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KIBOU soon, fellow Dang Its

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Honestly, the HOPE episode is probably just a quick recap of DR2.

But I'm hoping it's like a DR3 IF, with the real Miaya instead of Miayabot.

Is there anyone who can beat Izuru Kamukura

And I'm not talking about Reserve Course Hajime Hinata. I'm not talking about Ultimate Hope Izuru Kumukura. I'm not even talking about Remnants of Despair Izuru Kamukura, either. I'm not even talking about Ultimate Future Izuru Kumukura with full control over Hajime Hinata experience (who is a veteran of Improved Hangman's Gambit, Truth Sword Debates, Crime Manga Writing and Mental Surfing), ninety nine hope shards (which grant him Neural Liberation, Envious Influence, Auto Focus Lightning Flash, Cheat Code, Trance, Delusion, Vocabulary, Charisma and Algorithm), capable of being Ultimate Athlete, Ultimate Serial Killer, Ultimate Breeder, Ultimate Mechanic, Ultimate Martial Artist, Ultimate Soldier, Ultimate Analyst and even Ultimate Princess, supported by Komaeda Nagito (in the peak of his luck circle, with fully working Junko Hand and full pack of Dr Hope), control of both the Novoselic Kingdom and the Kuzuryu clan, with Chiaki AI and Alter Ego simulated by his mind, four Dark Devas of Destruction guarding him, control over Jabberwack Island and The New World Program, entered You've Got That Wrong Mode, shooting Future Bullets on everybody and solved Final Dead Room so he can use Octagon just from camera angle. I'm talking about Ultimate Mastermind Izuru Kumukura, survivor of two killing games, with a perfect understanding of FUTURE, who caused The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History, equipped with Gravel Swimsuit and Bone The Meat On while casting Infinity Unlimited Flame with his Golden Makango, controlling the Despair Disease bugs, able to be interested in boats for full five seconds, wearing the three years old school clothes and protagonist ahoge, with desire to avenge his double dead gamer girl waifu, who can perform everything that normal people couldn't even dream of while being an expert in thousands of fields and billion of abilities and bored from all of that even before he started.

I want to FUCK cumaru


Despair is a myth. Hope is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Memes.

I'm calling it right now
>future episode 12 opening starts playing
>gets to the part where everyone falling
> naegi actually catches kirigiri's hand this time

in hope arc the ending is going to be an epilogue of all the survivors living happily ever after with this song playing over it
I believe, i have fucking hope/


It's the finale.
The logo even has Naegi and Hinata doing the dramatic pointing that they like to do.

Absolute mememan




Would you have liked Danganronpa 3 more if it was a game?

Of that one? I do.


did chiaki always have that annoying voice?


its been confirmed to be the final episode of both storylines,its basically future episode 13. Hinata and naegi are gonna team up to shoot down whatever the fuck trap tengan has in store.

Yes, for obvious reasons.

Who should voice Miaya then?

Yes. Who would you anons FTE first?



No, I'm just really not into that kind of thing.

Why are Miaya fags so desperate?

No it really wouldnt work as a game, it'd basically just be a straight visual novel but it would lack the dynamic scene composition of the anime we had, kishi seiji is a shit director most the time but he actually has had some really well directed scenes in DR3 especially juzo's death which would of been infinitely less impactful without the song and animation to back it up.

I definitely would have liked to be able to do FTEs with the Mirai cast.


Me. I'll do it.

It's not desperation. It's hope.

contrarian waifufags attaching to a character that basically never existed.

>we'll get this with both protags soon.
The mastermind is gonna get destroyed.

Who else?

Is Munakata dumb?

Did Juzoboy finally give up spamming after seeing his husbando get 100% controlled?

I wanna die smothered between Chisa's and Juzo's tits.

So they fucked, right?
>mfw Naekuro fags BTFO'd

listen for yourself

The person posting the pasta is sleeping at this

is this despair?

lets start this again

Who would've thought that Hinanami (with AI Chiaki) would be incest all along?



The last Despair episode was so pointless that these threads are barely moving even on release day.

How can he be shsl tennist if he's so short

>at this hour

Drop it!

I have hope too my hopefriend. Kirigiri and chiaki will both survive this

Twogami strikes again

Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday, the monitors with knives in them from DR1...
It's obvious at this point.
Junko is back.
Junko literally all but confirmed to be the mastermind/16th person
She said she'd need a high spec brain, BUT WHOSE??? (Kirijunko, Chiakizuru, zombie, etc).
Why is her method so radically different for the Final Killing Game?
We don't know.

SHSL Great Gazoo.

>the despair reserve course got more screentime than despair class 77

They didn't even show everyone in the final montage.


The very little information we have of her makes her seem like a 10/10 perfect girl.

Also, she's cute and the robot is rad as fuck.

>Hope will always win, so I'll comfortably fall to despair.
>Junko herself said that Naegi's luck is less predictable than Komaeda's.

Does he actually fucking say memes. I hear him say memes but someone please tell me it's just a translation error

>mastermind starts blowing up the underground complex
>floor collapses underneath naegi as they're trying to escape
>slow motion as he falls into the abyss
>a gloved hand catches his arm

Bow down to the Meme Queen.

Mikanfriends report in!

Our girl just graduated and is on her way to a promising medical career ;_;

Let's show our support for her! Have hope that she will wake up and can be rehabilitated!

yes, fucking yes to this. HOPE HAVE FUCKING HOPE.

>Komaeda inspires people around him
>Manlet Naegi just has ex machina luck

>Makoto fucks a top idol
>Junko calls him a loser

She's just jealous right?

I want to hug this shortcake therapist.

At first I thought chiakifags were dudes waifuing her but now I think they're mostly 15 year girls from tumblr



Because you type like a raging sperg, why don't you just ask politely?

So we know that every current SHSL died just then. How? There wasn't a single class competent enough to kill a few brainwashed normalfags on their own? How the hell did Class 78 survive? Sakura carried them?

You know what a meme is, right? Not the meme term, meme.

>they fucked

in your headcanon, maybe

Eat shit.

Oh wait, you already are.

>Komaeda inspires people around him
Did we play the same game


Yes they fucking said memes.
They were using the original meaning of the term before it got associated with anything that becomes trendy for five seconds on the internet.

ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ
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Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigirbros, Juzoboys, and I guess Chisapals too that this story will have a happy ending!

The rapist can't be a shortcake.

do you have it please post it

Reporting in! I believe in hope and Mikan!

Reminder tengan is the best mastermind reveal in the series cause everything he said in the show so far takes on a different meaning.
>you realize he was baiting hinata into doing the izuru project
>you realize he wanted munakata to go on an edge spree
>kirigiri realized he was overly calm about everything

can anyone stop our aboslute madman tengan, the answer is yes cause hes probably actually dead but his plan isnt over yet hopefags. kung fu grandpa is gonna blow you the fuck out.

Are you okay user

>SDR2 recap through Miaya's eyes, featuring Usami and AI Chiaki being cute
I'd be up for it. It'd completely ruin whatever little is left to ruin in DR3 since we'd have no time to do anything anymore, but I'd be up for it.

Oh, the despair of this franchise ...

Also, it's not annoying, it's cute autism.

riaru na hanashi

>tfw you get stuck in a class without a SHSL Fighter
That must suck.


Her English voice is objectively superior.

reminder that mikan is hot trash

what the hopeking said will come true

Mikan saved me from despair, so I must return the favor.

Memes as in memetics. Not dank memes.

She's 5'0, user.

he's dead jin


Stop the namefagging too and try again.

If he was truly dedicated, he would forgo sleep.


Another scene with Kizakura saying he'd give his life for Kirigiri?

The first one was sort of necessary, but why would he say it again?

>hope side
>OP with class 78
>this time no dies because neagi watched the anime

Reporting! I don't know if we'll see her in the last episode but we'll see!

I wish we got to see some of her in the despair arc. I would have liked to know what she was like before Monoca killed her.

>mfw literally nothing happened

Eh, the first one he was kind of joking.
Second one he was dead serious.

To remind you that his sacrifice wasn't in vain.

We were shown the true power of memes


How can people like Mikan? She's a character solely for the self insert fags who are scared by Chiaki

>Yoi: Loving vanilla sex with his girlfriend
>Rurugirls: Letting any of the FF go unfucked
>Boozeman: Either drunk sex or taking his hand away from his dick
>Gekko: Moving out of the modified sex toy wheelchair
>Munakata: Spreading pussy (Entering counts)
>Juzo: Asshole is off limits
>Chisa: Munakata cums before her
>Seiko: Must initiate
>Tengan: No NTR
>Gozu: Fucking to the point of exhaustion
>Bandai: Voyeurism
>Kirigiri: Staying in for 4 rounds with Naegi's virginity in tact
>Naegi: No fapping


Yeah, there was practically nothing of substance in that episode. Honestly would have been better if this was just another future one as well.

Same reason people are posting their theories episode after episode - our ideas of what a show/character ought to be like can often be way better than what we end up getting, doubly so if the writer is bad.

Plus, she's fucking cute, has a great title that actually works well with the Hope vs Despair theme, is Usami's operator and got zero screentime (and thus has zero flaws). Add to that what said and you have your answer.

So was Komaru's

So I'm confused. How many more eps do we get and what side is it for?

Dubs says fire it to bring maximum hope.

So did Chisa blow up the school?

Too bad shes dead as fuck, with her corpse shown.


where is Aoi's?

>read zero user its essential
>play UDG it is practically required

One more future episode and one HOPE episode.

What, did you want to blow it up instead, Chris-chan?

Aoi is Junko, the mastermind

Is the despair video kino?


>hey hey

>mattering in HOPE hen at all.

Ah yeah, I forgot that the original term existed. I remember hearing it when playing TWEWY

>tfw there was 5 minutes of UDG
>tfw Killer Killer wasn't even mentioned

I was hoping we'd get insight on Tengan's motives and what Mitarai has to do with him. Too bad.

>Juzo is this self loathing about being blackmailed.
Fuck nigga other people could have stopped Junko too if they didn't go full retard.
Hopeman could have sniffed that cunt out day 1 if he didn't get himself expelled over some dumb shit that involved letting people get over Fuyuhiko's sister's death.
Munakata could have got off his ass.
My boy Juzo got a raw deal.

Yeah, she was much more popular before the Monaca reveal and especially before her corpse was shown, but people feeling bad for her and knowing that she's a wasted character like Gozu have brought back some fans.

Zero explains the motivation of the main villain
UDG has no bearing on the overall plot though, just a side story like killer killer

She will come back from despair! At least I hope.

>fellow Chrisfag on the DR3 thread


But seriously, was it her?

>stealing another board's get for HOPE

Reporting! She'll make a great nurse.She knows so much how the human body ticks.

How did Junko and Mukuro slip away without anyone noticing they were gone?

Why didn't Munakata notice that there were no bodies in the classroom?

i honestly think it was thrown in there to remind the viewers that kirigiri isnt dead

You should play/read everything if you are a fan of the series, just because it's more of something you like.

I just want an unison sore wa chigau yo/zo in the last episode.


>English to KanaHana
This is the power of shit taste

I'll be honest with you it's a bit of a bland cast but I could see Togami/Twogami/Munakata interactions being pretty interesting.
Don't think we cant see what you did to Tengan

basically just think of future having 2 more episodes left with the final one bringing in the DR2 cast.

It's okay, that was just a second robot and some ketchup.

UDG fills in background information that's not really crucial, but I actually agree it wasn't very important. This is supported by the fact that they had UDG be relevant for all of one episode and then left it.

That's a very cute gekko

I like Kana too, but I think the English voice a very good, if not better, performance.

Fucking memes

Because Kirigiri is not fucking dead.

But Zero is shit.

we could have gotten something with the ship, like even half an episode instead it was nothing. This is truly the despair arc

Read the lyrics of Future's ED

especially this line:

Assemble those scattered pieces in an anagram - Are you prepared?

Here it comes: The End!
The End!
Which can be rearranged to write
which means
to perform (a play) to play (a part) to act (a part)

Now consider kyoko's actions in the game
1. Investigate the dead bodies from the attacker and NG codes with your father's old friend and a manlet that the chairmen told to follow you

2. Doesn't find the pics on chisa's body that shows that she's a despair

3. Doesn't check the secret room and disregards it without a second thought

4. Flirts with the hopemanlet and tell him to never give up hoping no matter what happens.

Anyway if we look at the line from the Future ED then look at the end of the future op we see monokuma split up into two parts

Shirokuma or the white despair part is with Kyoko

Kurokuma or the black hope part with makato

Logic would dictate that the part with the person thats the despair part would be the one junko is in so it would be kyoko

yeah i was hoping for this too, i guess future's final ep will be dedicated to this and hope arc is naegi hinata and kirigiri taking down whatever trap tengan has left over.

The hell are you on about Naegi's charisma is second only to his extreme bad luck. Meanwhile everyone wants to strangle hopeman in-universe.

>in the end, it all happened because of memes
There's still time to save the internet, guys. Don't let despair win. Kill all memes.

Delete this

It wasn't necessary at all, we got the idea the first time. Even though he was serious, why showing that 3 episodes later? It doesn't even matter if he said it jokingly or seriously

>mfw Chisa set up the killing game just to make Munakata despair

Hope is but a stepping stone to despair. I hate boats, too.

All Gekko are cute Gekko.


What's going on in this thread?

Fuck this picture doesnt work anymore cause hope arc more or less convinced everyone shes alive again.

Anyone else finding themselves thinking a lot about hope and despair after these threads?
I accidentally found myself muttering some shit about despair as I was walking down the street I want to fucking kill myself.

But some Gekkos are cuter than others.

That's what I want to believe since I love Kirigiri, but I also don't want to fill myself with hope and find out she's actually dead.

Shut it hopefag. Everybody got something even the damn sayakafags but we got nothing but a monaca robot

>Last time you're ever going to see your bro
>Better not remind him of that promise I intend to keep, he wasn't really THAT worried or serious about his daughter.
Seriously? It's perfectly normal.

All 3 waifus are alive.

One is the mastermind
One is the 13th Branch Head
The other is Kirigiri

dont worry user your autism is shared by me as well, ive been using the word hope alot ever since the hope arc got announced

Cred Forums memes that should stay in Cred Forums please


W-we still have a chance, right bros?

Why is Naegi Makoto so shit? He ruined the whole despair.

The only mistake Juzo made was not telling Munakata. But even then, there was literally no way to stop Junko at that point. HPA was already her plaything because everyone there is retarded anyway.

>Saying that when zero escape homos have been pushing their shit memes from day 1.
At least don't be a hypocrite.

I can understand that, i actually have been forcing myself to accept shes dead before we found out hope arc was real. I'm hoping that if she really is dead they make that abundantly clear in future 12 so i can at least prepare myself for the final episode.

It's too late fag DR is already video games and metal gear

Even if Kirigiri's alive, there's no way they're not going to be lifelong friends after this. They gel very well.

>not having his post number be 777
For shame

Ir's irony.

user please dont give chisa bros false hopes, tengan is already confirmed to be the mastermind with chisa just being an unfortunate first death. Chiaki and kirigiri bros do still have a chance.

Junko your the one stocking him why don't you tell us why he's shit miss analysis

I thought she was dead until hope episode 1 was announced. The cure W thing not being mentioned plus another Kizakura Jin moment plus hope arc-1 just makes me think she'll be back.

>Luck is enough to get SHSL Despair to kill herself, make it impossible for the SHSL Analyst to predict, beat the SHSL Gambler in games, passively avoid murder attempts, and let Naegi get laid with Sayaka
overpowered desu

Why do Junko and Mukuro look so different? They don't even look remotely related.

I don't know if that is perspectives or if naegi really is that short next to donuts

It looks like it's time for Izuru to let'er rip!

Asahina was always a genuinly good person who will remain best friends with him regardless of wether kirigiri is alive or not.

>the mastermind

Come on user, he probably helped, but he's not it.

What did he mean by this?

I dont get this. They arent going to say she's alive in Mirai12. It'll be in the finale. That much is certain. I dont see how them confirming it or not helps you prepare for the final.

>5'11 vs 6'0

How would you bring Junko out of despair and to true HOPE?

Any reason you edited out the stands on the left and right?

They're both 160cm.

They noticed all the Metal Gear references we were making and decided to help out.

someone didnt read zero and doesnt know what junko looks like without the bleach and blue contacts

Is Asahina the most useless character on DG? not trying to hate but if you took her out of the games nothing would've changed. (The most relevant thing she did was carry the manlet around on halways)

Why do they both look so cute in formal outfits? Why do formal outfits look cute in the first place?

It always felt like Naegi got along better with Asahina in their free time events than Kyoko.

My dick

Look up "memetics"

fix your fucking white line

>Y-Young master...

She did warn her.

Get her a hobby.

Different dads probably

Junko doesn't know when to give up when she's got a good thing going, does she?

No that title falls to Akane

So all the cards have been laid out in the table. One question remains. Who is the mastermind?

Girls in masculine clothing is sexy because gap more
Naegi is just cute and you don't expect a nice shota like him to wear a suit

>that series of short strips about Despair Naegi
translation never

even showing the knife that she killed matsuda with to add to her point

Who would fuck up 1-4 if not her?

I feel the same way the anime is now going out of our way to show us that "Yes Chisa is indeed evil"

>same height
>same weight
They gave Mukuro a wig and Naegi only barely noticed the difference.

So is Hope Arc coming out this Thursday in place of the Despair episode?

Why didn't Sakura just leave a suicide note again?

I can't get over how done with everything kyoko looks in this

As of now Kirigiri technically has no good ending in the series
>Executed in the Bad End
>"Dies" of NG rule in canon

I thought it was Tengan but he received verry little screentime in despair 11 to make me think so.

If Izuru planned SDR2's events from the beginning, that makes Island Mode considerably more hilarious, since it's now basically Usami stealing his show and ruining his test.

Alternate Timelines where Naegi and Kirigiri are the true Despairs?

I don't think the fact that it's called Hope arc has anything to do with it, since even if she's dead, it would mean that Makoto is filled with the hope she left him.

I really want to believe she's alive, user. But I can't help but feel like she was just turned into a plot device for furthering Naegi's arc, which pisses me off, since she was a good character by herself.

Junko and/or Tengan. I don't think Junko won't be in DR3, I just question whether or not she'll be the mastermind. I mean, she wasn't even the mastermind in SDR2, she was nothing more than a goon to the real mastermind.

That's my point tho. You can replace her with any other character and nothing woudl've changed

She did. Junko messed with the evidence so Asahina got a fake note.

Sayaka definitely dated Makoto though.

Fat chance that Mukuro "Should we kill him?" Ikusaba would ever get to.

I was disappointed because I finished watching a playthrough literally the day of that episode (after waiting 16 hours for subs). I felt cheated for having it not be relevant at all, but realized that I still enjoyed Komaru and Fukawa's interactions so it wasn't really a waste.

Junko enoshima, The Ultimate Analyst/Despair

Oh, it's been a while since I played it.

>Naegi fell into despair because of his shit luck aura
I could see it happening

Who cared about Sakura as much as she did though?

Here brother, have the edit!

The only thing she added to the overall game was the Doujins

Why is Juzo so cute in future but so ugly in despair?

The stands implied to me that they were the main characters but I was more thinking that it more fun to watch the characters duke it out for the protagonist spot.

If Junko, how? Another AI? That'd be cheap.

Brainwashing and poking around in her brain.

Alternatively make sure that her mom never came across that snail in her morning walk that one day.

i lost faith simply cause 1 episode was too little to bring her back and reveal tengan's whole deal, hope 1 being announced plus the show reminding us the koichi wouldnt let her die has convinced me shes alive and cure W is real.

Keep in mind, it takes a conscious effort to put something like that bottle rolling into the anime.

Nobody. Not even the audience.

>They don't even look remotely related.

>same height
>same weight
>blue eyes

they look pretty related to me. I know Junko doesn't really have blue eyes but we're talking about looks only.

>implying Ryoko looks like Mukuro

>3rd year SHSL Luck died in the normalfag sperg out
Not lucky enough I guess

Does Naegi's luck passively affect those around him? Komaeda's seems to drain everybody else's luck for himself.

Mirai - A team (Munakata gekkobot fight)
Zetsubou - B team (absolutely fucking nothing)

There is a good ending for Kirigiri.

It's called School Mode :^)

meant for



>Manlet gets to be the one reaching out to Kirigiri when she's the one who saved him

Welp, that's it for our girl.

HPA only has a 2 year program.

I don't remember this in Zero.

Does Junko give SHSL Anal too?

There are Sakura Doujins?

The idea was that you yourself were the main character, but yours works just as well.

forgot pic


>escape school
>get gangbanged and killed by SHSL Despair because the main one is still alive

> Sayaka definitely dated Makoto though.

Did you get this from their 5 Second conversation?

>Bringing Mukuro to the discussion

What's the point?

This. School and Island Mode are meant to create and preserve the dokis within your chest.

junko didnt plan this far ahead, her whole ruise cruise ended with her death in 1, DR2 ai junko was all on izuru and after that there really is no one to continue her shit

tengan looks like he genuinly might be a hopefag.

UDG ended up being most relevant.

UDG > DR0 > Killer Killer.

I'm talking about Assahina being useless but yes - There are Sakura Doujins.

Remember that Batman Beyond movie where Joker brainwashed Robin into thinking he was him? It could be that.

Also, wouldn't it be hilarious if one of the Shiro/Kurokuma AIs was hacked by Izuru and used to make AI Chiaki?

What was her endgame?

>Sayaka definitely dated Makoto though.
Holy fuck this isn't delusion. This is straight-up denial. This is "Junko loves Naegi" bad.



did Naegi even do anything of significance in all of DR3? Like contribute at all to the winning?

It looks like winning just required Kyoko and Juzoboy

Hope babies.

>Cred Forums doesn't know "meme" is an actual word

Also she is very pretty without all the steroids n shit


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Probably, brother!

Naegi gives everyone around him bad luck, it doesnt even matter if you have good luck or not.

framing you for murder

There's something in this image that may prove a clue towards real Chiaki's survival.

Do you notice it?

You know who.

Being an idol and not dying. Also to stop using compensated dating as a means of getting money. She didn't get very far though.

You know for a fact the next episode is going to parrallel this scene right, naegi is about to fall to his death due to one of tengan's traps and suddenly a gloved hand reached out and catches him

Sum up Junko's motivations from Zero in one sentence

>They stuck together even after being mind hacked
too pure for this world.


He calmed Raiden down. Asahina and Mitarai would've been dead if Raiden kept rampaging.

So, what should i replay first? DR2 or DR1?

Because i fucking need more.

So Izuru did nothing, right? Like, he literally did nothing. He didn't kill anyone, throw anyone into despair. Hell, he didn't even take part of the scheme to despairify class 77.

He truly is SHSL didndu nuffin

Junko changed her hair, wears a lot of make up, probably wears contacts to make her eyes less chinky, and probably got breast implants.


Not being a shit.
She failed.


Talked Munakata out of killing literally fucking everyone.

Probably gave Juzo the idea to turn off the power after telling him about the monitors.

Class 77 must have been fucking huge then

The Madarai brothers, the Student Council, Matsuda, Kamishiro, the SDR2 cast, and all the SHSL Red Shirts from this episode had to come from there since Class 78 only had 16 students.

Alright. Who's the super secret final boss? It's obviously not Tengan, because he's fucking dead.

Junko has to be around somehow. I guess these are the choices:

> KiriJunko.
> Liquid Komaeda possibly being possessed/fused with Junkohand.
> Chiazuru with Junko AI.
> Mitarai Junko AI (boring and obvious as shit).
> Robot Junko.
> Tengan clone with JunkoAI installed.
> Monaca.
> Junkozuru with Junko AI (Tengan, seeing that Izuru became a SHSL Despair from being a SHSL Hope, decided that making a SHSL Hope from a SHSL Despair was more feasible).




He made it possible for Munakata to cry at Juzo's death

Does anyone have a webm of Naegi dodging the wrench?

I would just like to point out something i noticed about this part of the opening, naegi and kirgiri reaching for eachother's hands here actually looks to be a longer animation that they after effects a white fade out over before they touch, im fucking calling it in the final episode they are gonna actually reach eachother in the opening.

It's good you use the smiling version, I want to remember our boy going out happily.

framing someone for murder


Why would he?
He's not despair.

He killed the last survivor of the student council, didn't he?

There have only been two SHSL lucks and HPA only runs a two year programme.

Asahina's still alive

Bad ending

it is pretty normal for breasts to be uneven


He killed a girl and glasses-kun.

Nope. Didn't you see Chisa's monologue this episode? She was trying to make Munakata despair. Izuru had enough of that.


Is that the Impostor?

Glasses-kun fell on the chainsaw. Izuru just watched him

>Killed a girl

He's still 2 for 3 Waifus around him dead, Asahina better watch out

That was self-defense.

>He killed a girl


So was this the Chisa scene that supposedly shocked Ogata?

Saved Munakata, deduced the attacker from Kyoko's notes

I don't know why seeing there made me a bit sad. And why did they go and exaggerate her monotone voice for? we get it, it's a different Chiaki.

post it please we all want it

He broke Chiaki's heart.

He saved Chiaki

Self-defense. AND BEFORE you go after my ass, stop and think for a moment. Last survivor went after him first, and Izuru simply dodged and then blew him the fuck out. The guy landing on the chainsaw wasn't intentional, but for all we know it could've been his SHSL Luck in action. He was responsible for the guy's death, yeah, but he didn't go after him. The guy signed his own death warrant.

Maybe it all shocked Ogata with how fucking garbage it continues to be

Deduced my ass, Kyoko fucking wrote the answer she just didn't have proof yet.

Chisa did a lot of shocking things this episode. I was creeped out in the Ekoroshia scene.


He attempted to kill Komaeda.

Checkmate Izurufags.

>we all want it

Now you're just lying.

I was thinking - How does people like Ibuki and the annoying Loli bring despair to people as UD?
They sing until you wanna kill someone? (or dance really awkardly in case of the loli?)

Which is it?

Why is it shocking? Chisa is brainwashed.

One of the student council members according to danganronpa zero.


This image makes me think that Izuru saved Chiaki and then put her into the NWP, and that Chiaki AI was just the same old Chiaki the whole time

ive waited too long post it

He was testing Nagito's luck.
He passed.

Except he's not calling hope boring.

He's calling the despairfags sending ships to the island boring as fuck. Heck, most of FF weren't even agents of hope, just anti-despair, so no wonder Izuru didn't care about them.

So this is the power of LUCC

Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing it so at least 2 people want to.

>SHSL Idol who should logically have a decent sense of hearing doesn't notice the metal wrench embedding itself in the wall

He uploaded the Junko AI

Izuru is a GOD. It's natural for him to do nothing.

Hajime obviously thought the fleet was boring because he already cleared that level of galga omega five times.

Mindhacc music and mindhack dance

It's actually not that exaggerated.
She became more expressive over time, it was basically like she was a baby tossed into a battlefield.

Hell of a throw for such a non-commital little spin

The wall is clearly made of sponge or some similarly weak, squishy material

I'm not sure if we can take Zero's word anymore.

do they use Mitarai's technique on their shows? kek


I wanted to fuck him when I thought he was despair, and I want to even more now

She's distracted by the Hopelet

I will keep HOPEing.


Well a huge part of Chisa's character was "Muh class 77" and she was giving a tearful goodbye to them not even 15 minutes before this scene happened.

no, Kyoko wrote the map, Naegi was the one who remembered the monitors and made the connection

user, no stage performer has a decent sense of hearing left. I'm surprised that Naegi didn't have to shout the whole conversation.

>Welcome to Despair's Abyss Academy!

Junko's eyes aren't naturally blue.


Replay 1 first. Start it all over again.

it took US DAYS AND WEEKS I TELL YOU WE FINALLY GOT IT now we need artist name

Hes pretty blatently the mastermind and if you look back at anything he says in both despair and future it supports this, hes dead but he still set everything in motion.

So how is Funi going to fuck up subbing the memes lines?

Hope subber is the best thing to happen this season.

Because those were HOPEful days with Chiaki, and she has no use for those now.

So how bad will the DRv3 shilling be next thursday?

Simple commercial, or will they show Kaede waking up in prison?

But most people in their world don't know that. So Mukuro's eyes work for a disguise.

Entertainment is influential in dispensing memes
A song about fucking your mother and killing your friends makes people think this is okay behavior, just like hotline bling told people it was okay to have a side chick.


The true despair is seeing this trainwreck of an anime

Not at all, because he literally says ミーム.

They don't need to shill it, because I'm already going to buy it.

Hurry up and translate it.

She's holding what appears to be a box of donuts.

Asahina will save her.

Some shots are pretty fine but yeah he gets a lot of derpy faces too, probably different animation teams

I always thought it was implied Teruteru cooked people

>tfw Cred Forums doesn't know that meme is an actual word and not internet shit

>Fuyuhiko says he and Peko arent going to kill anyone again.
>Go out and kill a bunch of diet members right after.

So were they being ironic along with the others?

Why does she bother with the stupid goth look when she's so much hotter without it?

I'm gonna be so happy when this is all over.

>user! Buy my game!

Thank you for your opinion.

Who wins in a sing off?


I want some heavy ass obnoxious fucking shilling that takes up the entire episode. I'm about done with the anime, and hype as fuck for DR3.

I did enjoy the anime, but the plot is just not great, and it's only being held up by my love for previous characters and getting to like some new ones.

Almost like she didn't actually give a shit.

Show pantsu first

he cooked his favourite dishes with the wrong seasoning so they tasted slightly off, and refused to use the correct seasoning

Ibuki having excellent hearing is a plot point in DR2 though.

When you stop to think about it, Kodaka is really fucking dumb

Ibuki. Sayaka is SHSL sucking off producers.

I want to cum in that teacup.

Ebook is a musician first, so I'd give Sayaka the edge.

That depends on what you define "winning" as. Sayaka has the edge considering she's a fucking pop idol and they get worshipped like crazy.

Sayaka because Ibuki is actually terrible

Ibuki's music was like that before becoming part of the UD tho'.

Honestly, I had no fucking idea what the fuck that scene was. It really made no sense. I guess they were mindhacc'd to believe that not killing people is killing people?

my dick after cumming buckets and making a symphony in the process


Sayaka would win, but I think they should work together with their two fantastic musical abilities!

So this is what true despair feels like?

Has she done many concerts or is she more a recording artist?

and put the loli to dance just for the lols

On the other hand, I'm going to be so sad when these threads end.

The real question is, who would put out first?




I hate her so much. This is just proof that even before they had their minds wiped she only cared about herself.

junko's hair isn't really blonde

Fucking Celes, lazy piece of shit.


Speaking of, why was NotJunko cuter than the real Junko?

>US troops used music torture prisoners at Guantanamo
>poisoning isn't a thing
>blackmail isn't a thing

I got jack shit for dancing though, captain.


Further proof that Kyoko is the man of the house.

Celes being credit to team as fucking usual

Ibuki has zero interest in sex so that would have to be Sayaka.

CorpsegirlXNaegi fags on suicidewatch.

I love her both ways.


And here's another reason to hate Celes

Remember the "Lying disease" in SDR2's chapter 3?
Basically, you're saying the opposite of what you really mean.

>>>blackmail isn't a thing
Is she going to blackmail each individual of the country until everyone is pure Zetsubuou?

Because Mukuro is cuter than Junko

What are Kyoko and Aoi doing?


he cooked his food with saturated fat and little nutrition as implied in this episode

Despair isn't evil, user.

Stop shitposting.

I like how Chisa's utmost love for Munakata still remained even when despaired albeit twisted into a desire to show him the deepest despair (which is the despair version of saying I love you).

Where are my boys at?

Doesn't Ibookee have a scene where she talks about how people tried to get her to put out, and that she knows what that means with an upset expression?

Sayaka was probably fucking Naegi by the second date

That Naegi has meme potential

>Mukuro says Naegi is just some loser.

Wow. That ship got blasted.

Because you have terrible taste.

Remind me why class 78 barricaded themselves from the outside world. Were they mindhakked? Protecting themselves from the outside world? Because they didn't look despaired.

Not here but I'll dump a couple Junkos


Did despair Akane just beat people up? what can she really do as a despair?

Makoto was the heroine in DR1. It's pretty obvious they designed a female protagonist, wrote most of the game sans FTEs, then said 'hold on, most people who like these sorts of games would probably be guys, gotta fix that for self-inserting potential'.

It was only after SDR2 and DR:AE did the fujo audience come out to play. I mean, you'd think that death games and fujoshi would be incompatible, but surprisingly not, hence the female protagonist for 3.

Ibuki was probably like Lord Raptor and furthered the brainwashing scheme through her music and/or sacrificed her fans during concerts to induce despair.

Ibuki is arguably more versatile being a metal vocalist and all, so I'll go with her.

Mindhacked and thrown into the school without knowing shit.

Late for a party, where are webms with lewd Mukuro?

Anybody could do those things though, you don't need some ultimate talent to poison food or play loud music on speakers.

I almost wish he'd come back from the dead one last time for a taste of guilt-free life. He hasn't had that it years, and it sucks to think about.

>Soda builds like a million engines and just leaves them running to shit up the air quality

So this is the power of despair.

All in on Kirijunko

Because it was safer on the inside and Jin used his SHSL Used Car Salesman abilities to convince them to preserve the world's hope.

I dunno, maybe so they wouldn't die

>Protecting themselves from the outside world
Come on user, it's this. Literally the first game's main plot point is that. Also Jin said so in this episode too.

I swear to god when kirigiri shows up alive naegi better fucking go for it already after nearly losing her TWICE.

Did you forget the scene where Jin ask everyone of they're okay locking themselves in the first game?


Post more Junko.

Anybody could do it, but they do it the best.

When Distrust first became Danganronpa, Kyoko was the first victim.

Oh, I didn't make the connection.

>Kill la Kill

wait a sec
so in DR2
we were playing as Izuru the whole time?

That's a damn good question. Munakata's an idiot.

I recalled it might have been this but I'd have liked to see a reminder in the anime where they agree to Jin's proposal

I can't explain why this triggers me, but it does.

>Alright. Who's the super secret final boss?

It also helps that Mukuro's endgame probably wouldn't involve killing you when she's the most in love.

He actually puts drug in the food in DR zero

Well, the despair was a massive fucking disappointment. Can't wait to see hwo they'll wrap up this trainwreck with 24 minutes on monday.

are you serious nigga

So DR2 was unpredictable to Izuru because he didnt see Chiaki turning Hajime into a super saiyan?

>Kill la Kill
Man I remember that thread.

What's with the sudden revival of Sayakafags?

>secondaries are posting in these threads right now

Are you legally retarded?
Serious question.
I expect a yes or no reply.

It's kinda boring.

turns out her motives weren't complex at all

No. But getting into the NWP was part of his plan to test hope and despair, rather than to help Junko. It's an interesting thing and about the only plot point that Despair arc has made clearer rather than fucking up further.


It made no sense the way it was shown. The world hadn't gone into anarchy yet, it was just a localized incident. They'd have been safer almost anywhere else.

Look at Junko's junkos

I mean like, not Hajime but with Izuru still inside Hajime. Why was he narrating the last part is my question

You don't understand. The final episode will be next Thursday, and it will be called "Kibo-hen"

What the fuck are you talking about?

Are you alright user?

This bait... I can't help but respond to it... is this... the power of... memes?!

I want a DESPAIR footjob from Junko.

typical re:tard

They retconned it. Originally they were going to be locked up for the rest of their lives, but now Jin said they were only going to be away for a few years until things quieted down and then they could go back to their families.

Isn't it a /vp/ meme?

Good point.


She appeared for 10 seconds and was walking with Makoto down a hallway.

Literally everywhere was burning. They compressed the apocalypse down into a few minutes rather than a few months.

>fujo audience
>female protagonist

That doesn't make any sense. Wouldn't the fujo audience want another male protagonist so they can see more gay guys?

There, I fixed Junko

>It's an interesting thing and about the only plot point that Despair arc has made clearer rather than fucking up further.

That's true

Sayaka actually appeared on screen and spoke today. Not to mention she was spending quality time with Naegi while Kirigiri was silent with the rest of the background characters.

We need more dis pair.

>DR0 never happened

Wait a minute, that's not Junko...!

The concept was cool when it was first announced, but DR3 really should've been an expanded Mirai-hen with key flashbacks giving a look into old HPA while keeping things vague.

I know running through hallways, talking, and Raiden slicing shit up is barely interesting even within 12 episodes but it could have been better with a more visually interesting setting, an expanded plot, more looks into the outside world and characters outside the killing games, time to set up a better mystery and motivations, etc.

Fujos and otome game audiences are basically one and the same.

Same stuff.


I want to be smothered by dis pair.

again, what I meant was, I didn't know whether the character we play as is consciously Hajime or Izuru

That was always the plan. They had the resources and resolve to go on longer if needed but they didn't intend to stay locked up forever.

>You will never bust a load deep inside of Sayaka and turn her into a single mother, ruining her career and squandering her talent.

>tfw no beta nigress Junko and Mukuro


I thought that they were always planning to wait it out and Jin only said they might have to stay in there forever, in a worst case scenario.

Now that I think about it

HPA having only a 2 year program is really fucking stupid

Is DR0 just completely retconned now considering the huge amount of characters there that didn't seem to be in the 77th or 78th classes?

DR3 would be better as a game. (10 or 15 chapters for each, Despair and Future)

user are you ok?


>that very subtle passive aggression
user, don't. They're both okay. Everything is okay.


I didn't really mind the plot of the Despair Arc. Brainwash as Junko's main weapon? Sure, not what I had in mind, but I can deal with that. The execution, though, was utter shit. It skimmed and skipped so many things from DR0 and DR1. The pacing was terrible. And so much stuff was explained poorly.

In contrast, the future arc was so much better.

AI Chiaki was created by Izuru, not Chihiro. This episode was the final confirmation to it after a long, long time of never showing Chiaki interacting with them once.

>Two bitches who can't stay dead

>implying idolshit can compete with such classics as I Squeezed Out The Baby But I Don't Know Who The Father Is

>you'd think that death games and fujoshi would be incompatible
You are forgetting that fujos are up for anything as long as there are pretty boys and homoerotic delusions that can be made from said pretty boys. Putting them in situations where they are forced to interact with one another and cause rifts or bonds between them (with a healthy dose of possible gyaku-ryona) was the glue that held it all together for them.

Her talent was squandered the second the fucking apocalypse happened.

Delete this

How many producers had Sayaka slept with before DR1?

How loose was her hole? I don't believe for a second that she was chaste, after seeing her put the moves on Makoto in DR1.

I think he meant that we were Izuru watching Hajime's actions.

yeah if they bring her back they better just give the shippers what they want



DR0 happened between Ep.10 and Ep.11. Notice Junko has changed her clothes and now has the knife she gave Matsuda the D with.

here's a gif


Taking in consideration /gentle/?
She probably fucked half of Japan's producers.

>I don't believe for a second that she was chaste
Very ironic considering you're posting Sonia.

There were other classes. We only saw 77-B.

This exactly. Despair Arc stuff should have been vague and explained through flashbacks. The new killing game should have been the main thing, with more time for more mystery and stuff.

So far, I enjoyed DR3. It could have been better, though.

>Izuru remembered to include the hairclip on the AI
that's kinda cute

We don't know the deets, only the fact that she was doing it. It's sad really, because even if they were never together, it still feels like NTR. Nobody likes NTR.

delet this

You would think that but Killer Killer shows that the idol industry is still ostensibly around.


Junko bless you, user.

Most of her jokes were lost in translation in the game, so she looks like a slut.

She's actually probably the purest one in the entire class.

>female protagonist

literally makes a subltle reference to matsuda in her threat to kill mukuro while holding the knife she probably killed matsuda with but no MUH Retcon guys

>Naegi's Punishment Time towards Mukuro is turning her into his sex slave

It looked like she was just manipulating and using him.

I can't bellieve they wasted so much time on terrible, boring fight scenes. Who's interested in Danganronpa for that?


She may be physically pure but she's a real pervert inside.

This is the old man's true NG Code.
>Tengan: Cannot ignore a sex scene without committing NTR




No. It doesnt work like that. Hajime and Izuru are the same person but with the latter's memories of the former pushed back. He told Chiaki it was impossible for him to get his old memories back and the miracle is he got them back which led him to believe hope is more unpredictable.

Something is wrong with this image...


And here's another

How come the 78th only had 16 students total?

Did it hint at that ingame? I can't remember.

>Killer Killer shows the world is in decent condition
>UDG shows people barely able to survive with one of Sayaka's old friends being hunted down
Which is it

Naegi looks too tall in this

They probably squandered the 少女 (Shoujo) which can be translated either to "pure" girl, virgin, (young) teenager, etc.

I can post this and actually believe in it again

So Chiaki is 100% confirmed dead, right?

Naegi looks fat.

Jin commented to Kizakura that they were low on students that year and only had enough to fill one class.


She's at 50/50 right now.
Basically it all depends on what retarded route they want to end this shit with.

What a night to be alive.

Just let your boner and/or headcanon do the talking.

She referred to them as "dark things." Implication is pretty blunt, but then again there's no way they'd take a character and outright say I FUCKED FAT MEN. It's supposed to make you feel sorry for her and trigger people who hate NTR.

It's for the inevitable fighting game by French Bread or Arc System Works?


Not more so then last week. We got no body or grave but Izuru was obsessed with her hairpin.



>tfw now i ship Izuru and Mukuro

>no body
>tengan's mysterious words
>Izuru confirmed for AI Chiaki's father, he made her to see if she could beat Junko (and she did)
Sorry to say, but it's actually -200%. Now there's actually a decent chance that both the real and AI Chiaki could both be alive.

>postin muh OC
H-hey user, are you free later?

Literally nothing is ever ever confirmed until you see it with your own two eyes. Y'all need to be patient.

>no way they'd take a character and outright say I FUCKED FAT MEN
explain gente then

No. He basically pulled the same shit Light did where the memory erasal was real, but ultimately all part of his plan.

>Which is it
Haven't read Killer Killer, but UDG took place in the city most unaffected by the incident, until remnants of despair fucked everything up.
It never implied anything about places outside being just as terrible.

What did he meme by this

>"Isn't he just some loser?"
>"Should we kill him?"

This is gold.

Remember user:

>This dumb shit again

Shut the fuck up. The connotation was exactly the same in the Japanese version and no identication is given that its' a "haha gaijin misunderstanding thing" joke. The opposite happens -- noted megacuck Souda makes the assumption that is the case while she dismisses him.

How did Izuru know about Chiaki's mole?

It was just a mother doing what's best for her daughter

Fucked her corpse

Best girl wins.

Ibuki at least makes sense if she's pumping out popular songs. Music is rather ubiquitous. I always assume her job was more to create a general atmosphere of despair in the music industry. People have a tendency to turn to art when in despair, I guess they're cutting off the last avenue of escape? Now ultimate cook? Useless.

>thanks for removing their memories of me
>also I will now remove my memories of them
What the fuck was the point of this

Really, now, despair lover?

>no body
>izuru and the hairpin
I'd say we're still on the high percentages of her being dead but just keep HOPEing

people never played that game and yet think that "no way they would put rape into the game"
Also, someone fucked Junko's Corpse.

>you are now imagining Kotoko's chilish, underdeveloped uterus being filled with filthy, chunky white sperm.

>you'd think that death games and fujoshi would be incompatible
You could not be more wrong. Fujos love edgy shit with people dying left and right. Most BLVNs are dark as hell.

Is it just me or does AI Chiaki looks flat?

>someone fucked Junko's Corpse.
This is so fucking stupid I can't handle it. She was obliterated by that fucking block, there is no feasible way to salvage anything from her apart from blood, skin, and bone fragments.

He wanted to keep the the game fair. He was setting it up so hope and despair can have an even fight without him tipping the scale anymore than he should.

maybe they got the uterus? pffft who knows. Not even Kodaka knows what the fuck he is writing anymore

That was a mistranslation. Mikan took her uterus and implanted it into herself.

oh shit. That's way darker

That's another thing. It's kind of funny and I don't think it really means anything at all, but they've been incredibly resistant to showing real Chiaki's breasts. Her back is outright turned in the beach scene in the ending! Even in the BD promo art, she's way in the background in a distance shot while Mikan hogs all the attention.

>malexfemale is basically one and the same as malexmale

Juzo's should be "cannot touch Munakata."

Time to find it.

The memories wouldn't have any influence on the game because it wasn't pulling in their present mind state. I mean, I know the only purpose of those lines was for Izuru and Nagito's "first" meeting to make sense, but it was still stupid.

you do realize we're talking about a series in which a high school girl fucks up the entire world and high school students have skills that far exceed human ability

>Chiaki was fucking impaled for the sake of despair
>"Literally nothing is ever ever confirmed"


Breakfast is going to be messy tomorrow because I think I want to make babies with bacon.

Looks like it's time to fap again.

There is one major difference: While both like pretty boys, fujos have at least one heterosexual pairing while otomefags want to be the heterosexual pairing.

It's fine, Izuru can just fill her back up again.

She was still kicking enough to talk to the SHSL God who mind you was already able to predict him meeting class 77 at jabberwock.

I don't need to imagine it when I can see it.

There is a world of difference. Otome games are like chick-lit -- for a broad female audience. BL games are more like fanfic -- for landwhales.

If you mean Donuts making out of this alive, she is immortal, there is zero chance of her dying.
If you mean the Hopelet sticking his... Ahoge into Donut's hole, that is pure memery.
If Kodaka goes through with it, the memes and the butthurt would never stop

Looking for wrench in the toolbox

That's also just fan assumption.

Its funny that all her character development happened off screen and then she dies right when shes ready to live for herself

>Donuts and bacon
I am going to file Asahina under pastries and call them "breakfast"
And "most important meal of the day" they are indeed.

So the question I want answered is who created the Chiaki AI? Did Kamakura rush her body to one of the cryopods before she died and implant her persona into the system?

Can she maybe be revived by inputting herself into a new body (that maybe could be made for her) like Junko was going to do?

Everything points to Izuru having created her.

The AI most certainly wasn't Chiaki's personality uploaded anywhere, it was hardcoded to not be able to do certain things, it's a big plot point in case 2-5.

That's Mukuro's left arm going up his shirt.
But it does make him look fat.

It makes no sense though. The way she talks about her father and brother points directly to Chihiro and there's no way that Izuru could get her personality right.

You forgot one important point though.

Kodaka is a hack.

>big-tittied brown girl survives again

what is Kodaka trying to tell us? Is this girl going to survive NDRV3 too?

The idea of Mukuro being attracted to Naegi.Or vice-versa, really.

She seems like chapter 3 double murder fodder.

She looks flat so she will get killed

But she's brown, slutty and has tits. Characters with that combination of traits have had a 100% survival rate in Danganronpa so far.

But Juzo didn't survive ;_;