What are you staring at?

What are you staring at?

that's one bomb ass lamp



Homura, obviously. She's 10/10 perfection.


Homu only fell for Madoka because she reached out to her when she was desperate and alone. If it had been a guy she would've fallen for him too. Homu doesn't know what love is, she's just a loser who fell for someone merely being nice.

the thighband on your pantyhose.


Where did the Homu touch you, user?

I wish i had a Homu.

at QB

I wish I was your Homu.

I only want cute female Homus.

Well tough shit, I'm probably about as close as you'll ever realistically get.

She wants Madoka to spank her in that pic

We all do.

That's too bad.

>You will never feel Homura-chan's touch
>You will never gently embrace her when she is in despair and assure her that everything will be okay

I want Homura to strangulate me.

>not driving yourself insane so you can hallucinate her into existence
You can feel her touch, user. Your mind is the barrier separating you.

Yeah. For both of us.

I assume this means strangle and jerk you off at the same time. In which case, we all do.

>You can feel her touch, user. Your mind is the barrier separating you.

You just make it sound so easy.

If I end up dead, all is fine

Find the shackles binding you to reality and break them apart. Only then will you feel your waifu's embrace.


Homu a perv

Daily reminder that Mami is a pedophile

Tulpas seem cool but I've heard some really bad shit if things go wrong

At least you'll have your waifu to cuddle in the flames with.

Those arms!

She can reach around in all the right places

Would be best thing to ever happen to me. Couldn't possibly ask for anything more.

Homu is love. Homu is life.

How lewd is too lewd?

Lots of homus at your nearby private hospital

Just find a black haired girl and give her a wad of hundreds. Then you'll have a Homu for a day.

>Stay with Homu as you watch the world burn.

Every man's dream

>it's another "let's fap to megucas" thread

But is that wrong?