What did he mean by this?

What did he mean by this?



That's he's sorry for eating you're mom asshole.


Cred Forums it's the original Cred Forums. And only Cred Forums has the right to apologize or not,

>1 hour ago

Except not really. Cred Forums came before Cred Forums.

How insane would it be if after the Fappening, GG and Cred Forums in general this election if Cred Forums got killed? One website got the entire upper crust of the world booty blasted

>no Cred Forums
>no Cred Forums
>no /mlp/
>only the good old otaku culture with some small dose of 3DPD

Truly the best of the times.

it's all ogre

>blaming Cred Forums

Cred Forums is somewhat the saviors for this board. no matter you hate them or not. Moot should have killed Cred Forums and Cred Forums in one swift blow before he left.

moot always was a faggot.

By your logic, Cred Forums is the king board since it came first.

technically Cred Forums and Cred Forums were the same board


Cred Forums was also anime/random at that time.

That's what you say when you want to trigger a death flag.

Don't expect Cred Forums to still be around a year from now.

Cred Forums is getting increasingly retarded as SJW culture goes down. I hope you all have some countermeasures to the degeneracy patrol trying to fuck with anime.

RIP /l/

Thanks goodness it's gone. Those threads have been really cancerous.

>SJW culture goes down


it just occurred to me that Moot had these fetishes at 15

Not him but SJW culture is definitely on a decline. That's not to say le right is rising or anything, but people just don't give a shit anymore

porn boards were eternally shit

Nowadays Cred Forums and anime random are two different boards Sherlock.

So this is the guy who owns Cred Forums now.

I guess our days together are limited Cred Forums.

Cred Forums now and Cred Forums then are entirely different boards

Sure but I don't see anyone who says otherwise.

/d/ introduced me to Cred Forums, been here since 2004. /d/ has been shit since 2007 though.

This thread really makes me feel. Cred Forums will be killed by the kind of people that didn't help to build it. Cred Forums and other 2D boards are saints that keep the roots of this website alive.

you said the same thing last year

No Hiroyuki Nishimura troll everyone on Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

Stop lying user, not even the creator of this shithole could stay here for more than ten years, and i assume the rest just hero'ed themselves by now.

You say that while Youtube itself is enabling SJW habits.

>no yuri
Is moot trying to tell us something?

yuri was probably allowed on the other baords but yaoi was most likely forbidden on any other board. That would make /y/ the first containment board.