New Game!

Did you get the good ending? Are you going to do another run? Are you excited for the dlc?

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I guess we'll post some Nenes then.

Don't come to Eagle Jump tomorrow


>not putting some of you are pretty kawaii

Gun Slinger Nene

Was this one of the more expensive models that use compressed air or those shitty plastic toys with spring action?

Umiko only gets the best

It's a real gun that Umiko stole from a US base while doing her stealth practice.

Tokyo Marui - electric Airsoft

Nenecchi is the smuggest newgeimu
prove me wrong

Shizuku is the smuggest. Everywhere she goes she must also smug.

Most smugs yes.

But top one-time smug probably goes to Kou or pic related.

Anons, do you see my girlfriend Aochi?

>Wasting money on a TM
You can get just as good for less
t. /asg/

Electric airsoft are boring anyway.


How will Rin abuse her power from her new position as producer?

Make a game where a boyish girl MC finally confesses to her long time girl friend with purple hair.

Make a VN where you're the AD at a popular game development studio and the only route available is seducing the gentle and kind hearted producer who has a huge crush on you.

>friend with purple hair

>long time

Six (6) Months!



The physics of this image both confuses and intrigues me.

This just reminded me that I haven't seen any breast envy from Aoba.

She has more problems other than her breasts.

Aoba will use her satanic powers to manipulate the game.

I didn't watch the last episode, so this show will never be over for me

I want to _____ nenecchi!


Will you watch the special then? Or watch episode 12 and never watch the special?

You should watch the special. I think it will be lewd.

I guess i'd still watch the special if Aoba was the star of it.

Probably not any more or less the star than the rest of the show.

If you read the manga you should know what the special episode will be.

I want to feed Soujirou to Hifumi and watch her reaction when she finds out.

tag urself im ahagon


Sorry I get sadistic tendencies sometimes. I guess that would be a pretty mean thing to do.

>bullying hedgehogs
the fuck outta here


>Sorry I get sadistic tendencies sometimes

This show makes me horny.

unleash my invincible stand, Sheer Heart Attack, on

I liked that better when it was called an expansion.

Why is she sad?

I liked it better when it was called cashgrabber.

>aoba will never put you out of your misery

What now, huh?

I will cover her.

Every time a watch a cute girl in adult life I get more lonely and depressed. Someone please save me.

My wife Aoba is so cute.
Hifumi too.


I want to feed her some ___.

Truth about the way the capitalist system exploits the working man.

I doubt any hedgehogs eat with their limbs.

Number of hedgehogs owned by the author: 1
Number of hedgehogs owned by you: 0

Who should I trust

Kou is too boyish to be cute!

Was Fairies Story 3 a good game?

Ahagon is fighting for the emancipation of the proletariat!

Mods are asleep, post hedgehogs.


delete this


Hifumi upgraded.

Dont those two remind anyone of someone?

Best 2hu.

Yun upgraded.


Best 2hu.


Cute. Now do Hajime.


Character designers with poor socialization skills will be put inside the
「cone of shame」


I'll kill you m8.



The building exists!

More like New Gay


It has a 65 on Metacritic

God damn, Japan looks depressing

It's a block of commercial buildings. It looks depressing no matter what country it's in.

I know Kou's kinda a big deal, but you'd think they wouldn't need to change the company's name every time they hire a new AD.

>Oh shit the 3rd game is out
>Go to my favorite store to get in line
>Hear snickering and giggling
>"Eehh maji ka yo"
>I really want that limited edition
>Hear 2 different camera clicks behind me in line
>Start sweating
>Leave the line and find the nearest public bathroom stall to sit in for a couple hours

more like Old Gay

It's some kind of advertising agency.
I found the web site. They do everything from web, email, billboards, direct mail, magazine, TV, even those full wraps for trains and buses.


>"Eehh maji ka yo"


>someone wrote this entire interview


Looks like any other city to me.

kek'd hard

Hifumi, is that you?

>Hifumi, is that you?!


Don't you have work you should be doing, Umiko.

I bet plenty of people would buy the game just because Kou looks so cute there. Cute cute!

>tfw no good CGDCT SoL next season to replace the gap.

>not watching cute girls doing suffering things shows instead

Also Stella, Girlish Number, and Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Iin Dakara


They would be a great S&M couple

Sensei is very pretty, i hpe she appear sin the anime at least once.

I'm not a masochist! I don't like pain!

>tfw you can always hear the "eeeeeeeee" squeal in your head

>i hpe she appear sin the anime at least once.

But the anime is over, user.
Unless, at the end of the public bath special, after the credits play one last time, Hotaru and Chinatsu appear and announce season 2.

Oh, but you are. It's only that you don't know yet. But fear not, I'm here to help.

And for starters, it's not the pain what attracts Ms. Pain is like a gateway. It's the liberation that follows the degradation and total submission of your body what you will find irresistible.

Here's the render if anyone wants it. It's not perfect.

How can one be a sesnei with sucha lusfull body.

My erection would not let me learn anything.

I think she was always shown wearing baggy clothes at school.

>nene using aoba's back to push back against chinatsu's cock

I never noticed that.

Nene does look surprised about something, and I don't think it's that she only just noticed Aoba's hair color.


This shit was comfy as fuck. Season 2 when? If never, new show like it when?


>Season 2 when?
If a show releases a calender for the next year, then it's a sign that they want to keep going with it.
In New Game's case, it either means it's pushing for S2, or maybe just the dating sim.

There is a show next season about a high school girls programming club making dojin games.

This is likely to get a second season, its the third best selling anime of the season and its first disk doesn't even ship till the 27th.
But more important is that its a Manga Time Kirara property and the unusual dual release of both the 4th tank of the collected manga and the "Vol 5" prequel story with all original material sold exceptionally well.
With future production of both Kinmoza and Gochiusa hobbled by Taneda Rize's illness there is no better place for Hobunsha to invest their MKR bucks than into another season of New Game.


How do I get a job at Eagle Jump?

Be a cute girl

Buy the VN.

>tfw zoi memed the series to flagship status.

I want to mindbreak Nenecchi with headpats.

Character design wa.. Aoba!

>PS Vita
Fuck, I don't have either and won't be able to emulate it. Summary sounds promising.

Why is Aoba crying in this photo?

Buy PZ4 faggot

LOL i already forgot this anime exists and i thoroughly enjoyed it

do not bully the nene

How much longer is the manga going to be in flashback mode?

"But... Umiko-san, there's nothing behind the bed..."

All 13 chapters are now scanlated, now we just wait for Doki to get Vol 4. And Vol 6 is in the works.

Looks like it cut off right before the officer pulled out her pistol and shot 2 fatal rounds into Nene's chest.

That box of tissues looks convenient

America pls go

You return home and see this. What do?

Be a gay guy.

Make fun of her for not being saved as a proper full size image.


Probably because it's autumn or something and all the leafs fell off.

I think it's just the Japanese version of lorem ipsum etc

Too soon, Japan.

Is that supposed to be Sophia or Aoba in Sophia costume.

Is this official artwork?

>***,*34位/***,*33位 (**4,067 pt) [*,*33予約] 2016/09/28 NEW GAME! Lv.1( イベントチケット優先販売申込券付 ) [Blu-ray]
>***,712位/***,634位 (***,931 pt) [*,*10予約] 2016/09/28 【限定】 NEW GAME! Lv.1( 全巻購入特典:「アニメ描き下ろしイラスト使用タペストリー」引換シリアルコード付 )( イベントチケット優先販売申込券付 ) [Blu-ray]
>already 5k for v1

You can impregnate one nyuugeimu with your child.

I want to be impregnated by Umigon.

As opposed to what? Impregnate one of them with Hifumi's child?

What flashback? Do you mean Vol 5? Doki just decided to translate it out of order.
I think its finished?

Personally I want more cute and sexy Hotaru.

My wife Aoba shall carry my baby.

Aoba dressed as Sophia at a con.

They're all going to bear Shizuku's children, as that is the true secret end goal of Project Eagle Jumpu.


Shit fetish.

Of course not, but it's impressive how closely some people can adapt the anime art style.

Nope. Those are real questions and answers.

>you will never be scolded by Umiko

why live

When your wife and daughter both call you cute...

>volumes 1&2 sell amazingly
>sales plummet for the rest because nenecchi ruins the show

hmm, really meks u think

When did you realise you were homosexual?

So when's season 2

Eagle Jump didn't sue Nene for breaching NDA, so I'd call that a normal end. Hopefully we get True Route dlc in the future.

Next monday

It's out now, netflix exclusive

Who would be the Karen of New Game?

None. Japanese game industry doesn't hire dirty foreigners.

It is the one true fetish. Real and pure, passed on by generations uncountable since life began.

Everything else is either based on it, or the product of a twisted mind.



This is a man of culture

But like half of them are blonde and blue eyed.

>creating another lifeform just because you're horny

You're all that's wrong with society.

Also, since I have Photoshop opened...

>paid DLC that should have been in the original game

god games are so shit these days

I bet this guy's fetish is abortion.

Breaching what? The game was already out when she spoiled the ending.

>this fetish is realistically fulfillable therefore I cannot help but indulge

See I can do it too. This is fun, isn't it?

Jesus christ hajime is enorumous.


But who has the dick?

Would you protect Aoba or corrupt her?


>Japan has a maternity leave of 14 weeks
>Entire company has to shutdown for the whole period

And Kou.

But how are they preggers too?

Futa on futa I guess

They're not. Don't believe user's lies.


I've seen threads about this but it greatly pleases my autism how accurately those PS3 spines are colored.

Who do I trust? I need to ponder over this. Anyone know any good waterfalls I could stand under?

Always trust me, and only me.

That's why I use earphones when going outside further than to the nearest market.

I just noticed that Shizuku is showing something lewd on her phone to Umiko.

I normally hate characters like Nene, but her VA managed to make such cute little sounds that I couldn't help but end up liking her character.

>she's cute, so it's okay.
Hazuki-San, what are you doing on Cred Forums?


>"Aoba, the game isn't selling good enough. Go promote it at fan meetings. You get overtime."

Those breasts have never seen the inside of a bra have they?

I support free-range mammaries.

It's a clip of Nene on the toilet from one of her hidden cameras.

call the cops and tell them some kid broke into my home

I think this is the closest they have ever come and this was only because less would be illegal.

In high school she was part of the compensated dating club?

You would never drown with Hajime nearby.

Actual true ending

Nor would you starve...


That's the bad end where Kou and Aoba gets murdered by Rin.

The True End has Kou end up with Yun's imouto.

I am pleased with this.

>not "I love Emilia."
It's like you don't even know what memes are.

>The True End has Kou end up with Yun's imouto.

I will never draw males, he said

No he didn't.

looks like a woman who had sex reassignment surgery

what the fuck man



But that's not a male.

Agahon is a drunktard

I want to get drunk with her and have her whisper with her monotone voice into my ear.

user did it is Happening!!





>You will never tie Nene's nenes until they become red, swollen and numb and then proceed to fuck them

Why is Nenecchi so sexual?

Because oppai loli are miracles of the universe

when will hajime use my face a bicycle seat ;_;

Gross, imagine all the sweat and dirt coming from her groin into your face


anyone got link to that nenechi sounds webm? her voice makes my cock diamond


She's fat and jealous

Even Nurse Yoko liked it

>tfw no quite squishy yun to lovingly tease and hold tight during cold night



>You will never admire your bro' abs without feeling gay
Women has such unfair privileges

>Ny/u/ game
>not gay

Just say 'no homo, bro' and it'll be fine.


Someone needs to do the same with Nenecchi

She had two kids, it's only natural.

Someone promised an audio compilation for Nenenoises right?

Where is that nigger?

The original is 93 seconds. There was so little of her in the later episodes I doubt I could get 15 more seconds.

Maybe I'll do it later. Eventually. I never promised anything.


How does a person logically fantasize about having sex with these homosexual females?

Do you imagine they're straight? Do you think about fucking them straight? Or do you simply pretend to be a girl and share with them the wonders of womanly bliss?

I self-insert as Nene.

Rape. Everything is easier when rape is involved.

I insert self in Nene.

That's funny, I self-insert as Nene being raped. I know I'm not the only one that self-inserts as a girl being abused

Do you end up enjoying it partway through? Or do you wallow in the pain and shame of violation afterwards?


Nice, but is this the latest update?

I second that.

I can see parts from episode 12 in it, so it probably is it.

Until OVA or Season 2

I can [not] learn Japanese.

Hifumi is the only answer. She would make a perfect mother.

I loved Yun's reaction when she was caught adjusting the thermostat

Glorious. Saved.

Jap cops carry guns user.

Meant for

Protect of course. Anyone that says otherwise should be stoned for herisy

You can't corrupt a daemon, and you should not protect one.

I want to be Nene.

I actually was Nene.

What happened?

So apparently Hotaru comes from an alternate reality.

Gays aren't males.

Is that why she's such a slut?

I want Nene to bare my child.

I'm pretty sure that's illegal.

Shut your whore mouth before I report you to the HR.

HR has no power over me.

I was wondering why she looked so familiar.

Nene is lesbian


Nene is a sexless being of high pitched nuisance.

>Hating on Hana-chan

Wrong eye color and no flowers in the hair. Hotaru always has flowers.

Does she also have to ability to keep the things she touches at a constant temperature?

Who do you think tops in Nenecchi and Umiko's relationship?

Physically, Ahagon.

Ahagon is a power bottom


I don't even know man but let me tell you it was pretty crazy.

Like if you read this because of New Game.

>those perfect tiddies


delete this

honestly the perfect size for Aoba, however in the official stuff she looks bigger.

>Like if
Kill yourself.


>tfw no aoba telling you to ganbarezoi as she squeezes out every last drop of semen from your beaten up dick.


>aoba will never murder you like that and drain your life force

Find a flaw.

Not real.

That's clearly Yun in the picture there user.

Guarded by a crazy lesbo.

Rin is the luckiest woman

>this girl


Not sitting on my face presently.

Ko is a bro, not for fug or any type of romance.

>anything but insane

I bet Kou thinks Rin is 100% straight, and that she probably has to beat the guys away with a stick.

She is not subtitle related.

>this is a Japanese game developer

Flandre's doing pretty well for herself after moving out of Gensokyo.

>this is my wife

Why would you want to have a wife that dresses only in expensive Victorian dresses?

That's total sperg behavior.

I'm a sperg, she's a sperg. It's a match made in heaven.

It's just part of her current persona.

Yun is eternal. Now that New Game! is over she will use her forever-loli vampire body to pose as a high school student and join a doujin game development circle. She likes video games.

She is my wife because I love her.

1 2 3 HI FU MI

I'm really depressed that NG is over. I've watched about a dozen or so slice-of-life anime but I never got as obsessed as this one. Since it was over I've binge watched the whole thing 4 times and can't stop thinking about it. The fact that there will most likely never be a S2 physically hurts me, but what's even worse is that in the next few weeks everyone will stop talking about it and move on to something else.

I will be here if you ever need me user.

I still don't get why they wasted an episode on a stolen pudding. It isn't even Seinfeld-funny tier, it was just bland character drama.

Pudding is serious business, please do not make light of the pudding issue

Nene, you stole it and you know it, please don't try to downplay your workplace thievery.

You have to admit, this shit looks pretty fucking tasty.

>The fact that there will most likely never be a S2 physically hurts me, but what's even worse is that in the next few weeks everyone will stop talking about it and move on to something else.
You'll get used to it

But Nene tripping and falling in slow motion while Aoba watched was almost a minute long.

Floppy tomboy titties

Exactly. It's long enough to make it's own clip.

For a compilation like the first one I might use the two short noises at the end of what you posted but not the whole thing.

Or I'd split it and put other clips in the middle or something.

I still want to get a genki paizuri from her.

I'm about a week late watching the finale, and here I was worried the threads wouldn't still be around by now.

I love you guys

Yun's cookies are making her fat.

What is Cred Forums's opinion on Aoba's butt? Anything you really feel a need to say about it?


No user, I think that bump is coming from a different kind of batter.


Didn't realize Okinawans were that good at churning butter.

Little girls don't have butts.

A butt that large and shapely on a frame that small and petite seems highly unnatural.
The fact that it all but disappears in most shots yet suddenly balloons to black girl proportions in certain shots reeks of tricky camera work flattering a flat ass

w-what is this?

I guess those old asian men really did a number on her.

What are you talking about, lolibutts are best butts.

It's pretty rad. Aoba's the perfect blend between cute and sexy. I'm a sucker for adult lolis,

Don't worry there will be a second season. Disc and merchandise sales are very good and manga got a decent boost.

>doujin for yuri show
>2 girls on the cover

>rape, drunk, prostitution
>faceless male

Stop bully. It's plenty big and probably smells really nice.

It's one thing to make hetero doujins for a show with male characters, but making doujins with an original character do not steal self insert character has to be the absolute most pathetic thing.

>Kou not sleeping with reviewers to get good reviews

I don't mind it when it's just "fat faceless old men" or "the faceless salarymen on the bus" and so on. When the male characters aren't "characters" and are just a functional stand-in for "cock-carrier"

It's when the doujin artist actually tries to invent and insert an actual male character into the series for the sole purpose of having a dick in their doujin. Like those sappy "romantic" shit where they toss a self-insert OC male into a series with no male characters and have him date/marry one of the girls, or some gary stu super rapist that uses the power of plot-convenience to ensnare everyone into his cock-slave keikaku.

That shit's just silly. In general, if you're going to design your own characters, just go whole hog and make it an original book instead of randomly mixing OC with parody.



Is Aoba more an imouto or a daughteru to the rest of Eagle Jump? I watched the whole thing twice now and I still can't decide.

Imouto. Most of the cast aside from Hifumi are still too young for their maternal instinct to be raging that hard. You don't start seeing 18 year olds as daughteru material until your 2nd cat.

What the fuck?

I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you!

Their instincts must awake. She must become wife material.

I'm on my second dog. He's getting old. ;_;

It just aired, wait for C91 or some other event for doujins, the first doujins out always suck. I've been doing this for 5 years, I know the formula.

So if Nene gets hired full time?

i want to cuddle the aobutt

Excellent taste! With what part of your body would you cuddle her soft butt?

How would Aoba react?


Now I understand why people hate rape doujins so much. Please stop raping my wife Aoba.

Can you fuck off?

She'd do anything for a good review.

I want Ko to give me a brojob

That is just too fucking cute.

>those tits
That's not my Kou!

I will give her good review if she eats all the eggs.

Calm down, Rin. Even Kou's tongue isn't that long.





Every single time. If you don't want to go full yuri at least make it a cute ffm threesome or something, but please stop raping everyone geez

Why is Yun such a 2hu?

Why is this song so lewd?

>make it a cute ffm threesome
No. I actually agree with that that's much worse due to the added cringe.

what about cute fffuta threesome then

That's fine, since the futa will more likely not be some original character do not steal.

Kou only gets good reviews because she makes good games. She will never sell her pride like that.

Aoba and Kou don't really feel like siblings though. Aoba will always seem content to admire Kou from afar and that puts an artificial distance between their relationship. In the end they are still just senpai and kouhai.

Nene a shit.

I hope we get a lot of yuri NTR doujins involving Rin, Kou, and Aoba.

Nene a best.

That's pretty much what a sibling relationship is, user.
You aren't typically friends with your siblings. There's more distance to the relationship than that. In the case of family, that distance is comfortable because blood ties are strong enough that you don't need to be constantly nipping at their heels lest they forget you exist.

Siblings that are super close don't really exist outside of mormon sex dungeons and cartoons written by people that had no siblings of their own.

A shit.

It's just pudding and it was an accident. You need to let it go.

Why is Umiko so shit? She ruined the whole episode.


You're describing a relationship where two people are so comfortable with each other they can afford to have a distance with each other.

But that just isn't how Aoba and Kou's relationship comes across as, at least from Aoba's side since Kou is in general a person who doesn't know boundaries and personal space. Aoba still treats Kou with too much respect and delicacy to be considered an imouto figure to Kou.

this art is comically bad

Did I miss the mass suicide?

Why are they all lesbians and so hot? I want to impregnate each on of them.

What is she holding on if she doesn't have any backpack straps?


All I wanted was a Yun episode.

Is Hifumi a sanic fan?

I'm an ara ara oneechan/cake lover and I have to admit, aside from being gay Rin hits all of the right chords for me.

I mean fuck can you imagine if she was the older sister of some MC in any other show?

Why is Rin so shit?
She ruined the whole episode.

I never honestly noticed. I was too busy staring at Aoba's tummy.

God damned yet another show I'd really really REALLY like to see more

I want to protect Kou from her bullies.

What about Aoba's buttbullies?

So what are the OTPs again?

Aoba x Yun
Aoba x Hifumi
Chocolate x Vanilla
Aoba x Kou

Rest is all shit.

Ahagon x Me

Aobutt x anything lewd


>Aoba x Yun

>Yun upgraded.


Anyone have the gif of Aoba undressing?

Kappa ain't no fairy mate.


Why do you want it?

To have a handy gif to go to for when I want an erection


She is going to the bathroom! Be respectful!

>Doki just decided to translate it out of order.

It was released at the same time as vol. 4 in nippon



That toilet-san is about to be brutalized.

>Tokyo looks depressing
Any city with largely post-WW2 structures looks depressing. Chicago, Toronto, LA are all the same.
It's the damnable heritage of aesthetic monsters like Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn, Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer

I want a threesome with Aoba and Hifumi.

I thought Nene's tits were supposed to be bigger.

I think Tokyo looks a pretty cheerful, much more than all the capital cities in Europe at least

>b-but muh old buildings

I saw a gif of her taking just the top off. Oh well.

I wonder if people would hate Nene so much if she got rid of that dumb hairstyle.
Or hell, just grew out her bangs.



>lol the main character's schtick is that she looks like an elementary schooler even though she's 18! Isn't that hilarious?
>now let me introduce her best friend who has the exact same schtick
Fucking why?

Replace easy mode with a press

Downfall of the series is when Nene started showing up regularly as a character in the show, and Hajime got less and less screentime.

Nene ruins episodes. Hajime makes episodes a thousand times better, in my opinion.

What if I'm not German?

Talk about the most pathetic self insert ever.

debug with

Actually I'm from Edmonton, the city built on Le Corbusier's demented tastes.
And if you really think Tokyo looks "more cheerful" than Barcelona, Ferrara, Innsbruck, Copenhagen or even London, then you're obviously delusional.
Osaka and Kyoto are gorgeous, but Tokyo is a grey, brutalist, urban wasteland.

Ask Goebbels, that's his speech, not mine.

Because her best friend has huge tits and thick thighs despite being so tiny. Perfection incarnate.

Shortstacks are the best.

personality>everything else

>Hu hu hu, you came already?

>Your wife
Fuck you

There better be a doujin of evil Aoba raping every man she sees.

>Literally every doujin is Aoba
I have actually never understood her appeal.
What is this.

>I have actually never understood her appeal.
It's because my wife Aoba is so cute.


I want to hold her up until she soils herself!

Guys, guys, this is important!

How do I make Aoba real?


You can make her real by becoming her.

To the oven you go.

You want something done, do it yourself.

God damn is that good animation.

is this what they call forced animation?

It's called well-allocated animation budget.

Did you not see them handholding at VERY hihg speeds?

Aoba is such a slut she's held hands with basically every girl in the show

Why is Nene so great? She made the whole show

One of these places just opened up in my city and all i could think of was her.

I bet they have nice breasts and thighs there if you know what I mean.

I bet it tastes a little shitty there.

She is the only reason sales are going to be >5K per volume and not 2K-ish.
If we ever get a second season it's all thanks to Nenecchi.

>Order a Nenecchi.
Which part of Nene would you like to have?

Her anusring deep fried like onion rings.

Exactly how puffy is Nene's vulva?


>Saori on the left

BTW is this the Shakespeare shirt girl?


Can you image how embarrassed she'd be? She'd cry.

Tokyo has man billboards and lights that make it look alive and cheerful, a bit like the city of Mirror's Edge. London is a boring grey shithole, as is Paris, as is Lisbon where I currently live. Barcelona has some spice to it because of those buildings by Gaudi I guess.

May not be the one you're looking for, but still pretty good.

That's your tomboy goddess, heretic.


Is it made by the that nico artist that also made gochiusa and phantom world videos edited? Is there more?
I nutted to Aoba's butt earlier, but I wouldn't mind another round.

>What's the kanji for "freshness burger?"
>It's all in katakana.

I don't understand this meme.

From this:

Oh yeah it is, I recognize the effect for stripping. Thanks, I didn't even think he would pick up this show.

Come back to bed.

The series may be over, and so soon will this thread, but I hope none of you forgot about her.


Who's that boy?

Nene is the best brat ever


Why is Nene so sexy?

I want a brat-off duel to the death between both of them.

Will we ever see the cosplay girl?

her voice

Sakurako is just annoying and selfish. Nene is cute. Fact.




It was shit

And how would that work?

Force of habit. She has worn a backpack every day since kindergarten. Plus she cant keep her hands still without something to hold on to.



Why's the other girl just bent over like that?

So Hajimi can put her fist inside her.

Like this?

We need more anime like New Game and Shirobako with working adults and other adult things.

Precisely like that

We need more SoL anime that are entirely about cute and very gay christmas cakes doing whatever.

We aren't getting a new season, just let these threads die forever

How about no.


Where do I sign?


Nene-chan is a good girl

Has one girl ever been so best?

How can she be so soft looking

>TVアニメ「NEW GAME!」ドラマCD 1 (New Game! Drama CD 1) (mp3 320kbps)
>vol 2 just came out

What's with this "forced" meme, fuck off with your forced reply's