This is your older brother for the afternoon

This is your older brother for the afternoon.


Are they eating donuts with a fork?

These are pineapples

Looks like I'm practicing incest.

Oh, so I'm dead then?

Yes, enjoy the sweet release

I don't want to die, thank you.

By the way they fixed the ship. We've got a half-baked version

I miss corteo

nice boat

I like spoopy shadow Corteo though

This one looks pretty good

post original, i already deleted the ep

Much, much better.

Such improvement.

So many double crossings



i'm so glad that jealous cuck got killed

For the whole afternoon, I'll give him something to smile about.

Christ, I didn't even notice that.
It's good that they're fixing those QUALITY now.


Neat. Have they been fixing the QUALITY in time for other broadcasts? That would change everything.


Wondering about this as well.




nice boat


Am I allowed to fuck him?

You have to get in line for that. It's a long line.

Fanart or official?

He did nothing wrong.

He laid his hands on Corteo.

Like I said, nothing wrong.

He was too gay to the mafia.