How buttblasted will Attack on Titan fans (myself included) be when S2 ends and it still isn't over...

How buttblasted will Attack on Titan fans (myself included) be when S2 ends and it still isn't over, so they have to go read the manga rather than watch an anime?

This is almost always the case with adaptations now

Very. It wouldn't be so bad if the manga didn't look vomit.

Yes, but there is no point to action manga without anime because action needs motion to have any appeal

Unless the ending is particularly offensively inconclusive, people will react the same as any other adaptation? For something as popular as AoT the reaction is usually more "I can't wait for more" than "I wish it would end".

You can't be a fan and not read the manga

I wouldn't mind. I already tried to read the manga and it just isn't the same. I can wait. Sadly spoiler fags will try their hardest to spoil on Cred Forums so discussions will be impossible.

True fans don't want their experience tainted by the garbage that is the manga.

>politics arc
I think most people will drop it before reaching the end of the season.

nah t will probably end with the reiss bloodline reveal

When's s2?

I don't care. I'm not a fan, I'm a watcher. And I want to watch.

april 2017

In this world which will someday fall to ruin, hopes and dreams don't matter at all. Because you're asleep within your heart, you'll never wake. But feel with those hands the future that can't be changed -- even if you sacrifice a life that will someday burn out for the perfect dream.

I'd blast her butt

She only longs for Eren

>april 2017?
>fuck this, im going to read the manga
>looks like an amateur manga
>titans talk and have hair now

Aaaand dropped

>>titans talk

Yeah man. I just read a few chapters after the anime and there is a giant monkey-titan that speaks, im not kidding

Better be cut out of s2 of the animu

Oh no someone is suggesting that the Holy Manga be defiled by being not adapted perfectly 1 for 1! Surely he must be the great Tempter, come to offer us better stories than the mangaka can only to lead us into ruin!

she still a diamond

If people went through the boulder arc, then they will go through anything. And the politics arc has enough violence and twists to keep your average watched interested

>Hating on MT
Shit taste

Is this SnK's "Are they still on Namek?"

Annie killed herself when she crystallized herself so no

Shes still alive

No one knows the truth. Rumor and innuendo spread. ARE THEY STILL ON THE BOAT?