It's been fun Cred Forums

It's been fun Cred Forums ....

I'll miss you all

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>people want new mods and a few new boards
>"fug what do i do"

I'm finally free but I have nowhere to go


What did he actually apologize for? Is this another case of hiroshima being an esl cunt?

At times like this I wished we still had Moot and WT Snacks


He's right.

Nobody knows, but it probably is

He played Mario music on Cred Forums.

But the Mario music was after his twitter post.

rumors going around he sold the site to lowtax

No more Cred Forums, what would you do now, anons?

Moot was great because he had an active presence on the site. He engaged with the community constantly and kept things relatively transparent. Hiro is too introverted.

No, that was done by the mods for the nintendo anniversary.

>Moot was great because he had an active presence on the site.

Not during the last few years.

Honestly? Either infinitychan or Reddit.

raid Komica

He aaid that he did not understand the users of the sitr, so he was gonna gove complete control of the moderation to a moderator.

Visit the other chans more often and be glad that the absolute newshits haven't found most

Funny seeing you around these parts.

Pretty sure that post was fake.

>tfw Cred Forums's administration is actually parallel with how the universe is governed b by God with Moot being disappointed in all of Cred Forums posters so he leaves

Go to bed cunts

take up Deutsch and start funposting on Krautchan in poor German

>someone really fell for that lazy-ass photoshop


Very bad idea
Anyone not speaking German 100% correctly there will be told to fuck off, and their Cred Forums board is basically stormfags now
Almost all the other boards except Cred Forums have no new posts

Reddit until I get banned desu senpai. After that I dont know.

Can you fucking imagine what the displacement of all of the users of Cred Forums would do to the rest of the internet? Forget the refugee crisis in Europe, that shit would be bananas. Cred Forums alone is enough to destroy reddit and most of tumblr.

>considering 8gag or reddit at all


Jump around different chans, hopefully some of these will grow to a size that I can appreciate so that I can call it my new home.

Reddit is just Cred Forums if it was all generals.

would rather cut off my dick and eat then move to those places

Ha ha ha, no.

so just Cred Forums 2017


And you can go back there now.

8gag isn't ideal but every other chan is dead.

>still think reddit is bad

Please kill yourself you google apologist.

Is Cred Forums really that big?

Some of these will probably grow quite a deal with the dead of Cred Forums.

Why are you on Cred Forums? Have you given up on /lit/ like everyone else?

>reddit is just Cred Forums if it was all cancer

You're not wrong.

Not really if you want Cred Forums relevant boards. Also they would grow if this place really was kill

>Going to redditchan.
You niggers dun goofed up.

As for me, i'll be finally free from the shackles of this site and be able to fully engage myself in various activities which would benefit both my psyche and society in the long run.

420chan is still active.


>Cred Forums dies
>not learning moon, getting a nip proxy, and just staying at Futaba

Fucking hell you fags.

whats lowtax

What did he mean by this?

It's exactly that bad. I assumed everyone was exaggerating/trying to fit in when they called Reddit an awful place, then I paid a visit and realized they were right.
That said, there are a few decent subreddits I still lurk.

Cred Forums is huge, but the posters a mostly underage kids who already post on other shitty websites, so I dunno what that user is talking about.

>still wanting "epic memes" instead of actual discussion and a board software which hides ""unpopular"" or late replies

We just need to decide on a backup chan so that the community doesn't splinter off

>getting a nip proxy, and just staying at Futaba
Futaba literally blocks every single proxy. You have to sheckle out for a VPN just to post.

who is lowtax and why should I care

Moot's mother's boyfriend and founder of Tumblr.


>still limiting yourself to one corner of the internet
There is a whole world worth of internet out there and you people are crying over the death of a small site.

Let's just tell everyone to go to 8gag, the oldfags do know the other boards anyway

Owner of somethingsjw

But I already do that. 2chan is pretty comfy.

who is just call me mister

I don't have the source so don't count me on this, but I seem to remember that Cred Forums traffic is roughly 5% of reddit's. It will probably not affect reddit in the slightest, especially considering that most Cred Forumstards are probably idiots who go to 9gag or whatever and have no loyalty to Cred Forums in the first place, to these people Cred Forums is just that fun place to shitpost, they will just move on to other shitty places to continue.


Most of the internet is shit.

>small site.
Maybe if compared to the top 50 normalfag centrals

A goobergloper.

Moot's moot.

The internet is shit now. Early to mid-2000 were fantastic.

Like exploring a wondrous clusterfuck of hilarity.

I'll never fit in to nips even if I master Nip because they hate baka gaijin.

Every other site I go to is for news or downloads. This is the only one where I can act retarded.

I'd just browse all the smaller more comfy chans
In fact, it's teatime right now

>small site.

Just switch over to infinite-chan full-time, probably.

the only reason i go to other sites is for dls, pictures i want to save, or just to quick search for some information
there's no other reason to be anywhere else

Thanks for the background music, user. Goes great with this thread.

He tweeted something about poor people.

Is Hiro going to apologize about Cred Forums's liberty to say nigger?

Don't worry guys I bought Cred Forums.

Where else can I speak so freely on the internet without backlash?


I will genuinely not know what to do with my life if Cred Forums went away

m@sterchan is way freer than Cred Forums.
Cred Forums is pretty fucking unfree in terms of wht you can and can't say/post/do.

you fucks who wanted M00t out, are you happy now?

Become the normalfag?

Go ahead and leave.

The monthly end is nigh thread? I think it's best to just wait here.


I'm actually thinking that the death of Cred Forums would be a good thing. It would be an opportunity for other chans to grow that are not affected by normalfag boards.

Just go to redit

Wow, does it mean I can become goon and witness the final death of them from the inside?

I'm not looking to post/see CP or some shit like that, I'd just like to be able say nigger now and again.

Finish my college degree and learn moon.

I never wanted moot to depart, it was just bantz

I clench my fists and yell "anime" towards an uncaring, absent God


Finally I can do something more worthwhile.


Makes sense, he's an idiot when it comes to expressing himself in English, so that is probably what he meant.

>Cred Forums will die before Keit-Ai finds a way

Look there's something to be said about leddit. As much as people like to just outright vocally hate that site they have a point.

Leddit homogenized the internet. Homogenized. The Internet.
It's sounds like an impossibly absurd statement but it's the saddest fact about that site.

It's why I will never find it in myself to respect that shithole let alone use it.


this is the reason he apologized, because he killed yotsuba

Fall over and die, then become a ghost.

He mentioned ""IT""

I learned moon thanks to Cred Forums and thankfully finished my degree before I found this place. I'd probably read more. That's what I did before finding this place, I think.


you only had to listen

>There is a whole world of 'social media' out there

He really has no idea.

There is nothing to be gained from any non-anonymous internet community for me anymore. I would sooner stop using the internet than use a place where posts are attached to identities and the equivalent of (you)s are actually a material commodity.

Please don't lead large numbers of new anons to good comfy sites.

4/10 bait

Hiroshimoot is an idiot, what else is new.

Just because you don't know any other sites doesn't mean they don't exist.


Fuck I can't have somewhat decent talks about anime with people anymore. Oh well.

Fucking hell Hiro.