What's the worst anime you've finished?

What's the worst anime you've finished?

Boku no Pico

tenge tenjou
or whatever the fuck it was called

h2o footprints in the shit

Looks like the shitposting thread

Haruhi any of them, they are all shit

Garzey's Wing.


Master of Martial Hearts

You're favorite anime

Fight me fag lords

Magical warfare I think it's called

I am, 100%, not trolling. I promise you Cred Forums.
This is the worst series I've ever finished without dropping it.

It is 100% due to the strength with which this was regularly recommended here that I slogged it through all the way to the end.

I've dropped shit that's worse than Texhnolyze, but I've never seen anything worse to completion.


According to my list Zero no Tsukaima and Crime Edge.

The later might be self explanatory as it's vomit from start to finish and as for Louise there is just so much Tsundere I can take.
Actually let me rephrase there is a limit to how much shit an MC should allow himself to take. Needless to say while I finished it I never watched the sequels.

Zero no tsukaima.
Marathoned 3 seasons because I just wanted it to be over, then took a breather, finished rest of it a month later .
I'm pretty sure it's the reason I have autism. I hate that series with every fiber of my being, all those hours wasted watching that shit, I'll never get them back.

Drag-on Brawl Zzz

Serial Experiments Lain. Not trolling. I legitimately don't know what people see in it. I thought it was incredibly frustrating to get through and had absolutely no payoff. I know it's supposed to be an artsy, avant-garde thing, but holy shit, I had to take breaks every few episodes to recharge, and I was just pissed off by the end. Might've liked it more as a movie.

This, mahou sensou a shit

Girls bravo. I still regret it to this day.

probably FMA: brotherhood


fucking D.N. Angel.


What a mess; it scared me off the VNs, even though they were supposed to be better. I don't care a bit for the MC and what happens to him.

School days, Yosuga no sora, terror in resonance.. The list goes on... I should just be an anime reviewer and dog on all the shit I've seen compared to good stuff I've watched.



Neon Genesis Evangelion

Not deep enough.

Akame ga Kill or Kabaneri

Only when you finish this do you truly understand what bad is

My memories of this have been suppressed as part of a self-defense mechanism. I only remember the memes.

Owari no Seraph

End yourself.

Read the VN they are leagues better. You will enjoy both the story and the music as well.

Guilty Crown

Completely reasonable argument, I think most SEL fans only get mad when people say SEL is the worst anime to ever exist just because it wasn't really their thing.

Great ride and exquisite memes though.

tokyo ghoul

Sword Art Online. I still have PTSD-like flashbacks.

School Days
School Rumble
And I'd say maybe TTGL

>no pupa
>i finished pupa

Do I win?

i watched like 10 eps and its on indefinite hold now, so boring

Sounds like you two are legitimately retarded.

kiss x sis

This. No other show will ever come close to the garbage that is SAO.

It had an interesting start but holy fuck did it get boring fast.

fucking this. Everyone recommended this to me because they said it was amazing.

Holy shit. Not only was I disappointed I honestly stopped watching anime for a few months just because I stunned by how bad it was.


Shimoneta. What an absolute hunk of shit. Failed on absolutely every level. Only reason I watched till the end was because I wanted to see if they ass-pulled some social commentary, but they didn't.

Oh man, I couldn't call School Days good, but it was a fucking thrill ride. Watching it start from hundred percent cliche to absolute madness was totally enthralling.


Green Green TV, pure trash.


Haruhi. I learned not to trust Cred Forums's bad taste a decade ago.

I think i enjoyed that anime alot because i put myself in his shoes without thinking about it and it made the events really interesting

Macross Zero. What a fucking disappointment. Even brown qts can't save this shit.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.
Thankfully I've forgotten nearly all of it. All I remember is pic related and some conflict that drags on forever.

Deadman Wonderland. Fuck that show.


>forcing yourself through the entirety of Naruto
At some point you have to admit that you're just a masochist, user

Code Geass

Either Bandit King Jing or Oreimu

Oreimu made me feel more angry and insulted than any other show I watched, but BKJ just bored me to death.

Nice boat.

cowboy bebop, overrated


I'm still bitter.

>fooly cooly

i took the bait didn't i?.


AoT definitely.
Such shit.

My problem with Deadman Wonderland is that it wasn't even bad, it was just frustrating. It couldn't just settle on a fucking premise- every two episodes they wildly altered what the cast was supposed to even be doing. AND it ended before the story was over.

I think you forgot

>Pic unrelated

After 16 episodes I realized that my friends were full of shit and that this show was total garbage, but knew that if I didn't finish it they'd accuse me of not giving it a chance. This and Chobits are what effectively got me out of my high school weeb phase back in the day.