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dude that's what i fucking thought like 10 mins ago when i saw the pic, and he also has a M60 wtf

Fat bottomed girls make JoJo's world go round!


only Lisa Lisa and Miu Miu

What are some things I can do to get my mind off JoJolion? The wait for new chapters is slowly killing me


>inb4 more faggots from reddit and tumblr come here and claim kaato is the main villain
joubin masterrace
kaatocucks on suicide watch constantly

>Mac 11 on right hand side of Stroheim's arsenal
Stroheim confirmed time traveller?

>tfw no JoJo doujins about girls with fat asses


German science

Araki forgot.

>Giving a shit about who the main villain is in an on-going story


Why does Cred Forums's JoJo community hate Tumblr's JoJo community? Is it because they're a larger community and have better artists than us?

fucking hell

Part 2 is garbage.


>Killer Queen
Where are the tits?

1st for Anikis


We already have nigger Doppio shitposter from the deepest cloaca of tumblr.

95% are animeonlys and say
>za warudo xD joseph best jojo!

It was foreshadowing to here

Reminder that Mikitaka is an alien.

The meteor which the arrow was crafted from comes from a planet populated by stand-like beings that exploded millions of years ago.

Mikitaka is a survivor from said planet. He has no idea it's gone now.

>Posts 2 Choclate chip doppios
>Suddenly from Deep tumblr

Can Mikitaka fuck Stands?
Is it impossible he can impregnate female Stands?

Can he bone this?

Because tumblr thinks Joseph is a turbo pansexual tranny faggot

How can they say that Kaato is the main villain if they're an animeonly?

Because they draw Mista as black

>tumblr saying kaato is main villain
lmao literally where

Because calling Kaato the main villain doesn't make people Tumblr

It's just an assumption given some evidence that can go any way at the moment

Don't worry pal, people just hate the black. Chocolate chip Doppio is the only true way to draw him in the heart.


Why didn't he ever kill Shinobu?

She was a useless and moody bitch and Kira knew she must have hated the real Kosaku from how she treated him when he first came into the house and only liked him because he was a slightly different person. She didn't seem to have any friends in Morioh and he could have just said she went on a long vacation with Hayato or something.

I hope now Jojolion can go back to being a sinister family mystery instead of fucking [rock humans]

not quite, but eh whatever you think user

So you mean to tell me that being called tumblr is meaningless? Wow way to go /jojo/ for watering down another buzzword

Too much trouble. Kire prefers the path of least resistance, covering Shinobu's disappearance would have given him too much stress

Can you stop posting these? You're genuinely shitposting at this point.

The fact that Part 4 looks so much worse than 3 bugs me like you don't know what. Putting all that animation work into the subjectively worst Stand part, and then giving Part 4 the leftovers?

Different user, I think Doppio is adorable no matter what so no problems there, though I'm now curious as to what a black Diavolo would be like, too-

Is there chocolate chip Diavolo?

Because there is a manhunt for his ass. Any possibility of attracting attention are not welcome but if she were to suspect him he'd obviously kill her, just like killed Hayato.

>Hating best Part 4 girl

Even Kira himself questioned her safety when dealing with Stray Cat. Kira thinks long and hard about how to handle his life and it's just easier to keep her alive as protection than to just wipe her out of existence and end up looking suspicious

Killing her would blow his cover.

Kira doesn't care about her, he only sees her as maybe a physical representation of his safety.

If something happens to her, suspicions will be drawn. And he'll lose.

This. I could care less what fucking skin tone a character is. If they cute, they cute.

Where's Anne?


got some "fresh" oc for youse

Jesus fuck didnt even read all of it and it still hurts.
also >ifunny

>This video contains content from PONYCANYON. It is not available in your country.

What the fuck?

>Ponycanyon blocked this video in my country

god fucking dammit.
blame those fuckers at attack on titan.

Because they spam their art here and get pissy when people tell them to fuck off

I'd presume there'd be a chocolate diavolo, it'd only make sense after all. Let me look around..

I suspect you did this user. Either way I am annoyed.

Stardust crusaders is the best jojo.


"Oh, god fucking damn it. It's that fucking retard shit-for-brains Josuke and that stupid shithead idiot Okuyasu. And look, it's that trashy whore Yukako with them. Wonder why she's with them.... probably giving them an escort later on. She probably spent the entire day on gloryhole duty. What a bitch."

why is rohan so mean?

>ketchup on ice-cream

>meaning of the song was lost
>horrendous temp in relation to the OP
>Josuke reaching Kira moment is awful
You lazy fuck, there are better Bleach OPs that could've been put there if you GAVE A SHIT
What is this shitty song anyway?

You know what would be messed up. If only doppio was chocolate making the transition even more jarring

It's strawberry sauce you dip

BT was the best part, I'd put SC in second.

>yfw they do this in the anime

WTF happened that they got their budget slashed? They cut budget and if the numbers viewership doesn't fall they just say fuck it, work with the lesser budget and pocket the difference or designate it to a different project? If they make part v better than 4 I'll be pissed because it doesn't fucking deserve it.

I'm actually a bit bothered that we're not going to have a second ED. Three openings and just one ED. More variety in music please, David.

I do believe it's supposed to be some kind of cherry sauce.

I doubt it but still it makes you think

Part 4 isn't as popular as Part 3 and DavidPro had another anime they were working on at the time as well

But luckily the changes they made make the story better so while the animation does hit quality, it's still eons more entertaining to watch

They're not made of money. Stop acting like a bitch.

What do ghost feet smell like?

But I thought part 3 being good was just a meme

I've seen like, three pictures of Rohan doing this shit.

Is it all the same artist? Some kind of in-joke? I don't get why it's focused specifically with Reimi and Rohan each time.

am I the only one who really likes that coloration of CD?

>Doppio is Chocolate chip during all his appearences
>When switching to Diavolo he is Blonde and blue eyes
>King Crimson is White and Blue

Japan cums themselves over Part 3. They adore every last bit of it and it practically defined shonen

That's always been the case

PHF and Over Heaven are already translated and The Book and Jorge Joestar are being translated. What about the SC novel and the VA novel? Are they translated?

I sincerely hope that there is a legitimate reason behind outsourcing almost every third episode to Dr. Movie and 32 Kims from Seoul.

I do too, that's why I saved it. I'm so used to blues or pinks that seeing stark fucking red like that was interesting

All by the same artist

>any color other than crimson

>Gold Experience
>Any color other than gold

I can't. I live for the western music references in Jojo. They're as important as the episode looking good.

Ah, that explains a lot.

I really like that pairing, they really fit together.

And both cost money. It's one or the other.

Did you not see Rohan Kishibe's Adventure?

I prefer "Za Diamond!"

Now I want Mikataka bizarre adventures being a thing

I cant take that coloring seriously. Fucking Crazy diamond looks like a Frog in armor.

>Jotaro doesn't put her daughter's name down
>Jolyne has to do it herself

Back from my japanese trip. There aren't that many Doppio artists in general but the one that drew chocolate chip doppio did it as part of a "rare pair". If there are black Diavolos it'd be by a different artist but there's not that much Diavolo art to start with either. So there might be some chocolate chip Diavolo, but it'd take some finding first.

This ending is too orgasmic to change it.

>Star Platinum
>Any color other than platinum

Yet we're getting neither

Damn, well thats alright user. Any Doppio and diavolo is a good to me.

>not liking King cotton candy

Is it just me, or does it's second face look even more ridiculous like this?


Îs this vaporwave?

Predict what will happen next chapter
I think Norisuke will start investigating Jobin, He'll find out some secret about him and Jobin will kill him with Speed King

Gappy makes me happy

This is the most tryhard anti-SJW thing I've ever seen.

I always chuckle when I see things like this, it's like that one artist who draws nothing but thick Ran. You have to admire their dedication, I think.


When is statue legend Josuke coming out? Holding out on buying Crazy D in case Josuke is cancelled.



Dos anyone have the Tomoko from that ED in good quality? Everyweek I can't stop thinking how bad I would rero rero that.

This is art


Hey guys gifman here. im taking request for editing jojo into anything (gifs,cartoons,tv,anime)

We are finally getting [HIGH VOLTAGE] "A New World" colored

Last arc of SBR in color this month, over a hundred Jojo episodes...

What will they color next? Finish vento aureo? Start doing JJL?

Rat Bart with Ratt

Colored SBR is so fucking dull looking...

I find it very beautiful.

i think there was doujin of lisa lisa in somewhere.

SBR in color It's muddy and too pastel, with little constrasts and so. What a shame. The raw and original B&W it's so much better for SBR or JJL.

I don't like those colored scans in general, not only SBR.

artist name??

They just draw that one character under that name anons...

If David adapted SBR, would they keep Funny's final design throughout the whole part, or make him progressively lose weight throughout? I want to know what'll happen with Anasui, too.


On danbooru the tag for him is "chanta_(ayatokaoisii)"

shut up

Will DP keep fem Annasui?


I imagine they'd probably use male Anasui from the get-go, but Valentine spends so much time fat that they'd take the Iggy approach with him.

Can someone post Norisuke doing Hamon breathing from the recent chapter?

Thanks, man. Here's a sexy Jolyne just for you.


Yes they would change valentine

Yes they would show Anasui as a woman in his first appearence just to be faithful to the manga

Mr.Bean was the funniest shit.

are you the nutshack poster?


I guess male Anasui and a progressively thinner Valentine make sense. I was only asking because of cases like Iggy where they use both designs, for the record.

Fruitdad is going to die soon.
He knows too much and is starting to realize Jobin's up to no good

The other day I was feeling really bad. Bad headache, almost about to vomit and I couldn't even be in a bright room.
While laying down my mind went to Joathan Joestar, his broken arm and how the ripple healed him. So, not really expecting it to work, I started to try some breathing excesses.
As I did it, my body cooled down, my stomach settled and my headache almost evaporated, and soon died, and I felt 10x better then before. Like fresh energy was flowing through me. If I hadn't watched Jojo I'm sure I wouldn't have done this and would have just sleept the day away.
So my message: "Believe in the Ripple!!"



here is the emperor act 4 with sound effects.

You're late

It's never too late to be happy.

you went to a bar and suddenly THE HAND slap your gf's ass

what do

Spoon feed me what a nutshack poster is.


I think that being "first" is a bonus, the real goal is to post it once per thread.

Look for a new gf because there's no way in hell I'm dating someone with no ass

I gain faith and pray for her soul because shes fucking dead now

Panic and coddle her while she bleeds out from just being a torso.

>taking in more oxygen can make you feel better
who'd have guessed?

>piece of shit slow Stand
>actually hitting anything

I started posting shity edits of the nutshack with jojo in it. i plan on making a 10 minute nutshack parody in this style.


I never watched the show, but I like your MiH one the most.


Does Heaven's Door have any limits? If Rohan can cause Josuke to fly backwards because he wrote it in him, then what was stopping him from writing something like "Josuke will find Kira" on Josuke?

Enjoy my friend.


Because he never wrote RPSkid will always play scissors and saved us from that ordeal

It's as powerful as the plot demands, meaning Araki realized how absurdly broken it is and made Rohan an idiot who never uses Heaven's Door to its full potential.

>Find Kira
But he's Kosaku now


Because he hate Josuke and his cowshit tier hair.

He made koichi learn the italian language just by scribbling on him so the shit can in fact force knowledge into a person.

There's straight up no reason he couldn't just write "knows where kira is" and it wouldn't work.

are the constant peace, heart, dolphin, and anchor motifs ever explained?
I havent read much of the manga

Can you replace the creeper with Melone's face. Kira is okay too

Araki just likes giving characters aesthetics.

Look at trish and spice girl, they are covered in math symbols but that shit never comes into play. Spice girl's power doesn't even have anything to do with math, she just makes stuff rubberysoft.

Could've just wrote "can now revive the dead" in Josuke and brought back Aya and we'd be done by now finding kira

I think it can only be something physically possible, like to the limits of the human brain or body. As humans we can totally fly backwards, but he couldn't write "grow wings and fly".

I don't think writing on Josuke to find Kira would count for much because Josuke himself still has no idea where Kira could be.

The main thing people forget is that, like Okuyasu, the full potential of Rohan's Stand within the plot is held back by his personality. He doesn't actually give two shits about the others.

Is this you?

Wouldn't put it past him

>Bigger than Lisa Lisa

There is
It sucks

jesus is that first one supposed to be erina?
and why is yasuho a d, the manga even says she's a c

Pinks and purples fit all JoJo characters and stands perfectly.

ah shit I just realized king crimson's pattern is like an ice cream cone god damnit

Someone who is a talented Color-fag please experiment with this hipothesis

Are there any pieces of Dopio turning into Diavolo "I was just pretending to be retarded" ?

well shit.

I have been outcancered

Cant find a good face for melone if any one has one send it my way.

who is this guy?

Three openings? I count two and a remix

Had this in mind.

are you minionfag?

Some shity youtube persona some one requested. only did it beacuse of the request

God dammit, this i mean.

Well for one thing, they're full of racists who make things like THIS.

Narancia's one of their favorite characters to draw in blackface. He also happens to be a dumb homeless kid who can't understand math and loves hip hop.

Contrast that with the black Gappies we make. He's one of the most shrewd, intelligent Jojos.

I bet Jolyne let's her forest grow untamed

We're getting another OP in probably 2 episodes. It's been confirmed for a while, where have you been?


>He doesn't actually give two shits about the others.
It would make sense if it wasn't established that Kira would have killed him if Reimi didn't save him.

Oh fuck yeah, thank you.

Stop fucking falseflagging

What are your expectations for the next opening? I hope the 3DCG is back and that the song fits DiU as much as Chase did.

I hope they do this with Bite the Dust too:

Falseflagging? I literally took that directly from Tumblr.

where do you come from?

in the trash

> better artist than us
Yeah nah we have pixelfag


New Kira-themed items on the premium bandai store.�W���W��

cool shit

>100 dollars for a tie or the whole package

I'm late, site died.

No hablé Japañol? These prices. They baffle me.

Thanks Doc.



When's the next bit of the OST coming out?

Also, post your favorite tracks:

Yea, Cred Forums's constipation sorta delayed my post for bit there.

>anime ost
Pick one and only one.

>Trips of shite taste
Who would've thought.

>singles of zero taste
Self fulfilling prophecy, tis

>Dubs of terrible musical appreciation
Y-youre not gonna get away with it.

>the singles of poor musical enjoyment, again
The posts keep writing themselves, don't they, bud? :^)


Y-you shut your whore mouth...

>Johnny doesn't put Rina's name

Could Kira arm his clothes as bombs, so that no one could ever touch him?

The things that he arms don't explode, just the stuff that touches those things, so it seems like it could be safe.

Could he blow someone up right next to him without risk of being hurt by the explosion? When Shigechi was blown up, there was no scarring or scorching on the doorknob or floor. It doesn't seem like there's much in the way of shockwaves or anything.

If I rember correctly his Bombs would also hurt him if he was caught in the explosion

A key plot point in BTD is that Josuke counters the air bombs by running towards Kira into the danger zone.

Kira can be hurt just the same as anyone else

What was wrong with Rock Humans? We're not done with them anyway since there's gonna be explanation on them later for sure. It's still been sinister family mystery save for the brief detour into Aishou and Karera.

What kind of dingus holds a sandwich in his flat palm?

The same one that lets a severed hand hold it for him

holy shit dio what happened

He was standing right next to that man and woman he blew up in their apartment though.

>Contrast that with the black Gappies we make. He's one of the most shrewd, intelligent Jojos.
We make black Gappies because he's gap-toothed and has a stand that steals stuff. Lets not pretend we're titans of inclusivity here.


user. Look at his face.

If the bacteria on the arrow is what creates stands, could Gold Experience give any sharp object stand giving properties?



But he doesn't even like fried chicken... now you're just arguing semantics.

They're TAN you tumblautists. There's a difference between having a tan and being black. What the fuck even is Narancia? He's so black it's actually racist.

Ah who am I kidding. These are the kinds of people that told that one artist to kill herself because she drew garnet in a different skin color.

It's not just any bacteria, it's ALIEN bacteria

Describe your favorite Jojo without describing their appearance, history, or role in the story.

If you can't, you have shit taste.

Happy and ruthless.

Hes fucking cool, sweet, and makes me happy.

I dunno if he can make bacteria. He makes plants and animals all the time but he doesn't have complete control over what he makes according to White Album, it was so cold that when he tried to grow grass all GE would do is make short tundra grasses. So even if he could make bacteria it'd have to be under VERY specific circumstances to make that bacteria. Like he'd have to go into space or something.

He's pretty kind for a delinquent.

Yasuho is mine!

I feel like Giorno and Kars would get along just fine.


She makes my heart go doki doki.

he overcame his disabilities and was friend of an italian.

Go to bead, Joshuu....

Okuyasu isn't a JoJo

Being FUJIMI and FUROUSHI is a wonderful drug


Rule of Cool

no, am talking about that jojo whose italian friend died.

I don't remember Jonathan having any disabilities.

>without describing their role in the story

Tiny head

He's a kind, naive, optimistic, and almost saintly hero who is extremely forgiving and kind but willing to go full barbarian on his opponents to protect others.

His personality is surprisingly child-like and he often shows fear more than the other JoJos, which doesn't stop him from facing dangers head on with sheer bravery.

He starts off the story as immature and lazy but he eventually becomes a pure heroic archetype. As old and as dated as his character may be, it never ceases to be endearing or interesting to me.


>yfw this happened

Ah, man, great to see more people who like Giorno


Don't shit talk a Space Marine, user.


I did not described jojos role, just the italian friends role
he also was a royal friend willing to help anyone, but when needed he holded a strong determination

I've never really seen anything like it before, ever, so it was pretty cool.

Jonathan is pretty nice, user.

>Shows fear
Your implication that Giorno shows any emotions, least of all fear, at any point in the story is laughable.

So, JoJo is supposed to air on Adult Swim next month (ie; the one that starts in six days) and we still have no trailer or TV spot or anything.

What's the deal with that shit?

My favorite jojo just defeats enemies while doing some clever stuff and is a good person at heart, also has a lot of determination and loves his friends deeply

After they let OPM end, it will probably take that slot and they'll push parasite out of the 3:00 one.

Must be genetic.

My entire body froze and I didn't breathe for all 9 seconds

I knew it was coming and I was still fucking hyped.

I'm pretty new to this I recently made a post on the main anime page asking which Zeppeli is the best but I was linked to here so I just wondered who you think the best Zeppeli is I can never decide.

Not that user but Giorno actually shows a lot of fear, especially compared to Jonathan, who that other user was talking about.

I can name off three instances where Giorno showed fear: right before Mista fought Sale, during the White Album fight, and during Babyface.

I can't even think of one time when Jonathan showed anything other than 'I MUST DEFEAT DIO' or...uh...or...


He legit does though, even in the early chapters you meme lord.

Gyro is the only choice. He had the most characterization and better than those other 2 bozos.

That's not my point. I mean that they haven't even advertised it at all. You think we'd see something. We saw OPM's trailer at least two months before it aired.

What episode is it on right now, anyway? That sounds pretty plausible, so I'm just wondering about a time frame for that to happen.

You already posted him

It didn't quite break the fourth wall, but gave it a touch just right to let you know that's when shit was about to go down. I fucking loved that bit, and I really hope DP does something similar once we get to the BtD arc.

Jesus christ what a shitty post.

But yes, Gyro is the only one that doesn't job or be useless, or have zero personality or endearing traits.

g y r o

He is funny, charming and extremely clever, able to out wit his opponents in a variety of creative ways. He is able to face almost impossible odds with a grin and things just tend to work out for him, albeit in an entertaining fashion.

he hates the japanese but loves to get up in them guts

Oh. Well i dont remember which one aired last night but i know they just passed the episode where the FishKing got BTFO'D and died. As for the airing, i got no idea what Toonami is thinking not advertising it. But since its coming in october, it might be late october.


Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked sense of Humor

Considering that the singers in the new OP are the guy and the girl that sung the songs on the radio, I'm imagining that it's going to be like an up-beat morning wake-up routine for all the characters, starting with an alarm going off. Towards the end, Kira will cause them all to explode, time will reverse, and the OP will start up with the alarm ringing again, this time will all the characters dying when they're supposed to be doing regular stuff.

Sorry like I said I'm pretty new here so I don't know how things really work sorry

His personality is defined by a combination of traits that pend to either evil or good that ultimately give him a moral greyness that the other JoJos really have, and the kind of ambition and goal that none of the other JoJos really have either. He works for what he believes to be the greater good, and kills without a moment's hesitation or consideration for the sake of his goal. He has the kind of unblinking determination that allows him to tear off his own limbs even at such a young age and to condemn people he deems "evil" to cruel, painful deaths.

He has a natural charisma and ability to inspire others to do better themselves but he himself reacts very emotionally to tragic situations. He goes through a range of emotions usually when he's alone and the other characters cannot see him, something that shows through mostly in his dialogue.

He has a bit of a desperate ambition to help others and achieve the strength to do so that comes partially from his childhood and the environment he grew in, and he does manage to achieve said ambition, but at costs and sacrifices he never once imagined.


yare yare NIGGER

Bruno > Gyro > Will > Caesar's Dad > Gyro's dad > Will's dad > shit > POWERGAP > Caesar

>I can't even think of one time when Jonathan showed fear or emotions


Lurk moar newfag

oh fuck, some decent western jojo cosplay that isnt laughably bad
that joshuo is perfect,
got anymore?

The man on the right is Caesar's dad with Gyro

What will his theme be like?

Then you have a shit memory

I forget, did the episode title end with "Part 1"?

Rock ÷ dubstep
It will be this

It would actually be very fitting

No. That doesn't mean they'll cram all 7 chapters into an episode though, they'll probably have the last one or two at the start of Highway Star Part 1.

Is there any comparison shots of tv vs bd of DiU?

There were for volume 1, but the site seems to have vanished.

The biggest things that were changed are QUALITY faces at a distance, smoothness of animation , and for some reason they thinned the bold outlines around characters during closeups by at least half.
he just moved

If you could ask Jotaro 1 question, what would it be? Me? I'd ask for permission to HUG KISS AND MARRY JOLYNE!!!!!!!

>Jotaro-san, could you please spit on me and hit me as hard as you can with your beautiful stand, Star Platinum?

I'd probably just ask him to stop time for a sec and knock your block off, weirdo.

I'd ask him why he didn't use time stop between SDC and DiU.

>Not King Kotton Kandy

He did once. He still couldnt Pull out though.

I would ask him if he knew that Kosaku Kawajiri is Yoshikage Kira

You sound like that one girl. Shokotan, was it? Didn't she draw a painting with her getting beat up and licking Jotaro's blood?

Well since he likes marine life and I do too I would like to ask him how he feels about sharks (my favorite animals).
But I think we know how he feels about them so idk

>and hit me as hard as you can with your beautiful stand, Star Platinum?
You'd be fucking dead. That guy can break diamonds.

Aw man. I knew Survivor was brutal, but I forgot THAT part.

Has there ever been another anime protag who stood a chance at outwitting Joseph?

full image where?

Not anime, but Bugs Bunny.

Part 5 onwards got excessively brutal imo

Not that that's a bad thing


Guys, with the right user could Boys 2 Men be a God Teir stand?

Pocoloco. All he has to do is believe he can do it.

Right here, fags

What's going on in this image? They catch Trish wearing a corset that's styled kinda like... Part 6 Jotaro I think? I don't get it.

I like this artist tho because I think I saw her drawing Jolye/Hermes yuri once. Literally 100% of JoJo yuri comes from tumblr.

It makes sense too.
They put the rest of D'Arby the Gamer in Vanilla Ice Part 1.

>animation is bad

Like anyone gives a shit, it's competing against berCLANGserk, and the color palette still amazes me.

If this is what low quality looks like I can't wait for the high quality of the final fights.

I admit I'm going anime-only for this part because I could never get into the poor quality of ariaki's art during part 4 and the translations all being shit, but literally the only thing that could ruin the ride tha DAVID has given us so far is if Kira and Josuke's final fight is cut short by kira being randomly run over a by a truck or something stupid.

You cheeky motherfucker...

can i get the version that's not meant to be posted on christian image boards?


Poor Gappy, it must be complete terror when he cums since he has 2x2 Nuts.

That Yasuho's actually pretty hot

Gappy probably feels pain while cumming, it's too much cum for the body to expel that fast.

If you're legitimately an anime-only than this is this single greatest post on all of Cred Forums

Depends if he's also got double the tubing.

As long as the opponent doesn't know why the user wants to play RPS. Unless he absorbs a stand like Heaven's Door then word will spread instantly that no one should ever play RPS with some dude.
Also it's more that due to the stands he absorbs he will be god tier since Boyz II Men is garbo on its own ans anything more than a gimmick.

I think Spike would give him a run for his money before his inevitable defeat

araki writes history manga

WW2 with stands

He still has only one urethra.

What would be Hitler stand?

Yeah he wrote a manga about Tesla and some baseball player. It's called "The Lives of Eccentrics"

Haven't read it but it looks pretty cool

I would cum buckets if Part 9 takes place in WW2, but that will definitely never happen because... you know... Japan got fisted by the US

[blank] would probably be able to beat him, and it would be a hell of a match

>government actors obtain the arrows
>soon enough use them to cultivate specialized military units of 100% stand users
>conflict inevitably results

We Über now.

Purple Haze: Gas boogaloo

Well I don't wanna get banned so here's the page it comes style?updated-max=2016-05-30T18:56:00+03:00&max-results=20&start=13&by-date=false
I warn you. There's alot of gay

If it had to be a preexisting one, heaven's door probably, seeing as he's an artist and all


That's Trish's first outfit.

Thats alot of gay Bara shit
>Gappys Stack Sack
So THIS is the power of the Wall eyes

>full faggot factory

yeah, supposed to sound like her

Joe Yabuki to me feels like Joseph Joestar done right, I think he would beat Joseph in boxing at least before dying or something

is 4th another day any good? or even translated, for that matter?

man that was actually really disappointing...

not sure, but by the wiki's synopsis, it looks pretty ok

>Joseph Joestar done right
We already got that in part 2

found the animeonly

found the kid trying to fit in

>outwitting Joseph

Rate my art Cred Forums

I don't really get it.

gappy makes me happy

i've always wondered how stands operate

do they perform actions to the best of their ability or is the user manually controlling them

Yeah but that's stretchy - as long as there's 4 vas deferens he'll be fine.



read the series

When will Araki remake SDC in his current art style?

i have

I love those SJR editions.
550yens for 400+ pages
what a bargain!

So I'm trying to convince an animeonly to read the manga, but now that we're at Part 4 the major elephant in the room is how shit the Part 5 scans are. Like he's honestly better off waiting for the anime for the best experience at that point.

So basically, how are the new scans and translations coming alone? Close to finished?

don't speedread

>he cant read french or italian

That Nabu Faggot at the forums has this as his avatar.

Fuck that guy

the guy retranslating it has been on a fucking roll lately
i think he said he'll be at green day by the end of the month

Looks more like Akira Otoishi Tbh

i only speedread 5 and 6 because of how badly translated 5 and how boring 6 was

The anime will be out long before we get good scanlations of part 5.

Part 5 doesn't really matter much in the grand scheme. If the scans are that big of an issue jump to 6.

If he's hooked he'll want to go back and read 5 anyway. If not then there's no reason to worry about a former friend.

>inb4 skipping parts
this is different

Last I checked, they've gotten started on Notorious B.I.G.


>le d'heurria baguette mon jeur vieus monsoir?? hon hon hon hon
>whoopiti boopiti abbadabacci rizzolioni di molten linguine

Who the FUCK has time for all that.

You should have been able to tell by Black Sabbath that some stands are fully unrelated to their users.

And even before that, you could tell some stands had autonomous abilities from SHA.

To answer your original question simply, 'depends on the stand'


>12 chapters in 4 days

Most NEETs, you fucking normie.

They past that and are now on the beginning of the Metallica fight.

can someone show him the pages from sbr where they explain all the stands?

Oh shit, already? Maybe we really will finally get consistently-good scans.


The world

What is GER?



>he didnt learn 3 languages as a kid

CORRECT! Next question.


Cream + Vampire Ice


What is Giorno Fibinaci?



Part 7 Avdol.

Who is Caesar

I dont get it

Post parts that you liked from diamond is not crash

Naw, he did do that one thing at the very end. You know, the bubble, and the... yeah that was it. Is that seriously all he showed up in the story for, aside from being everything terrible about Polnareff's moody side?

Caesar's scarf was more important than him.

What about that one time he blew bubbles at Whammu? Or when he shot the noddles back at Joseph?

It was a headband you dip

>If Jotaro put his moms name then why Josuke didnt do the same

this should be "SEKAICHI"


It automatically leveled Star Platinum out with the power to defeat a stand that can stop time indefinitely and rewrite reality itself. It doesn't get more SHEER than that.

So it's agreed that Tonio was the best Part 4 character?
>tfw no Italian man to cook food for me

>>tfw no Italian man to cook food for me

Is Hot Pants SBR Pucci?



why would he need to include a face?

what the hell makes you think that?

>that feel when
>didn't include a face
Yeah, I don't see the problem here.

What what? TFW, or "That Face When", Requires a face to represent how you felt. you didn't include a face, and this triggered me.

>mfw he expects me to use a face for using >tfw

>that face when you forget your reaction image

How new?

Discussion point of the day: What are the most autistic fan theories you've seen?

Why are dio's left ear birthmarks missing?

How strong is Beach Boy compared to other stands? I mean, you literally can't break the line and the hook phases through whatever it wants.


Araki forgot

>both were religious
>both killed their brother
>both teamed up with Dio

Embarrassing. How new can you be?

To be Honest? 3 days ago. Day to is when i found out about the "Tbh" Auto correct

You have to be 18 to browse this board.

>Josuke saved himself with BtD


Is it that hard to imagine I avoided Cred Forums for the first 26 years of my life?

So with Halloween coming closer and closer, what do you think jojo characters would dress up as outside of their small palette of costume options?

how can you avoid Cred Forums for 26 years if youve only been alive for 15

>First Livestream ever for JoJo
>First commerical break has the Part 4 Ultra Jump Commercial
>Everyone yelling Part 4 Confirmed

And here we are. What a roundabout path we've been on.


Mikitaka would reveal what his species true form looks like
Everyone would be horrified and disgusted

What are the chances of Part 5 anime being announced by the end of this season?

He'll just draw hentai

Giorno Should dress up as a good character

High. It's the most popular part in Japan outside of SDC.

Nah. Joshuu's got a shorter nose, thinner brows and smaller eyes, and Rohan doesn't have those nasty bags under his.

Pretty high. It's the SDC of the second trilogy.


Because its the worst of the three?

Well those are some interesting parallels but i think Hot pants' OG universe counter part was Erina.

>Everyone would be horrified and disgusted

DIO probably throws some Halloween parties every now and then.
I mean it's not like he evens need to decorate his house, it's already a dark place filled with cobwebs, candles and corpses.
More than half of his followers are already horror character anyway.

Are you retarded?

Its weakness is its own user. That's the worst kind.

>need to breathe
Sounds like a weakness mate

Why is Gaston covered in piss?

Yes, but it's still better than all of the ones in the first trilogy.


>Jonathan's wife Erina's SBRV counterpart is hotpants
>Not Johnny's wife Rina

Hey im not confident in it either. She might just be a full blown original in SBR.

No, are you legitimately retarded?

Erina's counterpart was Lucy.

>there's only one counterpart for each character in SBRverse

Yeah, that's how counterparts work. If there were two versions of the same person, Valentine would know, anyway.


>Hot Pants in a nun outfit
>Other thread a few days ago had Jolyne in Pucci garb
>Insta boners each time

Are nuns even that hot? I've never seen good nun porn

>Young Joseph is best jojo

What do you anons think of the "Mikitaka is Kars" theory?

Can you do some with Digiorno pizza and Giorno Giovanna?

>Mikitaka would reveal what his species true form looks like


He helped save Joseph's future wife when Whamm took over her body.
No Cesar = no Jolyne, josuke, or jotaro

Mikitaka is the True Ultimate Lifeform.
He can change into shit like shoes nigga

Yellow Temperance is literally The Blob + The Thing combined with the added bonuses of not being hurt by fire (which killed The Thing) or cold (which stopped The Blob), plus the bonuses of it being a Stand.
If it could only ditch it's retarded user it could be absolutely unstoppable.

Harold Stritzke from The Lost Room with Dio's face

I'm fairly certain Lucy was SBR Erina

Why is Jojo the only good anime?

You know damn well that Joseph would have asspulled his way to victory without Caesar.

She is, her last name is fucking pendleton

Dank shoes > immortality

>Literally the same name
>Literally the same role in the story
I don't see what's so hard about this.

Erina, Josuke and Jotaro have like 3 counterparts
>Lucy, Rina, Hot Pants
>Josefumi, Gappy, Norisuke
>Kyo, Kira, Josuke

It's not just anime, its MANIME

You need to watch more anime.

>smug petty shitheads
>pick fights for no reason
>think highly of themselves but are absolute jackasses
>green color scheme
>same shitty haircut

joseph could have easily just fucked his mom, that was the route he was going before araki decided to make lisa lisa joseph's mother

this. it's actually probably the strongest stand ever, not even GER can beat it because GER can only negate it eating Giorno, but can't do jack to the stand itself

what would happen if notorious b.i.g. and yellow temperance went at it, I wonder

Where do you think you are?

Shaman Kings better

Who's the fucker on the left?

ur mum lol

Fuck off Kris


>not even GER can beat it because GER can only negate it eating Giorno, but can't do jack to the stand itself
Giorno can do something like negate his willpower so rubber soul is unable to battle.

Ohhh shit, dude...

Hey guys, my name is JoJoTheory666, you are invited to my reddit post about who the main villian of part 8 will be, please be free to upvote and leave a supporting comment, I put a lot of effort on these, even when I didn't read the manga yet, but everything I know is thanks to the wiki, Eyes of Heaven and Jorge Joestar. See you guys

Read jojolion then, fucking autist.

Yo, Angelo

Is this supposed to be a bird or a dinosaur?

You forgot LOGH.

Yo, Angelo!

Araki said a Dinosaur.

Reading part 5. Man in the Mirrior. The only thing I am thinking about is how in part 3 they talked about how this stand couldn't exist ever when they were fighting the Hanged Man.

It doesn't surprise me, but still.

Guy Gardner. Imagine the most obnoxious american stereotype you can think of and then make him a green lantern.

Its what ever you want it to be

Further proof that part 5 is the worst part

Well, at least you took the time to try reading A fucking manga.

neither, it's a magmar

JoJolion dies

desu part 5 will be the best animated one, the story fits better to the screen

You dipshit, that was Lucy

Her maiden name is Pendelton

so a bird

Kaks even after death still gets btfo

desu indeed, friend.
deu indeed.

Part 5 will have lower production values than the first season and part 4 together
caption this

Lots of fuckers in SBR verse have tons of counterparts. Read the posts above t osee how this shit works out.

New Thread:

I forgot again, was it any mirror that allowed him to pull in the Buccellati gang or just the one he made?

It certainly will. Half the panels look fucking retarded and need action to explain what the fuck is going on

I was watching it with a friend and we both stopped talking in absolute fear. I had to rewatch it over and over after the ep.

So, echoes act 1 create sound effects

echoes act 2 makes the sfx real

echoes act 3 can use words that rhyme with sound effects

so what would echoes act 4 do?

Is it, user? Or is Kakyoin just a filthy stinking liar? Maybe Hermit Purple was right about him...

Any mirror he felt like I think


I thought that was Hal Jordan.

Steals your mix tape


It's a dinosaur.
Well, dinosaurs are biologically identical to birds so either answer is right.

Just finished VA. What a goddamn clusterfuck
>two skinsuit stands
>two kill-every-living-thing-in-a-huge-radius stands
>two teleporting-to-wherever-is-convenient stands
>three fucking make-things-soft stands
>purple haze uses its insane power one time
>baby face
>rolling stones
>mr president
I dont even know how the fuck Notorious BIG knew what his power would be if he had to be dead for it to work. Moody Blues was a retarded ability that came in handy like three times, and only because of huge coincidences. And i still have no fucking idea what GE: requiem's power was

Sex Pistols, Aerosmith, Sticky Fingers, Grateful Dead and Kraft Work were the only cool stands. Kuck Crimson was dumb

I hope the next parts arent this fucking disappointing

It's a Kappa

I am currently reading VA. I don't hate it, but I agree. I hear part 6 is better, but isn't great. I think everyone agrees part 7 is one of the best, and I don't know anything about 8.

Also, I don't know why people complain about the scans on part 5. They are not really that bad. Compared to other parts they are i guess.