Secret S/a/nta - Yayifications!

Hey everyone! Secret S/a/nta is up and functional! Sorry about the late night threads,
But finally, here's a daytime one (in PST that is)!
Anyways, I'd like to announce a few reminders here of everything!

**NOTICE 1 - Tell us you want to send cards nationally if you specifically want that!

**NOTICE 2 - Please follow the copy/paste format! This is important!

**NOTICE 3 - The 100+ bracket (USD) is whitelisted! You may only participate if you have before!
This means that you may send any combination/number of gifts below 100, but cannot do any 100+ brackets!

**NOTICE 4 - If you haven't been answered in a little while, I'll take care of it soon!
I'm just very tired a lot and little girls need to sleep

**NOTICE 5 - If you need to make changes to your wishlist or address, or anything else:
please RE-SEND the application with the changes made as a reply or new e-mail!
This means send the whole application! It's the same process as last year!
Let me know too what changes were made.

Other than these things, everything should be going just okay! You can always e-mail us any questions!
E-mail - [email protected]
Next two posts will be the FAQ and Application guide!

Other urls found in this thread:

Simply fill out the below form **(COPY/PASTE)** and send to * [email protected] *
The more specific you are, the better. (Yes, Name/Country/Address is purposely repeated for card wishlist.)

FULL Address (Please make it match the format in wikipedia if possible):
Wishlist (Don’t be afraid to post links like MAL, or say you like a character or series. You can be as specific or as vague as you want here, this is ultimately to help the other Cred Forumsnon in selecting a gift for you. Please don't just put "Surprise me."):

[If you are sending cards, fill this second one out. If not, leave blank/delete]

FULL Address (Please make it match the format in wikipedia if possible):
Card Wishlist (This is what will be sent to everyone who gets assigned to send a card to you. Try to keep it relatively short; A favorite character or waifu/husbando, a couple of your favorite shows, etc.):

Ship Internationally/Nationally/Continentally[NEW]? (I/N/C):
Price Range (Select one, Delete others):
- $0/Cards
- $10-25
- $25-50
- $50-75
- $75-100
- $100-150
- $150+
Number of cards you want to send:
[Grinched]Will you send a gift to someone who doesn't receive one? (Y/N):

If you have specific instructions/needs/inquiries or general questions, please specify here:

=====END COPY/PASTE=====
Example - "I want to send 3 gifts and cards. Two of them in $25-50. One in $50-75."
You would format it like this:

Price Range (Select one, Delete others):
- $0/Cards
- $25-50 - 2
- $50-75 - 1
Number of cards you want to send: 4

If you want multiple wishlists per price range, simply send a new e-mail with
ALL OF THE SAME INFORMATION, but a different price range selected, and a different wishlist.

>Always receive my shits months later (around march)
>Receive things I haven't even asked or at a lower price range than what I signed for
>Some years I even got nothing at all
>Never saw anyone posting my stuff

Not this year motherfucker.

And last but not least a short FAQ as always! (A little bit redone/revised)
>Q: What is Secret S/a/nta?
A chance to give and receive gifts from other Cred Forumsnons locally, nationally, or even globally with a bit of X-mas spirit!
>Q: Who is hosting this event?
Your friendly hosts are santafaggot and SantaLoli. We are the same people who ran it last year!
>Q: How do I join?
You'll need to fill out the form as specific as possible when it's posted, sending it as an e-mail to us!
>Q: Deadline to join?
November 1st! Why? Because we need to match which takes to at maximum 1 week, and then every user needs to
buy gifts, make cards and whatever else in order to ensure everything arrives on time!
>Q: Why should I trust this?
It's up to you! In the past we have had multiple successful Secret S/a/nta events hosted by us the past few years.
The average on people not receiving gifts is very very low. We even have the grinch protection program which lets
people send gifts to those who didn't receive anything at all, even after X-mas!
>Q: Can I give you guys stuff?
We sadly do not accept anything, it's just our policy. The only thing that we do accept is fan-art, which we both
very much enjoy! Santa Loli will likely try to send out cookies (no card) this year to a lot of people randomly!
It'll be tied with a red ribbon so you'll know it's me!

By the by, deadline might be moved 1 week earlier. We'll let you anons know next week!

Who wants cookies with extra "love" in them?

If by love you mean chocolate chips, then me.

I'm going to be making cookies this year for whoever I get. I'm actually going to practice before hand too so I don't fuck up like I normally do when making cookies.

Anyone from Romania signing up? I'd really like not to send my gift internationally if possible.

>still no whitelist email


Just apply and make a note to them to take you off of secret santa if no other Romania anons join by the end of the application period.

I will for sure be participating this year. Last year yielded me such a great giftee. It was fun.





Get back in the grave, Anna.

sned milk.



>**NOTICE 4 - If you haven't been answered in a little while, I'll take care of it soon!
>I'm just very tired a lot and little girls need to sleep
Good work so far!

Make the deadline earlier

Reposting from last thread. Someone sent me an awesome v/a/lentines gift and card, arrived a couple days late so couldn't post in the thread. Wanted to send you something back but couldn't get a reply from the organisers not a dig at Jebus, I know it was his first time and all. If you're around and interested just reply and maybe message Jebus with your details and what you sent me he said he'd pass the message on

I'll be back in an hour or two, please hold the thread warmly!

It's probably going to happen!

Does anyone else contemplate their sign up and email too much? I should be done. I have a wishlist (though I even keep going over that), but now I'm stuck thinking about doing a single 150+ or not. I don't want to get dupe gifts again, but at the same time I want the equivalent exchange to be higher through more santa's.

10x poverty bracket.

But seriously, you have the money so just focus on the giving. Basically whatever bracket makes your shopping happiest. If you are that worried about dupes then add your mfc.

Yeah. I put way too much thought into my wishlist. I'm still not done with it after more than a week already.

Then I get a wishlist assigned and it's just like a list of 3 shows.

I think he was concerned about multiple santas giving him the same thing.
Maybe santaloli should put the santas in contact with each other to prevent things like that? Listing lots of thing on your wishlist should also make it less likely.

2 years ago I spent a while working on my wishlist. I ended up listing 5 shows. Last year I thought for a while, and just ended up reusing the same list.
Now I'm thinking about what to do for this year. I should probably put something from the last 2 years on it, but I stress way too much about making sure my wishlist is good, because I don't want someone I don't even know to think I have shit taste (even though I do).

kind of, i was really anxious sending mine, especially with how others will grinch out of spite on your shit taste, and couple that with me being fujoshit garbage
but i grew some balls and sent it anyways

I also would like to second the deadline movement notion as it worked out really nicely last year and there was more than enough time to gather the gifts.

I don't really fret much anymore about wishlists, mine's stayed mostly the same over the years with maybe a 1 or 2 new shows and characters to include recent shows.
I personally prefer a single higher bracket and putting more effort into that rather than trying to split effort over multiple lower ones.

That kind of defeats the purpose of things being secret / anonymous. If you need to contact your assignment it's probably best to do it through santaloli / santafaggot.

im so much more hyped and anxious for this than i should be

It's nice to see this happen again, I had a blast last year despite certain shenanigans that I can only blame myself for.

Still undecided on how I'll take part, but I'll at least get some cards going.

>I had a blast last year despite certain shenanigans that I can only blame myself for.

Explain further

think they mean only santas with the same person assigned so they dont deliver dupes

Oh that makes sense, although adds additional pressure to their assigned santas I think. I guess it could be optional.

Same. I might kill myself if I don't get a confirmation email.

I didn't originally plan to actually take part last year, but someone got wind of this happening and ended up signing me up for it (With good intentions, mind, it's not like they would've done it if they didn't know I was interested to begin with).
That ended up coming a bit from the left field, and very close to the sign-ups ending (Mind, to this day I don't know what my wishlist was), so I kind of ran with it and tried to be the best Santa I could.
I'm mostly blaming on this in the sense that if I wanted, I probably could've explained the situation and be done with it.

But, as I said, I ended up having fun with it, and this time, I want anons to tell MY taste is shit, instead of something that may not have reflected my taste.

i thought about killing myself the other day and remembered i signed up. kek

glad you enjoyed it for something new to you

Your taste is shit

so is Cred Forums working again?

I enjoyed this last year, so I'll be taking part again, just need to decide what to put on my wishlist. Here's a quick picture of the cards I got last year. I even had someone call my waifu a shit.

I might've missed your unboxing last year, I was worried that maybe the package didn't find it's way to you. I'm so glad to see it arrived safely, especially the glass window I used for the frame.

Just tell us if you don't want to receive something or certain things!
Think of it this way, you wouldn't want to give someone a toaster if they already have one they like.
The person receiving it wouldn't really want it either.
It's gonna happen now!

Did anyone get a Tsubasa nendo last Christmas? I tried to make a really cool Symphogear gift package but I never saw it posted.

Actually I just found a better picture in my folder.

>got confirmation that santa loli got my application
>haven't received my assignment

Should I worry, it's been like 2 weeks already?

You're not getting your assignment for a while m8

But some anons said they already got their assignments.

It should have just been a confirmation. Assignments don't even go out until like november.

They are lying to you. Assignments don't go out until nov.

I know it's v/a/lentines related but I never got to say thank you for this wonderful card and don't know if they got my message from the organizer. Thanks, user!

So, how bad it will be, if the present will arrive before Christmas? Because the post in my country is really fucking random and package delivering can last from 2 weeks to over 25 years. So I don’t want additional risks and want to send present in the middle of November, so there are chances that gift may arrive too early.


So I got worked up for nothing then.

What about scarfanon?

I want in on what he sells.

All gifts should definitely arrive before Christmas. If it has baked goods or anything else perishable, you should probably wrap the gifts inside separately and send a letter to your user as well.

Do you just not know how to read? He's explained what he has going on in each thread he's posted in.

If your postal service is that bad I don't think anybody can really help you there. The only other option would be when you order the gift is to have it ship directly to the person. But that's not really recommended unless necessary because they would probably open it without realizing it's a gift.

Is it possible to make cards even if you have zero skill points on drawing?

I would do this but I'm embarrassed.

If you're not a grill, that's called protein.

Yes. Here's one I sent out last year, I just traced the image and look how bad it turned out.

Yea there are some interesting arts and crafts style ones. Some people like doing cut outs and things of that nature.

Do what I do. Splice together a few different pictures, trace over it with a 1px paint brush in photoshop, print out the tracing in a light grey color, go over it with a pen to hide the lines, and then color it in.


Do whatever you feel like trying. For example, I don't have too much drawing experience, but I'm pretty good at photo manipulation so I'm gonna try that.

I'm also taking an absolute shitload of illustration tutorials, just in case.

>karamatsu girl
this is fucking lovely

I'm now worried the whitelist is going to force the grinches into lower brackets. I'm happy at 50-75.

I'm going to try making some of those minimalist cut out cards this year.

I'll make sure to sign up for 50 - 75 then

I'm worried the same. Perhaps limit it to one gift as well, because right now it sounds like if someone wanted to grinch, they'd just have to sign up for two 75$ gifts instead of one 150$.

I just do a bit in photoshop and then trace with pencil. After that, I color it in with colored pencils.
Here's one I made last year.

They don't have to look great, just show that you put some effort into it.

Do people seriously think this kind of card is appreciated? Are you autistic?

You were right to spoiler that.

Guys love girls with dicks

>user asks "will you be my gf" in my card
>go to thread see that he made a card for another user asking the same thing
w-what a slut, user-kun..

I saw last thread, but only in the archive. I didn't get to see the threads which made me sad, my stuff arrived a little late too, I guess that's the downside of shipping.

I'm glad you liked it, I went through so many iterations trying to get it right and I think I even have some really bad attempts at a 3D bath kicking around in my craft draw, haha. I didn't know what merch you already had, so I did what I could to get you something special!

I'll email Jebus if I can remember his details, it looks like Outlook kinda purged everything beyond a certain date...

Maybe because you never responded nerd

>he doesn't like futa

I participated like 4 years ago or something like that, I hope that they still have record of that so I can be on the whitelist.

I almost thought there would be no thread this week. I'm glad there is.

And then I realize we're both in the same timezone and it's really late, so you probably won't see this. I'll check the archive after work.

Signed up for this year sometime last week, haven't gotten a confirmation, but hopefully I get one soon.
This year I went up a bracket, since I have more money, hopefully next year I'll go up another bracket.
Love this time of year!

Is Toronto banned?

People from toronto will be grouped up with others from toronto.

Did Santaloli say that?

The card is really good, I've kept all my cards over the years, I'll post a collage at some point between now and Christmas.
This happens to be the only time in the past couple months I've been up at this hour coincidentally. You can send details to [email protected] Just include a description of some of the stuff you sent just so I know it's the right person.

Never Forget

People planned to have Toronto banned
after everyone there was universally panned
by all the folks from another land.
But the santas said they disagreed
and eventually the idea was canned.

Very poetic

Why do they disagree? They ruined the holiday cheer in the /ss/ threads before even before Christmas.

>No, I am not banning an entire city because of one faggot

Fug, I don't know whether my giftee got his gifts last year since they were never posted. I also got a delivery confirmation when I entered the tracking number. It's worrying since an user from the same state got grinched.

Toasters need love too!

I kind of know that feel. One of my anons last year posted he got the box, but never posted the contents.

I love a toaster.

>one faggot

But it was clearly more than one faggot.

just let it go, can't believe people are still butthurt over something that happened 2 years ago.

Why wouldn't they be?

Last year went well, so we have to be mad about the year before that.

It ruined an entire /ss/ you dumb faggot. Are you from Toronto?

>People will defend those who ruined Christmas

Take it up with SantaFaggot then. I'm just an user that thinks that, as stupid as it was, it's been blown way out of proportion.

Maybe if Santaloli or faggot would show any indication that they're still browsing.

Can I request only being matched with anons who have done this for more than a certain number of years? Or should I just declare that I will grinch any reddit, tumblr and facebook shit on my application?

Just be on the whitelist tier faggot

you're welcome to not participate this year and start your own /ss/ event on Cred Forums or wherever you want or you can suck it up and stop blowing shit out of proportion.

Isn't it a bit early for this? It's still September.

Does the whitelist apply to every bracket and cards too? It sounded like it only applied to the 100+ bracket.

>really like Esdeath and literally nothing else in Akame ga Edge
>dont want to put her because of autists that will grinch me if they see anything slightly related to riajuu shows

and you are welcome to go back to >>>Reddit
So please fuck off

>1 week for santa loli to match anons randomly
>1 week to watch a show or 2 from your giftee's wishlist, because he has shit taste and you've never seen any of the anime he likes
>2 weeks to ship anime themed dildo from japan to your country
>2 more weeks to ship dildo from your country to giftee's country
>1 more week of it being stuck in customs while local authorities determine if it's black enough to be allowed into the country

It's important to start early if you want to actually get gifts there before christmas

and then before you know it, we're halfway into October, then November and then it hits you, December is just a few days away.


If you're here only to get angry then do everyone a favor and don't participate, it's santaloli and santafaggot the ones who make the rules, not us.

Don't agree with them?

Then fuck off and make your own event.

There's been plenty of bitching in plenty of threads that hasn't changed their stance so far.

People really need to let this go. The guy already apologized for it and said he wasn't going to participate again.
Or do you honestly think, with the massive backlash it had, that someone else is gonna think it's a good idea to do the same?

This is beyond autistic

Can I send my form to the same email as last year, or has it changed?

read the first and second post in the thread

It's different from last year, they use a new one every year. Read the OP.

Arriving before is always better than arriving later!
Always try your best!
No, Toronto is not banned.
The whitelist only applied to 100+, cards we won't be separating! My personal stance on this would be less whitelisting and more blacklisting always. It would be unfair to just say "well this year we're not really accepting anyone new" or "new people will only be matched with new people" since it would be way too discriminatory and that's just wrong. I haven't really talked heavily with santafaggot about this so this is only my opinion. It goes against the spirit of Christmas to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. We only really whitelisted 100+ for the pure monetary value of the gift, I'm for it because it really helps out a lot to prevent grinching in that kind of bracket. But, at the same time, what's to say that your 100+ dollar gift really has more "value" than someone who can only truly afford only cards, or a 10-25 bracket? I know some of you of course will disagree and don't care about that kind of value, but I do, and because I run this event I deeply agree on leveling the playing field. To me it's not the amount you send and instead the effort placed into it. That's not to say it's wrong to ask for something specific, I just think that all gifts are of equal value whether you're in the high bracket, or the card only bracket. In the end, it just sucks to not receive any gifts, and that's why I don't want the grinch program to fail at all this year. Again, this is just my personal opinion as a host, santafaggot might have a different idea.
It is a new e-mail! It will be every year!

Who here remembers this picture?

Didn't see this post for a second, but if I didn't respond to an e-mail and it was very much a while ago, please send it again! Something may have happened to it! I've answered all e-mails from the 22nd onward!
I do!
People are more likely to say you have bad taste than grinch you!

If it's not bloody panties it's dicks. I can't forget these kinds of things.

When are the assignments expected to arrive?

Early nov.

I'll just tell you you have shit taste if you're in the card bracket.

Oh and by 22nd onward, I mean everything UP TO the 23rd!
Early November unless we change the deadline to earlier, which will make it end of October. A reminder, e-mailing is done in batches, so not everyone will get them at the same time/day, it's a bit of a lengthy process! We just want to make sure everything goes okay!

End of October sounds great, more time for present hunting

I haven't done Secret S/a/nta in a few years but things have been going well enough that I might be able to participate this year.

That's great, it gives me a whole month to hunt for shit before black friday/cyber monday.

October pliz,shipping is a bitch

How do you guys feel about someone just putting a lot of specific items rather than just listing shows they've liked?

Why not do both? I'm sure some people would like it. Some just have more trouble than others when it comes to picking out gifts.

It actually makes things easier, but it kind of ruins the element of surprise, at least it gives you some freedom to do whatever you want

If you provide a decent sized list, there's no way to tell when you will get or even if the person will use that list. So you will be just as surprised either way. Unless your list only includes a couple things.

People that do this just get their specific item shipped right to them from whatever store.

why deprive yourself of surprises

How does that deprive the person of surprises? Either way they won't know what they get until the package arrives.

gundam doll
crunchyroll subscription
manga book

If I make a list like that and someone sends me something I told them to, it's not a surprise. It's just asking people for something.

If you know exactly what you want, just buy it yourself. You're paired with someone in the same price bracket, so what you pay for someone else's gift is nearly the same as if you paid for your own gift. Part of the joy of Christmas is the surprise. Unless you plan on grinching, then you have a great idea.

>crunchyroll subscription
Grinched for sure


I was treated very well last Christmas. Excited for this year.

If that was all you said then sure. But 2 of those are awfully vague, so there would still be some surprise.

Personally I like to list several series (10+) AND give a few specific ideas.

lol yea.

What bracket?

Also this.

>crunchyroll subscription
I'd send them a USB with MPC-HC and a torrent client

The list length doesn't matter you idiot, it's just an example. Unless you make a list with literally thousands of entries, then it might actually be a surprise.

1 in the $50-$75 bracket, and 2 in the $25-50 bracket I believe.

This year I've dropped brackets.

>triggered by a fake christmas wishlist

i dont give a shit they can put what they want. i always just buy something from my top three and send it off anyway

Fuck off.

careful, or I'll send crunchyroll subscriptions to you and then you'll have no choice but to kill yourself.

Careful, you're gonna hurt someone with that edge.


That made me laugh more than it should have.

I know you think you're funny, but you're the reason things like this turn to shit in the first place.

I wonder if I can find someone on Alibaba to replicate these?

Even mini versions would be nice if I could get them done in bulk. I should talk to the Cred Forumsnon that made these to see of he'd alright with it.

What do you think?

Simon you're a fag.

Yeah, I'm clearly the true villain, threatening to send people gifts, as opposed to those who would grinch others because they don't like a streaming service.

The real question is, how are you going to stop me?

Eric get the fuck out of here faggot

I'm going to kill you

This is why I love christmas.


I always wonder why you faggots come here in the first place. Im sure reddit has their own SS where you can feel appreciated. You come here and end up sending gifts to mostly other reddit faggots anyway.

Every year I forget this is a thing

Got grinch last year.. I just hope they won't put me with the same person

I learn so much about the kind of person I am from random strangers on the internet. Sometimes it's confusing being a nigger one day and white the next, but I'm sure it's all for the best.

Sorry for being new, never participated in this, but would it be okay to do just a card? I was thinking of making a card and a drawing since I'm an (poor) artist.

Yes, just a card is fine. You can do several cards if you like.

Trace them cards and copy them pictures. Print a copy and paint over it in watercolors or oils. Cut out pictures and slather them in glue. Make images that look like a deranged Santa bomber is making cards for prisoners!

There are no rules!

Just have fun with it and pray that you can scrub the paint and glue from beneath your nails.

Annual CD requests will be open soon.
>What are these CD's?
Every year I request a list of your favorite anime or anime OST's and I will make a mixtape with songs from those anime and similar anime as well.
>Are these free?
Why would I charge for something on Cred Forums? Especially during Christm/a/stime? Short answer: YES.
>Where do I send them?
I will provide my email soon.
>Why are you not opening submissions yet?
I'm not comfortable enough to say "go ahead" yet. I will though soon. Very soon!

what a double

Are there two Jebus-es?!

What music will you use for the compilation, you faglord?

>Oh and by 22nd onward, I mean everything UP TO the 23rd!
Oh, I guess I should actually just kill myself then.



I messed up my post. Sorry.
Anything anime related. And if I can find it online without having to look up entire albums.

Better that than protein

What if it's both?

>that ring finger
I'm incredibly pissed now.

>Burnt Christmas cookies

But I like 'em burnt!

Come up with your own gift ideas. You're cheapening the gifts the original guy got by taking and mass producing them for other people.

Where are you from?

If it's burnt I don't think it matters. Unless people like to eat burnt food.

I hope I don't get grinched this year. I got double grinched last year. My user didn't get me anything and then the person who was supposed to give me a gift cause I got grinched didn't give me one either.

>IP theft

Well, I wouldn't be charging for them anyway. Let's just say I'm good at making 2D fish and that's the first 3D one that I think would make a neat gift idea for some Cred Forumsnons.


are you from Columbia?

>Unless people like to eat burnt food.
just look at this weirdo gross

No user.


So no one want's a stuffed fish for Christmas?!

I do!

nope, Canada, QC
Was my third years doing it and first time grinch. My grinch even took the time to write me a letter, inside telling me i'll receive my gift late but will receive it, so I didn't send anything to Santaloli but finaly I never received anything.

Did you send cards last year?
Also, you can send an email to santaloli's 2015 email now to inform them of the grinch.

I'll stuff that fish, if you know what I mean

>Stuffin' the fish

No no...

You're thinking of ThanksGiving

I did and yes I send card and received most of them

Sorry, I was hungry.

I remember you.

I had a great time during last year's Secret S/a/nta, I can't believe it's already time to start signing up again. Last year was my second of I'm hoping to be many years of participating, my gifts and cards were great and Jebus' CD was a highlight of the season. My only regret was that a couple of my cards that I put the most thought into (they still were shit, obviously) didn't end up getting posted. I hope they got them and enjoyed them anyway.

Did you happen to send a Hibiki card?

>Always participate on the higher end brackets
>This means I'll never get scarfanon.


You can be in multiple brackets, you know.
If you can afford to be in the richfag bracket why not throw in extra $20?

I saw one of you guys last thread, but didn't get to thank you properly since it had already been archived. Both of you sent me very nice stuff, the de-grinching went perfectly, although I didn't even expect that anyone would bother to send anything to here from the start.

Only have pictures of one of the cards on hand, but lovely gifts and letters from the both of you, enjoyed them a lot. Never would have expected an umbrella of all things, but it's great.

>Early VD delivery the next year

That was nice

Because I'm not gonna throw $20 for a 1/200 chance of getting a scarf. It's not about being a richfags, it's about knowing how to stay a richfag.

Anime ?

Jesus, user, it's 20 bucks.
I mean, I get your mindset, but still.

Probably going to wait until a couple weeks after the fall season has started before sending in my wishlist, I like to get small stuff for seasonal shows I enjoyed the year before in addition to favorite shows/waifu material. I'll already likely be including Kuma Miko, Luluco, or Gyaruko in the cards section.


It sucks when someone grinches you a card.

Yes it was me. The carton hand drawn one was me yes.

I got some super legit cookies last year. I might even add that the way they melted in my mouth, the chilled sensation of the choco chips... those might have been the best darned choco chip cookies that I've ever had.

I could tell user put a ton of effort into them. how I could not eat them?

if you are reading this user! send me another batch bro! I'll send you something back.

>I would have loved to see the reaction of the USPS worker who processed the package.*

It was a super cute touch. He also got me some crazy delicious chocolate covered blueberries, which I devoured in a day.

The xray? Yea I bet that raised a few eyebrows.

Meant to quote

I remember You, too.

I hope my user likes Miku because I won a Miku figure in a crane game the other day.
Of course I won't count it towards gift value since I didn't pay anything for it.

Can't wait for it ! Last year, it was awesome.

Glad I finally got around to joining. The deadline always crept up on me the past few years. Can't wait to send the Christmas spirit out to my fellow user!

>So, how bad it will be, if the present will arrive before Christmas? Because the post in my country is really fucking random and package delivering can last from 2 weeks to over 25 years.
My postal service went from getting parts of last year's gifts across the country in a few days to bouncing the other parts back multiple times, each taking weeks, so two of my giftees never got all their stuff.

Has anyone ever signed up with their work address? I always get my stuff from Japan sent there because it's a pain getting things sent to my house. But I also don't want to get fired because someone thinks it'd be funny to draw lolis on the box.

I'd say ask for nothing to be on the outside of the box, but that's kind of asking for it.
Maybe if you explain it could land you in actual legal or financial trouble they would be more compliant.

Looks like she got trapped in a chimney while the fire was going.

I guess I can properly thank you for it now.
It was the only thing I got last year even though I signed up for a gift and three cards.
Anyway it was the best card I've received! It really made my Christmas, so thank you. If I can find the envelope you sent it in, would you mind if I sent you a card or something in return?


I haven't made any Christmassy images of that show.


what was the first ever /ss like?





I would be really happy if you would do such a thing and if you want, It would be a pleasure for me to make another one for you as well.

Fuck it, I'm not doing anything else.
/ss/ Greatest hits dump

Sakura fish transcends time and space

The first confirmed grinch.

whoa. lovely
and setting it all up for the first time?

IIRC, this user was in the lowest bracket and was spoiled.

Based drawfag #1

Based drawfag #2

I've been here since 2007 and I've never participated.
Eventually I will.

Thomas the tang engine.

I would love another card!
I couldn't completely read your mailing address on the envelope, so could you email it to me? minksniffer at gmail . com
I do have a rough idea of what it is, so other anons won't be able to snatch up my return card. The address number should be 146X.

Imouto of the year, all years.

I been here since 2008 and participated every year.
It's fun, user. Don't let peoples complaining or your own laziness scare you off.

Before the current hosts, there was another person (Sandy) that set up participants together. That went on for a while, and then 2013 (I think?), another person took over (Hudson). Despite everyone getting matched up, he whined the entire time while also shilling J-List so he wasn't a very amiable host. After that, the current hosts came in and remedied the situation. There were a few ideas here and there for making a centralized site where you could enter your information and have use an algorithm to match people up but that would have been risky due to the possibility of getting people from outside of Cred Forums finding and signing up. The e-mail system has worked all these years, even if it sounds extremely taxing on the hosts. Someone correct any of the details I forgot or got wrong.

I still have this card, it's great.

Blue knee tearing his family (and cards) to pieces.

Me neither. I kinda feel that my card and things I sent would only let the user who recieved it down.

user with shit-taste being bullied into believing he was grinched.


I didn't want to sign up for grinched people but maybe if after christmas someone posts a sad story confirmed on here I can send them a little token.

A jacket made of japanese callgirl ads.

Done ! Hope we'll share some nice card soon.


I want to be in the 100+ bracket but I've never done /ss/ because I get nervous and chicken out every year.
I enjoy spending money and was hoping a 200+ bracket was still in place this year but I guess not.
Can I just email santafaggot or loli a timestamped picture of my buyfag shelf or something to show I'm not some poorfag trying to grinch? I've got thousands of dollars on anime related merchandise, I'm not about to not pay out for a christmas gift.
I'm fine with signing up to gift people who get grinched too.
I just want to get someone a really good present.

Handmade Holo pouch.

A later picture.
Little did we know this user was Anno in disguise.

You could just sign up on a lower branch and give them a super huge present. It would make a Christm/a/s miracle.

That's not a grinch you ungrateful bastard.

Me neither. To be entirely honest, just the thought of being grinched is almost too much for my already fragile sense of self-worth.

There's nothing stopping you from spoiling a poorfag though or even just entering the bracket right below $100.
And either way, a picture of your shelves won't prove that you aren't going to grinch.

Blue "misclicks" their image.

user finding true love.

If I'm clearly willing to spend more just at a whim why would I not for Christmas?
I could buy something myself, I don't need to grinch someone.
It's just paranoia at that point.
I could overspend on someone in a lower bracket but if there's someone at a higher bracket who isn't matched I'd rather buy for them.

The infamous bloody panties.




The aftermath of moots fuckery.








And a blurry ass photo of the back.

The birth of laseranon.

The birth(?) of scarfanon.
I can't remember if he started in 2012 or 13.

Porno clad Anno strikes again, this time with a comfy scarf.

It's always nice to see these two in /ss/ threads with how consistently they've been spreading Christmas cheer with their crafts.

user's helping each other make waifus real.

Bringing a little cheer into a poorfags christmas.

Definitely. Even if I've never been lucky enough to receive anything from them.

Haven't seen you in 7447 in a while now PT.

user's getting drunk for christmas.


It's nice to see in the threads, especially the scarf designs. Jebus' mixes are another constant that we have every Christmas and traditions like these help the cheer of the season. Neither have I but it can't be helped.

We can play now? Or tomorrow at the usual time?

Miku madness (abridged version).

Give me a few minutes and I'll be there.







One more Miku.





When ironic shitposting goes too far.

user tries his hardest to give his user something handmade.




You can queue now, I'll be there.

>Cute Girls
>Boku no Pico

>Aku no Hana

>Other Good Stuff
>Mars of Destruction

What excellent taste.

I'm already queued.

Wow thanks user for making me have to think about what to send to santaloli even more. My MFC had some stuff on wish but now I feel the need to purge. Though you know I guess this does make it better in the long run. Now I'm actually considering sending my MAL or some clever alternative to show my true shit taste.

user with shit (like, actually shit) taste getting a box of duplicate figures.
I don't have the image of the card sent with this, but it further lamented him with JoJo puns.

Cookie user steps his game way up.

Was that the user who was bitching and moaning about it getting a specific item they said they already had in their wishlist?


Secret S/a/nta: the VN

Yep. The card had in a line in it that went something like "I hope your za warudo enjoys his new za buddy" that cracks me up every time.


Haha that was the one!

Well, there's the popular/personal favorites from my 2011 through 2014 archives. Last year had a photobucket if anyone wants to see stuff from that year.
It's quite late though, so that's it from me.

I hope my trip down memory lane didn't bother anyone, and maybe inspired a few ideas in some or for first-timers to join in on the good tidings and shenanigans.

>3 years ago

Time flies when you're having fun.

>having fun
No, I don't think it's that.


This things get more jewish with every year.

Are 2016 fall season anime okay as well or too new?

Anyone ready for homo secret santa?


thanks for the history lesson fampai
>There were a few ideas here and there for making a centralized site where you could enter your information and have use an algorithm to match people up but that would have been risky due to the possibility of getting people from outside of Cred Forums finding and signing up
wouldnt you have a password to enter and change it every year?

Should I list things I'd rather not get?
Like,I don't like figures since I'm lazy and hardly dust and hardly look at them, so I'd be happier about other stuff.
But I'm worried listing stuff I'd rather not get might make my santa send exactly those.


It's a gamble, there's no way to be sure.

>no nendos

you can emphasize things youd rather get
>i really love so and so
but chances are theyre trying to please you so a little mention at the end about that wouldnt be too bad would it?
would it? i really dont know

OP and ED albums are the only thing that get released during airing. 99% of OSTs only get released after the show airs or past its first cour.

I specified that I don't really like nendos and would prefer a prize figure instead of the same character. Those are equally easy to find, and often cheaper too. I hope whomever I get assigned to won't mind.

Ah! My first /ss/!
I'm still very happy with it hanging on my wall.

My second /ss/!

Shit feels weird when people save imaged of your gifts.

My third since It hasn't been posted.
To AH, I sent you a letter with my new address since I was evicted from my previous place.

But it's not Christmas yet

Soon, user.


I'm scared somebody will send me cookies because I'm deathly allergic to wheat.

Just put that in your message. Less than 5% of the people here are malicious/forgetful enough to grinch, let alone murder someone.

When can I expect to receive my user's info? I'd like to prepare far in advance.

I'm scared someone will send me cookies because I just know a lewd user is going to jerk off into the batter.

Read the FAQ. It's there for a reason.

who /google maps their anons house the day you get their address/

You're saying I might have the power to kill an user and get away with it?

Good luck, I'm using a PO Box

Only liars say they don't.

>didnt get whitelist email
>updated my wishlist
>didnt get second confirmation or a whitelist email

How on earth can I ship cookies internationally and make sure they don't shatter in transit?

Bubble-wrap each cookie separately.

As long as the OP or ED comes out before I start making CD's, it's alright by me!

Have there been cases where the addresses of two secret santa anons were so close, that they were able to deliver their gifts personally?

Layer them in bread

>If you want multiple wishlists per price range, simply send a new e-mail with
>ALL OF THE SAME INFORMATION, but a different price range selected, and a different wishlist.
Does this mean I should also list in both mails that I want to do 3 cards? I won't suddenly have 6 cards to do, right

>Google mine the first time I participated
>it's a PO box
>Google the second one
>it's a gated community
>feel like shit because poor

Just eat the cookies. user went the extra mile to make them for you so don't be rude. The protein is an extra bonus added with love.

The bloody pantsu present was hand delivered.

Last year one my santas lived a 2 hour traintrip away.
I could've made a day long trip to deliver a gift if I felt like it.

The bloody pantsu present was hand delivered.

Oh hey, what's up man. Glad to see the card got to you.
Thanks again for the keychain, hope you had a good year.

This is why Christ died for our sins.

I've never seen it but if I get someone from Texas, i'm totally delivering it to them in person.

Man, i wish I had this much time in my hands.

Just for formatting purposes,
To make sure the address traces back to something.
Also I get curious about the type of community that my assignments (and the people that sent me shit with a return address) live in.

I had a couple cards last year that lived walking distance from my apartment, and another that lived in the next county, 20 minutes away.
I passed by their address to assess the situation. I decided against it because autism and shyness.
Missed opportunity, they seemed like decent folk.

I got some semen cookies few years ago from a tripfag. It was all crushed to pieces when it arrived to me, but it still felt good eating something baked by another person from the other side of the planet.

No confirmation e-mail yet.
I'm not in now am I?


It shouldn't hurt, unless the person is malicious. Last year I got a type of figure I don't like but didn't mention. It was a gift so I just put it on a shelf and forgot about it.

>No Nendos

>some semen cookies

How do you know there was baby batter in them?

Thanks man, sorry for never replying and yes I did make the keychain myself.

I think it's better you list things you don't want. I personally plan to send figures. I think it's less likely you'll get someone malicious enough to send you something you don't want.

If I had to make one worthwhile contribution to the thread:
Don't sign up for too many cards.
Be realistic--no, be PESSIMISTIC about the amount of work that you can take. Especially if you're aiming to draw something.

If there's anything I've learned from this event over the years: drawfagging is tiring as fuck. Tiring and time-consuming. I've no idea why; the hours just fly when you're drawfng, and you feel exhausted afterwards. For what? sitting on your ass and making some hand-motions.
It's ridiculous but it's true.
All my respect goes to drawfags. Especially those who do it for a living.

I'm going to sign up for three knowing I'm absolutely shit at artfagging. I didn't do cards last year because of that. Except fir the really REALLY cheap attemp at them for my gift recipients. I'll do my best but apologize now.

Nice blog, where do I subscribe?

Mondaiji poems are a tradition
Though that user just stole my position
I'll tell you the trick:
Make it a limerick
I'm ready for the 2016 edition.

>Tfw I never get a mondaijifag in my assignments.

Do other shit, get creative.
I'm shit tier at drawing, did this last year. (traced the image on the left and cut it out, picture is kinda shit)
I think it's at least okay? Definitely better than any drawing I'd have done.

I sure am... i like them more

That's the plan I feel the need to give back some attempt at creativity after getting this great card from a Santa.

Bitches love pizza

I can't decide what to put on my wishlist.

That looks good. I'm terrible at drawing so I'm going to do that kind of picture this year.

It's relatively easy, but get a cutter. They're cheap and skissors will make your work way less detailed and harder for you to do.

Hmm if I want to make changes to my list, should I send another mail now or wait until I get confirmation and reply to that? I'm thinking the latter would be better.

You mean like an exacto knife or a box cutter? I should have one of those around.

I want to redo my wishlist but I know I'll just want to redo it again next week too... How much info do you put in these user?

Put happiness. :^)

I put in some series and characters I like along with a few specific ideas.

In my experience 4-5 characters and a couple shows, making sure you don't pick obscure shows / background characters that have no merch. Maybe mentioning specific things if you really want something specific, I.E figures, character goods, dakis, manga, artbooks etc. And if you already own specific merch of listed characters you should mention that.

I'm sorry, I don't know the exact name, but I mean something like this.

I sent off an email, it's a good thing I kept hold of the picture I sent Jebus, heh.

I want to buy Kohina some ramen for Christmas

So, an x-actoknife.

Yeah, I look up their Facebooks, too. I'm just curious.

>just updated my wishlist a few hours ago
>want to update it again so I cant add that I would prefer scale figures and no figmas
>dont want to bother santa's too muhc

You dense?
why wouldn't there be?

Bother him, that way you don't regret/complain later

Just sent my mails to santa.

How can I update my wishlist? Just send an email saying "hey senpai I got a new wishlist, here it is"?

By reading the OP

You're damn right that's how you do it. I ctrl-F'ed update and not wishlist for whatever reason. Thank you.

I hope you all get good santas this year.

AH from OR?
I was semi-evicted (house was put up for sale) from my old address as well. Your letter actually just got redelivered to me today, so I'll be writing you back with my new address shortly.

I'm hoping more for a decent wish list with lots of details.
Wishlists with just two or three series listed are boring.

Why are you still talking to Santa's from previous years

In my wishlist I put 6-7 shows I love and that I love handmade things, but mercha is fine too.

I will make another scarf this year too. I hope he/she likes it.

There's nothing wrong with penpals or return cards/gifts.
It's not gay if we both have good taste.

I don't have the money this year to take part.

id love to but i worry theyd feel forced to invite me in and id overstay my welcome

So do a bunch of cards.

last year was my first year and I think I gave gifts to 4 people, 2 in 10-25 and 2 in 25-50 but this year I have less time and more money so I'm going to do the $100-150 bracket and one 25-50. I'm excited as fuck

I'll probably still end up spoiling both

wh-what if I get cookies? user doesn't know about my food allergies

holy shit if only there was a way for you to tell people about your allergies, this is pretty serious we might have to shut the whole thing down for everyone's safety

Mention whatever you're allergic to in your wishlist.

Better fucking eat them. user put his FLESH and blood into making them just for you.

it's a pretty big deal I know
b-but I already sent it off
ok thank you I'll do it for user

Aww, thanks PT. Thanks for being apart of Christm/a/s as well.

...Already that time of year huh?

When are you guys going to write another song together?

I am so fucking stupid sorry SantaLoli and SantaFaggot I do this shit every year I send you 3 or 4 update emails please dont be mad

Blue-nii-sama, Nice to see you around.

>sign into my email account
>check sent mail
>the last email I sent was for the 2015 secret s/a/nta

I've been looking forward to this all year. I plan to do more cards this year than I did the last 2 years.

Did anyone ever get their drawings from this user? I remember seeing this card design posted multiple times promising art, but I never received anything. If you've just been busy though, I understand.

Still alive (fortunately/unfortunately).

I'll send in my thing the day before the deadline, if at all.

Well, we'd have to do it at least once in the first place before we make a second one.

Did you forget your image, user?

>[Grinched]Will you send a gift to someone who doesn't receive one? (Y/N):
Does this also refer to cards or is it just for the gift brackets?

I'm all for it, senpai.

I believe's for the gift brackets.

How does this shit work? I have always seen these threads but never participated and I just might this year.

Is there a size limit on the wishlist? I dont have alot of things, but I want to format it and space things out to make it look nicer this year

Follow the rules and send santa loli a mail. Then you get sent stuff.

But...didn't you guys write this?

so when I pick a bracket, I get stuff from that bracket back?

No. You get a lump of coal back.

To anybody that signed up in the last 24 hours: I will be responding to the e-mails tonight!

To anybody who didn't: Please make sure you sent to the right e-mail!


I didn't think it was bad

santaLoli sorry for sending so many emails please dont be mad

the whole point of the event is hosting it in a place where people aren't going to bitch about these kinds of things, because that's what we were looking for, a place to escape from people forcing social norms on us.

Thanks. I'm sure it could have been worse.

Good job user

I bet you sent like 100 e-mails with "Why wouldn't you reply to me! plz denko (´・ω・`)

>Decide to stop procrastinating and send my email
>Can't come up with a wishlist I'm happy with
>Decide to just do it tomorrow, plenty of time left
Send help

This face will never stop looking stylish to me

All I did was compile pictures.

If you keep that up, signups will close before you decide.

I sent 3 emails, 2 of them were today and one was 2 weeks ago

I know! I'm trapped in this cycle.

Boy howdy, I dropped the ball on that one.

I think I got Erica user last year, I didn't know he'd being doing it for 5 years already

These are amazing

I've done this every year so far and never get any better at it.

Still got my cup.

Sending custom mugs is one of the best things in lower brackets

Too bad Stella doesn't do that 'Get a free engraved chalice" thing anymore. I wonder how many anons still have theirs. I got "fill me up, onii-chan" for myself and that "alcohol is humanity's friend" for another because I am a very original person.

They spelled Weeaboo wrong.

to user that got card, thanks for posting even if late, a lot of the cards I sent didn't get posted so I'm glad it did get to you.

shut up weeblord

Should I participate?
I don't want somebody to end up disappointed

Right, two E's.

No, dont bother

I'll be disappointed if you don't, I"m already at like 5% disappointed just reading your post, you should get on that asap.

I'd love to send them but postal service in my country is notoriously terrible so I can't trust them to not break shit.

also that means 7 out of 10 cards made it and got posted, not counting gift, at least I think. It's hard to double check in archive, but at least that means it wasn't the post office massacre I originally thought.

This image made me think of something, what would happen if one were to use one of rustle's floor images as a custom postage stamp?

I want to participate, but how personal do you guys get with your info? Obviously your full address is needed, but do you guys give out your full name? My main email is my first and last names, so if I use that I guess it won't matter if I use a pseudonym or not. Is everyone else giving out their full names?

It doesn't cost you anything to make a new gmail account. You could always do that, and give your first/middle name or middle/last instead of first/last.

It depends on the post office. I've used completely outlandish aliases before and didn't have any difficulty with the parcels but it's possible that other places would be more strict. Usually it's fine if the addresses match but if you're worried, use your actual name so there's no issue. Or explain it's for a secret Santa.

I don't actually have a problem with using my real name, I'm just wondering if the majority of you guys do as well or if it's kind of a thing to use an alias. I've done the /k/ secret santa before and used my real name with no issues. (I actually sold a gun to some guy from /k/ so I'm really not worried about it)

There's not really that much to worry about. Some anons are just overly paranoid.

Everybody who has sent me something/received something from me has used their full name or first name/last initial. I use my first and middle name. It's easier to not use an alias in case something happens with the postage.

If the odds were better sure, but I think on average we like 400+ anons on this shit. It's honestly not worth it.

>still no whitelist email
>still no confirmation to my wishlist update

Fuck every year I see this I wished I lived alone so I could try to get a gift.
I might try sending something to an user though, I'd really like to see them posting it here

What too embarrassed to receive a package from some user?

not him but yes

Yes, I live in an apartment so the doorkeeper would end up receiving it, and probably seeing what it is I guess. I'm not sure tho I've never even done this, I like to lurk these threads every year to see what anons get though, its pretty fun

Just keep the box in your closet or something until Christmas. You don't have to show off your gifts to anyone except us, of course.

I don't see what the big deal is, from the outside it should just be a plain brown box.

You should be able to at least do cards without too much suspicion. Just tell them you're sending/receiving Christmas cards. Then open them when you're alone.
If you're in college, it won't seem weird to be receiving letters from all over the country.

What? He'll just see some box with Bad Dragon written on it. He's not going to open it or ask you what's in it.

Unless the doorkeep opens your mail/packages, they shouldn't see what's inside. The outside should just look like a plain box.

Oh well, I guess I could give it a shot then, thanks anons

Shit, sorry about that. Glad it got there and I'll gladly wait for your letter.
Just hope you add what kinds of things you like so I can make your card special.

Wait, are you telling me that you don't? The only reason I haven't mailed the user I sent this gift was because he lives across the ocean and it's not as cheap when you've wasted 6k after getting evicted.

>It's not gay if we both have good taste.
I'm really falling in love with you.

Realistically, you could just get a PO box

>tfw poorfag
sorry guys

It doesn't cost much to send cards

>tfw poorfag living in trailer that is falling apart and still cant even afford it without roomate
>still sign up for $150+ tier
Christmas is worth it user. Just cut down on your food budget for the next few months

This. Shit's fun to do and it makes anons want to kill each other for your cards.

Do people open your mail or something?

>Please make it match the format in wikipedia
I don't get this. My countrys format?

Also, does the grinch option refer to cards if I only sign up for cards?

See picture attached
Yes, your country's format! Just make sure if anybody sent something it would get to you properly!

I only do cards each year and I can't into wishlists either. There's a difference between putting what you really want to see, and things that are a safe bet, but you also don't want your list to look like babby's first recommendation chart if you avoid anything too recent. I personally like some series people'd call pretentious but for totally shallow reasons like dumb character humour, and a wishlist doesn't convey that when you line up the film student 3x3.

>you also don't want your list to look like babby's first recommendation chart
What happens if it looks like that?

Why does it matter? Only a few people will see it anyway, and we already know your taste is shit.

Someone will call you out on your shit taste.

>First time participating last year
>Get a body pillow and a figurine
>Have to fucking hide it from my family for a couple of weeks before I had to head back to Grad School


Anyone here use PO boxes or do u actually use your home address.

>when santaloli responds to your original email chain but your most recent update was in a new chain

At least you get replies.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it user. Did you build that model kit by any chance? I'd be curious to see how it turned out.

about how many secret santas we got so far?

Just wanted to thank you fuckers for these threads. They're one of the highlights of my year, as sad as that might sound. Looking forward to drawing some waifus for you.

> That top left card

Kind of want.

>tfw still have pics of the cards I made and the cards I received last year
Feels good. Only received one package out of three, though I deserved it for the quality of the gifts I gave. Only gave Blu-ray sets of anime they requested, with extra anime on the side I liked. Never got a response, sans the one really good artist who gave me the awesome Megaman pic.
Thanks, user, for the Model Aestivalis!
>pic related; the card I drew

Nah, /ss/ and V/a/lentines are fun as fuck. I wish there was a third exchange somewhere between the two since they are so far apart once Valentines Day passes.

My guess is that the majority uses a home address or whatever is immediately available due to their living situation.

Can't wait do make more handmade plushy and Waifu related thing for Christm/a/s. It always make me happy to work for someone else happiness.
Still no confirmation ;.;

I know some user helped me write it. Whether or not it was actually Blue is a mystery. I know he helped with the video (thanks again, bro).

Speaking of which, how does /ss/ feel about doing an Cred Forums sings for the video this year?

Jesus Christ, I'd be in. Sounds absolutely autistic, but that's the way I like it.

>adv calc exam tomorrow


You faggots better post pictures.

Also, my favorite part of these threads is when everybody just starts dropping initials. Always good fun.

Ganbatte, user.

You damn well know I will.

Sure, why not

That's a big cup

I don't want this thread to end.

But end it must.

>black madokas

Should I just assume my emails aren't getting through or being ignored at this point?

more frequent threads start soon anyways, so you won't miss them for long. You should be saying this during the last threads.

Maybe you could just be patient.

They're probably still going through a bunch of them. I'm sure they'll get to yours.

>When people don't just reply to their original email with their update
>When people don't just copy/paste the formatting
>When people don't read the directions
Just popping in to say I'm around, but just dealing with some leftover logistics stuff from last year, and won't actually be dealing with couple of minor issues with emails until tomorrow. Will probably get to them in the morning/afternoon tomorrow.

Yay I got my confirmation.

I believe in you

h-hey bud the directions say it can be a new email or a reply

I'm thinking about making an irc chat for various needs, but I feel it might be a bad idea. Will need to think it over.

I've gone through every e-mail up to the 25th, so if there's no response, please make sure the e-mail is right or that you send another e-mail!

Those were supposed to be three separate points, but I guess I'm not being clear because it's late and I'm stressed from some dumb shit.

W-what about the 26th?

Do it

>I've gone through every e-mail up to the 25th, so if there's no response, please make sure the e-mail is right or that you send another e-mail!

I've sent two now, but I'll just send it from a different address then I guess. I don't think I'm sending it to the wrong address because I'm just clicking on the link in your post and using that in my mail client.

26th is still happening, I always am very tired lately... but everything will be quick when it comes to sending out assignments like every year!

It appears a few e-mails got stuck in the spam filter, answering those now!

Thanks for taking care of it.

>tfw you never found out if your user liked your gift last year

I-I hope he at least didn't hate it.

I home mine got his. I got a delivery confirmation, but I didn't require it to be signed. I hope it wasn't stolen. What worries me is that there was an user from the same state that got grinched.

Just got my confirmation, thanks!

I hope mine liked theirs.

I think I saw mine get posted in the thread as a box, but I don't think it got opened. I was freaking out though because the delivery confirmation was listed as "Left on Doorstep".

Nothing makes you as nervous as knowing some random asshole could come along and steal the gift, ruining your Cred Forumsnon's christmas AND making it look like you've grinched them.

What were the initials

Mine didn't get posted. Must be because it got there after christmas. My user was away during christmas and requested that it either be sent before or after certain dates. I would have sent it a bit before, but I had to be away a bit before christmas myself. I was expecting the last bits of his gift by a certain date (EMS) in hopes of sending it early, but the san bernadino shooting kinda fucked that up by delaying parcels. Still I hope hope he got it. I hope he doesn't think I grinched him.

A.R. in California, sent him 6 manga volumes and a few doujins.

I also commissioned some art for a card for him, but I didn't get the art until like February, goddamnit. Was too embarassed to send it by then.



Ah right, I got a late card 2 years ago and I don't know if the sender saw that I received it.

Thanks for the charm, I still wear it now. I almost lost it once when it fell off my keychain, and had to throw the toilet paper roll away that you used to wrap the letter with because it smelled like shit.

tfw you will never receive hand drawn pictures of tomoko kuroki with pussy smell all over the cards or gifted used pantsu hand delieved

>you ruined someone's christmas

I wish I was dead.

There are always those scent of girl perfumes sold in shops.

No to IRC, it's a bad idea.

IRC would just cause more tripfags to spawn, and attention whores in a circle jerk

So I would have to vote no on that.

Thanks for the input, I had a bad feeling to begin with.

>that NSA recruitment booklet

>secret santa is just a weeaboo surveillance program

Why would they want to monitor weebs? Not saying they're not/wouldn't.

I mean aren't autists their target hiring demographic?
Please hire me, NSA.

you guys need to slow down threads or this is going to turn into a shitfest, your not helping yourselves by having multiple bump limit threads before October even starts

Spying on weebs might not be bad. It'd probably be getting paid to shitpost.

Planning and arranging takes a long time. Plus there's shipping times to consider. It's only SantaLoli and Santafaggot organizing everything.

Considering it's once a week. It isn't that bad.

and there making more for them to plan and arrange by starting massive threads in September instead of a notice in October and having everyone look up the email in archive until November

They have to match 100s of anons from all over. Doing it more spread out allows for more wiggle room. Doing it in less than a month would be a monstrous load of work. Keep in mind that they mau have work or school. Also there's people who may want to joing, but miss a thread or two. Many people can't dedicate their whole time to browsing Cred Forums or reading emails user.

they can spread it as much as they want if they just keep the same email with just the year changed, spamming threads is just making it harder on themselves just to accommodate people that need to be hand held just to sign up.

That's literally what they did. There's one thread per week.