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What went wrong?

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Nothing, MAL/reddit retard people like it, so Madhouse did it's job.
The reaction remind me Rokka anyway.

The source material was shit.

fuck you I like it

Nothing in particular. Some people don't like the MC, but it's not the show's problem. Expectations just weren't met because the bar was set by LOGH, Geass, etc.

Too short?

Artstyle should've followed the manga/later ln volumes art.

It is above average as far as shows go, but 13 episodes won't be enough for this kind of thing.

>character design
leave that style for an original or a source material with almost the same design

i like it too, but the source material IS shit. 'sleepy' general? 'science'? his arch-nemesis being the 'insomniac' general. god fucking christ. the only thing that can wipe the bad taste this show leaves in my mouth is a re-watch of legend of the legendary heroes. also, i sincerely hope this isn't rize taneda's last role...

The cast sucks. The only person that doesn't have the personality of a rock is Ikta, and that's because he's an annoying asshole.

It's bad enough that MC's a gary stu and I almost dropped the anime with the most recent asspull of him and the nigress being childhood friends.

The only reason I'm still watching this is because of the redhead

Writing a smart person is hard, so the author just made everybody else idiots or comically evil.

Sameface designs with big lips. Also madhouse being madhouse (shit).

>talks shit about heroes
>always the first to volunteer for impossible missions
>constantly complaining about people being "unscientific"
>lops his own finger off without a second thought because some backwater fucks think it's tradition
>lets best girl die because he thinks it takes three fucking days to get acclimated to a higher altitude
>actually engages the much larger force in direct combat instead of immediately resetting the fire after they recovered from the surprise attack
>everyone still sucks his dick because he and Yatori are the only actual characters

Because I have Yang Wenli.
I don't need the amateurishly written dimestore version.

>I like it
>but the source material is shit and the show leaves a bad taste in my mouth

>You can't like shit.

Only one cour

He think something went wrong
Why are you such a normalfag OP

Well, I actually don't believe you can, but leaving that aside, even if you believe in objective quality, "the only thing that can wipe the bad taste this show leaves in my mouth is a re-watch of legend of the legendary heroes" sure doesn't make it sound like you enjoy the show.

Literally nothing went wrong, it's a great series and the closest we have to a modern LoGH.

>What went wrong?
nothing. best show of the season. hands down.

the nips hated it, but then they all have shit taste so fuck them. This was the only show all season I was looking forward to.

Only SEA weaboos like this garbage anf for once nip have good taste.

Mc didn't warn of the air sickness in the mountain. If he knew so much he should gave a tip to the staff to aware of the forward units at the front. But far too late.

>Only SEA weaboos like this garbage anf for once nip have good taste.

listen, the author isn't great, the source material isn't great, the military shit isn't great, but overall this anime is one of the few airing this season that isn't generic retread tripe. For that it's better then most of what aired. A fantasy military drama? I'll take it. Same reason i was able to stick through Argevollen to the end, even though Argevollen was horrible tripe.

This is much better then Argevollen, and the author of this is ALMOST able to convey his thoughts intelligently enough to make this worth the time.

Did I say I thought this was a masterpiece? NOPE. that said it's easily my favorite of the season. Frankly i've dropped almost everything airing this season. only other anime i finished was Amaama to Inazuma; probably will finish Re: zero at some point cause everyone is talking about it, and it wasn't completely worthless, Shokugeki no Souma, though I enjoy the manga more then the anime, i'll probably finish the anime just because. See? I hated this season with a passion. so it's not like i'm setting the bar high by claiming I thought Alderamin was the best release of the season. This was a solid C+ to B- show. which of course meant it was better then everything else airing in this season full of C- or worse shows.

>This was a solid C+ to B- show. which of course meant it was better then everything else airing in this season full of C- or worse shows.
How can you write this shit with a straight face while 91 Days is airing.
Frankly, I feel insulted.

I love mobster movies. dropped 91 days on ep 2. Just doesn't work in anime format.

That's a retarded opinion.
What the hell is the anime format?
23-24 minutes of airtime?

Anything can work in whatever constraints you choose if you write it right.
And 91 Days tells a suspenseful story with interesting characters and relationships in a succinct way.
Above all else it doesn't cling to the same shitty overused tropes that Alderamin is positively riddled with.

Hell, your beloved military dramas aren't exactly tailor made for the anime format either, but stuff like LOGH works like a charm.

>beloved military dramas
not really a military drama fan either.

I just like it because its a rarely used format in anime (and don't point at gundam, very few gundam series do the military part remotely accurately, that said there are gundam series i've enjoyed)

Alderamin has a few things I like. The MC is almost entertaining at times, the military strategy is just competent enough to keep me from facepalming or cringing; and while the redhead is a fucking superhero swordsman (easily the least interesting character in the story, even if she's the hottest design) the rest of the cast mostly makes up for her shortcomings.

I'm not knocking on people who like 91 days. I just don't. Not sure why but by ep 2 i was done with it. And I love mob dramas. Just didn't like this one.

not this user ^^

ep 2, 20min 50 sec -> 22min 00 sec. best 70 seconds in the whole season in any show airing. It built up to that scene nicely too. Pretty much guaranteed I'd watch the rest of the series.

No one would listen to him

>This is much better then Argevollen,
Let's not say things we can't take back now.

Alderamin might get an E for effort but that doesn't mean it's a good show.

>Argevollen was horrible tripe

Not to forget that Arslan Senki aired this season and while not perfect, it's still a better anime about military tactics than fucking Alderamin.

Narsus >>>>> Sorlok
Darjun >>>>>> redhead

go to sleep digi

I don't know how, but it someway managed to be incredibly rushed and at the same time, almost nothing happened.

Not to mention, both main characters are dicks and are wrong more part of the time but the show insist into trying to make them "logic" and "cool" and that the others are the ones wrong, but fail miserably.

Last week for example they wanted to make it look as if the liutenent was being emotional and irrational when the reality was, they sacrificed half unit to save dumb brown girl childhoodfriend,

Everything is based around wanking horrible MC


>sleepy general vs imsoniac general
From this alone i can already this is another top tier garbage ln shitter cringe material. Not to mentioned
>mc kun super conviniently a childhood friend of brown girl


The character only acts like a dick and annoys everyone every time he opens his mouth, acts selfish and ignores the orders and picks fights with his superiors all the time. As consequence he is belittled and sometimes treated badly but we the expectators have to know his virtues and we are suposed to root for him?

But the thing is...he is actually being a selfish annoying guy. That formula could work if he was being treated unfairly but considering his actions the way other characters treat him doesn't feel unfair, it feels the right thing to do considering what he did.

How can feel bad for him being treated badly if he is being treated just like he deserves?

>implying arvgevollen is anywhere near redeemable shit
>implying a slight improve argevollen is anywhere near aots when 91 days and mp100 existed.

Pros: exists and people talk about it without constantly losing their shit (even if no one has any action during the show, even off screen)
2.No serendipity or pity. sorak did not make it in time at the last second to save the fortress and when he started cutting his finger no one stopped him (in most shows they would bitch out and the girl would say "that is enough, I see your resolve so words are enough")
1.sorak dick riding
2.sorak bitches a lot but in the end does nothing. even in hated iron blood orphans the orphans had enough of their superiors and did something about it. Here sorak knows how shit is going to go down but instead planing to take out the incompetent leader (or even using his pull with the princess,etc) he just goes along with it all, focused on saving his group while glossing over that 10.000 people on his side died. same with knighthood, he bitched and moaned but in reality had 100 opportunists to run away if he wished

well he is from pre industrial society. I will admit that "easy war" threw me for a loop since usually in such settings people bitch about how its not fair that they can die from a sniper/arrow without having a chances to fight for survival. even in more modern settings, in anime about imperial japan people complain how nukes are unfair and even today they complain about how drones are not fair and easy war leads to more frivolous wars. I don't really have a stance one way or the other but this show contradicted that.

>rize taneda
Whats wrong with it? Haruka Chisuga was the one that did not fit

>nigress being childhood friends.
The probability of her also becoming the village chief is as astronomical as Ahmad from marco polo finding his mother in a whore hours and fucking her because she was one of the 3 options offered as a bribe.

>modern LoGH.
nah, its more like pic mixed with Valkyria Chronicles

>fuck them
If they don't like it that means there will be no lewd doujin for you (because west can't draw for shit)

It's not that far-fetched, really. MC's dad was a high ranking soldier; so, if he's in that village with his son, of course he would meet with the village chief and of course his son would meet the village chief's kid.

I think he means that she will hopefully not succumb to the japanese cold.

Are you retarded?
hell they should already know. They have been guarding that border for years and yet don't know such basics as air sickness and that you may need warmer clothing? one would think it would be in some ancient manual/rule book that would not have been pawned off. even if you play up "the evil commander" his staff could have removed him.In real life its usually customary to take a guide, am I to believe that no one from the mountains ever joined the army or that the locals(the ones that like that) did not want to help with advice?
The princess could have removed the moment second-in-command died(with a nudge from sorak for whom she has hots) but then we won't have situations for sorak to "fix"

We all know why you watch Arslan. Arslan is too idealistic for me, its as romanticized as romance of 3 kingdoms but even with less bite. I don't like arslans naive outlook, it basically makes narsus do all the work(it reminds me too much of hitler) any sympathy I may have had for hermes dried up fast and I could not give 2 shits about Joan of Arc struggles with her faith

I did not get the church bit. I get that they follow the same faith but why would a foreign theocracy have any say in another countries generals spiritual crimes

oh, yeah sorry. I read that as "I hope this is" but I did not see anything wrong with her performance so I inquired about it.

At least the setting makes some semblance of sense.

Was his dad even there? I recall him being on an expedition with the scientist and his dad did say he did not like to go without his family but who knows. your point makes sense but her being taken with him to a point she would sneak into his bed (and be only girl to do so) still feels strange.

>At least the setting makes some semblance of sense.
but no more than dynasty warriors

Think on it like ISIS, they just need any excuse to invade any country in the name of god even if they have the same faith.

Who read LN? Did ep12 next will be interesting?

Which is better what Alderamin does, by having a setting which is only tailor made to lend itself to scenarios in which the MC can succeed without much effort on the writers part and the rest is just there to look "cool".

Don't forget sacrifice his own unit to save the people one day ago was their enemies and killed his friends just to "redeem" himself for not saving the girl at the fortress (because lets be honest here, that was the only reason).

>Couldn't save her this time I'll do something
>Yeah I saved her
>12 of our friends died!
>Welp, It can't be helped

nothing went wrong, it's the only anime I'm still following from this season along with 91 Days.

I'm not sure about Amanchu that's one I want to pick up, but does it do justice to the manga?

They killed the love interest, thereby killing all interest in the anime.

I know its just an excuse for them. Im confused by why the general himself seemed worried about it. They found the army because he sent out a force to track down and kill the priests so that the truth would not get out but why does he care. He does not know that the army is on its way and he wanted excitement in his life so them starting shit would be a good way for him to gain promotions

imagine if he had been sent to the south border.There seems to be no limit to how worldly he is.

Believe it or not it's possible to enjoy or like elements of a show or the potential it showed in the beginning but objectively dislike the end or complete product

His thought probably was "they are gonna report this and invade us" that's why he send soldiers to chase them because "if they don't report they wont have reasons to invade".

General was retarded to the point he didn't even relize it was only an excuse and that the invasion would take any way.

I enjoyed it, MC and Yatori combo is pretty entertaining.

The rest of the characters aren't needed but yeah the limited episodes is not enough for a show like this, I hope for more but I'm not holding my breath.


The flashback with wolves was hilarious
His whole speech about being kind to the enemy was stupid (as was the scene were the kid got a nosebleed from a flick) followed by his ex lovers daughter hero worshiping him and basically how upsetting it is that others don't see his saintly nature. This show has a lot of dumb

oh saint ikta, why must you suffer so

I'm far behind the show because this season overall bored me so much I let a lot of shit to pile up and now it's hard to give a shit.
I thought the show was alright. Definetely better than the average LNshit, and I like MCs like Ikta in these kinds of settings.
My problem is that I literally can't say what the fuck any of the episodes I watched were about. They all just blend together.

yeah but like I sad would not he want them to invade? He is at a dead end job but an invasion would boost his career and revitalized his fortress with reinforcements. hell he is kind of lucky that they are invading so fast because he can write off some of his incompetence.
>"if they don't report they wont have reasons to invade".
"kill the investigators, Im sure they will just give up" He is lucky that the excuse of "they died on the road" is still valid in his time or it would be a retarded idea

>Haha, no don't worry about me. I'm still just a lazy, carefree funny guy. Something Something science. Julian, where is my tea with brandy? Ooops, wrong series.

Yatori does not talk much so I don't even know what she thinks about her life.
Torway's story with his brother went nowhere. we can infer most of it but its only mildly more interesting than Matthew's stuff
fallen house with confidence issues
may as well not be there.
all are very basic and could be a good groundwork for an eventual development (even if they seem generic as fuck) but you have to give bit extra or people won't give a shit and it won't get the time needed for ideas to be put on pages

she is kill anyway

>I'm far behind
how behind? I almost lost all interest when ep 2 started at military academy, good thing they did not stay there for long and did not turn into The Pilot's Love Song

Are kioka the good guys?

I'm pretty sure I'm still missing half the show. Alongside with half New Game, half Konobi, half Love Live and 3/4ths Amaama which I'll save for next season instead. I didn't even start Amanchuu

I don't get why people compare it to LOGH at all, it's more similar to LOLH than anything.

Yes, ikta just stick with the empire because of his redhead waifu

So when he said Im here to steal away from this country with no future. What he really meant was that he would reform the whole country?

The Holy state seems a powerhouse he probably didn't want to fuck with them.

For example, a Mexican general would love to win some merits catching some rebels, but he wouldn't want to fight Murrica

since Igsem does not break military rules about hetero and homosexual sex, do you think she shlicks softly or furiously?

Nah, he literally meant he will keep trying to convince Yatori to quit the army because she's doomed if she keeps serving the rotten country even to the point he tried to impregnate her so she would have to take care the child and leave the army

A long detailed story like this cannot be fully appreciated with just one season.
Hopefully the streaming sales were enough to consider a S2.

They completely left out the deal between Ikta and the little princess.

They completely left out MCs motivation for his actions, what the hell?

>have him rise in the military
>have him become comander in chief in the final face off against enemy country
>make sure he loses

The horribly annoying and gary-stuish MC made me drop it after the first few episodes. I really wanted to like it, but there was no other way.

This piece of garbage is absolutely nothing like LOGH.

Shitty shoujo anime.

91 days shit the bed when Fango died

it hard on the viewer when most of the cast has shit character syndrome



Actually they are not THAT shitty characters and may be that's the problem.

I mean, there are lot worse main character and lot worse main heroines and lot worse support characters, but at least they make you feel something (even if that feeling is hate).

Here you can't even hate them, you just can roll the eyes at the show trying to justify their emotional behavior with logic,

If they were a bunch of idiots shouting about justice or a group of edgelords talking about justice would be annoying but at least they would be consistent. But instead they play the good guys then go with the speech about how was "the logical thing".

Don't get me wrong, I'd take a good written character over an obnoxious generic anima main character any day. But I'd also take an obnoxious generic anime main character over a asepting boring crew any day.

At least it wasn't written like Psychopass where apparently smart people do nothing but quote classical works or philosophers all day.

>because of the redhead
she died in the LN

Is like a garbage version of Legend of the Legendary heroes. MC come across as annoying as fuck, sidekicks are shit, and the lack of edge is actually hurting it. Generic side characters and no good keikakus.

Everyone else is made retarded to make MC look like a genius. MC rubs it even further with his preachy science shit.

at this specific moment I was talking about the girl in the picture who worshiped sorak few eps ago but now is mad because he did not jesus her unite and is looking forward instead of crying in the corner. His choices was questionable but they are 600 people vs 12.000, she should dial down her expectations. of course it was all to prop up sorak

at what point? Did MC switch to the other side or did he start aiming for royal pussy?

>MC rubs it even further with his preachy science shit.
hell would be interesting if he did use science. using water condensation or something to form a mist. show me geometry, show me him using a system of pulleys and levers. at this point he is more like an annoying atheist who worships "science" without knowing much about it

so was the fortress girl raped, is that why her ribbon was off? He says "this time, we made it" but he can't be talking about her being alive since he saw that much the second he walked in

What a shit post.

In the LN they stopped them just short of rape. She was slapped around a bit though.

he has a point, the show also did not need spirits. I just look at it as one of those anime things they just had to have

stopped who? IN LN they made it to the fortress before the massacre? also is this guy lying ? if not then what did mc do about it

Sorry your pic threw me off. Fortress girl was killed in battle, they all pretty much were. The one in your pic was not raped as they stopped those guys in time before they could.

I know all that.I'm saying the wording makes it sound like the Fortress girl may have been raped (Im only half serious)

I almost never throw the word around often but jesus fucking christ the MC for this shit is quite literlaly a gary stu.

It's almost insulting.

>[HorribleSubs] Digimon Adventure tri - 13 [720p].mkv

How is this thread at the bottom even though there was just a new episode out?

Oh, wait. The anime is complete garbage.

What a cute boy

Ded show
Ded thread

Nothing? I'm enjoying it so far, the anime that is. Fuck everyone about the past four LN volumes.

What did he mean by this?

>any MC who showcases any semblence of intelligence instead of solving all problems with friendship and resolve is "literlaly" a gary stu

- Cred Forums

Kill yourself nigger

I-I like it...

>1 hour and 51 minutes ago
Anyway, you are in the wrong thread user

Do you wear fedora too?

I think it is a average anime, but I have a question, this is better than Altina?

This. I don't it when the author self wanking his own self insert so openly in the story.


Would fuck

QUALITY manlet

You have some retards calling him edgy because hes a competent male

This place is really a SJW mess

This nigga.

The girl looks spooky as fuck when put beside fat guy.Was she this tall?

she was

>to the point he tried to impregnate her so she would have to take care the child and leave the army
Really? Because that's great. I might pick up the LN if that's true. Nothing says peace is important like a double peace ahegao

Just animate Rakuin no Monshou, at least Orga's bullshit is fun to watch and he can actually fail at things, sure the series ends in a nonending but whatever.

Pretty cool.

>remove edgy sniper
>remove fat guy
>remove ditsy medic
>treat hime more like an ally and less like a love interest
>remove military skirts and put the redhead in armor
>have any high ranking officer be competent and intelligent, not comically stupid to make the MC look better
>fucking explain how magic works in this series already

10x better

How does her hair work, Cred Forums? Shouldn't it obey the laws of gravity like everything else in the universe?

>fucking explain how magic works in this series already
Literally pocket elementals.

I've seen "floating" dreads, I guess when you braided the hair too tight, there would be some tension at the base.

Literally blown the fuck out. Great episode.

Have you never seen a nigger? Their hair is always stiff like that. And also slimier.

MC is poor man's Yang Wen-li. The rest of the cast are retards.

Need more SCIENCE.

The MC is basically a reddit self-insert.

What if Ikta discovered a METAL GEAR

>muh science
>muh laziness
>muh friend Mathew

>tfw you like it anyway

there's nothing about it that makes it a great anime, but I enjoy it

>My taste is Patrician muh

It's true even Yatori gave her consent but he still chickened out in the end because Yatori said she will definitely raise the child and go back to the army anyway

Not an issue user, I'm actually enjoying these bits of MUH SCIENCE , WAGA TOMO MATHEW too. Too bad s2 never as usual.

I dropped it when the faggot started self mutilation. So weak.

>that isn't generic retread tripe.
Oh yeah it is.

The wankfest, the MC basing his acts on pussy, MC being a chick magnet while being an epic strategist, lazy AND scientific guy is textbook fedora wish-fulfillment

Just drop it bro. no one force you to watch this

I like how the author even calls himself God.

Or you guys are just retards. He's a Gary Stu because the narrative is designed to fellate him and his abilities. How do they do it? Not by making him particularly clever, but by making the rest of the cast and the world at large amazingly stupid with half-unexplained tactical victories. It's actually less blatant than other works of its ilk so I kinda like it, but you gotta be kidding me if you can't see why the narrative and MC have problems.

you forget that the narrator is always the princess aka his royal cocksucker

JESUS ! She probably fucks like a tiger

>did not need spirits

At first I thought it was interesting (because it wasn't your generic D&D fantasy) but reached this point and seeing how them were completly irrelevant...yes, they were unnecesary.

But who knows, may be its a decive so the fantasy things that come later won't look too much out of place.

I want to fuck Pocahontas so badly.

Is it bad that I enjoyed it?

I always wonder why the fuck people like this come to Cred Forums if they hate anime.

>Shouldn't we check how profund is the river, commander?
>Fuck no!

MC doesn't show much intelligence, everyone else is retarded.

It's funny, since when I first saw this concept I felt like it was going to be trash.

Especially since I'm trying to write a shitty War/bildungsroman VN.

What's retarded is still coming to threads for shows you dropped eight episodes ago.

Well, to be fair, OP literally started the thread with
>what went wrong

It doesn't help when the MC is the only one using tanks while everyone is still used to cavalry charges.


Arslan is good if you need something to fall asleep watching.

and the happy, shouta good guy leader is just booooooooring and iritating

>I always wonder why the fuck people like this come to Cred Forums if they hate anime.
watch anime long enough and you'll get to this point

there was a chart on Cred Forums at some point discussing the stages or "levels" of anime otaku. 5th stage basically was this. They've seen it all and hate it all. it's the rare weird shit they like. they aren't hipsters because they shit on hipsters too. most people on Cred Forums are basically stage 2-4 on the list.

I just got to stage 5 myself, been around Cred Forums since it's first days in 2005, 11 years here man. I might not have watched this, but I sympathize, cause there is only 2 shows I'm watching this season too.

It had a Kishida Kyoudan OP. Nothing went wrong.
(Except for the art style, why did they choose to butcher the LN's designs so hard)

That isn't completely correct. Generally I think old fans split into two categories, the one you mentioned or acceptance.

Some people just accept that almost all anime are inherently bad (This is true of all mediums) but love the medium anyway. A real fan would can find something enjoyable in almost every series, if you can't its not really the medium you like but the "good" stuff. I'd argue few people like anime and just like good writing/story which can be found in any medium.

It doesn't help that some people want to fit in so much that they take Cred Forums's "collective" opinion of something (while forgetting that Cred Forums isn't a single entity) and force themselves to share it.

It happened to me when I was a newfag (not that I have been around for so long). I'd like a show, come to Cred Forums, see everyone (actually just a bunch of vocal anons) hating it and instantly think "Maybe I'm wrong and it's actually shit" and end up hating that show too. Eventually I realized that letting Cred Forums decide what you should like and what you should hate is a fucking awful idea and just went "Fuck you I like it".

Case in point, I'm enjoying this show even though I know it isn't a masterpiece and I couldn't care less about those who hate it.

91 days is absolute shit, panned unanimously in both east and west anime communties for being trash without redeeming qualities.

I've been watching anime for about 10 years as well now and I like it even more than I did at the start, and I don't see myself feeling like only picking up 2 or 3 shows in a season any time soon. I don't give a shit if any given show is "objectively" good or bad, what's important is that it is enjoyable and most shows tend to be like that.


I skipped it. Looked like shit.

Is this going to fuck either of them (or even better, both) before this is over?
They are clearly craving for the dick.

This is weak bait, but I'll humor you. Please explain why you think It's shit without resorting to buzzwords or ad populum falacies.

I hate how the author got around that by saying Ikta is only into MILFs. At least he already fucked freckles' mom.

>What went wrong?

>unsleeping military genius vs lazy genius!
>p2w antisemitic cannons and airship vs forest burning and planning
Thrilling story chap

I stopped watching this shit, not enough princess, and this shitty war is dragging everything down.

The freckles does fall for him later but Ikta rejecting her advances because relationship within his unit would disrupt the order.

>if you watch anime for a long time you'll definitely hate it, this random chart I saw once said so!
Fuck that, nigger, I've been here since 2008 and watch just as much as ever. Probably more than I used to, actually, because I don't dismiss things at the drop of a hat (e.g. "It has a cliche, better abandon ship!") like I used to when I was new and concerned with whether I had good taste. If I were watching two shows a season I'd have left Cred Forums long ago; I'm still here because I fucking like anime and the kinds of stories and cliches it has.

>Last week for example they wanted to make it look as if the liutenent was being emotional and irrational

She WAS being emotional. The entire point of that conversation was that there's nothing wrong with that, though. If anything, Yatori and Ikta were just taking turns tossing the blame between them, not on anyone else.

>remove edgy sniper
Explain how Torway is edgy. I'll wait.

1) The character designs
2) The character designs
3) The character designs

They bombed the designs, killing most interest the LN readers have.

That looks like utter shit, hell I'm even glad they changed it

Those designs are terribly amateurish though.

nothing yet, still interesting, would be good with a 2nd season though to properly show his rise

Not gonna lie, the only one that I think looks better is Chamille's and maybe Torway's.

Yatori's is nice but if only you don't take into account her actual character and personality.

They should have used the manga designs.

>killing most interest the LN readers have.

As a LN reader - fuck off.

faggot, the desings are fucking fine, go watch moeshit for your uguuu characters.

>they don't look like K-On so it's okay that half the characters half the same face and the color palette looks like an early-00s harem

it's almost as horrendous as konosuba



Freckles actually look pretty here and not just a female version of the fat guy

bump shit thread for shit show

>Valkyria Chronicles
Now I really want it to end with Red sprinting through enemy lines to capture their flag.

>have any high ranking officer be competent and intelligent
Having to take orders from a shit general who rose to power without every facing a real battle is the one thing I like about the series. The only problem is that they use it as a way to make sure that Ikta gets all the credit for everything good that happens instead of showing them struggling to survive tactically when they have no say in the strategic element and are constantly put in disadvantageous positions.

so next episode gonna be rushed?how ikta gonna win fight with Jean? can someone spoil me?

They don't need to win, just buy more times to make them retreat.

Well, she's 172cm tall.

so last scene next episode will be Ikta and Princess moment? since she say she got something to say

Early 00s harem colors are the best colors though.

I watch Alderamin just because the MC is likeable for me. Yeah, I'm kind fond of MC that's like him. Remind me of Kaze no Stigma, but Kazuto is far more better than Ikta though.

They kill best girl

they suck, would you even imagine having that style animated?

I just remember that this girl managed to not look like shit under this character design as well.
That cute as fuck lolihime.
These designs remind me of Wizard Barristers somehow.

This is such snorefest last episode

Looks like a 12 year old drew this

Oh wait it's actually 1 more episode

>1 more week watch this

>first time thread ever pass 200 replies
>it just full of shitposting and complain
And today is suppose to be airing day no ep discussion whatsoever dead show dead thread what a shitter just let it die already.

>What went wrong?
Madhouse was adapting it.

That's the old designs you fucking moron. The LN got a different artist after volume 1.

>he already fucked freckles' mom

It's even in the anime back in her introduction


Has there ever been this blatant a Yang Wenli rip off before? It's fucking embarrassing how much he sucks.

Same face with power rangers hair kinda kills any interest in it, especially when all it takes is swapping the lipstick around and you wouldn't even know which one the girl is. Even the fatty can pass off as a tumblr whale if you apply lipstick.

Fatty with lipstick would be just her

Yatori still looks good.

Those lips.


Except for the part where Yang was an actually likeable character.

Nah, he wasn't, he just has a couple of really memeworthy lines.

There's no reason to follow this story if they kill off Yatori at some point.

What a way to kill a series.

Yatori is an absolutely boring mary sue, there's nothing interesting about her or the rest of the main cast.

Except for the part where he was and your shit taste betrays that you are a subhuman.

So you like annoying Gary Stus?

Nah, I just don't worship golden geese.

t. subhuman

It baffles when people say Ikta is the best male character of this season or even year so far, guess edgy assholes are in these days

I watch Alderamin for the grills, not because the plot is "interesting".

Matthew is a character.

He's essentially a shoujo-shit MC.

>silver thinks he's so fucking smart
>even though his 'tactics' consist of ordering 12000 soldiers with canons and shit to advance on an army of 600

Silver can go eat a dick. Solrock best tactician

But the girls are shit too.

>watch anime long enough and you'll get to this point
No, not really. If you start to hate your hobby you drop the hobby. I've been watching anime since before Cred Forums even existed and I still find at least half a dozen shows every season to enjoy.

I guess at this point you're entitled to your own opinion. Why are you even watching the show?

Shit or not it's actually >grills that have been raised in different cultures is what gets my kicks.

Jesus user, you must have a reaaaaaaaaally optimistic outlook of anime if you really think there's half a dozen enjoyable series this season, or alternatively you have shit taste and/or you are easily entertained.

>I might have not watched this
wait, did you mean you just came in to this thread without even any interest in the show?
been here since 2006 and even I only visit threads I actually watched

Not him, but how does that make a difference when all the girls act the same, namely without any discernible character traits beyond mildly shy/mildly brave/mildly tsundere and so on?

That's retarded.

I've been drowning in this medium ever since the 90s when all I had to work with were tokushit and mechashit dubbed in my country's garbage language. Everybody comes to this crossroad, you just picked the shittier route. Meanwhile here I am still wasting my life away watching 20+ shows per season, a number that has drastically increased ever since the late-2000s, and enjoying all of them.

You either learn to love anime for what it is or have the stick lodged up your ass operated on to have it stuck their permanently.

No. You fail to see the point.
Their personality does not matter. It's their physique and the outlook that they were raised in different cultures. In other words, it's a fucking fetish.

Kek, so your fetish is ''girls that look like shit", okey got it.

>Girls that look like shit
Wow, even I didn't find the art style great at first, but fuck are you retarded.

>oh Senpai of great taste teach me your ways of 10/10 grills

I must have completely missed that.

No worries. Now you know!

And knowing is half the battle!