Is he "our guy"?

Is he "our guy"?

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retarded normalfag hipsters? yeah

fuck off

He has normie taste in animes, but his Akira reference was pretty godlike. He's my guy!


Fuck off.

he thinks Akira is far better than Spirited Away... of course is our guy.

Stop forcing this shitty bustedchinman meme

Kanye belongs to/m/ , you Cred Forums fags

>inflated ego
He'd fit right in here I'd say.

Please keep celebshit off Cred Forums.

He'd make a bitchin anime soundtrack like jay electronica did for boondocks

He's a nigger. A filthy ape.

go back to Cred Forums your cuck

Well he's the only actual celebrity that likes anime, so yeah.

Not him, but you'll fit right in on Cred Forums yourself with that terminology.


He has Char's Zaku?

There's a lot of mainstream famous people that like anime. There was a list some time back here but I can't find it

Most of that list was bullshit though.

cucking is not only a Cred Forums meme. Our fixation with NTR what is except cucking?

Kanye West is the only real life shounen protagonist.

Wish normalfags would stop posting stupid niggers and trying to relate them to anime.

yeah, but there was basically no proof for any of the list being true except for Kanye, Robin Williams, and Andrew WK. Williams is dead now and WK isn't really "mainstream" famous, so Kanye is pretty much it

fuck off Cred Forums memes

Is he "our girl"?

Besides, why would give a crap about whether some celebrities like anime or not? Do you really need famous to accept your hobby?

No, but the word cuck is used to a nauseating degree by Cred Forumsfags. Also NTR is shit.

Andrew WK is the Cred Forums admin we need, but don't deserve

We all know Pharrell Williams is the biggest weeb in the music industry.


Ye is the original weeb though

Is Golden Boy still his fave anime?

Akirafags are the worst. Especially the anime only pretenders.


Kanye is the king of anime.