Does the second arc (Fairy Dance) of Sword Art Online get better...

Does the second arc (Fairy Dance) of Sword Art Online get better? I'm a few episodes into it and I'm kinda disappointed so far, compared to the first arc.

No, stop watching after the first one, watch episode 26 if you must.

It gets only worse, S2 is even more retarded.
Watch the opening and download the OST and you'll be done.

great, another re:zero thread.

No. People usually call this the worst arc of SAO for a reason


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It was fucking retarded. The episode where he kills the villain was kinda nice though.

I ironically enjoyed it.

Nope, although it can be fun if you put yourself in the proper mindset. That arc is pretty much the point where SAO crosses the threshold into so-bad-it's-good.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that Asuna is at her hottest here.

Yeah there was tentacle almost-rape with Asuna, so it's worth watching.

Nope. Stop watching it now, seriously skip it, there's nothing to save from that arc, at all, if anything I would like to unwatch it. GGO it's a little bit less shit but at least you get some cool fights I guess? It's still garbage.

All this SAO hating must be a bad meme. It literally isn't nearly as bad as OPM, DBZ or the other cancerous filth infesting Cred Forums.

That obvious fan service increase bugged me. And how molesty the scenes with the villain were. It introduced a nasty element usually confined to doujinshi, while never really dealing with them being trapped / bed-ridden for years.

Not that I expected it to be grim and realistic or anything, but the first arc was usually good about slowing down and exploring how the characters were dealing with issues.

>Plus, it doesn't hurt that Asuna is at her hottest here.
Slave girls are fucking trash.

>your waifu gets captured by slavers
>she's now trash

It's like you don't want to rescue her.

Just read the LN.

yes if you like incest and girls getting assaulted

>Asuna is at her hottest here
I disagree, she looked much better in her early SAO gear and guild outfit. Plus she had a lot less screentime, being replaced by WAHHH ONII-CHAN

>tfw you sometimes spent entire nights doing nothing but fapping to Asuna

It's just something about the design, really.

Not really. I have spent several weeks on Suguha though. Go on, ridicule me and my taste. I dare you.

Only redeeming feature is Sugu is cute.

>actually competent fighter
>not abrasive personality like certain others in the cast

>abrasive personality
>in SAO
Literally who?

>speed junkie (big plus in my book)
>actually made me feel feels, which is rare

3/4 of Season 2 was also pretty shit. Mother's Rosario is the only thing worth watching in SAO II. Though saying that, I would be pretty excited when Season III gets announced since we'll finally get a good SAO Arc again.

>bullfighting using her cloak
>dat Asuna/Argo trolling doubleteam
Skip arc 2 and read the Progressive manga, instead, even if it contradicts the LN canon.

The only good anime arc is Mother's Rosario.