Berserk 347


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>20 pages and another fucking hiatus

>Eclipse is a pupil in the eye of the Beast Of Darkness
Oh boy.

Post your Guts. Here is elf-rape Guts

So next chapter drops in at least 4 months.

Nice one Miura sama

yes plz

I really dislike the art change.

Also when was the last time Puck wasn't drawn in his chibi form?

>immense spiritual pressure
We Bleach now

Meh, the hiatuses doesn't hurt anymore. I think I'm numb already. Great chapter, though.


just wait until the eclipse redraw in the next chapter.

I'd started reading berserk quite a while ago, after some on and off binge reading and procrastination, I finally caught up the other week. Just read this chapter and now I get to experience my first berserk hiatus. Feels bad, how'd you guys do it for so many years

before I started college is the best time frame I can give you


When was the last time we actually saw the eclipse referenced within the manga? there were a lot of scenes shown way back during conviction arc and at the beginning of millennium falcon, but I can't recall anything after that.

It really has been a long time for miura with this, which is what made that page with no dialogue and just the solar eclipse itself all the more chilling. TOO BAD WE'RE ON FUCKING HIATUS SO THE HYPE WILL JUST WEAR OFF BY THE TIME THE NEXT CHAPTER COMES OUT REEEEEE

Ohhh fuck. They are going to see what happened at the Eclipse.

No fucking clue. I'm so sick of chibi Puck

the most annoying thing is how rounded and big everyone's eyes are, otherwise I'm fine with it now. It looks better than like 3 or so chapters ago by miles.

Wrong reaction picture but I guess it works

This is the worst cliffhanger
fuck you miura

Can anyone clean up the image in OP's post to remove the text at the bottom?

>20 pages
Like every fucking page since Berserk came on Young Animal

I'm there with you. Caught up last month and was thinking how great it was that I started reading right as the megahiatus was over. Then this shit hit.

No, they're going to have to live through Casca's recollection of it which is going to be even worse than it was.

There will be rape.

"it'snotdigital"fags BTFO

is Berserk going to satisfy the edgelords who've been crying for darkness and despair after all this time now?

Well, apparently we bleached since the first apparition of the God Hand.

Even at peak, Puck only appeared in non-chibi form like, 15% of the time.

>started last month
>complaining about a 3-6 month hiatus
You're a spoiled little shit.


>take 7+ years to resolve a sub-plot
>do a hiatus while commecing to solve it
Fucking you, Miura, when I go to Japan, I won't will fucking pussythreat you with phonecalls or angry letters, I will fucking cause a diplomatic war by fucking murdering you and burning your house and your publisher to clean my sins.


They'll keep crying until the end

>Eclipse memories start
>They're still drawn the same as her outer dreams

I dont think I'm ready for the next few chapters. Maybe I shouldnt have wished for berserk to be edgy again

Miura's not drawing it anymore. He can't be. It has to be the Studio Gaga guys doing it, with his chicken scratch storyboard or something.

Loli witch scratched the surface of Gut's memories of it when trying to get his shit together in his armor, but I think she's gonna be in for a surprise about exactly everything that went down


>I dont think I'm ready for the next few chapters.
Neither is Miura

this okay?

We were already One Piece earlier, it only makes sense for him to go down the line of shonens now.

This is like the hypest Berserk has been in nearly a full decade

This hiatus is going to be fucking brutal

>cascas dream and Shierks dream
Holy fuck cute! CUTE!!

So what is it going to take to resolve Casca's issues with complete betrayal and literal rape at the hand of the person she trusted most in the world?

and how will she twist it in some cuntish way to be Gut's fault?

Here you go senpai.

>not getting your fill of zetsubou from Danganronpa

Is it just me or does Guts looke weird here? Bottom panels specifically

Top nice.

>watching dingleromper

Base Mozgus.

optimized it

They all look terrible. The art has been a trainwreck for like the past volume's worth.

>two innocent maidens about to enter the rape hurricane

>4 months

Good thing I'm not a fan of this borefest


honestly, this page is pretty nice

Lost Children had a good mix.

Someone dump the chapter

So Guts gets NTR'd again?

Thanks anons

I think it's because Miura doesn't crosshatch in Photoshop, it looks weird because all of his lines are the same width instead of having some size variation.

>From that girl I feel...
>A strong fear, of you

damn, must sting

It literally takes one second to Google "berserk chapter 347"

Normally I don't care about spoonfeeding but this is fucking ridiculous

The sad part is, this is probably true. Falconia feels like Griffith's dream castle as a kid.

see especially eyes are shit

Look at Farnie tho. Lust is real.

>Casca's innermost depths

I thought those were already thoroughly explored by Griffith.

Oh right, I remember that yeah.

He definitely hasn't gotten into the nit and grit of it in ages. That's going to be a major shift in tone from all the Elfhelm stuff, it'll be good to see miura referencing the darker parts of his story without going full edge like everyone is here is begging for

There was one panel, not that one where Guts looked very, very off-model. Hopefully miura's style will adjust to look better as he gets more used to digital

First Sheirke and farnese will see the Eclipse and all that, then when they say "Oh this is why shes fucked up!" they will see Guts rape her afterwards. Then they will have an internal struggle of
> Guts has literally gone to hell and back in order to keep her safe
>Guts literally raped a retard
but they will come to realize Guts is a good guy. If Cascas mind returns will probably hate Guts but Shierke and Farnese will eventually convince her to trust him again

that sure didn't last long

Well that would explain the 3rd panel. Guts looks like he's been copy and pasted there.


I predict that, to save her mind, they'll have to show her the memory of her and Guts having vanilla as fuck sex to show her who she used to be.

>guts' face when he as farnese to take care of casca

deep breathes

user has a stroke.txt

Guts didn't rape casca. He almost did but didnt.

>early 2017


> and how will she twist it in some cuntish way to be Gut's fault?
I have a feeling that Griffith may be replaced with Guts in the flashback, and it may end up with an FF4 style thing where Guts has to fight his darker half, which ends up fully manifesting as the Beast of Darkness which itself was born in the Eclipse.

Shit's going to be insane.

What's the latest that can be considered early 2017? March? This could end up being like half a year.

Depend on your definition I guess. He did bite her tit.

>They're going to relive the eclipse

Was there penetration?

Guts probably feels the same way as a parent who gives their child to a babysitter for the night. He knows things will probably be okay but in the back part of his mind hes worried as all fuck


Tiddy bite ain't rape, more like molestation on borderline rape. Penyus in puss puss can be rape

That's assault.

>casca gets back to normal and gets killed by farnese who wants casca out of the picture

Ya probably March, that would culminate with the end of winter anything after would be more towards "mid 2017" encompassing the second quarter.

I'm more pissed that I devoured that chapter so quickly thinking we would be on the same timetable we've been on for the last month or two...

I feel like I just down a glass of fine champagne only to be told the bottle is empty and the vineyard has burned down.

Yes, penetration of her skin by his fucking teeth

>miura redraw of The Eclipse with his actual art
Not even the statisticians can calculate the outcome.

I'm sorry, I should have been more specific.
Was their penis to vagina and/or anus penetration.

This hiatus is probably happening because Miura has to spend six months mentally preparing himself to draw rape again.

I think guts for sure raped her. I haven't seen a convincing argument that proves he didn't.

"Sir, your dog RAPED me!"

>guts almost rapes casca because of dog beast
>everyone sees this and thinks guts is bad because of this

"Stupid dog, you made me look bad'

>Guts recripples Griffith and gives him to Farnese
>Griffith's mid-Eclipse crippled life dream plays out combined with Farnese's dream

When things will go Boku no Hero Academia?

It's..Happening again isn't it?

The eclipse right?

sure as hell wanted to.
I know he kissed her, but I'm pretty sure he realised what was happening pretty quick.

his pants were still on when he got off her

>We revisit the Eclipse
>Every apostle has thick lips and big idolmaster eyes

>that punpun inspired dream sequence

i'm not the only one who noticed that right?

Such is life as a berserk fan, I guess.

If I live to see the end of the story, I guess at that point I'll be happy. Only unforgivable thing is for Miura to die before finishing.

keep dreaming. Miura lost all his edge.

It's not like he can avoid drawing it.
In his current style, it might even be more gruesome given the proximity to moeshit.

Nice to see Mozgus again.
I thought that was weird, but it did not ring of Punpun.

Explain further please.

mfw the next batch of chapters after the hiatus focuses on Rickert and company instead.

Why does casca accept griffith's tongue but not guts'? Is his technique that bad?

Wouldn't it be funny if they fixed Casca up but they kinda fucked up and bring Casca's personality before she fell for Guts? When she still was deep in love with Griffith?
Wouldn't it be funny guys? HAHAhaha...ha...Fuck.

>tfw you haven't read berserk in 2.5 years are you are only 13 chapters behind
now if only i could remember what was going on.
traveling to fairy island to unretardify casca


>punpun inspired
C'mon man that's a pretty common technique

I can't believe i got the exact episode i wanted, shit was like magic.

Oh God no pls

user, that's not funny

Like look how shes struggling while she was good with griff's dick.

>Return of Mozgus


>Casca's mind is full of doodles

Makes sense

>Hiatus until next year


Did another fucking Idolmaster come out?

Plot twist: Griffith didn't actually rape Casca, Guts did.

God Hand tricked him.

The possibililites are endless, for sure Miura will bring the one historical shitstorm one way or another.

hopefully best girl slan makes an appearance. women wearing nothing but a corset is my fetish.

Doesn't sound very funny to me


So whatever happened to the beast of darkness? We haven't seen him urge guts to rape and kill shit in a while.

Backgrounds and characters themselves still look great, but it seems like Miura has some problems drawing faces nowadays. And it's not only the big eyes. There is something off about them in certain panels.

Void has been redesigned

Pants were still on.

Sounds like Aizen from Bleach tier writing desu

theory time.
okay guys, so shierke, farnese, and casca are about to enter the "realm of dreams" right?

Do you guys remember how Griffith recruited all the world's strongest leaders after he was reborn?
in a dream
Griffith is gonna chime in at some point and fuck some shit up. im calling it

Because Guts hasn't had the urge for awhile.

That sure is a puffy vulva

My dad is Miura and he says BoD will be back very soon.

Going digital doesn't mean 100% digital. Many manga artists now use digital for screen tones and certain effects but still draw and ink traditionally. Some draw traditionally but ink digitally. Some do everything digitally.



after 'getting really angry' proved to be rather ineffective at almost getting vibrated to death by the seagod's heartbeat, the BoD fucked off, promising to return.

Huh, farny really ain't over Guts. There's some serious innuendo going on in this dream. Maybe it was PG'd for Schierke. I know one dream that won't be...


what if the new anime catches up to to the manga and asoiaf style overtakes it and they do their own thing with the story?

implying moonlight kid ain't gonna come in and save his momma

also, how do 'the kid is the flowerstorm king' people feel about getting so utterly bfto?


How jealous will they be when they see Guts and Casca doing the do?

That's also not funny

It's not a vulva, user.

No one actually believed that, did they? Puck just made a passing comment that they had similar aura's.
Also, hell yeah Moon Kid will keep his mom safe.

Not half as jealous as when they see Griffith and Casca

Are you implying that her dream is for Gatsu to give Mozgus a savage rimjob while she plays with his prostate ?

>Am reading the manga for the first time
>Just got to this part

Oh holy fucking shit whats about to happen? Huge ass fucking battle with a godhand now right? Fuck I should get off this thread but I wanna talk about it with you fags.

So to enter the dreams they need to be literally on shrooms? That's kind of clever. It fits the theme of natural magic.

I'm happy for you Guts.

I'll tell you now, this is the first time Guts ever gets truly bewildered.

Farny gets NTR'd! Schierke gets NTR'd! Everyone gets NTR'd!

All I'm saying is that once she was done working Guts, his sword was pretty damn limp.

>exposed nipple

Slan metaphorically fucks Guts then fucks off.

So somewhere before June maybe?


On a man

Puttin aside possible angst and whatever happens with Guts, how do you guys think Casca will react to the RPG party? Treat them like complete strangers? Remember all the high adventure together?
What about the other way around?

>those digits

What is going on in this thread?

What do you mean with "his actual art"?

Summoning the Godgand

thread theme

Ingrates! Don't you know that Miura is blowing past this arc at a breakneck pace to give you catharsis that none of us have actually slain dozens of monsters on a boat for 10 years to receive, when we all know that he would much rather illustrate magical critters for a dozen chapters?

Add to the list

Can I storytime this fight guys?

>that one user who guessed that they'd go to Casca's dreams and see eclipse also said when they look at God Hand it looks back at them

she knows of them, at least. I doubt her memories she made while potatomode will get clearer.

Actually, that would put guts in a pretty bad spot with the whole rape thing.

he's started drawing digitally rather than hand drawn, which I believe causes the art change

what are the chances that farnese and schierke chicken out and fail to being casca back? do you think guts would understand?

personally, i think next chapter is the last we'll see of farnese. they'll go into the dream, shit goes down, and farnese takes her place

Go ahead my dude.

I'm pretty sure it's going to turn out that Casca still has the same goal/feelings she always had - to follow Griffith and be his "sword", stand by his side etc. - even despite everything that happened in the Eclipse. She will, in her own twisted way, still be in love with Griffith and want to join him in Falconia. Guts will be psychologically destroyed and Elfhelm will get Doggered.

Go for it. Love this chapter.

>which I believe causes the art change
It changed at least few times. It's not the first time.

Nah man, that stopped being her goal soon after Griffith got captured. Everything she feels for him after the rescue is pity, pure and simple.

Alright guts is about to get metaphorically raped.

>Guts becomes a retard and they have to go on another boat journey to fix him

Pls no

>personally, i think next chapter is the last we'll see of farnese. they'll go into the dream, shit goes down, and farnese takes her place

Oh fuck never considered something like this, this might be what makes Serpico use the behelith.

You may be right. I'm not so sure myself.

Animefag here, where should I start reading?

Nah. They may not stay together, but that's not how it'll play out.



Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

That would make her no better than Sakura from Naruto. Fuck that Stockholm Syndrome shit.

The struggle is real, struggler

To coincide with the anime.
Blame the anime.

From the beginning. None of the adaptions have been particularly satisfying.

Also his soul is about to get literally penetrated, Slan don't fuck around

I personally believe he'll stop using digital for the next chapter, just for old time's sake.

Fight on straggler. Think of all those people who died before they could witness end of Berserk.

I swear to Jesus if Muira makes it so that Casca isn't fixed by the time they end this arc of going into her dream, oh so help me God Hand

what if he's been working on the final chapters for years now

PSVR comes out soon, Miura gotta Waifu in VR



Torishima: Also, you don’t need to do backgrounds.

Miura: I feel that way sometimes, too (laugh).

Torishima: You have enough artistic talent to wow your audience with just the close-up shots of your characters.

I agree. Not-retard Casca is one of my favorite female characters of all time desu.

He's had the ending written out for awhile. There is a very slight chance that the final chapter could already be ready, but knowing Miuara, its not.

Quickly, it's time for a plot twist. What could Hiatus-sensei come up with?

Don't do this to yourself, when it was the biggest hiatues i thought he was working on Skull Knights backstory but he was doing Giganthomakia instead.

>king of elfland finally reveals itself
>"please wait"
No, fuck you Miura, stop goddamn stretching this fucking plotline.

One thing I think we can all agree on - this is NOT going to turn out well.

>Skull King warns what Guts wants might not be what Casca wants
>"I feel a great fear, of you"
>Flowerstorm King is "pretty sure" she can do it, no idea what kind of rape hurricane they're about to walk into
>essentially walking directly into the God Hand's territory

Somebody's coming out of this more fucked up than they went in
and that one witch from earlier who's bored of the island is probably going to use the Behelit

>4 months of edging until inevitable brown rape flashback

the absolute madman

that was 100% bait.

The mermaids told them that time gets more dense in the island, when they get out it'll be old Rickert and Silat against Griffith and his sons.

I kind of like how Flowerstorm King is somewhat of a ditz. She's a slightly more serious Puck.

Godhand appears in the dream but because they're Godhand, they fuck the trio of vagina holders shit up even in the astral plane.

Oh boy, is it THAT time again?

I'm gonna die of old age before Berserk ends

Casca gets fully healed and they live happily ever after

Flower King = Slan, by the time the girls get back it's an elf island rape party

>cute pics, comfy dreams
>last page
>hiatus til spring
Post pic/songs when you saw this pic

>the absolute madman

He's completely wrong, though. Miura's backgrounds are the best part of Berserk.

I ain't gonna lie. I'm new to Berserk. Picked it up in 2011. Not real sure how you guys deal with these waits. Waiting until the end of the boat, I dealt with it. It was okay because I was new. But this? This?! Being on the cusp of potentially waking up Wonder Woman Casca? I can't deal. It's too much. I want it now!

>"Well, now that those 3 are gone!"
>Petals turn into bats, revealing Slan in all her rape-y glory.
>"This little island has been a side project of mine for years. Who knew it would come in handy!"

I'm scared.

>letting Miura outlive you

>casca is not healed and schierke and farnese come out as retards too


Walking fleshlights for the whole gang


Don't even say stuff like this.

I agree. Too many close-ups is garbage tier cinematography, in general.

>such cocktease
fucking hack. once again suffering will come

It gets better

>Flowerstorm King says "oh no, my powers were not enough. You must seek another island"
>back on the boat

There's a Isidro/Schierke doujin with this premise.

Miura is children book author now.

>Torishima: You have enough artistic talent to wow your audience with just the close-up shots of your characters.
Most manga is like that. Berserk is unique because it feels like the characters inhabit a real world with real people.

>As they reach the coast, they find the mermaids fighting the revived pirate

her soul was switched with the moonlight boy/baby

Miura would need a fucking bodyguard.

>And the Sea Gods kids want revenge.

I think if we ever see another boat in the whole series, even just sitting at a dock, it will induce panic attacks

What is the best Berserk doujin?

miura's own

keep trying to fit in :^)

Miura should hire the guy who drew this, maybe we'll get more than 3 chapters a year

>hiatus till early 2017

As they begin to fight, we get some side chapters showing the whores in Falconia, spread across three hiatuses.

Casca tech support turns into "well, fuck, you didn't say anything about a monster rape party! this one's totally fucking shot, tough luck big guy. Time for the feast!"

What's up with the occasional people who think Serpico of all people would use the behelit? Seems extremely out of character.

>Griffith and his sons
I like the old Rickert part, but this sounds cheesy as fuck. If done well, it might be good though.

>Berserk's greatest hits chapters coming

What do you call the feeling of wanting to live but also wanting to die?


>yfw next chapters looks like this

I want that guidebook. Apparently Schierke is 13 years old.

Space marine Guts.

It's even easier to smash her vagina then

>tfw Next chapter after hiatus will be a
shit flashback .


Guys. Guys.

I wanted, so badly, for 2017 to be my year of Berserk. We're right there, just before 365 chapters. I wanted to read one chapter a day for an entire year. But now I think that 2017 won't be that year. God. Dammit.

the vector was unnecessary.

>last page is actually a bait and makes people think rape is coming
>It's actually another scribdoodle episode

When was the last time you saw rape in berserk ? Get real,there's no way right now all those dark stuff is gonna be back with how much of moralfaggotry the society has become,especially with a depicted kid in it.

>scherke and farnese go to casca's innermost depths...!!

But why? Femto already did that.

And we still only get 3 chaps before hiatus.


Sorry it took me so long. Had to get some food.


Nigga, i rather have 4 months than 8 fucking years

>two innoncent girl going to dream that full of tentacle rape

doujin when?

>mfw its all about Puck and Magnifico doing chores for their punishment

Oh shit. Number of consecutive trips. Hiatus ends 3 Months into 2017 confirmed. See you in March, bros.

Is Guts even the main character anymore


Jesus that looks just like E.T.

>Vagabond is dead
>Berserk is on hiatus
>anime nowadays suck except for Yuasa
We live in dark times.





Casca was faking all along

I'd love for everybody to have argued about how morally ambiguous Guts having his reckoning with Griffith will be; meanwhile Miura has been quietly establishing time distortion that will allow Griffith to start a family in order for Guts to kill all of them at an appropriate age.

>because it was from a site I don't like i"ll just ignore the interview of things Miura actually said
try finding an alternate source before going off, and if you can't find one then don't post and make yourself look like an idiot.


Some people say the art hasn't gotten worse

Some people are dead wrong

Meanwhile she sees griffith and she is all over griffiths dick

Fuck casca, I hope everyone dies and guts gets to be edgy again.

What was Slan doing when Griffith fucked over Ganishka and we saw each of the GH doing their thing? I honestly can't remember her panel. Only the others.



She was at the end of a tunnel of butts.

This won't happen. Guts isn't a monster and Griffith isn't just a normal king.

Having an orgy.

they fuck up, find out it's impossible to break the spell and Casca gets even worse, Guts has to kill her

>Vagabond is dead
why god


Flowerstorm is actually a apostle capable of hiding from guts brand. Shes taking casca to the godhands


Fucking women.

This was Junji Ito bullshit.

Thanks user. Not sure why I forget that and vividly remember brainman's.


>Farnese dream is being a housewife

>revolting figure
I still would

Does slan sort of simultaneously turn on and scare anyone else? Or is it just me?

Beast of darkness is Guts apostle form, calling it now.
Some bullshit between the witches and being branded already will let him become an apostle but not beholden to the god hand.


I want Guts' hair in that last panel


Fuck you, he's a human, the real deal, right down to the marrow of his bones.

>next batch of chapters after the hiatus focuses on Rickert and company instead
>this takes months to wrap up
>after their story is done the last panel shows a glimpse of eclipse again
>another hiatus
>2-3 more years to wait until casca is POTENTIALLY healed

Shit tier twist desu senpai

Am I the only one who's getting some Inception vibe from the latest chapter?

Damn Slan's pussy is loose, and wet!

Yeah, he isn't some faggot-ass monster.

Poor guts. Has enough shit to deal with and he has to endure sexual harassment from a slutty demon.



Oh. She literally took it. All his rage. All his power. I had thought Guts had been a bit underwhelming in recent years, but it's intentional, isn't it?



Guts is sexy with his hair down

Roderick a cute, A CUTE


so close to an unretarded casca yet so far


Fuck yes skull knight. I wonder what he's been up to since his blunder.

Slan is best girl. How will she die? penetrated by Gutts' giant "sword"?

Dat Slan butt tho

My nigga SK enters the fray.

eating ice cream in a huff.

He's been hightailing it to Void's realm to kick that nerds butt.

So was slan a whore princess when she was human? I mean every godhand seems to have a kind of theme going on based on their personas as living humans. For griffith it was a hawk thus he became the hawk of darkness. So was slan just a huge slut who sacrificed her kingdom?

>How will she die?
Eclipse AIDS.

You've read the Count of Monte Cristo right?Griffith has done virtually nothing since his incarnation but use his shady alliance with the apostles to set up a copacetic fantasy kingdom for himself. He even tracked down Charlotte to pick up where he left off. It'd be a very standard climax for Guts to return and bring the whole thing down, innocent Griffith offspring and all, while everyone screams.

>behelit making an O face
oh baby

>guts mindbreak eyes

There is nothing more praiseworthy than being a housewife. What a good dream.

Griffith is literally Lucifer. Claiming he's done nothing wrong makes you look like an idiot or a fedora. Probably both and you visit tumblr regularly.

I mean look at how lewd she is. She's even joking about taking skull knight and guts on at the same time. A fucking skeleton dick.

I love that Farnese is playing a big part in bringing Casca back.

This might be the most a hiatus announcement has hurt me though.

Has Schierke's robe always been pink?



Where did you get these scans? I dowloaded one from nyaa but it wasn't good like this

I have a theory that she was an extremely celibate and pure princess, but a moment of desperation made her sacrifice her kingdom, and now as a God Hand, she can be everything she wasn't as a human.

This shit's getting too lighthearted, I better see some tragedy soon Miura

the whore of babylon

>Schierke's dream is having her honey stolen by Isidro
Isidro End for her confirmed?

I doubt it. Griffith took the form of what he was as a human. A soaring hawk. And skully calls her a whore.

I don't think I've ever seen guts look so freaked out

She liked the raping and only went full retard because of how scared she was of Guts.

Why's SK gotta cockblock like that?

This chapter is great while listening to ash crow. Why is hirasawa's music so good?

I think this is the first time he's ever really been fucked. If SK didn't come, Slan would have ruined him.

>Shierke's nightmare is having her honey stolen by Isidro

No Ishidro gets the Merrow.


Now I have to wait 6+ months, and even that wont settle it. Why the fuck can't he continue every month? Going digital and his new style probably greatly increases how fast he can go. Why do I still have to suffer? I've been reading this series for 10 years, and I just want to see Casca not retarded already.

I fucking hate you Miura

Badass fight incoming.

But he is still gonna get sum of her sweet honey. If you know what I mean.

Merrow will be the mistress.


that's purple idiot

>next chapter will probably be about something else. At least half of it.

At least a year until we see the result of the ritual


its not so bad being the pet of queen succubus and getting your semen squeezed out all the time

Guts hasn't raped Caska, you mongoloids, that's something you'd know if you paid attention and had the slightest capacity for non-linear thinking

>Guts is excited and nervous for the first time in a long time
>He's ready to bring Casca back and do whatever he needs to do to make it happen
>Casca is afraid of him so he can't help

How do we protect his smile?

...did you even read the post, user? Turn off your autismocomplete; I wasn't saying "Griffith has done nothing wrong--" It's obvious you didn't read the Count of Monte Cristo, because in that story, which is ripped off ubiquitously, the good guy gets revenge on the bad guy so absolutely that even his son--who doesn't know what a dick his pappy is, and is just a standard son--is terribly embarrassed by the revelation. If Guts goes to war with Falconia eventually, a lot of random peripheral human characters who don't know anything about Griffith are going to be affected, obviously.


It's biding it's time, waiting for the right moment to take control instead of constantly struggling with him and Schierke. Last time we saw it was during the Sea God fight if i'm remembering right.

user I think he said that Griffith has done nothing since becoming a part of the god hand, not nothing wrong

so do gods hand have hierarchy or are they all equals?

He's a dark, very human messiah.

I don't understand why people complain about Berserk being more lighthearted than it used to. Pic related works in the reverse.

Darker times lie ahead. It's not as if the series hasn't been lighter in tone before.


Wasn't dantes willing to poison an entire household just to get to his enemy?

>Guts takes forever to kill one of these things
>Skull Knight just wastes them effortlessly


its light orchid idiot

It's more about her little secret being exposed to everyone.

>Early 2017
Fuck me. I will be dead and buried when this thing finally ends.

Most people find it disconcerting because we've been left in these lighthearted times for literal years now because of hiatuses.


>First reading this storyline
>Aww shit, Griffith just fucked the princess and got caught be he doesn't give two shits. I wonder what his secret plan is to make this work in his favor.
>Okay, he's being taken down to the deepest, dankest dungeon in the kingdom. There must be something down there that he wanted..?
>Oh dear.
>Oh no.
>I don't think Griffith thought this plan through...


I've been waiting right along with you guys. I do re-read Berserk every year, though. Maybe that's why I'm not so bothered by it.


>yfw her secret is her and Isidro already doing the deed without anybody knowing about it, and her fear is Isidro is gonna tell everybody of how he conquered her


Hey, it paid off for her in the end.

Did Guts actually rape Casca? I thought he got possessed but stopped at the last moment.

she's into that shit.

Slans face gets me everytime.

>Slan actually orgasmed from that

What a madwoman.

>which is ripped off ubiquitously
Is Count of Monte Cristo the only revenge story you've ever read? Griffith isn't a human being anymore. The narrator literally calls him a god that will lead humanity into its destiny.

All real girls love it when you blow your iron canon into their womb user.

He didn't get posessed. He did stop.

Eh I'll just skip the part with isidro unless someone wants it. Not much happens.

Guts and Co go back to the mainland and it's modern day America and Griffith is president.

>How will she die?
A part of me thinks that Slan and some of the God Hand will survive after their grand scheme comes crashing down.

Like after Guts kills Griffith, and Skull Knight kills Void, the rest of the group splits up for a more passive aggressive relationship with humanity, as their darkness could be beaten, but never fully banished from the world.

This is the end of this "fight" so there isn't much left anyway.


This was all a dream and they are still in the boat and the boat hasnt even left port yet

>tfw mpd doesn't pick up my copy of ash crow
why linux

is one of the greatest lines of all time.

The one with Morda that doesn't exist ;_;

Multiple orgasms.

How many of those women do you think exploded with baby trolls after they left that town?

>already healed
miura pls

or they can simply wither away when humanity simply chooses to ignore them
like in that mini series merlin.


It's clearly mauve.

SK's eyes make it so much better too.

Is this your guy's first hiatus or something?

Miura averages about 5 chapters a year now.

I'm sure the loli witch purified their wombs.

>No new chapter for half a year

That has always bothered me. Not that it matters now. After the worlds combined it probably got overrun by trolls again.

Would you troll guts slan Cred Forums?

That's just dramatic tension at work; Guts is always struggling against his own monstrous rage, as well as some sort of tentacled animal made out of composite slimy parts. Will he inadvertently rout Falconia like he did the shitty community outside the Tower of Conviction? Does he have the intestinal fortitude to keep all of these hangers-on alive? We'll probably find out in Berserk 873.

They are part of humanity.

Guts fucking reaction
>This usually kills things by now!

I think its more of being seen as helpful/wanted/praised in general, its just that she's gotten into the whole domestic thing taking care of Casca.

The majority of posters on this board started reading Berserk within the last year. Some even started after the shitty new anime aired. That's how fucking newbie the people are that you're dealing with.

I want to eat her fish taco.

yeah i would run her through with my meat stick

I think they all disappeared with Slan. Technically they aren't physical creatures.

I promise you that I would quit manga. No, not just Berserk. Manga. All of it.

It may be for dramatic tension but it still is happening. Skull Knight has been doing what guts was doing for 1000 years. Dude doesn't even bother with apostles anymore. Thats how good hes gotten.

At least there was extreme character development after that small family. That was nice.


Kind of hard to ignore the plague they've been spreading.


Threads pretty close to bump limit but I'm actually hoping there's some tragic element to her getting her memories back.

Maybe something rip van winkle-like, though I don't think that'd make too much sense. But there needs to be something bitter sweet to return Berserk to it's former glory.

Speaking of Slan
How many of you are gonna grab her figma?


Would you let Slan fuck the shit out of you whilst she's made of troll entrails?

The Blunder Sword.

Mmmmmm, nothing like kissing troll entrails.

No, but I've finally started reading again after taking a break for a few years after thinking that Casca was finally being cured.

Now that we're so close the wait's hitting me harder than ever before.


Please, SK planned that whole debacle.


What would kid griffith think seeing himself become some androgynous lip stick wearing demon?

>tfw no Behelit sword

Well, that was before he steeled himself into seeing his comrades like possessions, so he'd be pretty fucked up about it.

>being this hung up on a hypothetical timeline plot
I'm pretty sure I've read plenty of stories where a god or demon--including this one--produces some sort of offspring with a human. It's not too improbable to imagine Miura giving incarnated, pseudo-human Femto oblivious, pseudo-human offspring.


>he is his own bag

But user, its FREEing figma. They're the guys that made Pyramid Head.


Griffith believes he's be above everyone else. Why would he want a son?

> some tragic element to her getting her memories back
Waking up to find that she and Guts were the only survivors because of what Griffith did? Transitioning out of the years of psychological trauma to see what the world has become?

I think having Casca simply realizing everything that happened and trying to adjust to it would be tragic enough.

Why does guts look like such a fuccboi now?

Wow that was a great chapter.

>resuming early 2017


the masters of fairies gonna turn evil outta no where cus she's working with rapeman. she traps them in the dreams and is like just nightmares and shit. guts gets mad and pulls he's sword.

then puck is like confused "oh shit nigga who do i help"

guts is fighting a bunch of fairies and at the is like "boi at least i saved my hoe"

but she still retarded

The Abyss. Holy shit.

Yes, but I'm a teratophiliac so I'd fuck pretty much anything monstrous if it's female.

>finally getting down to the heart of Casca's issues
>hiatus till 2017

Fuck that sword is insane.

So is the Behelit Guts has actually his? They're destined to find their owners apparently so it's a fair chance

Because if you know you're the best then it makes sense to cover the world with yous.


Didn't he take it from the Count/Snake Baron in the very first arc? Can you even reuse a Behelit?

Or its Pucks.

Any other fights you guys want me to storytime?

Void seems to be the unofficial leader, but yes they are all equals



Caska will understand everything but still want to return to Griffith. One of the crew may go with her, maybe not and she'll just depart after a lot of arguing and yelling and all that - sort of a callback to how Guts left the band of the Hawk.

The Kushan guy and Rickert will join Guts whenever they meet.

Guts will kill Griffith with the help of all of his friends - despite the "good" that Griffith has done for the world now, nakama will follow Guts through anything. The struggle will be fighting against and killing innocent people just wanting to protect their precious savior of a king to get to Griffith.

Bitter sweet, pretty dark, justice, etc. I don't know what would happen to Caska but Miura said the ending wouldn't be that bad.

Void is top dog.

I sincerely doubt that, I'd bet anything that if Casca does indeed get all her memories back she'll be consumed by immeasurable rage at the mere thought of Griffith and won't be at peace until he's dead.

na nigga

zoom in, that's gross

I thought that only applies to Crimson ones.

>Miura's fw

>yfw Gut's Behelit is like a small pet

At least half the guts' faces look like shit.

It's all of them. It could be guts' or he could be carrying it to its real owner. It's most likely a party member or maybe the bitch witch.

It's puck's and it likes cheese


>Guts will kill Griffith with the help of all of his friends
It's funny how people still think that Griffith is just a slightly stronger demon.

Does the art feel a little off to anyone else?

Why does Conrad have such bad posture? Doesn't his back hurt?

Shitty korean scans filters.

>a little

Read the thread.

"take care of casca" is code for "i won't see her for another 50 chapters"

strap in, lads

He's reminding everyone to sit up straight.

So glad I grabbed berserk armor guts when it was released during the long hiatus.

No. The scans are good.

>Muira secretly going to draw each page with intense detail within this month and the next
>people will be amazed at his attention to detail again
>after those two chapters we go back to digital style
10/10 muira

work for a month
and take the rest off as a break playing idolmaster

Probably. At the very least the last person to use it can re-activate it, since the Count's activated a second time to give the offer of his daughter for a repaired body, so I don't see why it wouldn't just move from fated person to fated person.

He's malleable.

The details aren't the problem, the faces are. Especially Guts' face.

What do you get for the man/monster who has everything? Seeing Guts and Casca together without him as the central point was portrayed as kind of a precipitant for him jumping out of the wagon and running off in his helmet. There hasn't really been any development in Griffith's motive in the whole story except for that brief wavering where he imagines Casca changing his nappies. His maneuvers to set himself apart from the rest of humanity as a beloved king with a lineage and everything suggest that what he ultimately wants could be pretty conventional and unimaginative. Don't fantasy kings typically try to reproduce? idk, user, I'm tired

Yeah but can't do shit against a god hand member even with his behelit sword. With the worlds merging, does that mean the god hand can materialize in the human world without doing the weird ritual Griffith did?

Now, how make it into a wallpaper

I hope this dream sequence gets this moe shit out of Miura's system or at least tones it down.

I think the art is still amazing. Some iffy character lines do very little to bring the overall quality down.

>literally the first thing that morphs was her huge tits
Slan is literally sex.

guys GUYS
>griffith's constant 'muh dream'
>they're literally in caska's dream now

>what he ultimately wants could be pretty conventional and unimaginative
Except it was explained by the magicians of Elfhelm that he wants to make Falconia the only kingdom in the world. Currently his goal is to completely connect all the world which will probably destroy everything outside of Falconia.



I actually laughed out loud when Schierke and Farnese enter Casca's dream. It is so bizarre to suddenly go from Berserk style to toddler style so suddenly.

The backgrounds are still great, but sometimes it looks like the characters are copypasted. And Guts looks too young in the top panel.

Nah, I need Guts to not have a happy ending.

Only difference in art I noticed is that characters are somehow more "animey". Guts looked a little more androgynous than usually, and Farny looked a lot more like "anime girl #5245"

Thanks for blue balling us like this Miura. Yellowstone could blow up tomorrow and kill me.

>early 2017 finally comes
>story cuts to Rickert and friends

Oh hey, that's pretty good.

another option


>a little
Why does he even neeed to take hiatus if his assistants draw for him now? Is he too lazy to write? Fucking faggot

>Its 5 pages of Erica and Rickert holding hands
>67 week hiatus!

and of course I have to rerun optipng

then why are you here you fucking edgelord?

Who's ready for revived Casca to be deathly afraid of Guts and become Griffith's slut?

>entering the mind/dream to fix her

Jesus, like half of fucking Cred Forums called that.

Also holy shit has Miura become a dogshit artist. It's hilarious how much going digital has fucked him.

Is the queen hiding something? She has accepted the request way too quickly, has separated the party, basically drugged the girls, insisted on Guts to not be there and even managed to have Pucks be away from them.
There's no way that hoe is clean.

for the sake of completeness

The middle one looks good.

He looks like he's ejaculating.

I would guess it's the sort of thing that you have to go back over a dozen times to get just right, and miura just had to cut time somewhere.
I'm being forgiving, I know, but the guy's earned that much.

She's obviously Slan.

I'm ready for her to sacrifice everyone to get herself some of that sweet demon power so that she can be useful to Griffith again.

Or like he's thinking about something before giving his approval.

He's got the face shape down fine, it's just the lines are so fucking thick.

Is the last page supposed to represent an eye, a vagina, or looking up from a crevasse? It's obviously the eclipse but there could be a double meaning

>followed soon after by a full chapter of Puck and Manifico's comic relief adventures

It will look better in the volume.


I know I'm late to the party, but:
>Look deep into the incident that has been set fast in her, and find it's resolution.
Are Farnese and Schierke gonna come out of this fucked up, hating Griffith like Guts did right after, full of rage, in even further admiration of Guts? Cause that would be pretty sweet.


>but Casca, you're sane!
>I know, I just like it in here
>I let the other girl pilot my body
>She's really nice, we had lots of fun in here while she pretends being retarded
>her name is Slan

That's a scanning problem I'd bet.

What's he eating?


It's gonna mean something big.
They might have to deal with her current feelings for guts, too. That could be trouble.

Not really.

And it's still a big step down.

Like, it's shocking to compare to his artistic peak.

But she's so nice user. I doubt she'll just start trying to fuck everyone over.

Where can I get this

THAT'S WHAT IT IS! Those lines are WAY too thick


You know that this is nothing but foreplay for her.

I mean, remember when Guts had actual expressions?

>one is a small panel, the other one is a whole page
It's not really a fair comparison.


Pizza and hotdogs or somesuch.

I really want to see Slan's history. Almost as much as I want to see Void's.

She's the only character in ten years who's immediately getting down to the business in curing Casca. I love her.

I would only like to note, Slan refers to Guts as "Anata" in an affectionate way.

This would piss me off so hard if he pulled some bullshit like that. Just years of waiting and anticipation for an epik tweest.

>Implying she hasn't told men that a thousand times

It's much worse, even in small panels.

So many years and people still don't understand Miura's writing. Berserk isn't and never was about epic twist.

>wait next year
>new chapter after 6 months just went back to what the boys are doing
>we wont know what happens in the dream for the next 3 chapters

At least retards won't try and claim Berserk has the best art anymore.

Remember when Puck was an actual character?

So it's not "Sword of Resonance"?

Yes, it was the worst, least subtle part of Berserk.

Anyone who seriously thinks that she's actually evil!!!!!1 seriously has a brain disorder

Before we got the other fairy, who together the two of them make up, what a forth of a character?

Why not? Still can't think of anyone who draws better, more imaginative backgrounds.

I'm glad he's devolved into a flanderized page waster along with the boy.

This way they ultimately waste less time.

mfw Casca goes insane upon regaining her memories and uses the behelit they've been carrying all this time to sacrifice Farnese and become Slan going back in time using the island's time distortion properties

That was a bit shit tho.

Black Swordsman is honestly pretty bad.

Also fuck you with those garbage scans bro

And together with Isidro and Manifico they're practically whole.

I know, but I feel like the emotion is lost in translation.

>the dream became too real farnese and schierke got raped alongside caska
if this didn't happen
miura is dead to me

Most artists dont use backrounds as well as miura, and its unreasonable for miura to draw 100% after changing to digital.

>This way they ultimately waste less time.
Can we have Guts ditch them on Elfhelm if that's the case?

So how many years until they're out of that dream

mfw Casca realizes everything Guts has done for her and fucks him in gratitude

She can't because you need a crimson behelit to become a godhand. The behelit guts carries is a regular one.

Despite what 8 years of nothing have taught you, Miura is allegedly still drawing a story with characters, not a travelogue. And now his characters look terrible and his expressions are laughable. He's never been amazing at expression, but he's devolved.

Any any half decent retard can make nice backgrounds.

>Shitting on the Black Swordsman arc
>One of the arcs that define "Berserk"

I mean sure the first chapter with the count was retarded but it was damn good stuff.

the black and white makes this look like its from 1982, A colored tour of miuras studio would be pretty cool

Maybe if Puck had tagged along, he's the one that's been with Guts the longest.

Nah she'll fuck him because she wants to give golden boy a sibling.

>the new chapter releases when the Berserk Musou comes out

No, it's legit meh.

Just is portrayed pretty inconsistently, the writing is hilariously unsubtle, the art isn't as good and it has weird pacing.

There's a reason the manga took off in Volume 4.

>Any any half decent retard can make nice backgrounds.
So why aren't they making them? Most manga are literally talking heads and le epic character poses.


Miura was still getting the hang of Guts's character, but I preferred old moral foil Puck to Chibi Star Wars references Puck.

He still felt like an optimistic fantasy creature who wandered into the wrong genre, but he still reacted appropriately to the horrors of what was going on around him.

It's "fun" like a B movie. But nothing more than that.

Mostly because they dont have 2-3 months to finish 1 chapter.

Backgrounds still set the story apart from other generic shit.

>He's never been amazing at expression

What. Look at pic related.

Same diff

Time, mostly.

Plus, backgrounds aren't really as important as characters.

So? I'd rather wait than get another generic manga.

Miura really isn't amazing at them.

Sure, he draws angry Guts really well, but compared to his contemporaries like Samura or Inoue, he's lagging far behind.

Also, Miura hasn't drawn Guts that well in literally over a decade.

They are even more important than the characters. I don't know, maybe it's just me because I love films with good cinematography, but most manga look like complete shit.

>Just is portrayed pretty inconsistently, the writing is hilariously unsubtle

Just the first chapter with the snake baron. I mean obviously fucking a demon in the first page is definitely unsubtle but the rest of it had damn great moments. After that one chapter miura gets guts right.

>Characterizes an angry, lonely, depressed and broken man trying to quash his conscience and sadness but failing
>B-Movie tier

Its like you read the first chapter and skipped to the golden age.

Not him, but I'll take stuff like this over complicated backgrounds any day of the week.

>He's never been amazing at expression
Really? I thought Berserk has had a lot of good scenes where the expressions alone carried it.


I don't see why people act like facial expressions are some un-attainable, intuitive deal. They act as if it's something that you can either do, or can't. It's merely the manipulation of facial muscles to pre-destined locations. It's practically a linear, reversible animation once you've done enough.

I don't mind the wait.

But he ain't getting any younger so he'll either rush it or will abandon it without an ending. And I don't know which one scares me the most

>I love films with good cinematography
So do I user. And we both know that framing and presentation is often more important than content.
I mean, compare and this.

Virtually every samurai movie (and the good ones are much better than anything written by Samura). Now find me something similar to Berserk.

Eh, he's just a vagabond fag.

Man guts' jaw just won't stay consistent will it?

He used to be pretty decent.

But again, that's his old art. I mean, I love stuff like this. This is great.

What we've been seeing for the last 8 years, whenever he's drawing Guts as anything but slightly angry or stoic, it don't look great senpai

Like I said, you like le epic poses. I like scenes with many characters and detailed backgrounds that make the world feel more real.

>They are even more important than the characters

I mean all the lines in general. The hatching lines are so thick now. Every line that's used to draw a shadow is so big and dark in every frame.

Inside the time machine.

Everyone's focusing on the hiatus, but I'm loving Farnese's dream sequence.

It was a solid blend of tragic symbolism and hilarious imagery.

I didn't fully understand it. Is it a way of showing that she dreams of taking care of everybody in the group or what?

It's been looking like this for 2 or 3 volumes.

Did the second panel remind anyone else of Griffith?

Evil Dead, for one.

And do you really want to have a discussion on writing with Samura and Miura?

Manga isn't very well written in general, but one of those manga at least three well developed characters with complicated goals, interesting motives, histories and morally complicated views.

I'll give you a hint. I'm not talking about Berserk.

Setting is extremely important in any story, otherwise we could just have blank backgrounds like Kubo.

Also what the fuck are you talking about retard, he was great at conveying complete anger and sorrow to more subtle expressions with Guts at one point.

Also expecting his art to be as good as it was when he just got on digital is beyond unreasonable.

I'm actually still reading Vagabond in paperbacks so there might be more by the time I get to 37. Inoue seems pretty committed to not going any further though, so idk.

>taking care of everybody in the group or what
She's already doing it.

I'm so devastated.
It looks like old age combined with lack of fundamental practice is a killer for any artist.

The art will most likely only get worse from here on out; it'll be just like how Naruto got progressively worse. I don't know if he can recoup his lost experience.

>more subtle expressions with Guts at one point.
Stoneface # 3 of 5 isn't what I'd consider subtle. I'd consider it static.

I mean, come on. You can literally see the drop after Volume 19.

I liked Casca's dream a lot. Guts being all black and having a white face like the rest is pretty telling of how afraid and resentful she is on him. Plus Farnese is cute as a kid's drawing

I don't think they are seeing their ideal dream, just a typical dream they might have any time they sleep. She's used to taking care of that sort of stuff for everyone and wants to be useful, so she gets dreams of doing that stuff. It's like dreaming about being at work or in school.

Farnese finds emotional validation in helping the group however she can, even if it's something as simple as laundry.

But I guess that a part of her still remembers the validation she had as a commander serving under Mozgus, someone who sought to alleviate her doubts and praised her as someone who was chosen by God.

I don't remember BotI. It was boring and the author is a huge edgelord. I'd rather rewatch Harakiri. Please spare me this discussion.

I love when manga/anime age their characters.

If this was drawn today, the background would be filled in and the page would be way worse for it.

Miura's problem is that he doesn't know when to stop anymore.

>Casca's dream probably took 5 minutes to draw
>We still had to wait a month for the chapter to come out

>Berserk's interest got revitalized after a while because of the anime and game as well as new chapters being released monthly
>Anime sucked and the game has been delayed
>Now another hiatus(conveniently around the time theres a new idolmaster) until spring 2017

Fuck I am so mad right now. I am so angry I actually feel nothing. My brain actually shut me down. When I cool down I'll start to feel the anger again. My anger is incomprehensible. To the point that I can't even feel it and cooling down will feel like I'm heating up. Fuck.

Background detail doesn't equal setting.
The latest chapters haven't been that great for setting. They're low contrast and over use screen tones and other patterns.

Guts hasn't aged tho.

>inb4 armor aging him.

He's gone from 19 to like 23. And the armor doesn't cause you to grow a massive jaw.

>Manga isn't very well written in general, but one of those manga at least three well developed characters with complicated goals, interesting motives, histories and morally complicated views.

C'mon man Blade of the immortal had nothing of that either and lacked even more focus than Berserk.

I thought that the armor sucked away Guts's life, and that aging was an obvious side effect.

>It was boring and the author is a huge edgelord
I know, right? I can concentrate unless every other chapter has a character murder the fuck out of things in an action scene. What's the point of swords if people don't use them all the time.

It leads to such interesting stuff like wasting two fucking chapters on a trash scarecrow fight.

It's depressing, but I'm glad that the scene where Guts ended up attacking her isn't just being totally glossed over.

Apostles aren't really "beholden" to God hand anyway they just may choose to view them as their masters. Wyald and Ganishka are counter-examples. Wyald was prepared to kill Griffith even as he knew he was the kindred one, and Ganishka outright rebelled.

Also Guts won't get into the sack with the evil side.

Ah yeah fair enough. Makes sense.

What do you think Casca will say? How will she feel? She'll probably thank Farnesse and there will be a new level to their relationship because Normal Casca is everything she wants to be so their roles inverting will be interesting.

She'll probably need some time before resuming her relationship with Guts (griffith posters please abstain) since she'll need time to readjust to living life as a non-potato.
Man I just want to see Isidro when he finally realizes Guts is actually Guts

>lacked even more focus than Berserk.
Just because there's more than 1 or 2 things going on at once does not a lack of focus make.

>Blade of the Immortal had nothing of that.
Come on user. Anotsu by himself is more interesting like 3/4ths of Berserk's cast.

Berserk is a pretty simple story with relatively simple characters.

Again, it's a mediocre story written by an edgelord. There is nothing quite like Berserk out there, but there are many much better samurai stories than BotI. That's why I found it boring and uncreative.

Apostles going against god hand are literally predestined to fail and play into godhands plans.
I mean like become an apostle and completely disregard causality/ idea of evils plans
>Also Guts won't get into the sack with the evil side.
Well the good thing about behelits is that they get you when you're most vulnerable to accept it

some schierke fanart

>that one Samura fanboy in every Berserk/art thread

I thought they meant Falconia is going to be another sacrifice to an even BIGGER eclipse


>She'll probably thank Farnesse and there will be a new level to their relationship because Normal Casca is everything she wants to be so their roles inverting will be interesting.
Now I really want to see Farnese and Casca being combat buddies.

A month? We will have to wait 5 months until next chapter.

I'm not even defending Berserk i understand how simple it is but to pretend that BOtI is actually any less shallow is kind of silly.

I don't like these types of fan art :/

I meant we had to wait a month for this.

>There is nothing quite like Berserk out there
You must be fucking kidding.

Berserk is a fucking textbook revenge story. It's theme's are incredibly basic and the morals are hilariously simple.

Blade of the Immortal isn't perfect from a writing standpoint. And there are better Samurai stories (who would have fucking thought that a culture that they originated from would have a ton of fantastic stories about them).

I doubt it.

it says sing up wtf??????


>You must be fucking kidding.
Name something with similar themes and similar setting.

A puddle is shallow compared to a pool and a pool is shallow compared to a lake.

Manga never really gets deeper than the pool and Blade of the Immortal is about 5 feet deep.

Berserk about 6 inches.

>Also expecting his art to be as good as it was when he just got on digital is beyond unreasonable.

Then maybe he shouldn't have switched to digital

>There is nothing quite like Berserk out there

I don't understand how Guts can even care that the band of the Hawk is even dead anymore.

I don't even know if he still wants to kill Griffith.

When was the last time he straight up said anything remotely resembling "GRIFFFITH"

I have a feeling he just wants to claim his waifu and go live in Griffith's country.

>Casca and Farnese take a girl's night out to help Casca recuperate
>Farn will end up playing Guts's wingman, trying to explain everything that he's gotten them through

Of course he still cares. He just realized that burying himself in hatred and death wasn't the way to go when he still had someone left to love and protect.

Why does she look brave in that image? Farny is a poor fighter.

It's been barely 3 years since the Eclipse, tops.

I don't understand how you can keep pretending to be the only guy that reads book on the tread while still pretending that anything done by Samura is that remarkable from anything besides the art.

I almost died last weekend. What an unpleasant thought...

You want me to name a revenge story?

Setting is worthless theme wise in Berserk, unless Miura does anything interesting with the Idea of Evil.

Setting is important theme-wise in Blade of the Immortal, since it deals with themes such as the demise of a culture and the rigidness of society.

Not super comparable. But Berserk is a very simple revenge story, and I can name quite a few that are better, if you want.

Because yurifucks like to believe in impossible things.

Not him, but Ohikkoshi is actually pretty good.

Fuck that SHITTY ass loli piss drinking garbage waste of time.

I understand, it being censored is such a shame.

>Setting is worthless theme wise in Berserk
So you don't even understand the work you're reading? And you said Berserk is so shallow.

Which is exactly why he'll quit chasing after Griffith.

You're right.

Nobody has ever written about man's struggle with his bestial nature before. Or about being betrayed by your best friend.

Brand new concepts.

>She goes back to loving Guts
>The Behelet is for Farnesse

guys like torishima is why so many mangas are a shit

Please, educate me.

Name Berserk's themes.

>Nobody has ever written about man's struggle with his bestial nature before. Or about being betrayed by your best friend.
So this is all you see in Berserk?

So they are going to get dream raped right?

>it feels like the characters inhabit a real world with real people.
Mate there's like no worldbuilding in Berserk. It's a character story. The world is just a generic medieval one. It's the people in it that are interesting.

>Shes taking casca to the godhands
they literally don't care though

There are just too many to name. I bet you stopped reading Berserk long time ago.

Sure there are.

And no. I still follow Berserk. I bet I've been following for longer than you've been alive. Or at least using a computer.

>Berserk is unique because it feels like the characters inhabit a real world with real people.
Read more manga.

>There are just too many to name.



What manga were you reading?

>Textbook revenge story

I don't know. I think guts slow descent into the beast, self-destructive behavior, self-alienation, and conflicted conscience were pretty interesting. Above your typical revenge story where character barely changes and has little depth. At least compared to some other manga and some genre fiction I've been reading.

Its not the most compelling revenge story ever but it ain't textbook either. Revenge isn't even its only theme. Berserk explores the darker parts of the human psyche with many different characters.

Where's my nigga Skull Knight at.


>Berserk explores the darker parts of the human psyche with many different characters.

I can see that being a doujin

>the world is just a generic medieval one
No. The work is a medieval/early renaissance world if all the myths and folklore was real. And if the apocalyptic sects were right about the end of the world. Berserk is an apocalyptic story. It's not just a random medieval world. During the Black Death plague (and many other disastrous events) people thought the world must soon end. And this is Berserk. In Berserk world people desires can influence the world.

Ultimately it's a story about desires and dreams. Collective and individual ones.

Also I'm not that guy. I haven't read Blade of the Immortal so I wouldn't know about it. Just thought I'd chime in.

user have you ever heard of something called a
"Byronic Hero"?

>In Berserk world people desires can influence the world.
Not canon.

>Egg of the Perfect World
>Nina and Luca
>Midland's king

Explain how it doesn't.

Yes. Your point being?

>God Hand are called Angels of DESIRE
>Fantasia was called the desired world
>Griffith was called the desired one
>Egg Apostle was talking about what all humans desire
>not canon
Are you retarded?

>Griffith betrays EVERYBODY
>The Godhand become pat of Guts' traveling band.
>Puck starts doing slapstick with Fetus man and King Kai.

>>>Vagabond is dead

>I haven't read Blade of the Immortal so I wouldn't know about it.
It's a very well drawn story that is a retread of a bunch of samurai theme. The obsoleteness of the class, advancing modernity, the self destructive nature of revenge and honor, all that bullshit.

>arguing with underage shitposters
>likely crossboarders (as well) who will disagree with everything you say for the sole purpose of arguing

Thought you were talking about the idea of evil, fuckboi. Don't take it out on me.

Not that guy but that user is right.

The IoE itself exists because humans desire a reason for evil. And alot of the monologue about the fantastical part of the world seems to be related to the human mind.

>Been reading Berserk since 2001.

>watching it go from amazing to this

Just end it with Casca and Guts retiring Miura. Fuck the story threads, just end it.

How does it compare to something like Vagabond? Sadly its the only samurai manga I've bothered to try. Liked it.

Damn...I do miss me some manly Guts.

how the mighty have fallen

The overarching theme is man's conflict with his darker desires. Guts his human, he doesn't seek just to act upon his baser desire for revenge, it's what drove him for a long time, but what actually keeps him going, is a desire for family and friendship. His desires for revenge have been a hindrance to him, as seen with the berserk armor, he's not at his strongest when he lets go and lets the armor take control as a monster, but when he's in control while using the armor as a human. Griffith on the other hand seeks only to further his desires, he doesn't care for family or friends, and has abandoned such things in seeking power and status. Guts struggle is not against the various monsters, but against himself, Griffith though didn't struggle and remain human, he abandoned that struggle entirely.

I think people who think Berserk is only about revenge skipped the parts that weren't about Guts.

how old are you?

IoE is canon. Miura just ask it not be published anymore so new readers don't get spoiled. He just didn't want it being revealed so soon.

He'll come back, aside from some minor things like face too pudgy, eyes too big and thicker lines it is essentially the same.

He just needs to get his groove back

>The obsoleteness of the class

I'm sure you'll think I'm a tool or something like that but themes like that get me hard. Not even for intellectual reasons, I just like seeing smug aristocrats, nobles and royalty get their shit kicked in.

Holy shit that looks so much better

>Hey Guts! Check out this cool thing I learned to do!
>Pfft, anyone can do that! Watch!
And then Berserk ended prematurely.

They really focus on different stuff.

Vagabond is a really singular character story. Blade of the Immortal has a bunch of confusing threads that end at the same place.

It's a decent story, but it's not very feel good and it drags like a motherfucker during the prison arc. Plus, the protagonists aren't very important to the story near the end.
But Samura is legitimately one of the best artists, easily up to Inoue, maybe even a bit better when he's not being a lazy fuck.

Also, Blade of the Immortal has a pretty depressing ending. Really sucked the life out of me for a week.

So much better. I really hope he gets his groove back like you say

>Those who struggle, those who cling
Berserk isn't exactly subtle about its themes.

Guts and his band. They know the world is a shitty place and they are flawed human beings, but by changing themselves they can make the world a better place.

Most humans. The world is a shitty place and they think they need someone who will change that. It's also why they are called blind sheep.

There are more themes, but this discussion is retarded and full of pretentious retards.

>all manga is badly written!
>nothing is deep!

Pretty much all manga is badly written tho.

What does that symbol mean again? I know its origins go beyond nazism.

Hitler traveled back in time to trademark it, Blade of the Immortal covers this.

Is Odyssey well written? Is Illiad a complex story? Hell, does the Bible has great characters?

Only teenagers care so much about "depth".

Character's name is Manji.

In Japanese, that symbol is also Manji, Manji is Japanese for "the character for eternality" 萬字, and represents Dharma, universal harmony, and the balance of opposites.

BotI has a lot of shitty characters. Like that psychopath without a hand.

And only retards care so little.

Christ, the new art looks so flat now. If only Miura spent a little more time to add shading on the face it would look better. But also
>head is overall shorter and more round-looking
>eyes are bigger
>eye lashes are longer
>pupils are bigger
>upper lip is over-shaded
>hair is longer and spikes are thicker for some reason
I mean, look at this shit. He looks like a young teenager here.

I don;t understand you guys. I'm not defending Berserk or anything but the other user asked to name some mangas you think are better than Berserk. them...? At least I'll get some more interesting things to read in the mean time.

Depth is a very vague word.

Come the fuck on user.

lurk more

Wow, great job user.

You used it first, friendo

>those who struggle and those who cling

I feel like that theme is perfectly seen in nina and luca. Nina is a blind sheep who thinks of Luca as a beacon or torch. But while that torch wards the darkness away it reveals the ugly, oozing wounds on her body. And now she hates the torch she carries but can't abandon it for fear of the blackness around her. So she clings to what she hates. She's pathetic. And their relationship represents most humans in the world. People who cling to what they hate(the church or holy see for example) because they're too damned afraid to do anything themselves. Its also what Farnese was as contrasted to Mozgus who's conviction and strength were unshakable. I mean who else sees demonic goo eating everything and just goes "Come at me!"

I feel like these themes aren't as well explored in recent chapters and mostly everything now is mainly plot driven.

Nausicaa is the best manga of all time, so there's that.

such succulent lips

No, pretentious retards used it first.

Why look at it solely for originality. I mean everything has more less been done by now. Shouldn't the focus be more on how well it is written?

Lone Wolf and Cub
Ashita No Joe
No. 5
Takemitsu Zamurai

I think they are pretty well explored in Griffith's chapters.

Please go back to /r/manga

How did you come from twink trap (puck, griffith) lover to moe loli worshiper mate?


Berserk is pretty original. Like many people said already, it's not just a revenge story.

Im waiting user. Lets hurry before the thread dies. Don't think I'll be in the next.

are you implying berserk is better than those? Sorry for having good taste.

So why the fuck did Hitler hijack it? Was he a weeb?

I'm talking about spoonfeed, you moron.

Note: This character is also immortal.

Oh that, I did that cause I knew it'd trigger autists like you into sperging out to begin with.


It's not just a japanese symbol. Tons of cultures have it.

Yeah but still. Think about it. We've been making stories for thousands of years in different forms. Written mediums, orally, visually etc. We've been exploring what it means to be human and asking questions about the world for a long time. I mean hasn't it all already been done? Why focus on originality so much when that's next to impossible at this point?