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She's incredibly fuckable, but that's kind of it.

That's all she needs to be.

She's great background character

Koisuru Metronome translations when?

Second best girl.

Not even that. Utaha is third at best.

>see this
>wanting to fap as fuck.
>My dick can't erect.
I'm really sad now.

Eri is the best.

Seek help.

Absolutely wrong.

>Second perfect girl
Superior perfection.


Reminder: Utaha = Eriri > Megumi.


Trash design.

Homo detected.


>blue eyes
Best design.

You seem like the type of person that enjoys the flavor of cock.

>liking actual tits is homo now

should i watch this anime?
My cock says yes

You must be new to Cred Forums.

Heaven or Hell, let's rock. Earth need not apply.


Was your dick ever wrong?

I watched Boku no Pico and strange things were going on down unders, so maybe?

Megumi > Utaha > Eriri > Izumi > Michiru


Best design and best girl.

>long flowing hair
>jet black hair
>red eyes
>good teeth

You can't beat this design.

NTRslut to be honest

She's good with the insults and a little crazy.

Bad traits.

>long flowing hair
>jet black hair
>red eyes
Goddess tier.


most of Cred Forums are manlettes, bad trait

>long flowing hair
Messy. Better tie it up in lovely looking twintails.

>jet black hair
Boring black nip hair. Can't even tell if it's washed.

disgusting cowtits

>red eyes
the sign of a gold digger who will never love you

what's there to hide? she must not shave her legs.

>good teeth
I'll give you that. Fangs are shit

I like it when she never wins.

>not wanting an amazon gf
Bad from the start.

>what's there to hide? she must not shave her legs.
You can see unshaven legs through pantyhose, you baka idiot.

Most nips have brown hair. Like Megumi.

Every girl in this series is a 10/10

Except worst girl, obviously.

How boring

>worst girl

Who, Eriri?

>not 10/10
I'll fight you.

Utaha a cutie.

She's pure sex, not cute.

So who's the artist for these official works? Is it the mangaka too?

Utaha is very cute.

>worst girl
Megumi, right?

Izumi is worst girl. Everyone knows that.

No, Izumi is hilarious.

Izumi is 2nd best girl after Eriri though. If anything Michiru is the worst girl.

Eriri is more of a 10+1/10 in my book.

Nice joke user.

user's joshing. There is no worst girl.


Megumi is the best girl.

Am I the only chinks rooting for the cousin here ? Hello.... anybody?

Yes. Megumi has a better personality, Utaha has a better body.

And Eriri is the perfect package

Maybe for the body depending on your fetishes, but I don't see how anyone can say she has the best personality.

Reminder that Megumi has no romantic feelings for Tomoya.

The personality compliments her package. Kinda like how raw fish complements rice in sushi, but would be terible when served with mashed potato's.

Nice meme.

It's not a meme. It's the truth bro. She knows Tomoya loves Eriri and Eriri loves Tomoya and she will do her best to help them reach happiness together as a very good friend of both.

Eriri has best of both. Design is obvious, but where else am I going to enjoy angelic loveliness and egoistic feistiness when I'm in the mood for one or the other or even both at the same time?

Old and busted.


>angelic loveliness

Not really something that accurately describes Eriri.

It's still a part of her character you can enjoy.

Fuck me, those smooth thighs...

Am I the only one who thinks if eriri had the body of Megumi's and the long hair of Utaha (still blonde, blue eyes); where she would occasionally go ponytail (similar to megumi), it'd be ultra god tier waifu?

Tall? How tall? I love tall girls.

That's basically casual Eriri.



You'd still have to change her awful personality.


Megumi's body would be a downgrade for Eriri. Long hair is only seen by those she's close to in her creator mode. So even better, one can enjoy twintails and long hair once you capture her heart.

Mitcher is basically Eriri but with Megumi's assets and she's more perfect than Eriri.

I love both, but Michiru isn't that big. Her bust is close to Eriri's.

pretty much this.
still bigger.

Megumi only has a bust four centimeters bigger than Eriri's. She also has the smallest hips.

Mitcher >= Eriri > Megumi

What. Mitcher is like a B cup. Megumi isn't much bigger than that. Eriri is A.

Kazuki > all.

Giantess Eriri is better than them all.

Megumi is big, quite very big. Megumi is full A cup that approaches B. Michiru is squarely at the low to mid end of B cup. So yeah.

Naturally. Kazuki is one of those girls who is a masterpiece.

Using inconsistent fanservice artwork gives you things like this.

That shot there is inconsistent, but it doesn't contradict this one or the other one. I think some people are too used to the anime and forget that the LN design is higher canon.

Eriri was never supposed to be completely flat. She always had small tits. There's a canon size chart.

Why would they make her smaller in the anime then? It usually is the opposite.


The anime reduces it for everyone. It happens. It's just uncommon.


>any of them tall

Tall for a Japanese woman.

The moments where Utaha gets BTFO are the best.

Be a Metronomefag is suffering.

Poor girl. She already gave up on Tomoya and still gets this humiliated.

is "Girls Side" a collection of side stories in the same timeline as the main story or an AU?

Megumi is best girl but I love Utaha the most.

So she's already better than the rest of the cast.

Every SaeKano thread:
>My favorite girl is the most perfect!
>No she's not. MY most favorite girl is the most perfect!
>You're both wrong. Those girls fail to even compare with the perfection that is of my favorite girl!

Is this your first harem thread?

Megumi is clearly the best though.


And it'll only get worse from here on out come S2.

Same timeline.

>Utaha 1cm taller than me
>Michiru 6cm taller

At least I can fool Utaha with some platform shoes.

168cm and 173cm are objectively above average not only in japan, but pretty much everywhere in the world including europe. See:

t. manlet

Do they really make anime just so you sad bastards can pretend they're your waifus/cum sluts? i'm just on this board to learn Japanese tbvh and I've only seen anime that at least tries to have a plot.

Actually it's Megumifags vs Eririfags but this time Utahafags joined the brawl.

so Mayu is no longer just an AU character, I see.

just started learning japanese today cuz of this bored (pun), now I can't stop trying to read every hiragana and katakana I come across

I'm 183cm , so make of that what you will.But my point is that you can't really say this girls are short without pointing out context, and these are japanese schoolgirls. So unless you only consider say, whatever arbitrary stature you prefer as tall, then this girls are indeed ''tall'' at least relatively speaking.

>gets rejected twice
>the second time he essentially says that there is no possible world where he ends up with her

GL ともだち come chill at /djt/ with the senpais. I'm about 6 or 7 weeks into my learning, it's going quite well.

>almost 80cm in bust size
>Actually not flat
>She always is drawed or refered as flat


Only in the anime. The LNs have always portrayed her as just having small tits.

My first thought was to try writing that in katakana -_- .


Saenaifags are this newshits

My wife Megumi is so cute.

On the contrary, Saekanofags are experienced otaku. You need a high power level in order to appreciate the show.

Yeah when i see posts like this definitely ''high level'' otaku

Have you heard of the term ''don't judge people's fapping material''

Saenaifags are newshits.

>Trying to get high scores
>Guest list is filled with NG

there's a reason why koisuru metronome is the only version I read, my fellow google.

But the main series spoiled that Utaha loses to Mayu in KM.



>She's incredibly fuckable
Is there something else she needs to be?

Oy vey.



>I'm about 6 or 7 weeks into my learning, it's going quite well.
Someone hasn't started Kanji yet

Completely wasted by being in a generic harem with a terrible MC.

What? I don't remember any part of that in the LN.

It's almost like that's how harem threads work.

I like both designs a lot, to be honest.

Why does the show have these stupid filters? I'm halfway through and it seems random, not to mention pretty damn annoying.

This thread isn't even that bad.


Right looks like perfection.