Danganronpa 3

No mom it's not PORN it's crucial FORESHADOWING and EVIDENCE to who the MASTERMIND of this KILLING GAME is

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Despair is a myth. Hope is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Memes.

No MOM those gun photos are important. I share tem with my random friends they are totaly worth oh please stop beating me


Now there's a pretty meme, exquisite.

What evidence?

Well at least this episode did confirm that Naegi's luck was more powerful than Komaeda's luck.

this gives me hope

Drop that meme before anyone gets hurt

Alright. Who's the super secret final boss? It's obviously not Tengan, because he's fucking dead.

Junko has to be around somehow. I guess these are the choices:

> KiriJunko.
> Liquid Komaeda possibly being possessed/fused with Junkohand.
> Chiazuru with Junko AI.
> Mitarai Junko AI (boring and obvious as shit).
> Robot Junko.
> Tengan clone with JunkoAI installed.
> Monaca.
> Junkozuru with Junko AI (Tengan, seeing that Izuru became a SHSL Despair from being a SHSL Hope, decided that making a SHSL Hope from a SHSL Despair was more feasible).
> Delta.

drop your meme before I shoot you my man

>more powerful
I'd say Naegi's luck is more finesse, since he isn't literally doing extreme shit every day.
Nagito's is stronger but it's much more on the extremes.
Also Nagito's playing the long game, Naegi ain't trying to help fucking despair shits.

>all this lewd mukuro stuff


>Chiaki is alive
No one in the series has gone through something like what Chiaki went through and lived

You shall serve as a stepping stone to a greater meme

Izuru 2.0 aka Chiaki Izuru.

Despair arc was a mistake.


you are just a stepping stone in the way of kibou.

No one had the SHSL Hope besides Chiaki



You have to pick one character to fart on you.

Who is it?


IF Sayaka when?

Well, Chiaki is a fucking miracle so fuck you.

You know nothing of hope or despair. I'll show you that hope exists only to create the greatest despair!

>that fucking music
>my actual waifu is Cred Forums now instead of inferior Nanime
Great episode


i've actually thought about how mitarai could work out

>tengan starts working on izuru 2.0
>happens to find mitarai at the end of despair 09
>becomes the new candidate for ultimate hope
>after awhile mitarai pussies out because he's such a little bitch
>tengan goes through with it anyways
>wipes mitarai's memories
>sleeper agent
fast forward to final killing game
>tengan's dying message was actually referring to mitarai
>mitarai gets a message from dead tengan
>blah blah mindhack blah blah you are now the ultimate hope
>is actually now the ultimate despair because muh COMPLEX MOTIVES
>starts wrecking shit in the name of despair
>hajizuru heading to ff secret base
>final showdown between hope and despair

>Junko hates talentless normalfags
In an alternate universe, she and Juzo could've been friends.

It's much funnier without the text corrections

I said my sword was a tool of hope. Not used in madness. Not used for despair. But now, now I'm not so sure. And besides, THIS ISNT MY SWORD

Nekomaru, I wanna get off this ride.

the first sentence of IF is "this is not cannon and just a "what IF" scenario" so never.


No way man you mixed it all up


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally

Now I wonder how he knew about the mole

So what did Izuru wanted to "test"?



Does this mean we get to see Kirigiri in a slutty school girl get up and twintails?
This theory might not be so bad.

AI Chiakis cocksucking talent

Read the lyrics of Future's ED

especially this line:

Assemble those scattered pieces in an anagram - Are you prepared?

Here it comes: The End!
The End!
Which can be rearranged to write
which means
to perform (a play) to play (a part) to act (a part)

Now consider kyoko's actions in the game
1. Investigate the dead bodies from the attacker and NG codes with your father's old friend and a manlet that the chairmen told to follow you

2. Doesn't find the pics on chisa's body that shows that she's a despair

3. Doesn't check the secret room and disregards it without a second thought

4. Flirts with the hopemanlet and tell him to never give up hoping no matter what happens.

Anyway if we look at the line from the Future ED then look at the end of the future op we see monokuma split up into two parts

Shirokuma or the white despair part is with Kyoko

Kurokuma or the black hope part with makato

Logic would dictate that the part with the person thats the despair part would be the one junko is in so it would be kyoko

>NG Code: Happy endings

This is more viable than Kirijunko and Chiakizuru combined.

Is Naegi's true talent the SHSL Anti-Junko? It's like he was granted a heavenly force to protect himself from her bullshit. By himself in the future who is his father in a bunker with an alien fax machine all in order to get that specific trait born into himself from the past, no it's not complex mom, it's who I am now.

What was more interesting? Hope or Despair?
But really he just wanted to revive his waifu.

Just shut the fuck up.

I want to marry Sonia!

you can't hurt me, Kyosuke

So uh, what happened to all those hints that this was all just an anime?

0+0 is still 0, user.

NG code:Using the word "Hack" or any variants of it to describe someone or something.
Just killed the entire thread retroactively, good night folks.




I don't think she'd have time to clean up the make up that fakes the ng code and then get changed into the outfit but we might get her with twin tails why do you think kyoko has that pouch on her leg its got the hair pins

analysis and luck are two apposing forces naturally

silly user, you ARE watching an anime!

Shitty theorycrafting about a greater role from Mitarai when all he did was create brainwashing anime, which ended up being a major plot point for both despair and future.

>mechanic marrying a princess
Not gonna happen bro.

make me

>despair ended without showing what Ibuki COULD HAVE AND DID
I'm so fucking pissed



daily reminder

>MOLE ON THE BOOB has now turned into a legit argument for Chiaki being saved.

Is Junko dead?

>terrorist could potentially destroy the world and kill everyone you love
>tell the one you love that the terrorist is innocent because the terrorist saw you jerking off to your best friend (male)

truly a tragic character.

The strawberry seed represents a waifu dying.

post mukuro

Beautiful flower I want to bully moldy fruit with


We already saw her music's ability to create despair in DR2.

I don't want to look at my loli folder
I don't want to look at my loli folder
I don't want to look at my loli folder
I'm going to look at my loli folder

post your fucking face when youtube.com/watch?v=xjbgj2V6-o0 started playing

Artist work fast.


I want to make Junko despair.

Despair, son


Who is SHSL Smelly? Hiyoko, Mukuro, or Toko?

Choose one based on panties alone.

>Character have flaws
>Me simplify them
Not everyone can be Junko or Izuru I guess.


>there is no traitor, instead Monokuma just straight-up admits one of the kids is the mastermind
>Plot Twist: there is no mastermind. its a sentient Monokuma

I thought "wow Despair continues to use the OST really well, why is Future so shit at doing the same"



For a supposed mastermind of the game, he didnt get very mastermindey scenes in the episode.

Is there a tag for whats going on in upper left corner?

Hiyoko hands down, give me that loli. I'm going to fuck her until I lose consciousness.

This artist really should study anatomy. Mioda!

Reminder that Mukuro apathetically suggested they kill Naegi, and is a disgusting "human" rightfully put down by Junko for being an ugly smelly psychopath.

Toko fears baths. Mukuro is just getting bullied. Hiyoko doesn't bathe because she doesn't know how to tie a knot.

Toko is the smelly

Peko, damn.

He couldn't have known how dangerous she was at that moment


Peko. Dat pantyhose.

i choose peko's pekos

Friendly reminder.

Episode all but confirmed V3 is the story of Hope's Peak's creation.

>If the next generation of hope can survive, then the world can start over again. That's the idea Hope's Peak was originally founded on.

My dick agrees with you.

why are dangans so sexy

i want to fuck all the girls

it's not fair

They tried to make her somewhat sympathetic by throwing in "Did you really have to have the reserve course kill themselves" line, but it was so paper thin I feel insulted for having read it.

what the fuck does that have to do with a prison for gifted inmates?

Why us she pulling her panties back up



Post boxer tits

Did Sayaka seriously like Naegi? It's been a long time since I've played DR1 but I always read her interactions with him as being in-genuine, especially considering how she tried to frame him within a few days.

Mindhack artstyle

also employed by Raita

>licking ogre

whys juzo such a slut

In a romantic sense? No. But they were childhood friends who went to the same middle school for 3 years.


Someone shed light on this whole Hope arc ep. Is it gonna be an hour long?

Mukuro never had much of a character but this anime ruined what little there was.

Nah. She just wanted someone who she could trust or manipulate.

>ywn bury your face in Juzo's juzos


Why is Juzo such a shit? He ruined the whole earth because he's a fucking homosexual.

Gotta compete with Chisa somehow, she's getting all touchy and rubbing her Chisa's all over Munakata a nigga's got to step his game up.

>being gay

She probably did a little, but she switched into manipulative murder mode relatively early on. Anything more than that and implied friendship through the school photos is speculation.

>How can guns be real hahahaha just shut your eyes hahahaha like walk away from the screen yo

>start looking up "Naegi x Sa" to shitpost with
>"Naegi x Sakura" shows up before "Naegi x Sayaka"

Attention, hope-filled civilians. Memes are dangerous and full of despair. If you have any, carefully hand them over to us, we will make sure to dispose of them in appropriate manner.
Official Warning from Nagito Hopeman Komaeda, Brigate General of the Hope Army.

>Did Sayaka seriously like Naegi?

It's kind of implied but it's also implied that that's just what she wanted him to think.

Also, she's really jaded because of all the producer dick she had to take to get where she was before the world ended. She just plays the happy idol to not stir the pot.

Man why the fuck did she go all ogre?

>Not being gay.

She hesitates framing him, which is how Lleon is able to get the jump on her. I think she did care for him, but she's a mental light weight and cracked the second she saw her band dead.
Once she got her motive, everything else went out the window.

>he wouldn't waifu Sakura

Never go full ogre.

>not being gay

Holy fucking shit my heart

At least he realizes it's his fault

Unlike that faggot Mitarai.

They were trying to correct your cancerous ways.

Why is she so much cuter than the real one

Did user ever deliver on that draw request?

Gays ruin everything. EVERYTHING. Just look at Juzo. Everything is his fault for being gay.

They probably had a thing before the memories got erased but afterwards Sayaka just saw him as a useful beta orbiter she could manipulate. In my opinion 11037 was probably as much just to spite Leon as it was about protecting Naegi.


You know why.

Thats some best girl material right there.
Too bad she hit the roids.

Your ancient despair isn't gonna do much here friend.

>Exaggerating this hard.
Just embrace it.

because of her dumb voice

I can't decide between Peko and Mahiru.

Mitarai is one of those fags that can never admit fault.

He has such little self worth that he can't take actually fucking up so he finds something else to blame his fuck ups on.

We dont know his deal yet but if the izuru theory is real they likley didnt show him going full psycho and are saving it for next ep.

theres no way around him being the mastermind at this point, everything hes done so far pretty cements it.

Togami with Tengan AI mindwiped during captivity

>chiaki nanami deeeesu

Delete this before Kevin shows up.

Sleep setting

Because she's an infallible AI rather than a fallible human. Remember how AI Chiaki happily sacrificed herself so she could save her friends while real Chiaki died crying about how she wanted to live?


Why didn't Munakata suspect something was wrong when there were no bodies in Chisa's blown up classroom

Even worse, why didn't he suspect her after her "dead" students turned out to be alive, well, and heading the despair movement?

It's not an exaggeration. Even Juzo knows he ruined everything because he's a homosexual.

2D > 3DPD

No he didn't. If I can't get Hiyoko sobbing uncontrollably as Teruteru plows her with his fat DAIKON I don't know what I'll do.

Because in the game she is 2D inside of a 2D anime. While alive she is a 3D inside a 2D anime.


If you think about it, it's really Munakata's fault for being straight. If he was just gay for Juzo then none of this would have happened.

But he's dead though, how can he go psycho? Are you saying he's the mastermind though?

Despite being canon 2D she had a much more 3D and interesting personality.

This will have a happy ending guys, i may of let the despair get to me originally but i have hope.


Chiaki's my girl but Mahiru has the sexiest panties so I have go with her.

>Munakata's fault for being straight.
Juzofags everyone.

>that monsoon on nyaa

>Putting the sins of many on one man because you're scared of gays.
Just embrace it.

Because Izuru has good tastes.


>Wanting to get fucked in the ass
>Not wanting to destroy Chisa's pussy

There is so much wrong with you.

The outfit is much better

it's actually a funny piece of evidence. We know that AI Chiaki has a mole on her boob, but we don't know for sure if real Chiaki does. She even has her back turned in the beach scene photo in the ED! Even now, we're still left in the dark. They even stuffed her into the background in the bd bonus art instead of giving her equal billing with Mikan like Kirigiri and Asahina.

Why do that?

Can't let you do that pepsi

It's a joke you joyless cunt.

Because of the combined power of boobs, ass, anal, blowjobs, titjobs and creampie

If Kirigiri lives I'm considering this canon.

Those guys are pink splatters now.

>Not realizing it's a joke.

So, what was the point of another scene of Boozeman saying he'll protect Kyouko if anything happens to Jin? Did we really need more proof they're gay dads?

>implying that's not just how post-comatose Chiaki sounds now
Brain damage is a hell of a drug, ask Komeada.


hes actually dead but theres definitely scenes of him setting things up we can see his true nature in, i mean him in episode 5 was pretty clearly his real personality of a manipulative fuck who goes for the low blows.

he likely has a big trump card waiting for the survivors next episode, that chiakizuru theory might actually hold weight and be it since knowing tengan is the mastermind that message about hope he left seems pretty clearly not directed at naegi or mitarai.

These are people who had to stew in being mad at Juzo for 2 whole months, to get to shit on him for a week straight, for Juzo to become the most glorified death in DR history, they're mad, and that's okay.
Have a Juzo user.

Same logic with Mikuru's star shaped hole. It becomes an important detail later on.

I like this


For maximum despair of course.

What was the point of the despair arc?

its no IF user, she WILL live and this is canon.

seriously though, having koichi restate again he will not let kirigiri die pretty much just cements that she is going to be alive next episode.

>komaeda with a gun
>monaca in general
>cucked kazuichi
>you know why
>the means by which they expand... memes.
Is Danganronpa pure memetic gold?

>real Chiaki died crying about how she wanted to live?
;_; pls save her Izuru

Show how the Tragedy happened

I'm confused, are we supposed to take-away that Izuru created AI Chiaki? Was she a virus injected as well as Junko or did Izuru literally work with the FF on the project? Did Izuru create Monomi?

This instills me with hope.

Fanservice for Junkofags.

Seeing as the School Life of Mutual Killing only lasted 23 days, and FF couldn't have possibly have been set up in such a short amount of time, how long do you think the DR cast stayed locked up in their shelter (before Enoshima-Hijack)? What was life like, would Junko risk fucking around with them for shits and giggles?

>this projection
They could be a girl, user. So insecure.

Because of incoming Mikazuru child


A best

to sell through that kirigiri is alive.

Shows what Izuru actually did and offs Chiaki for real

In V3 we should shoot Meme bullets, and we break the forced memes with true, good memes.

It's literally said in DR1 that it's 2 years, secondary.

crazy how the world looks boring and Junko stands out as in we live in a Junko world

To retroactively ruin DR1 and DR2

to set up the explanation for alot of future arc's events and characters

People who act like butthurt idiots grasping at straws to shit on anybody who isn't as anally pained as they are deserve to be called out.

More likely that he just told them about Chiaki, and Alter Ego did the trick.

Reporting in, my friend!

Knowing it's just 3 days remaining till the last Mirai-hen, I just want to let you all know that no matter what happens to our boy, with HOPE, it'll all be right!

So stay strong, my friends! Ever so strong!

if this doesnt happen next episode we murder kodaka

She got mindhacked by the video.


>oh boy we get to see how Junko turned each unique individual in Class 77
>oh boy we get to see Class 77 despairs doing despair things
>well at least it'll be focused on the original Class 77 right?
>DR0 though?

Was literally worthless outside of giving some explanation necessary for Future side.

Yo man the girl on the right might be hot if they detailed her.

So what did they do in the 2 years they were inside?

What if Souda made Robochiaki?

I suspect these things will be fleshed out in the next episode

Junko created Monomi.
AI Chiaki should have been created by Chihiro but who knows if they'll retcon that.
I think Chihiro also created Usami's AI, but Miaya made her "character".


Nonsense. They're both cute and I won't stand for your falseflagging.

Hey man, you gotta do what you gotta do.
I'm totally okay and will support you because we're Juzobrothers and nothing will overcome OUR BOY Juzo.

>oh hey by the way I can wipe memories now
Jesus Christ this fucking writing. I know it's used in DR0 but DR0 was never even fucking given a nod in Despair outside of Spy showing up for one frame (what a shitty spy).

Homework, tests, extracurricular activities.

The ai has a mole because she is a mole infiltrating the ultimate despair

>implying chisa wouldn't be pegging munakata for despair

>DR1: characters easily falling into despair, showed how strong Despair's pull is, and thus how dangerous and scary Junko is
>Despair arc: lol, we just brainwashed everyone

why is he so perfect

and Matsuda you piece of shit

In Junko's own words as soon as they finished locking themselves in her plan went into motion.

I imagine there was at least a little bit of elapsed time. But we already saw what they spent their time doing- building rejected Monokuma models.

It was roughly 2 years from the time they started attending, not 2 years from the time they locked themselves in. Since the mass suicide and breakdown of order took place around the time Class 77 was supposed to be graduating, that would mean that the two years are almost up already.

He would have to have SHSL Shit Taste to even consider fucking Mikan.

guy tsundere is best

Wiping memories has been a thing since DR1 especially considering timeline wise it was used in DR1 shortly after they all barricaded themselves in the latest episode

Jesus you fucks are just grasping for straws to try and tear this apart

Munakata is just as at fault as Juzo is now. They're fuck ups who deserve each other.

Its setting up Izuru as the chosen one that will deliver us from despair.

Kek was the mastermind all along

Aww how'd you know?

They're mine now gundham

It's the real Miaya, and everyone has completed her group psychoanalysis session.

Celeste was too good for this world

Do you even know what a honeytrap is, faggot?

matsuda appeared
Junko's wearing her uniform from the prologue
Junko also subtle references matsuda when she threatens mukuro with the knife she killed him with

>extra fucking unexplained syllable
This is like saying prime is an anagram of vampire.


One year was spent before they locked themselves in. They then spent another year inside the school. It's why class 77 said they graduated.

They're inside of Gundam's new "scarf".

Confused what did izuru want to test?

t. Chiakifag
Ibuki and Mikan are best girls.

>everyone's working their ass off
>sitting there drinking tea

What a bitch

I want this to happen purely because of the amount of butthurt it would cause

In the end it turns out the whole thing is a brainwashing commercial for v3

Keep being delusional

What the fuck is going on

I thought Junko's class didn't know or meet each other, instead they were all invited to Hope Peaks High School which later started the killing game one hour later.

Now we find out they do know each other, they do fucking love despair and they actually sealed themselves in? So how the fuck did they get out and in?

Izuru created AI Chiaki to see if she could stand up against Junko and prove that Hope would be able to prevail. We don't know how she got into the program, but it's possible that Izuru literally just sent a chip with AI Chiaki in it and told (Gekko?) to implement her right before he showed up with his band.

Which side is more unpredictable.

Hope won because even he didnt think Hajime would turn into a super saiyan thanks to Chiaki's tits.

All of the memes in this post:
Were absolute top tier though. I swear this was godlike for memes.

Is this a new meme?

Excellent taste user!

You are actually retarded.

thanks I laughed

I don't need to be a fan of Chiaki to know Mikan is trash, user. Those two things aren't connected.


Please make like a reserve course student and run into a fire.

Is DR3 literally your first exposure to Danganronpa?

You having some basic math issues user?

If you're going to a three year academy, when the class before yours graduates, it means you've been there for two years. Class 78 was at HPA for two years before they locked themselves in.

This isn't fucking rocket science.

Do you? Munakata does whatever the hell Chisa wants him to, barring calling her by her name. He's whipped.

Did Chihiro tuck it in ?

Your waifu is mine now, loser

When is Mukuro gonna get her fucking character development?

Yes she did to anyone who's actually done her FTE

Here's your (You)

I'd be better if they jumped to their death.

I want an Izuru friendship with despair ended, now hope is my best friend meme on my desk by tomorrow morning.

how about full of shit? is that meme?

So, does this mean Izuru was conscious throughout all of DR2?

Think of the fun!

HPA is a 2 year program. It's why there's a "must already be in high school rule." If you look up the character bios, you'll find that all of them had previously went to a different highschool.

>This ride will be over very soon
>I'll have to leave Cred Forums after drv3 comes out


Mukuro isn't a character, she's a plot device who exists to let Junko get her way.

And i've got yours now

It happened. She is an amoral monster like her sister.

if he pulls out the ahoge will he die?

calm down lads

not so fast

Just watch more anime! This website is for anime discussion anyway!

DR1: they receive an invitation to High Peak School, no one knows each other, the killing game starts when they realize they're sealed until it's over

DR2: basically sword art online with more brain washing

DR3: the shit we're seeing

>we'll actually never see the RoD destroying the world in details

Naegi and Sayaka likely fucked, Jin was doing more investigation with Kyoko on who was really behind everything and Junko and Mukuro were off planning the killing game in secret. The others were doing whatever

It would be extremely hopeful

Ibuki friends report!
Why do you love this beautiful guitarist?

>we'll never know who fucked junkos corpse
It's like they're just ignoring all the actual questions I had after DR2.

But user.

I'm too lazy.


>I know it's used in DR0
And also DR1 and DR2? Did you just forget?

Dude, what.

Teru did. Who the fuck else would?

Wow you just wrote out how retarded you actually are and posted it.


She's a breath of fresh air.

I'm waiting for v3 to get localized before touching a thread again. It all ends within a week for me. I'm gonna miss you faggots ;_;

We got to kill Chiaki, 8/10 for that alone.

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigirbros, Juzoboys, and I guess Chisapals too that this story will have a happy ending!


I got choked up knowing this was the last scene we'll have of her pre-despair.


Don't they say it wasn't just sex, but they tried to knock up her corpse?
Of course, this means there's only one possibility, the SHSL breeder.

>tfw waiting for PC release
Just filter everything DR related.



Would anyone be interested in watching a season devoted in the character development and the interactions of the Council before the tragedy? Could you watch it knowing what will happen eventually?

I thought about cropping that, thanks for doing it

The worst part is they started showing some of it then switch over to the stooges from class 74 after.


Sorry no. He got the best ending he possibly could considering how bad he fucked up.

Is Chisa even alive still or is the movie theater thing the only proof she has?

If they spent so much time together, why couldn't they remember each other and how did they seal the building from the inside to simply walk back in with the invitation?

>PCWORLD release
But user I actually own a vita

Only if it's 12 episodes of cute cinnamon roll doing perfect things too perfect for this world.

What systems is it gonna be on anyway

Going by what we've seen so far that whole segment could have just been more lies by Junko.

I want to see 24 episodes of Pikachu living a happy life.

I'm tired

No you retard the point of that ending was to show hope nor despair won. But a completely new path which was future

reserve course students are so full of themselves


PS4/Vita initially

So you've seen the first episode of the DR1 anime and read a shitty synopsis of DR2.

So basically nothing.

ok. Well whatever, it was something Izuru couldnt predict which was Hinanami giving him memories and drive.

No, because that would make their retarded killing game even more retarded.

holy shit

>despair is spread through memes
holy shit how many memes has this anime churned up so far?

It makes no sense that the anime showed them getting sealed in before the worldwide anarchy happened. It was just a localized riot at the time we see them boarding the place up. At that point it would have been safer for them to go almost anywhere else instead of holing up in a building across the street from the incident.

I hope most of us have already come to terms with his fate, brother. His departing was so great and full of feelings that I have no regrets. And how could I?

Once again, brother: I don't believe we could have ever asked for a closure better than what we got, specially since we more or less knew what was coming!

Sadly, I am the same. I might stick for a while, here and there, but I will be gone as soon as V3 comes out.

No. Those morons lasted all of 10 seconds before swinging chainsaws at each other, and there was zero brainwashing involved.
The weakest collection of idiots Dangronpa has ever had.

>i don't want bland waifubait to live makes me edgy

Fuck off Chiakiautists

Munakata fucked up harder and he's still alive.

5th from left

>We already have a sprite for each of them
Anyone here good at pretending to be Komatsuzaki?

this meant for

I love Chiaki
I don't care if she's waifubait trash I'll always love her and there is nothing you can do about it

Who /chiaki/ here?

What? Is that wrong?

That's not what he said, he said they never explained where it came from.

Theory time:
So, I read up on this line and it made me wonder about how long Hope's Peak had been founded for since it's inception.
>Timeline starts at 2010, 77th Class' enrollment of Hope's Peak Academy
>firefly20ffm.tumblr.com/post/56156894982/trying-to-figure-out-a-complete-dr-timeline as proof
>77th class: 2010 = 76th class enrolled in 2009, 75th in 2008 and so on.
>That leaves the founding of Hope's Peak Academy in the year 1933, with the first class being founded that year.
>What was happening in Japan at that time?
>Japanese Empire expanding
This quote:
>The Founder Kamukura might have also had Ultimate Analysis, he could foretell the path Japan was heading into
>Kamukura may have had many talents, considered to be the greatest mind in Japan at the time
>He may have founded Hope's Peak as a safe-haven for the brilliant minds of Japan
>Japanese government saw this as a way to create the leaders that will lead the Japanese Empire
What about Tengan?
>Most likely a child or teenager during WWII
>Might have seen the horrors of war and despair at an early age
>When he enrolled in Hope's Peak (estimated 1940-1950), Kamukura might have still been headmaster
>Kamukura's ideals of hope combined with Tengan's view of despair from war may have ?created a warped view of the world inside him
>Tengan became headmaster to lead Japan in a booming age of prosperity
>Post-war economic miracle caused by HPA Alumni
>Tengan must have started the idea of the Kamukura project bc he idolized the founder
>Claims he was "against" human experimentation but in reality he wanted the alumni and scientists to find a way to create the ultimate hope again.
>Tengan may want to create a utopia of super-intellectuals to carry out his own twisted view of Kamukura's vision
This may be why he sacrificed himself; he already discovered the secret to transferring minds and talents to other bodies, so he can die in his old vessel and live in a younger one.

Well thank god for that.

Munakata didnt let Junko blackmail him. The only thing Munakata has done wrong is gone too crazy over removing and killing all despair, but it's not like that's anything too bad that cant be fixed.

So was Izuru the one that made AI Chiaki?

>fucked up harder
>trusted his best friends
>one of them despaired
>one of them LITERALLY betrayed him
kill yourself

What are her horns made of?


are you the one who keep postin the indian fight scene ? youtube.com/watch?v=byOw4AYd7-8

Making DRZero not relevant

or maybe it happens between despair events

>liking trash

>Might have seen the horrors of war and despair at an early age
You mean the bright white flash of freedom eliminating hundreds of thousands of child murdering gooks?

No, their killing game was the exact moment that the Despair arc jumped the shark.

>muh symbols of hope.
Basically everyone at HPA are SHSL self important.

>playing School Mode
>every character gets potentially triggered and doesn't have fun by a seemingly normal statement
Are real people like this too

I'm more partial to Mahiru but Chiaki also holds a special place in my heart.

No he wasn't

Munakata could have gotten off his ass if he actually wanted to be thorough.
But hey stay mad at Juzo, that's the initial reason I clung to the guy, butthurt from posters like you.
Only difference is instead of "Muh edgy" it's now "Muh gay"

So, why were they wearing their old school uniforms that they only used for their first day at HPA when they were boarding up the school?
Speaking of, has there been any Komatsuzaki art of Future cast?

>that gap between the pecs

deepest lore

>trusted his friend so much
>both betrayed him

Fucking Juzo with his gay sekrit

And Kodaka never will.

>When you fall in love with a fictional minor character who dies in 2 minutes

Except the school has defenses to keep people the fuck out along with the outside getting increasingly violent by the minute. They didn't want to take any chances

obaachan said, she is the man who walks in the path of heaven

Because out of everyone in her class she deserved the shit she got dealt the least. Except Chiaki, anyway.

Fuyuhiko and Peko were murderers. Mikan is a goddamn borderline psychopath. Hiyoko is a tremendous bitch. Mahiru is a nice girl but kind of bitchy for someone who prefers traditional gender roles. Nagito is out of his goddamn mind. Akane is just a meme. Sonia is cute but fairly boring. Nidai is SHIT. Soda is a registered sex offender and would have probably landed a restraining order from basically everyone. Teruteru's strike zone is literally everything.

Gundam is pretty cool, but the chuuni shit would wear thin if he got more screen time. Imposter is kind of a bro as well, but he's, well, an imposter. He tricks people by trade. You can never REALLY trust him because it might all be a ruse.

Ibuki did literally nothing wrong. She never hurt a fly. Was never mean to anyone. Never lied to anyone. Was always on board when someone wanted to start some group activity. And all she really wanted was someone who would accept her as she was.

Ugh, I forgot all about the giant dog. Why was that even there? It was ridiculously stupid and silly, even for this series.

She was such a nice girl she picked up the frying pan out of all the weapons available to her.

She didn't want to hurt her friends even in this hopeless, desperate situation.

She was too pure and sweet for this world.

There also 2 SHSL Student Council.Its not that weird

After I beat DR2, Mahiru was my DR2 waifu. Celestia was my DR1 waifu and my overall Danganronpa waifu.

After watching the anime, real Chiaki is my DR3 and overall Danganronpa waifu and AI Chiaki is now my DR2 waifu.

I want to know what the friendship between Kyoko and Naegi looked like before the end of the world. Completely ignoring any shipping, those two interacting is always adorable.

Can someone post the full version of the despair arc ending?
I'll trade you with it's opening.


>only used for their first day at HPA

Holy shit you still don't realize that Junko and everyone have been attending class since she showed up.

Man, Fourze was such a good show.

i know this is pretty redundant, but what junko did is pretty fucked up


I really hope they use Beautiful Ruin at some point in the last episode.

Because they're only able to wear one type of uniform and totally not able to change clothes like Junko does apparently

Yes, he was. He created her in order to see if she could overcome the Junko AI. Which of course adds an interesting bit of complexity to their relationship.

>danganronpa background waifus
Look man, they're only in this shit to die.

I'll defend a lot of shit, but this is one oddity. I can kind of accept it, but it's so far gone even compared to everything else.

>Akane is just a meme. Sonia is cute but fairly boring. Nidai is SHIT.
>b-but Ibuki isn't the same I swear

Top tier delusion here

>all those deeeesu's from chiaki when she introduced herself in the end clip

>Boozemans stupid smile

I miss him bros

I laughed when she got stabbed in the gut and thrown like a rag doll

>P-Please, don't let me die neko-look-alike

If there was a season devoted to her and the big guy falling slowly for eachother, ohhh boy

>She was too pure and sweet for this world.

Not to mention too weak and stupid for this world.

There were a lot of things working against her survival.

>actually cute design


Absolutely flawless taste reporting in

Noce reading comprehension.

He was too good for this world

Luck is OP as fuck.
Two characters get it.
I actually think the way luck works is the most interesting part of dangan

Big guy doesn't deserve love. He's literally worse than Junko.

He was one of the best characters. He actually willingly died for Jin's hope.

It sure was.

Where the FUCK are the non troll subs

>that seat position

Is Togami confirmed the real MC?

>spotted the secondary

That's a nice headcanon but in the end AI Chiaki did not beat Junko, she just helped Hajime BELIEVE

You know who I'd fuck
The cute blond surfer twink from v3


Izuru says meme, look it up it makes sense, meme isn't some hip phrase new kids developed to troll you user.

His design is the most boring one out of all the guys though.

[Hope] subs are better than Funi subs, fuck off.

Togame thinks he's MC of the planet, so he probably took that spot himself.

my friend of African american decent

Whatever happen to Mitarai?

>not liking [Hope] subs
What is wrong with you?

Move Byakuya up a tier and you're basically me.

>It's time to part ways

Still, would of been more impactful if there was idk very least more time for the council, and maybe a longer episode to the tragedy

Same, he'd better not be the first to die as the preview implies. I want a cocky dickhead Nagito.

But he's evil

Nah, the chair Naegi is sitting on is a red herring, Naegi probably sits even more to the back, outside of the frame.
Why did the members of class 78 wear their uniforms right? Class 77 had many more truants in that regard

He finished his anime.
If fact, you're watching it right now.


Munakata didn't look into Chisa after her students that she swore were dead turned up as the remnants as despair.

He wasn't even blackmailed, he's just a fucking idiot.

Nope. I played through SDR2 and thought it was Chihiro for the longest time, but after DR3 - and the epilogue with Izuru's own monologue - I am convinced that he was the one. In fact, AI Chiaki's behavioral quirks, like being an obsessive seeker of knowledge, point to her being Izuru's 'child' because he'd be the type who would want somebody he could teach things to in order to try and stave off his boredom and (hopefully) bring him to a more unpredictable, interesting result.

That -is- beating her. Did you forget how Naegi beat Junko? He gave everyone his HOPE. AI Chiaki was the one who gave Hajime HOPE. He even flat-out told Naegi that he wasn't the one he should be thanking for saving the others and taking down Junko.

He left the planet, his people needed him more

I think you misread what I meant, they had different uniforms at Hope's Peak which they wore in the photos, the ones they wore in the game were from their old schools which is why I'm confused since they've been attending Hope's Peak for a while now.

>as the preview implies

So he's not the first one to die

>not liking hope

Fuck you despair

>Kirigiri doesn't even appear in this episode

>instead, we get some hardcore nostalgia as we're treated to Naegi thirsting for Sayaka

I dunno guys. If she were gonna live wouldn't they have first tried to manipulate our emotions a little more by showing us some early Kirigiri and Naegi awkwardness and tug our heartstrings some?

>I want a cocky dickhead Nagito.
So... just Nagito again?

We already got that in Future 9.

That wouldn't be too hard to explain away. She could say they must've already turned into despairs and faked their deaths.

Why does Danganronpa have no cute short haired girls

Here's hoping they go full ham and just make Kirigiri alive because Cure W again and woops turns out Izuru saved Chiaki or something and they fight the master mind or Izuru 2.0 or something.

Did you miss the part where Junko until this episode was wearing her DR1 outfit?


There's always room for more. You know, give the knife another good twist.


Ruruka's hair is pretty short.

Mahiru, you piece of shit.

Celeste without her wig. Chiaki's hair is kind of short. I assume the list goes on.

Nagito wasn't cocky dummy

AI chiakers has a better outfit than real but says desu too much

Chiaki talks about her father and brother in a way that makes it clear the father is Chihiro and brother is Alter Ego.

If Izuru is the father who the hell is the brother?

They never got close until the Killing Games.

Did you forget his suicide video?

>praise me
>build a statue in honor of me

Tengan, who is the real Izuru's son.

Whats wrong with that?


But real Chiaki is DTF.

AI Chiaki is too autistic to know if she's DTF(She is but she doesn't know it yet.)

I said cute

I'm gonna end up with one of these for every character at this rate.

Nagito was super submissive, and willing to put himself out for anyone who wanted him to. I want the new guy to have some other thing he follows other than hope, and maybe be some sort of playboy.



He needs his own game

That was after he learned what everyone was. Before that he was a hope cumslut


Reminder that AI Chiaki was superior but articulated herself like a child in her diary.

Ruru is cute, and so is Celes.

There's also Monakers

You probably like garbage like Mikan.


>Fuyuhiko and Peko killing all the diet members.
>Sonia using her country's military to bomb cities
>Akane beating up guys in an alley.

Why is Akane so shti?

You say that like it's not part of what makes her superior.

>Drill-less Celeste
Are we talking about the same series?

Mahiru is adorable.

I wonder how he'd feel if he knew about Chisa

Are you retarded?

Pikachu's hair is pretty long, you just can't see it very well.

>yfw HOPE arc is a recap of DR2


That's the mystery, but frankly after that monologue that very strongly implied that Izuru was the one to create her, combined with how they outright refused to ever show Chiaki interacting with Chihiro, Miaya, or anyone at all who supposedly contributed to the NWP I'm guessing that she really wasn't made by him. It's possible that he sent her to the FF as an anonymous donation and they simply slotted her in with all the other AI that were already in like Alter Ego and Monomi, which could lead to an adoptive sibling-like relationship.

>Izuru worked with FF on the program and created Chiaki alongside AE creating Usami's AI and Gekko designing Usami
>Izuru then convinced that FF team to use Junko as the final piece for class 77 to .overcome their despair
>Izuru talks about using Junko like she used him (used him to bring despair, he'll use her to bring hope) in DR2-0.

Ok, yeah, Mukuro was cute,

Her too.


Because she's a direct, pure-hearted girl with a cute hairstyle/attire and an upbeat attitude.

Shes cute and I want her to not be an autistic AI
Hinata fucked up programming

It's the same outfit. The only different is that real Chiaki doesn't wear her hood as often.

Akane's talent doesn't have world ending potential.

Even Ibuki and Hiyoko could do more damage than her.

Kodaka really loves MGS, doesn't he?
Just watched the episode. It was GOAT

>dangan ronpa games are on sale on steam

finally spike does something right

Would you say she takes your breath away?

I'm annoyed by Izuru giving hope a shot, the whole fucking end dilemma of DR2 was that both hope and despair were shit so FUTURE their ass. The final episode being HOPE pisses on that.

She is rotten, not garbage.

Ok, time to start culling the waifus here

This girl offers you dewicious sweets at the back of her van.
What do you do?

>that chin lift

He's going to be the smug schemer huh

I wonder if he'll be the SHSL ???

No, the brown looks hideous on Chiaki as does most of the characters..

Akane is more of a frontline fighter than a despair spreading tool.


kill her

I thought they were showing all the SDR2 survivors so that it would link with Future 12 but then they didn't even show Soda who could have been building some crazy shit.

I'm down to be mind controlled by her candy if she feeds it to me out of her vagina.

When there's any ambiguity I'm going to value the evidence from the good game higher than the stuff from the awful anime.

Why doesn't Ibuki have a counterpart


Rip open her jacket and grope her soft breasts while she's defenseless as I don't even like candy.

Hey there kids, can i have what shes offering?

I think it looks nice on her.

Except this is retarded and contradicts everything

>I'm annoyed by Izuru giving hope a shot
That's why he did DR2 and as a result of that he/Hajime learned that both are stupid and they should just plow to the future with both despair and hope.

Just replace "HOPE arc" with "super happy ending where everyone gets their waifus arc"

Her design, personality, taste in music, the fact that not only is she a metalhead herself, but plays metal music as well. Female rock stars are GOAT, and criminally underrated.

In what way? Literally nothing happened.

Is that something people really do?

She wasn't real. Never existed.


>lewd, but i don't mind

I swear I remember reading something where SOMEone said that Makoto getting at least somewhat close to Kirigiri was just a return to status quo.

Maybe Mukuro said it in IF. I mean I know IF isn't canon. But I had assumed things Mukuro and Naegi (after his memories started coming back) said about things that happened during their school years were true.

It not her fault the school gave the reserve course better uniforms.

>SHSL ???

They're reusing that title again?

Well okay, in that case...
Chiaki talks about her father having trouble with a 'puzzle'. That puzzle was, in fact, about Hope and Despair. She said he could be pretty manly behind a computer, and we know Izuru wasn't always the most manly character, especially with his breakdown in 2-6.

Even in the original, you can find evidence.

The shoes and backpack are different too
He's right too the brown looks awful

Are you saying you would usually mind if something is lewd?

Just look at that outfit. The HPA uniform does not do this shortcake's body justice.

>eat my god damn candy FFFFFFF
Seriously, what was this chick's problem?

>Just replace "HOPE arc" with "super happy ending where everyone gets their waifus arc"

Except that's not happening unless this whole thing has been Mitarai's anime.

>that image
All of my heart.

It's probably not common but if I'm giving up my free will for her, she has to at least do that much for me.

Kodaka is a hack

Turn 360 degrees and walk away.

You act as if this shitshow had been thought of at the time DR2 was written, which it obviously wasn't.

Her candy was literally all she had to offer.


Why must you do this? Just take your (you)... ;_;

Eh, insist on it most of the time but never envisioned her like that to be honest

Since when does Chiaki wear a glove?

Is what's on the monitor porn or just ecchi fan art?

I won't beg for sauce but if you'd be kind enough for at least the website name it would help.

Bad taste.

>tfw their problems could've been avoided if Ruruka just learned to make sugar free candy.

What a faggot

She was a literal example of the very thing Chiaki had warned Hinata about- people who let their talents define their entire lives.

The Ultimate Confectioner being friends with someone who couldn't eat candy was just un fucking acceptable.

And being Japan, things like common sense or compromise don't exist, so making a sugar free snack never even occurred to her, or she wouldn't do it if it had. Meeting someone halfway is GREAT DISHONORU.

not him but this is kind of like the only pic I have of them together

take it

Its the sleeve


>I know you have a lot of work to catch up on but I need you literally right now so take your lunch break and let's go to my office

Look at that monitor again and try to decipher what those words might be.

So why couldn't she just make sugarless candy like in your picture?

Yeah you too pal

So now you're just sticking your head in the sand? Okay, enjoy Leon and Teruteru's interactions, I guess.

So then Mitarai's anime it is

She isn't.

That's unprotected hand on hand action, friend.

>naegibot in the middle
Literally jesus

I got some more

naegi and kirigiri only got close/romantically interested in each other after the killing game.

Fuck off niggerlord.

Moar geimu

It says Chiaki Despair Dungeon, but googling that just gave me youtube links to her execution.


You people are just grasping at straws aren't you? You decided this anime was bad and use all sorts of mental gymnastics to see whatever flaws you can and prevent yourselves from enjoying it. Or maybe it is that you can't enjoy anything anymore. Is that it you damned despair. You were hopeless from the start. after all a hope that can be lost so easily cannot be called true hope.

Because Kodaka is a hack.

>telling the SHSL Confectioner how to do her job

ecchi fan art mostly, found it here somewhere some days ago

Now that Despair is over how would you rate it?


Nagito is a fucking savage

Tie bro, is that you?

>Chiakifags are autisic virgin manchildren confirmed

Feels good

Why is Sonia so cute when you agree with her?

So how did nobody notice our based [HOPE] did this?

2/10 for the memes.

7/10. Had potential, didn't make the most of it.


jokes aside it was pretty fucking terrible and lacked obviously needed content.

Much appreciated user.

Too bad he's case 1 victim

Nagito can be savage when he isnt just being hopeman

Luck can be explained though. When you try to study what's unpredictable you'd probably need more trials than a filthy Hopeslut.

Hey do you like Chiaki, nigger man? If you like Chiaki then reply to this post.

They can't do this to me.


I won't take her sweets but I'd spoon her and get comfy. Why is she so soft

Him bullying the fuck out of me and then killing my waifu made me slightly upset


Life is not a first-person shooter, Chiakers. Put the gun down.

That's not a uniform, that's just an outfit so it'd make sense for her to wear it outside of school hours. Maizono was definitely wearing her old high school's uniform this episode.

>Komaeda is Hopefilled 24/7
>Even when despaired, he seeks the hope
>Plans within Plans to bring about hope, even if its sucidial and kills everyone
>And dat smile and laughter, melts the heart
Is there anyone that can really stop our boy Nagito?

6-7/10. It had potential, and I really liked real Chiaki's character and thought she provided an interesting alternative to AI Chiaki as a more vulnerable, human take on her. If she got more screentime to do things, I'm sure that she would've been liked by more people.

Yeah it was seen with the other talents in the boxart. Something tells me SHSL ??? will be the blonde boy

DR1 had the heroine Kirigiri with that title. DR2 had the MC Hajime with that title. DRV3 could mix it up a bit meaning Kaede and Black Cap will get titles right off the bat.

Can anyone dethrone Chiaki from her title as softest girl?

I really want to see Komeada right after Junko dies and he's still in despair but is fucking lost because hope won. Right into UDG Komeada

Despite the bullying hopeman was your waifu?
Because otherwise he wanted chiaki to live and all you to die being a ardent defender of hope

The point is it literally doesn't matter what the fuck they're wearing. They don't have to be wearing the HPA uniform 24/7

what if a challenger appears?

Kaede would have had a chance of she wasn't the MC.

essentially the anime retconned the game just by having chiaki exist in the first place

i dont like it at all

I want Boozeman and Gekko to be alive

>this art was a spot on


There's no way Nagito doesn't play a major role next week.

Do you know why?

>m-muh Chiaki

We'll see her alive soon. Just have hope!

Did someone say ... HOPE?!

She'll assert her dominance by making the cutest pouty faces you'll ever see.


It's not that they aren't wearing their HPA uniforms, it's that they're wearing uniforms from their old school when they stopped attending a year ago. It would be like if a high school student suddenly started wearing their middle school uniform again.



>all other AI, bar simplistic ones like Usami, were based on real people
>Nagito wasn't surprised to see her at all because he had already looked up everyone
The hints were there.

>Cred Forums basically /drg/ 2.0 with the constant Chiaki cancer posting

Why don't you go back there if you like it so much?

don't kid yourself. they 100% did not have dr3 in mind when they were making dr2, not even remotely.



>hey look I'm mad here is my contribution to the thread
Make sure to bump the new one with your cancerous butthurt posting



All the meme pairings have to come true.
We need hope-flavor Donuts and the dancing bitch needs some DAIKON!
But that is not enough, we need to go memeier

yeah chiakifags are the worst posting the same shit pic over and over again

New thread

So was I the only one who noticed Chihiro's training paying off when he carried those crates?

new thread

Does Kodaka have an ahoge fetish?

Are you banking on Kibou-hen to reveal everyone alive?

2/10. It was awful and managed to damage the series as a whole.

I'm more surprised by the lack of blood left behind after probably puncturing both of his femoral arteries

That's why Cred Forums has become so shitty. Cancerous waifufags like Kirigirifags and Chiakifags keep killing what little fun that was on these threads.

I liked it towards the end and that makes me want to rate it higher, but I know that almost all throughout it was pretty eh.

Maybe 4/10.

Not really Izuru follows her because he wanted to hear the good news and Boxerboy did not want Persona to know he wanted to get in his Boxers.

In one reality that is what happened.

Yeah, it's called Kibou-hen.

I hop on to these threads hoping for some formal discussion and theories, all I get is dank memes.

Pretty good taste in the guys. Shitty in the girl's