Mahou Shoujo Madonka Magica Thread

What does the word 尻コキmean?

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I want to sniff Madonkadonk.

damn this franchise need to evolve



What is she implying here?

Me too.

I want to sniff all the Madobutts, to be quite honest.

I want to destroy those who sexualize the megucas.

Kyouko is too "Bon-kyu-bon!" for me. She is too erotic for beginners.

Madoka has a very homey feel to her, and is very pink.

キ=a fag

Japanese is such a fascinating language!

How can other girls even compete?

I think all the Madokas are 10/10 in their own ways.

When it comes to the pink Madoka, her pinkess and tightness are superior.

Is this what you see after death?

Do not sexualize the Meduka!

Madoka certainly out gays all.

Her cuteness makes me ERECT.

Leave everything to Madoka.

It is what you are about to do with "Madoka"!

What does that mean? Why do you post the meme in Madoka threads: The Lewd Edition? I assume you want to have aggressive sex with those who sexualize the megucas in bed, Applecchi. I'm afraid you could not lead your partner, because you are a faggot. Also, your post is off-topic.

Do you guys make love with "Madoka" on "your lawnchair"?

I make love to Madokas like this.

1. I grab Sayaka and kiss her romantically and then rape her (not in a perverted way, but in a loving way).

2. I doggystyle Homura savagely as Mami licks my butthole, Kyouko gargles my balls in her mouth, Madoka licking my abs, and Sayaka tongue kissing me.

3. I titfuck Mami while Homura has my dick in her mouth. Madoka is licking the bulge in Homura's cheek that is my DICK. As this is happening, Kyouko is kissing me while Sayaka kisses Kyouko's asshole.

4. I get a blowjob from Madoka in between Homura's pantyhose feet while Mami puts her tits on my face and Sayaka/Kyouko pushing Madoka's head down.

5. I do the mating press on Homura and do her like a wild animal, breaking her limbs and her womb as we both scream in absolute pleasure. I cum inside her as we kiss and hug while the other girls lick my body.

6. Kyouko rides me as Madoka sits on my face, Homura and Sayaka lick my balls whenever Kyouko bounces up. Mami is whispering sweet nothings in my ear as all this is happening.

7. I do them all at once by growing many penises. I impregnate all of them like an angry Rottweiler.

8. I marry all of them and impregnate their babies too.

I don't think Madokami is that big.




Oh, you lead me to a filtered post. Anyway, Madokami is small chested. Madoka, Homura and Kyouko are small while Sayaka and Mami are nice sized.

What do you mean?

I still believe you.

Madoka has a small body even as Madokami. What else do you think?

In many official art, Madoka and Homura have cleavage.

Being "Meguca" is suffering.

Am well aware of that. Homura's devil dress is cuter than Madokmi's goddess dress.

She is the most beautiful and majestic creature. I actually would go through many timelines and fight for her.


I love you!

I agree, but I appreciate both their dresses.

Homura and Madoka are just so FEMININE. When you look at them, your male instincts awaken and tell you to breed.


That only happens to me with Kyouko. It is something about the black that makes Homuras look better.

To me they're all 10/10.

Kyouko is definitely the sexiest though in terms of looks. How can you not want to impregnate this.


Imagine sleeping with Madoka. Her messy hair on your chin, her tiny arms embracing you tightly, your hands grasping her cute buttcheeks. And sometimes she wakes you up by licking your abs.

The thumbnail shows Kyouko fighting Pikachus


Oh shiet.

Do you like Hibiki Ganaha? I think her design is kinda similar to Kyouko's.