What is the point of drawing that chin?

What is the point of drawing that chin?

Like, why?


Where have I seen that chin before?

I think it's fine.

To piss off some viewers so they can bitch on Cred Forums.

She's trying not to fart.

The chin line makes Teko really cute. There is no negative to it.


Dick sucking, penis fluffing lips.


Teko is qt af

She is the sweetest girl there ever is.

They're cuteness enhancers.




Butt and chin. What a nice picture

Alright guys: drysuit or wetsuit?

Both, you dump. Didn't you pay attention to Pikari's explanation?

>the same girl who ended up bathing naked due to wearing a wetsuit after a dive and almost had a near exhibitionist moment

But still I agree. Both are equally good.

Nice and puffy lower lip


Gotta pass Katori's classes if you were ever to use a dry suit.

It doesn't really bother me. You pointing it out makes it obvious. But it's not bad.
This on the other hand stopped me from watching this show altogether. I can't handle this. It can be funny in extreme moments but I only watched 2.5 episodes of it and this thing was constantly on the screen.

But it's cute

It's funny because they'll use the deformed face for closeups but the normal face for far scenes.

Original character designs had it.

>doesn't like the faces


>tall and shy

Has there ever been a better combination of features?


How will womanlets recover?

You're in luck. Next season, you'll have tall and shy playing rugby.