These two total dorks switch places in each other's respective shows

These two total dorks switch places in each other's respective shows.

What happens?

Subaru causes 10 more impacts.

Shinji runs away.

subaru dies like a retard

shinji out-crazies Betelgeuse, and the Witch Cult realizes shinji is more batshit insane than any of them and worship him as their Pope

subaru offs himself because no emilia
shinji is offed by rem for subarus dissapearence

Assuming Subaru doesn't die, Asuka and Rei get some dick.

Subaru probably at least fucks one of the girls

Subaru dies.
Shinji crawls into a ball and dies.

Shinji will fuck and fap to comatose REM

Shinji gives up and never comes out of the gibbering retard phase.

Subaru dies in his first angel fight.

Shinji can't die though. Satella will keep reviving him.

>Witch Cult realizes shinji is more batshit insane than any of them and worship him as their Pope
Surprisingly true.

Which girl would Subaru lust after?

I would have to think it'd be Misato right? In Re:Zero he went after Emilia because she was the first girl to show kindness to him. Unless he finds out Misato is just using him.

this is retarded.

Shinji won't get attract to girls, so nothing would ever happen.

Shinji didn't go after girls because he knew they were just using him. Emilia is actually nice, and if they ran in to each other, Shinji might actually like her.

>Subaru causes 10 more impacts
So, the rebuilds?

Haven't Subaru watched most popular anime though? Would he know what would happen in Eva?


Subaru is 18, and given his lack of ability to analyze himself, he probably watched a few episodes before Shinji annoyed him too much and dropped it.

he won't. Emilia is even worse than Asuka.

Comparing a garbage protag like Subaro to a fucking legend like Shinji deserves to get you shot.

Whelp, RIP Toyota

>implying Subaru is smart enough to find and rent old anime.

I bet he just watch what's airing.

All memes aside, that isn't really true at all. Shinji's pretty perceptive, and if Emilia saved him from an alleyway beating, he'd realize she's a nice person (Like Subaru did) as much as she pretended not to be, and it's conceivable that he'd want to stick around her.

Eva is massively iconic in Japan. Not ever having watched it would be akin to never having watched Star Wars in America.

>He believes that Eva is a masterpiece.


>he's an edgy contrarian

>lying bitch
>nice person

they are both shit

Nah I actually quite liked it. It's just not the greatest thing ever.

They're both alright much better than shit like Touma or Kirito

They would both ruin each other's universe. Shinji's constant incompetence will break his sanity more and more until he's crashes worse than the planes at the twin towers
Due to Subaru didn't git gud, he'd die from the shock of piloting Eva 001. If he doesn't, he won't survive RAMiel.

>better than Kirito

Found the contrarian hipster

are you ok or are you mad?

kirito is pretty generic user

Shinji isn't so retarded to get killed multiple times for a stranger pussy. He runs away and lives his life.
Subaru dies against the first angel,end.

(You) happy?

nothing changes

In what way? Because she lied about her name to Subaru in the first timeline? That wasn't a malicious act.

Subaru pushing on despite the deaths wasn't a retarded thing to do. It was in fact the right thing to do as he made a voluntary and correct decision to improve himself.

Even IF Subaru/Shinji ran away, it wouldn't change shit. Let's say he fucks off to somewhere safe and lives out his days in peace until he dies of old age. Satella would just revive again him back to the checkpoint she wants him at, and if he kept trying to do this, the witches smell would just get even more putrid until it got so bad he wouldn't even be able to progress, and got himself stuck in an infinite inescapable timeloop.

This restriction obviously exists because Re:Zero is basically a thematical story about Subaru growing as a person and relinquishing the flaws that made him a NEET in real life.

>mfw from TX
>never watched SW before
>nor Harry Potter
>just watched the first of LOTR

What i am doing with my life?
Been here since 2009 and never went out

>not generic

>autistic tracksuit neet
>not generic


>The post you responded to was mine
>I'm also a 26 year old who started browsing Cred Forums in 2009 living in a rural part of Texas
>Was just about to respond to your post and say how weird that is and ask how the fuck you've never seen SWs
>Cred Forums decides to spaz out right before I can submit my post
>To see if it's a global thing, I check out Cred Forums and find out Jose Fernandez has died

What in the actual fuck is this heap of coincidental bullshit? I actively try and avoid blogposting on Cred Forums as much as possible, but this is just one of the more bizarre series of events I've ever encountered. It's like you're a parallel universe version of me and reality is trying to stop me from talking to you.

Also how in the fuck have you never seen SW or more than one LOTR movie?

subaru cause Rey to fuck shit up so bad to get 20 more impacts
get Tsunde-shit to say "i love you... ju-just believe in my who believe in you!!"
cuck her and die for good.

Shinji involuntarily die 20 times his way to the Magic beast problem , almost lose rem there who suddenly develop a motherly instinct ,and decide to "be a reiable person for his beloved cute shinji" get left at the capital by Emilia couse "he seems a bit weakened (kek) , maybe he need some good healer"
get Rem to run away with him and then she dies on him before laying eggs, he ends up alone as a homeless between Isekai Kansai

Subaru is not a NEET. Common misconception.

>almost out of power
>becomes a critical plot device multiple times over the next 20 arcs or so
for fuck's ache

NEET, shut-in, whatever. It's all the same.

He wasn't really much of a shut-in either. He was still attending school.


At any rate his life was going nowhere and he was headed towards becoming an Otaku/NEET.