ITT: Shit Openings

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Fite me, fuckin faget.

This isn't the good OP thread. Read properly next time.

Here's the first truly shit OP of this thread:

Really, really bad, especially following one of the greatest openings of all time.

Actually, I'm starting to like it a little bit, but it still sounda bad even after a season of listening to it.

The only thing bad here is the interlacing you fucking stupid faggot.

Here's a really bad one:

As usual, this garbage

Doubly bad in that OP3 was really good too. Not Yuzurenai Negai good, but nice regardless.

Should have just used Forces as the OP.

The Kaiji season 2 OP. Show is good though

I'll fucking fight you m8

Wrong, faggot. It should be OP2

I can sing better than this guy in a bad day, holy shit.

I'll say every single Gundam Seed OP. The music is forgettable and the visuals are so by-the-book it hurts.
It doesn't help that each OP just reuses a ton of shots from the previous ones in a different order.

Man, I miss Slayers so much, that was my first RPG anime.


>TM Revolution

The song is pretty decent, but shitty 3D that says nothing about the characters or plot for over 80 episodes was a terrible idea. The way they kept most of the Pokemon as silhouettes at first is just icing on the cake.

It's not, that OP was trash.

Melissa from the original FMA was far better.

this song was so fucking shit the first i heard it (compared to colors), but i kinda liked it after a while even tho it's shit

Ready Steady Go and Rewrite are so good as well. FMA just has REALLY good OP songs.

Would have been less offensive if they just used Colors for all episodes of both seasons. Fuck is this shit, I dont even remember it
Fucking awful, it doesn't even matter what the song says, but at least make it rhyme.

>at least make it rhyme
Japanese music doesn't do that western meme outside of rap.

Here's a stinker:

because they ended up replacing this garbage after like 4 episodes


The scary thing is that this OP is the best part of the show.

>Shit openings that really fucked it up after an amazing first OP

only the first 12 eps were good

Good show.

>Shit Openings
They're called assholes you moron.

That first 5 seconds of guitar is awesome, but then the singing starts.

10/10 opening. Literally 10/10.

i don't even remember this OP

I watched it one time and then skipped it every time. I dont even think I finished it the first time I watched it too.

ED was great though

This one is painful. It's 10/10 if you close your eyes though.

die in a fire

this is actually horrible. so bad i almost dont wanna expose you people to it

But the opening is just Guts there, posing. Swinging his blade a little wouldn't have hurt anyone.

You must have linked the wrong video.

That music had no business being apart of that OP. How does shit like this get green-lit?

I jacked it to this OP when I was 13, not a word of a lie.

heres a better link

The edgy typesetting on this is so perfect

i have no idea. i love the fucking ED for that show to this day, i dont know how that got that so wrong

Shit one coming through:

mob psyco

This takes me back to junior high. The year was 2000 and we listened to nu-metal and painted our fingernails black with sharpies.

OP said bad openings


this is pretty good, I might even watch it now

Both EDs are some of my favorite of all time, so damn good

Shit song shit show.


no u

you managed to post the one thing that did not stink about this show

Your pic is a shit opening.

This crap:

What the fuck where they thinking?

At least the third OP redeemed it.

>CTRL+F 'What's up people'
>0 results


>This video contains content from Anime On Demand. It is not available in your country.
Though thats another shitty second OP I forgot about because the first was so much more memorable and better

I would shit her opening if you know what i mean.
Fuck Vocaloid

>Those PS1 FMV graphics


Satanic trips confirm the OP is shit.


I actually like this OP when it hits the 20s
for some reason the counting there just resonates

>hating on based jinn

fuck you nigga that songs hype

(i dont think it fit the theme of the show tho)

These are all great.

I remember watching Dragonball Z at 8:30 on YTV.

>eggs dee what if i post good and populars animes in a thread about bad animes eggs dee i am the clever and funny one haha please give me attention my dad left when I was 6 xDD
It's like a thousand tiny daggers stabbing my ears

actually, he left when i was 8

Even though it's only 30 seconds I still hate it.

Not exactly shit but did anyone ever think it was weird how oddly average/mediocre the Initial D OPs were when the actual music in the show is godlike? I cannot remember a single OP besides the first one but I know all the lyrics to every first stage eurobeat song

Fuck this thread.
Post GOAT Openings

Ninja Robots:

No way any of you can tell me this is good.

The first one has special meaning.

Song's pretty comfy, animation is berserk-tier

Jesus christ, I completely forgot about this anime.

Anyways, here's one of the cheapest-looking openings i've ever seen (granted it's from an OVA but the production on this is laughable)

Only genuine post in this thread

>Hating on BOMB A HEAD
Consider suicide

Here's your (You)
Not even trolling, the song gets out of sync like halfway through, and it seems like a lot of people like it just because it's hip hop.

are you upset?

Garbage openings overrated by memesters and much worse than the respective first openings

Fuck you

>If I say "not even trolling" people will think I'm not trolling even though I actually am. Huehuehue.

Both of these are amazing.

>This kills the headphone user

I hate that shit

It's okay, we're getting a new OP today.


more like next week bub

probably won't even be an op this week since janken kid is one episode

I'd agree with you back when it first aired, but Fuck it really grew on me.

Not the best when compared to stuff like Bloody Streams or Sono Chi no Sadame, but the foreshadowing and animation is still top notch stuff

Opening 1 was shit, Opening 2 is pure gold.
posting the absolutely worst "opening" of all time, nothing can ever be worse than this, it was a good thread, but it's over now boys.

fuck you Canada get nuked

The only thing thats shit is your tastes. That opening's not that bad.

You can't be serious.

It's not a great opening but it is by no means shit.

This disgusting rubbish:

You guys are doing a piss poor job of posting shit OPs. There hasn't been anything in this thread so far that has been even remotely shit.

If you think isn't shit, then you're an idiot.


Gonna be an asshole, the ending itself isn't shit, but how they replaced dango with this especially after the episode with nagisa's death really rustled me

This is one of the best opening there are.

>not liking Kalafina
Shit taste.

>disliking goose house
Jesus Christ.

How does an OP like this even get made?

this has been posted for over 10 years. i unironically like it after listening to it so much.

Shit shows come with shit openings

this is the loudest thing i have ever clicked

Gundam SEED had hype as fuck music tho. That was like all it had going for it.

I don't like the song, but it fit the show to a tee.


>Hating on Disillusion
Literally end yourself.

That's the ED

It's even worse when you think about how good the first OP is.

I have never felt so confident of my awful voice until now, holy shit that was so bad

>much worse than the respective first openings
The first UBW opening was absolute shit, though. It's the epitome of generic Aniplex screech singing.
How come nobody posted this steaming pile?