Where are all the males in shows like New Game and Love Live...

Where are all the males in shows like New Game and Love Live? It's really distracting when all of the fans are females it's so unrealistic.

>Where are all the males in shows like New Game and Love Live?
In the background, where they belong.

Why bother with something that you can see everyday?

You're right, all anime should be about aliens since we see humans daily.

Cute girls are aliens to us.

Not all of them, it'd get stale, but aliens and working women are on about same level.

Removed from existence so otaku can feel at ease

The yuri girls reproduce by handholding. Handholding and a rough futa fucking

I don't want to start typical /pol and /r9k/ shit, but I see working women every day

I was kind of bothered by that too, but you need to realize these shows are blatant waifu bait and nothing more than that. They replace good writing by appealing to the lowest common denominator. Instead of having well-written characters of both genders, they go for an all-female cast of stereotypes.

Nothing inherrently wrong with it, just see it for what it is: waifubait.

the joke was that Cred Forums is full of NEETs

This is a blue board.

you cant have men in them since autistic people get a seizure if they see a male character next to their favorite girl

Men are just too disgusting

You don't need men for yuri.

But there are men in the backgrounds

They're 3dpd and not cute though.

What's worse is that these kinds of shows are getting unneeded popularity

hmm really makes you think

>New Game
There were a lot there, always on the background, most of the time faceles,but some of them even had lines.

If I wanted realism I wouldn't be here.

Which newgame do you most want to violate?

Good. Men can go suck dicks somewhere.

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Half of the girls are traps, but you'll never know what ones.

>if you don't want men cluttering up a cute girl anime you're a dyke
Go back to your haremshit threads.

You are not a dyke, but a raging bully dyke

>New Game
They segregate males into male-only departments

>lowest common denominator
They don't watch moe shows. The characters in New Game is better written than most garbage this season.

>hello everyone I am new to anime

what about re:zero?

And you are a self-insert kun.

Rem is normalfag waifu

>its not like im a dyke or anything
>i just want every male to die so the girls all become gay teehee


I don't care. Anime should be about cute girls doing cute things so I can masturbate to it.

I hate it too. Having those "no eyes chars"no eyes = no soul is better than turning every person living in a girl.

as it should be

You sound like the type of faggot who'd shoot up a school.

New Game has male background character though

You sound like the type of dyke who would browse tumblr

Someone has to work the salt mines.

Doga do it almost ironically at this point

tumblr dykes don't watch moe anime. Moe shows are not realistic nor representative to them.

>Why so many girls!? I need to see more dicks in anime. I need MORE DICKS!!!!1!
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This. So long as it's cute it doesn't matter.

>seeing himself as a girl
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>being attracted to girls makes you a faggot
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They are there just as girls. Instead of showing reality, you know, males working. You replace them with cute girls doing cute things and working.

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Self-inserting as chad eventually becomes self-inserting as a moe girl.

Is this a yuri thread?

>complaining about an image name
I got it from google image search. You just wasn't worth my time renaming it. That's a shit anime btw, I don't recommend it. It's just that Izzy is such a sweet piece of ass, and the scenes of her practicing in her biker shorts is the only good thing that came out of it

this is a hetfag complains thread.

Nah too much dick loving in here.


This. It's so easy to spot underage newfags when they say they can't self-insert as a girl.

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>Self-inserting as chad eventually becomes self-inserting as a moe girl.
This. I give the chad-wannabe loser one or two seasons at most, before he starts self inserting as some moe bitch from some anime that looks like they puked rainbows onscreen, and end up worse than everyone he's talking shit about now. It's inevitable

Go be new back over at reddit.

>Muh realism
Go watch some 3dpd then faggot.

>people say that they need realism in their anime
>but then they complain that slice-of-life is boring

Realism and plausibility are two different things.

A woman with superpowers is not realistic, but it's plausible if the setting involves superpowers.

A thousand-year-old woman who's still a virgin because otaku expectations demand her to be "pure", squeaky and vulnerable when she experiences the MC's plot-armored dick for the first time is not plausible.

In the trash where they belong

I was a trip over at /u/ to see if they had any good porn. They wanted to ban all men.

in doujins pal, in doujins.



Hazuki and Hana are plotting to take away all the best things for themselves.

Its wish fulfillment for lonely fatfucks to imagine having female companionship, that's all moeshit is and will be

>lowest common denominator
majority of people (aka normalfags like you) dont watch these kind of shows.
Its supposed to be a cute show and boys cant be cute.
Also youre retarded if youre trying to feel superior by calling it waifubait, if you think the point of the show is making 'waifus' then I suggest you either lurk more and watch more anime, or just stop posting and watching anime
>wanting realism in anime

Stop being a retard.

Gay Illuminati is running the company.

So basically people that actually leaves the house?