You've been given the budget of a typical 2-cour anime. What sort of anime will you make, Cred Forums?

You've been given the budget of a typical 2-cour anime. What sort of anime will you make, Cred Forums?

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Why would I make an anime with the money?

This. Anime is a poor investment.

Hardcore hentai.

A boy falls in love with a girl...

Someone has to make it.

I'd give Disgaea 2 a 12-episode anime plus an OVA special. It'd be a direct adaptation, because they couldn't do it right the fucking first time.

Threadly reminder that it has been made into a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a preview, an anime, and an honest-to-goodness movie, so stop talking about it.[

cut it down to one cour for better budgeted episodes and make sure to have talented staff take their time

I'd make something spoiler with gundam.
Shota wise it would be a combination between wing and ibo.

Cute girls in the Vietnam war.

This just reminds me what a bait and switch Gargantia was.

I'd make it a 2 cour anime promoting condoms. That'd get the birth rate even lower in Nippon.

>Shota wise it would be a combination between wing and ibo.
You are everything wrong with modern Gundam. Neck yourself.

>Adell-Rozalin shenanigans
11/10 would watch, dood.

Sakura Trick season 2

>What sort of anime will you make, Cred Forums?
A proper length GTO, that doesn't stop halfway through the manga plot.

>an anime, and an honest-to-goodness movie
No it hasn't. that just has the same name

Rurouni Kenshin's final arc

AT has better animation tho.

I'd make a 26 episode fantasy anime called: The Tragedy of Baba Yaga

>In the cold Eastern Tsardom there is a large forest with a house on chicken feet. Within this chicken foot house lives the young witch known as Baba, who dreams of becoming a Tsardom Court Witch by practicing magic, spells, incantions, and potions everyday.
>After a brief encounter with the Princess Vasilisa who became lost in Baba's forest while playing, and saw Baba's amazing ability in magic she gets invited back with her to the kingdom to undergo training to become a Court Witch. A major problem for Baba is that Koschei the Head Court Witzard and her instructor in becoming a Court Witch wants her to practice the most foul of magic, Black Magic and wants her new friend Vasilisa to become his young bride.
>There is also a huge conflict between the Court Witchs and Wizards who dislike each others methods, and who's fights draw in the growing Eastern Church and a Inquisition lead by a man named Rasputin who wants to get close to the Tsardom's Royal Family.

The ending has Baba successfully defeating Rasputin and his Inquisition. However, the Inquisition and fights between Court Wizards and Witches has made them hated in society and a ban on public magic is put up.

Afterwards, Koschei puts his plan into action and becomes a lich and murders the royal family, which he blames on Baba who flees back to her forest, and he marries Princess Vasilisa beginning the Reign of Tsar Koschei who establishes a secret police of magic users to recruit or get rid of magic users in the Tsardom Good End.

Daily reminder that Frederator shows do not cost $350,000 per episode.

Probably a psychological-drama where the MC has cuhrazy adventures in his day-to-day life for the first half of the season, but little visual queues in the background make you do a double-take and question the MC's mental well-being. Second half of the season would be about what MC's real life as a depressed salaryman and how he daydreams to escape the soul-crushing reality of working a shitty job, with a shitty boss, and shows his descent into insanity. Last episode would be MC slitting his wrists, and waking up in a hospital with his elderly parents talking to the doctor and being concerned for their son, and then MC actually wakes up and catches a glimpse of the shrine he has for his long-deceased parents as his vision fades to black.
Alternatively, the MC just has a psychotic episode where he imagines he's stabbed himself in the stomach and just starts ripping out his entrails and playing with them while crying and laughing hysterically, only to realize that he actually has gutted himself and bleeds out while wishing he could have been normal, just like his coworkers.

But this has already been done OP and the answer is 'Outsource to gooks'.

5 minutes of Anno being serious for once

Idol shit looks like garbage for that budget, what the fuck happened to sunrise

>4 million US dollars


Nah I'll make HxH OVAs or 1-cour of ToG.

I'll make this meme anime real.... one day.

A1 did that Idol Master series, not Sunrise.

Anno is serious all the time.

Would donate all of my money's to this person.

I will animate Nobakov's "Lolita."
Everyone will recognise the title and be super hype but then it will be too depressing and everyone will call it edgy and there will be no sales.

Mods strike again.

One about mental illness where the MC isn't right about the strange shit he sees. Seriously, what's the point of having a guy live in a container, seeing shit and then have him not being crazy?

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

Oh wait. Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

>you have two cour of funding
>original GTO was four cour
How the fuck are you planning to do this?

But Takumi was crazy user. He had delusions and had paranoia.


you people realize most of western animation's budget goes toward giving the animators a livable wage right? some animators in Japan make less then fucking cab drivers. These threads are retarded.

Hello, Cred Forums.

And advertising. Can't forget the 50% of the budget in advertising.



>wanting japanese animators to have a livable wage and for studios to stop outsourcing for even cheaper work makes me Cred Forums

fuck off you inbred bonobo.

25 episodes of DEEP artsy crap and then the MC wakes up from her horrible nightmare to find that she's running late for her first day of school.

Why can't some rich autist weeb just flood the japanese animation industry with cashish and SAVE it

A post-apocalyptic one.

how about killing yourself

>You've been given the budget of a typical 2-cour anime. What sort of anime will you make, Cred Forums?
An ensemble cast space opera following a ragtag group of mercs as they traverse a solar system on the brink of war. They are increasingly desperate to fulfill a mysterious contract that's begining to look more like a suicide mission as they are forced further into enemy territory.
Based on an RP campaign I've been playing in for the last year.

Gargantia was the Re:Zero of 2013

I would make a dieselpunk anime in which the majority of the world now lives in submarine bunkers to escape the pollution of the surface. Wars would be waged with submarines. And, defying the laws of optics, all of it can be seen in striking color through the opaque blackness of the deep sea. There would be violence. There would be sex! And THERE WOULD BE DRAMA! And uh, a coming-of-age story! And a "I only need my friends!" story. Anyways, it all caps off with this dictator guy absorbing the nuclear reactor thingy and becoming a horrific god that threatens to destroy the whole world! But, by counting on her friends, Female Protagonist-Magoo finds the courage to unsheath the legendary sword.

But yeah, in terms of influences, think Green Green, Speed Racer, and Seinfeld.

Something to spite the Jews

remake this abomination to be more true to the source material

Anything made by Kyoani

There are so many things wrong with this chart I don't even know where to begin.

It's a bait post and you just replied to it.

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

A proper adaptation of Devilman manga trying to explain as much of the stuff that came in Amon manga that doesn't downplay or removes Satan and his homolust

>Merchant May is the OP picture

that was unexpected

AT worth every penny.

The manga is way out there.

I don't think it can be adapted by anything less than Madhouse.

Aww shit, I remember this thread. That was the best in ages, so many actually fun and good ideas.

Adapt more Seirei no Moribito.

something with incest
easy money

It about time we had a Vocaloid anime.

Non-3D please.


The anime we got left much to be desired.

will it have ova artstyle? cause it was sexy

3rd season of Haruhi

Re:Zero seasons 2 & 3 + 4 OVA

spend everything on 12 episodes of this


It's time, Japan. It's time.


Fucking this.

That's twisted.

A hipster anime about hipsters. Period. The end. Fuck the rest of that shit.

And without Yuri.
Actually, make Miku and Luka hate each other, but they have to act as friends/lovers to please their fans.

Either that or something closer to the manga, with thick lines and ink animation.

A sports anime about pro-wrestling.

The main character is a mark who always wanted to be a wrestler for his world's WWF. However, upon joining, he discovers it's all faked.

Hilarity ensues as all his face allies and heel enemies have complete personality changes outside of the ring, and they must all teach him how to act and preserve the keyfabe.

Well the nips animators dont get a good salary unlike the americucks

If your anime is aired on national tv station during prime time slot, you could recoup your investment in a couple of episodes.

TV commercial in Japan is worth around 15 billion yen last year alone

The simpler the style the easier to animate

Sora no Woto 2: Cold War.

What if it's just a 25-minute commercial for a manga/LN/brand of toys?

So? From an investment perspective, there are way more lucrative industries to invest in.

American cartoons are like infinitely better than anime anyway so the cost is justified.

Don't get me wrong I don't hate anime. I just like American cartoons better because of better quality, dialogue and story.

Generic harem isekai with beta MC highschooler protagonist, then add some little twist so people say it isn't generic.

It's not what I'd want to watch, but surely would fill my pockets with japanese shekels.


YKK done properly.

Anime about Aniki and the leather man

Adapt Kamen Rider Spirits

make it about powerlifting, the protag, a gaijin whose family moved to Japan for business reasons, starts to train in one of the most competitive gyms in the country, located in tokyo. he makes a bunch of gymbros and then they try to win the nationals. S2 will be continentals, in particular against the chinese and S3 will then be globals, against the russian bears and murishart champions. the protag will lose so there will be a S4

the anime will focus on their friendships and relationships and also a lot about their busy lives outside the gyms, the struggles they overcome and so on. like a better ping pong with more mature characters and without the bullshit. make it emotional as fuck and a glorious culmination

no homo

Pay the people that made NNB and the music for amanchu to make a real adaptation of this manga.

>Anime is a poor investment

Bandai wants to talk to you senpai

You should read Banco's financial reports first. Actually, same goes for the person you're replying You don't invest in anime on its own. Banco is a success because they diversify in a shit ton of different types of entertainment media, of which anime is just a small part of what links together their products' overall successes.

So yes, anime is a poor investment, just for different reasons. Or rather, a less than accurate assessment.

I never understood why people want a Vocaloid anime. They are perfectly fine just being idols irl. I assume there isn't one because theres no need seeing as how most people that use them or write their lyrics often tell about them doing shit. So if you want an anime just read the lyrics.

I'd probably make keit-ai. Just to see Cred Forums's reaction.

I love how this gif is racist but you wrote a politically correct file name.

>>wanting japanese animators to have a livable wage and for studios to stop outsourcing for even cheaper work makes me Cred Forums
But they don't. Take a look at the names in the credits, all of the animators are coreans making pennies exactly like you'll see in anime credits. Most of the budget goes to VAs.


>it would be a combination between wing and ibo

IBO is literally Wing 2.0, just that this time they gave the shota an actual reason to be edgy.

make adaptation shinigami wo tabeta shoujo

>make KMB S2
>cash the surplus

I'd say some sort of psychological fantasy thing, where during the series the lead character sort of slips between world into new places meeting people, and in her attempts to get home starts going kind of crazy while falling further and further into the unknown, going into darker more forboding planes where she eventually finds herself alone. Of course it would end with her overcoming and finally getting back. I'd probably cover some backstory as to how and why she fell through reality. It'd sort of be a mix of spirited away and over the garden wall.

About two kids competing in their motorcycle driving skills until they become professional sportsmen.
This should be a Baribari Densetsu adaptation. If it would sell, I'll be able to make it a Initial D-like franchise. And get some kind of a creative freedom.

So Alice in Wonderland?

>Art style = Animation

I swear it's the funniest shitpost on the Internet.
You literally get weebs with "EVERYTHING THAT HAS MUH REALISTIC HUMAN STYLE IS BETTER ANIMATED THAN ANYTHING XD" while knowing nothing about Animation in General, and there are way too many of them.

kind of like later alice in wonderland but with a growing focus on isolation.

Honestly besides for Swordt Art this chart seems pretty accurate. Not seeing the problem here.

Try harder.

Full on hentai featuring girls from everything KyoAni animated since FMP

>disagrees and assumes I'm baiting
Sometimes the people on this website really do seem like they're mentally incapable of processing different opinions.

Name shows those years that are better in terms of sakuga highs than the ones named on that chart?

There were probably some anime films of higher quality, but the shows on the chart had really impressive scenes for TV anime. (excluding Your Name, since it's a film).

Animated by Doga Kobo.