Anyone still have her as a waifu?

Anyone still have her as a waifu?

>He doesn't change his waifu seasonally

For some reason a bunch of guys thought she was my waifu. I don't know why.

She's my friendfu

I never had her as a waifu. Kagami is so much more attractive.


It's hard having a waifu in a dead series. I strayed from Mion, it's been ages since Higurashi.
>Anymore Higurashi would just be milking
I envy SoLfags who can have endless content without it seeming like milking.

At least your waifu isn't trapped in an awful series.

Always preferred the Hiiragis.

Konata is not for sexual and should be admired like an ancient Greek statue. Karen is on the same level. They are better than any waifu (except your own waifu) and thus are on another level.

Stop using Elysium, there's an actually competent encode of the Lucky Star BDs now.

Never had her as a waifu, but this is still my OTP and the gold standard on which all couples are judged

Y-yes b-but t-to-tomoko is m-my.


I know. He's such a slow-poke. Waifus should be changed with every series one watches.

>Implying Higurashi hasn't been milked to hell and back
Higurashi Kira is calling.


>changing waifus ever

you deserve nothing less than death

>He doesn't go through a painstakingly long and annoying process to illegally divorce from his former waifu

>She gets custody of the dakis

I feel bad for you user.

>changing your waifu
You heretics don't deserve to live.

I want to fuck that blue haired loli

She 18.

God almighty yes.
I would bite off my own arms for her.

And that's why she would never want to be around you

Are any groups still translating it?

>There will never be a season 2 of Lucky star.

>being this much of a fag

Thank god

Kagamin is still my one and only waifu