happiness. He would sacrifice anyone to see his sister smile one more time.


How would she feel about green tea?

she'd probably be ok with it, green tea is pretty good.

I prefer black tea, actually.

Pham probably shares her bits? It would be nice to see more Pham and Iris or Sylwia girlytime.

Maybe she bugs Theo about drinking tea with her?

I could see Walther convincing Pham to do girly things with Sylwia to make her feel a little bit more normal.

/m/ noticed it first, but for those who don't know yet.

Nice, thought it would take a few days. Well here someone did mention that's one of the things they were talking about during Kouki's stream was the F-35 Japan rollout.

I'd rather have Roki

Fuck off Yugoposter, no one gives a shit about you mountain trash.

I'm powerless against Lise's charms and cuteness, what do?

Embrace her as your waifu

....why resist?


So is it going to be canon that ML Japan also has F-35s, at least in somewhat the same time frame? Or this is just nice celebratory art?

Why can't Sylwia want to naturally, if hesitantly? Like a still curious but timid cat who's had it rough on the streets.

You never had a chance. You lost this war before you started.

Why isn't Gretel like that for real?

>Why can't Sylwia want to naturally, if hesitantly? Like a still curious but timid cat who's had it rough on the streets.
She's seen too much. Just like these two will most likely never smile like this again, no matter what. ;_;

Vivi is for

feeding chocolates.

Head patting

Is this a newly designed tsf or a tsf from some ML spin off?

No. It's celebratory art for the first units of the F-35 being sent to Japan.

The TSF design itself is a few years old by now, I believe.

Its been years since they designed the TSF for it, but since Japan has now officially adopted the RL version, they are celebrating.

Is this fighter jet produced from a join venture project of both US and JP? Based on the looks of the tsf, I can tell there is a combination of both Raptor and Type-94 second phase 3.

Sort of. A multitude of nations put some money in a pot, but Lockheed is pulling all the weight.

And the Type-94 Phase III is basically a YF-23 with the head switched and some small changes here and there. The F-35 both as a TSF and as a plane is American, with some other nations contributing for guaranteed exports.

>And the Type-94 Phase III is basically a YF-23
Ya I'm sure I read it somewhere before. Frank was the one who worked on the development of black widow and the technology is later used in the development of Shiranui phase 3 right?


Isn't the Phase 3 a one time thing? I don't think the US would hand over prototype technology willy nilly like that.

Its a one time thing and it got stolen, and later trashed by Yuuya. Hell the only reason Heinemann didn't end in prison was that he made a monkey model without the YF-23s avionics and claimed that that one was the real thing.

Yuuko deserves to be treated badly.

Make a proper offering.

Drunk and bored to hell and back, so I will dump the BiS Vol.2 pics I said I would only dump if there was any interest.





Already uploaded last time, but for completeness sake.

And so it ends, the colour ones have been already uploaded by other people.


Gretel is still not cute!

You have any of the black and white pics of Beatrix's date?

I uploaded this one two threads back, if you didn't catch it.

No, this one

It didn't make it out of the Tech Gian Issue very well, same with . The version in the LN is both smaller and black and white.

>tfw Martyrs would be only five days away if not for the delay

Martyrs gives me anxiety. As long as the 'various circumstances' that caused the delay were worth it then I can hold on another month.

So even back then, Beatrix was taller then Irisdina?

Irisdina is only good for rape


Reposting in higher resolution.

Beatrix is cute!

What is Katia looking at with that confused look on her face?

She's watching this thread.

Iris was so small.

She still is, only 5'8.

>naturally, if hesitantly

Context check.

>still curious

About girly things?

>still grayscale

In the MLverse? We don't even know if it's part of JP's armaments in the ML verse, this is just celebratory art, yesterday was the IRL handover of the first F-35A for the JASDF. But it may be part of MLverse Japan's equipment too, who knows.

The actual TSF's art is years old by now , and the T-94 PIII we already told you is basically a YF-23. It has no familial relation to either the previous Shirunai or indeed anything in the JP arsenal.

The Phase III wasn't even a development. Like, it literally is a YF-23, a one time thing so Yuuya has the TSF he needs for what he needs to do at that time.

Why are you so cruel?

Oh hey, neat, an F-4R

I expected Iris to be...taller. I see she had a growth spurt later. She seems so innocent at this time.

they are both 15 here right? why do they both look so much better than Katia?

Because Katia is supposed to be Miss Average Everygirl while Iris and Beatrix are two Goddesses. Even the store page here describes Beatrix as a enchanting, bewitching woman.

>Also, it's cute that they call her Bea or Bea-chan on the store page.


In Katia, they tried to make a girl who could be anyone. Who could stand for anything. And in doing so, they made a girl who stands for no one, who stands for nothing. She's merely a canvas.

It seems though while Beatrix is still taller, she converged a bit in her later teen years. She's bretty short in their midteens. We didn't have good comparison art till now.

Will we be getting this or an updated one in the Codex you got for backing the Kickstarter? Would be nice to have one.

The F-35 has Blade Arms integrated from the start, and other provisions for melee weapons like swords causing no problems partly because American doctrine is shifting, and in light of having to start retaking the Eastern Hemisphere, there will be quite a lot of Hive combat. But also mainly because it's going to be widely exported, and a lot of the export nations use melee tactics. Better to just give it melee instruments from the start then having to compensate every single time a new country order comes.


5 more weeks until Martyrs. Any expectations from age?


I want to believe all three paths will be significantly different, but seeing the previous, we may have kusoge of the year again.

seeing the previous or seeing the previews?

>Any expectations from age?
SM event in Strike Frontier.

I hope there's an SSR MiG-27 and an SSR MiG-21PF to go with the SSR Beato and SSR Irisdina, respectively.

We will probably only get Katia in the pre-release event. Because they want to shill her as main heroine and generally players of these types of games are more into moe than semen demon.

>We will probably only get Katia in the pre-release event.

She has cards, just no sex scenes, like Latrova. It was the same in Next Answer, where she had cards, but you could only unlock conversations with Iris, Pham, Annete, Gretel, Sylwia, and Katia.

It'll be Katia, Iris, and Lise.

doubtful unless this event will be special and will last 3+weeks.

There's no SR TE cards though, so it's too early to say that there are no sex scenes for them. It is under my understanding that every girl is getting a scene.

Latrova is also a 41 year old woman.

> It is under my understanding that every girl is getting a scene.

you would be correct. that's the point of these games, to collect and unlock sex scenes.

Yes, and? If that's okay for Benjamin Franklin then it's okay for me.

Yes, but think about it from the perspective of a Japanese otaku.

>everyone from SM but her and Kirke have a scenario unlock


Those two weren't as popular I guess. Now Beatrix is the focus of a prequel and Kirke got her own LN. If they want money from nerds who want sex scenes, they will put up sex scenes.

Happy days ahead.

This was a year and a half ago, back when she was popular. Age doesn't market her because moe usually sells better then sexy. She probably intimidates a lot of Jap BETA too.

>Age doesn't market her because moe usually sells better then sexy
Not for SM it doesn't. The main fanbase is for Iris, not Katia. Most Katia merch is either going down in price or getting taken off the market because it's not selling.
>She probably intimidates a lot of Jap BETA too.
Maybe before BiS, but after that she has been on Irisdina's heels in popularity.

What kind of conversations do they have? I don't know JP?

Yes, and? Beatrix and Iris would also be 41 if they lived into the present time.

>What kind of conversations do they have? I don't know JP?

Different things. You can raise their bonding meter by spending points and unlocking conversations with them. If you did well in the conversation, you maxed out their meter and got a card or some other reward.

Beatrix never had that, you just got her card. You couldn't spend points on her to call her to your room for bonding or anything. It was a slap in the face, especially because characters like Gretel, Pham, and Annete all had that feature.

To be fair, wouldn't Pham be the type to wander into your room anyways? Anette I can see too.

It was probably laziness. Beatrix would be a difficult character to write, so they'd just omit her because "villains don't get interactions."

They just keep pilfering images from us. That Lise picture all the way at the bottom and the chibi pic I know for a fact come from here. I wouldn't have a problem, but they never give back anything in return; it's like a one way relationship, except they hold all the goodies and still won't share.

Anyways, some interesting shit from their thread. They think that the Beatrix is holding onto Jurgen's memoirs (what BiS basically is) in secret.

>naught BAD eroge end with Beatrix
>Beatoroute isn't bad

>anime was Katiaroute

>that's not jam, that's blood
>Liz is a virgin

>Anime Iris is too handsome; she's not beautiful like the original

>Why was dirty old man Axmann changed
>Axmann was changed to be a better rival

Sometimes I feel like they're taking spoilers/discussions from us too.

>>that's not jam, that's blood
Meant to say it the other way around.

>that jam comment
I'll be honest, that would be one hell of a red herring if it actually was spilled jam in an SoL scene and Lise was just fucking with Theo for an overdramatized effect. Either way I hope they include the original blood covered Lise from requiem to balance the visualization out.

Also yeah, how do we end up producing more content than 2chan

The .png is too big and there isn't a colour version.

They could always pay us back with spoilers and summaries, couldn't they?

Since they're unlikely to do a BiS VN, how likely will it be we see a Beatrix flashback to get listening to Jurgen's tape?

>there isn't a colour version.

BS. All illustrations are in color for the initial publication in Tech Gian.

>implying they'll be giving Bea anything.

I think he's talking exclusively about the ebook compilations.

>BS. All illustrations are in color for the initial publication in Tech Gian.
If you want to scan the Tech Gian Issues, be my guest. They make most of the pictures black and white for the compilations, even for the eBook one.

>>implying they'll be giving Bea anything
At least they gave her her personality back, and that cuts out most of her awful interactions with her subordinates in the anime.

>At least they gave her her personality back, and that cuts out most of her awful interactions with her subordinates in the anime.
We don't know that yet.

leave the anime personality but add a mustache.

Her personality is intact in the first VN, they won't change that for the second one. And the scene with the Werewolves bailing the 666th already gave them much more personality than the anime, and makes some interactions of the anime impossible. Can you even imagine the anime Werewolves calling the 666th "heroes"?

>you will never cut Beatrix' hair

>Can you even imagine the anime Werewolves calling the 666th "heroes"?
Weren't they doing that sarcastically?

Didn't sound sarcastic to me. But I'll leave that judgement to someone who can actually talk jap.

So they're worried about age pulling a Mass Effect 3 and making all the routes basically the same thing with different girls.

More like they could pay us back with scans of the color illustrations from Tech Gian.

>If you want to scan the Tech Gian Issues, be my guest.

I have no way of getting them, genius.

>They make most of the pictures black and white for the compilations, even for the eBook one.

Tell them to pic related.

I don't even know what to expect at this point.

It could partly be considered that, but you have to understand that Werewolf battalion people ARE people. They've seen them save East Germany time and time again. And being TSF pilots, they know the sheer agony of the choice, the mission the 666th have to make when they have to ignore distress calls. If people in the West consider them heroes, pretty sure the Werewolves on some level feel it too.

In the books, Lise did her best to try to say barmy shit at the moment of truth so that her oniichan could have the resolve to do what he needed to do and kill her. She knew her end had come, she didn't want Theo to feel even more pain.

>She knew her end had come, she didn't want Theo to feel even more pain.
Implying killing off Theo's close ones like Pham or hurting the rest of the 666th is not hurting Theo at all.

That's the thing. She knows, at that point, that her remaining alive will cause him more pain. She knows she has to die if he's going to be happy ever again, and she's trying to give him the resolve to do it.

>She knows she has to die if he's going to be happy ever again, and she's trying to give him the resolve to do it.
So you are telling me every shit she did towards 666th is not to save Theo but to get herself killed by strengthening Theo's resolve to kill her?

no, prior to her surrender she was trying to take Theo back. After her surrender, she was broken by Suzy and basically gave up. It's probably because she thought he would die if she didn't.

What would bully-mode Anett be like?

>There's no SR TE cards though
Well I guess that explains why there are no Stella or Sharon CGs yet.

No, I'm talking about after her capture. She knew she was going to be executed, and they were making Theo be the one to do it, to prove his loyalty. Basically, they were going to kill Theo if he didn't. Theo was still hesitating.

She knew Theo wouldn't have the resolve to kill his beloved Lise, so she basically made him save his life. Even after everything she did, he couldn't turn his back on her.

Her last words were something to the effect whispering to him to forget her. So yes, self sacrificial till the very end.

Why does she look so rapey?

She's learning to bully. She's learning to lob some stones. But unfortunately, as of late, her house is made of cheap Chinese glass, just like her TSF sword.

I am worried about that

She just wants a cute dweeb to love

Since this thread is dead you fucking nerds better not bump it.

Lise is way too cute.


Fuck you, where did you get these? I think I recognize the artist, but who is it?

I see someone's head there. Is this cropped?

I got them at the artist place. The artist is 斬之助, you virgin.

Wait, haven't there been tons of TE cards? Or was that for the last gatcha game?

We are talking about Strike Frontier right now, and the only TE SR+ card available is for Yui. While TE characters have cards, none of them are higher than HR which means they don't get CGs.

Looks like we're never getting Schwarzesmarken BD Volume 06.

Cryska has a SR+ cards too.

My bad. I actually forgot about Cryska. Guess I was too focused on Latrova and Stella.

>Looks like we're never getting Schwarzesmarken BD Volume 06.
Someone should check what the japs thought of it, maybe that way we'll find out why the it hasn't been uploaded yet.