You like big fat breasts, right?

You like big fat breasts, right?

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Yes but would you believe me if I told you that I never, once in my life, fapped to Yoko.

I do. The material is highly limited.

i guess

I would and claim the same

Adeine, Anti-Spiral Nia, and teenage Dary were far more enjoyable faps


no not particularly, I like medium size breasts.



Sure do.

I enjoy both real big and literally actually flat, medium doesn't really do anything for me.

>TFW yoko was the first anime girl i actively looked porn for when i was 14
>dont wanna watch the series shes from because it seems depressing and she becomes a lonely teacher in the end


Who doesn't ?

Learn English you retarded fucker.

Please teach me, senpai.


Only when they come with have fat asses and child bearing hips

>she becomes a lonely teacher in the end

Choosing to be a teacher is like choosing to own a cat. You kind of damn yourself to be a spinster.

Black haired is the hottest.

Big breasts=pigs
Flat chest=pure

You into big tits huh?

I confess.

Why are they tying her up? I thought she had fallen.


hell yeah

Yeah. They indicate fertility and provide nutrition for all ages. The fatter and saggier they are, the more you should breed with its host.



My dick won't care when I take her doggystyle.

Something something hind milk something something DFC.

Big, fat and heavy.

I want to fuck a big breasted anime girl.

I do love my waifus boobs.

Me too.

As do I.

no I like cute flat tummies

Brother from another mother.

same but it's okay if it sticks out a little.


is this tachibana?

yes, yes i do

What kind of husbando doesn't?

What would playing with Marseille's tits be like, you reckon?



No, I don't.

I wonder how much kirika's weigh.

>this image ruined since that one screenshot of the guy who got the futa one printed to poster size.

Yes. The younger, the better.


I want to be crushed by her massive nammaries.

There's a futa version?

I bet 7 kilos each


Milk and bags of sand

What did he mean by this?

Not really, Yoko's are about the max limit for breasts I can fap to (in this picture).



Of course, I love paizuri.

I want to be Heidemarie's friend and more.

Why are witch tits so fantastic anyway?

Shortstacks are the best.

What anime?

Wider than the torso is best.


That episode was so good

I declare myself, guilty of the charges your honor.

Kloah is the best

If you can't see her breasts while standing behind her, then they aren't big enough.

Big has so many more positives than flat.


Best ecchi anime bar none

Is it:
>groping them?
>watching them bounce?
>sucking on them?
>using them as a pillow?



Paizuri or when they spill in a bra

>nipples poking through

woah hold up, do I have to watch this show now?

Dressing and undressing is a good one, I should have included that too

All of them are good but you forgot accidentally bumping into them then receiving a comforting hug afterwards.


Good point. A big boob hug is an absolutely exquisite feeling!

guilty as charged, ma'am.

>woah hold up, do I have to watch this show now?
New season in a few days. (Ani Tore! XX)

But to directly answer your question... no, maybe just the specials.

Lurk for a few more years to find out, newfag.

>You'll never cuddle in bed with Shirley
>You'll never have wild, kinky sex with her then both of you collapse in big, sweaty messes
>She'll never accidentally roll onto you, suffocating you with her massive fun bags

Trude is a lucky woman.


Maybe I'll just wait for Ani Tore! XXX... sex is the best exercise, after all.

reverse image search

Patriotism like that turns me on.

>no Ani Tore XXX doujins

Wasted potential.

American flag bikinis at +10 to bounciness stat


>you will never be Mr. Bear

Yes, yes I do.

>Not that much Strike Witches lewd nowadays
Fuck this gay earth.

Nipple tassels or pasties?


>>you will never be Mr. Bear
Not with that attitude you won't!


Anime needs more body swap POV.



These are my top ten witches solely going by my love of tits: Marseille, Heidemarie, Lynette, Minna, Trude, Rall, Shirley, Luciana, Aurora and Rudel.

Wait until Brave Witches user, then the love will be reborn.







I could be my waifus waifu though.

>Lynette will never smother you to death with her awesome tits

Loliconder is doing an Idolmaster set. Look at all the WIP images he's been posting.



I only need Shizuku


Germans are the breastest.



No lewding the Marseille.





I visit Cyounyuu daily so that's a stupid question

Why not? She sexualizes herself.

Boobs are nice.

That's fine because she's attractive but that doesn't meant that you should.

Absolutely correct!!
Will there ever be a show to top it?





She's been my waifu now ever since she first appeared in the anime.


Most of the time, Im a DFC man, but sometimes perfect plump tits are just perfect.

Case in point
and pic related

only on short cute girls






>Wait until Brave Witches

I'm actually pretty hyped. There are some serious cuties on that team too.


Of course.


Not by same artist, someone edited it on.


Nao and Rall are already my favourites but I can see myself liking Rossman and Georgette too. I'm hoping we get more artwork of Rall.

Kudelia? I don't remember her being THAT stacked.


of course, it's only a matter of choosing which ones to blow a load on.





I would have said the same thing a couple of months ago, but I had an INAZUMA marathon the other day, and I found myself enjoying me some Yoko.

Looks morally depraved, just the way I like it. Sauce?

While Akame ga Kill was pretty mediocre, we can all agree Leone was at least a miracle of the universe right?

>You'll never do lewd in the onsen with her


MTSP - Tachibana

Right and it's not the 1st time the oppai onee-chan archetype saves a mediocre series. DFCfags needs to stop being in denial and realize that they are the best.

That is some ridiculously detailed underwear.


Esdese-sama is superior.

Esdese is my 2nd favourite. I believe her and Leone are very close to each other in term of best girl status, so I respect your opinion.

DFC > big >>>>> mid-sized

This doujin was a legend

It's the finer details that make it even better to look at.

Not even the tittymonster in her series you pedo

Let's just agree to disagree that both of them are great. Scheele wasn't bad either.

Big > DFC >>>>>> mid-sized
At least we agree in one thing.

All breasts are equal.

Except weird shapes and uneven sizes.


not big enough

that sweat looks pretty viscous


Is tittymonster a legitimate Halloween costume?

If it's literally boobs, then yes. Just having big tits, no.



>falling out of a bra/bikini/top
Simply the best.

Would you a chick with multiple boobs?



depends how many


What size is TOO big? Or does such a concept not exist to you guys?

This is my limit


>does such a concept not exist to you guys?
only in full blown /d/ shit

Big anime tiddies is what I live for.

>Cowtits thread

If I can't see her belly button.

Sorry bud.

so is fine?


No such thing as "TOO" big.


I prefer flat-chest - small breasts with a nice belly, butt hips and thighs

sometimes bigger breasts depending of the qt

yuuko is really cute


You have a navel fetish too don't you? If you do you are my nigga.

Flat chests need a six pack at least.


I don't think I will be drunk enough with just a six pack to find them attractive.

No. Women are supposed to have soft and gentle stomachs, not disgusting masculine hardpacks.

>thread dies as soon as midriff posting starts

>not wanting a nice ass
>not wanting to fuck in strange positions
Fit women also age better.

Post more midriffs!

This is about as big as I go, but I love how it's a huge bra and small panties on her.

How would you feel about living in a world with girls breasts never stopping growing in size?

You can't just say x cup size is too big. It's all about how the boobs look in proportion to the rest of the body.

See or my current image.

So basically once they reach 40-50 they are immobilized? Ehh...

Optimal size

So what's the problem? It sounds like paradise to me.


Having 20-30% of the female population immobilized doesn't sound like a paradise to me.

I don't see the problem, honestly.

You mean there's another instance of this?

I'd prefer if all the fat went into breasts instead of the rest of the body.



Who feeds them and cleans them up?

Those girls look ridiculous to me because they're thin girls. Need more meat on them bones to support those huge tits.

Women who aren't immobilized yet by their mammaries, duh!

>big fat breasts on a short stack


Nice quadruples


She's not really short.

I can't find that particular panel. Is that from one of the novel illustrations or something?



Is it wrong to want her on top every time?

What about breast expansion?


Oh my god
Is this thread real? There are so many brothers here! I thought Cred Forums was filled with flat fags.

Its very rarely done well and i wish there was more content around

It's best when it's a gradual progression from a nearly flat chest to an embarrassing size.

It is

This site has tons of big breast lovers.


>Breast implants
May as well just say you would murder tits

this guy


Those are some tasty looking nipples.


I have been to the wrong threads apparently.

Why is Xebec so based?

have a shitty webm




What did he mean by this?

Sena a shit A SHIT

Where were you, Meat? We were waiting for you to show up over 200 posts ago.

I would like to "have sex" with Asama, if you get my drift

You are hereby sentenced to endless paizuri, please submit to your punishment.


I am the nipple


We should ask Hiro if we could do a fundraising drive for breast cancer awareness month this october.

What would showering and a paizuru from Chisato be like?


Pick one.

Where are the ass men at?

>not having a custom shower hooked up to a supply of water based lube


Over at handsome men, you homo.


Worst type of swimwear.

Urd > *

you mean best

Hello, friend!

Older Skuld = Urd > sluts > belldandy
It's funny. I liked Belldandy after immediately watching the show but there's so much ntr stuff involving her it's tainted my image.

I want to titfuck a Christmas cake.

My fetish is big tits on toddlers. There was this kid porn star in the Ukraine who got breasts implants around 6 years old and they spent a whole shit load of money and good production values making a bunch of 720p videos of her for about two years. Now, it's like she just dropped off the face of the planet.

Even finding doujinshi of toddlers with tits is hard to find. All the lolicon is flat and boring.


>6 year olds with big tits


>6 years old


>this whole thread
>no big fat fucking cat tats


You do know who those attract?



does anyone else like it when the shirt just kind of hangs from huge tits like a curtain?

But that cat is a boy

Would she enjoy that?

Me. But I am a wolf.

She probably got fucking murdered.

Or if you're optimistic someone saved her from that hellhole.

I'll make a Black Hanekawa thread soon. Next few hours. Stay tuned.


>that cat is a boy

in what universe?


If she realizes that her body can still satisfy a younger man, then definitely.

There's a big difference between attractive and comical.

The thing that's possessing her and takes over when she transforms

I wonder how busty Asuka will be by the time she's an adult.

I think he meant that Black Hanekawa is a male cat.

Kinda hot though. Have sex with a bro who chill to hang out with but is 100% female. So it's not degenerate homosexuality at all.

Are you retarded?

>saving samples
Also SnQ and others have done it well.

huh, interesting theory. never thought of that, since when the tiger splits from her consciousness its clearly a male. i figured her lust was a 'female' emotion, and her jealousy was male, or something.

actually, i just kept thinking about her perfect she is and how sad life in the 3D plane will always be

I'm good with 6, even 7 is okay. But when they can't conceivably walk around they don't seem like boobs to me anymore.


Eh, 7's back breaking huge. At that point the boobs probably weigh more than the person.

I am pretty sure the actual cat was male that she buried. That became the bakeneko. Or sawarineko whatever. It's been too long since I've seen it. Perhaps someone else can chime in on this.

I just know that black Hanekawa is infinitely more attractive than Tsubasa has ever been. Imho.

I think you might be colored a bit jaded there by DA artists take on it vs it being pretty well done in ecchi shows.

Well, in the case of Touhous, I can just pretend magic or something is letting them carry them around no with no problems.

So which of these is more ideal?



This is the perfect size.

>big soft boobs in a sweater vest

Is there anything in the world better than this?


sorry, but the most attractive shes ever been was "wet and naked with gahara"



Here or for me.
Surprised with all the fan service in Phantom World and anime filler tossed in that KyoAni didn't give us a oppai monster of the week scene in one of their episodes.

Honestly, the breasts themselves are irrelevant for the most part. What really matters is if the girl likes it and knows that she likes it.

Few things are as attractive as a girl that knows what she has, likes it, and likes using it.

We need a fit thread.

Girls aggressively pleasuring you with their breasts is the best thing I can imagine.

The pride they take in your pleasure... It's so cute and sexy!!

I'll never understand why some people prefer Tsubasa but whatever. Different strokes.



Big tits are pretty nice, but it's all about how you dress and use 'em.


I might be biased but I really can't question that logic.

I'm downloading this now, it better be as good as this clip~

Literally a 10/10 bod

Take into consideration that she is also a midget


Post big titties in tank tops. It's my fetish


i jack off to too many huge tits.

i used to think rias had huge tits and now they merely seem "above average".





So if a girl really REALLY enjoys having her breasts or figure increased and enlarged, that'd be more of what you'd like to see? Then yeah, I'd agree.

Do you know why they call her Carmen 99?



who this be?

Anime is Majimoji Rurumo


I wish more was animated.






How can skinny girls have huge tits?

>biggest tits in the series
>is the tits molester
Never undestood girls like Katsuragi and Nozomi.

Genetics that either has them developing the fat there so they grow bigger or just plain good luck.

Sometimes I want paizuri so badly I go crazy!!

Paizuri with clothing is the best.


I like to make a big mess under her shirt, and then smear it all over her naked body after!!

It's unfortunate that paizuri in real life doesn't feel that amazing even if it looks mind blowing

But yea, 3d anyway.



Wish there was hentai animation of her.

I bet if everyone had VR they'd make their avatars as some titty demon like her and titfuck anyone that came their way.

obesity doesn't help big tits, a strong core does

We will live to see this day!

worst taste, that's some of the best swimwear right there user.

Love em, especially when accompanied by abs.

>6 years old
>Real life, not 2D
>Breast implants
>"Good 'production value'"
Congratulations, you have just managed to make me, a 7-year veteran of this site and all its nastiness, physically ill. Have fun burning in Hell you lowlife fetusfucker.

I didn't care much for it before but now I think about it constantly, it's very distracting

I know the feeling. I can't look at any big boob girl without thinking about having sex with her cleavage.

It's been the only thing I can fap to for the past two years. I have really shallow taste.

You're just a man who knows what he wants

Image limit reached! It was a fun thread, guys. I hope we can all reach squishy boob nirvana!

eternity awaits us, user

Don't be a titslut!

It's afraid... IT'S AFRAID!

>image limit already
You bastards

tfw you get to titfuck a girl with K cups

tfw its her idea to do it to begin with.

Can always continue it in /ghost/

So make a new thread.

IS this the one with the chick who totally isn't Chie from Persona 4?

If it's the one I think, ohhhhh that's not even the best part.

Eh better for the archives then making another titty thread that'll probably get frowned upon by the mods or janny.

hate to ask but where's this from?

My Little Demoness Overlord Can't Be This much of a Semen Sorcerer
Archives is good.



oh thanks, thought this looked familiar; I believe i dropped it after the second episode
did I miss out on anything

>dropping a good ecchi show

Sadly no one posts in the archives anymore.

I jerked off to this exact picture from like a 2007 Anime Insider magazine

To what? That glorious midriff?

>No, I don't

Nigga, you haven't even seen the best part.

I think so, but I never touched some to really know