I will post this every day until Christmas!

I will post this every day until Christmas!

91 days!

God, MGQ3 was so shit.

>91 days

91 faps and counting. Yui's complexion is getting better from all the loads to the face.

What's wrong with it? I liked it as much as the rest


>paradox will never be translated ever


i love alice!

Fuck. My filter picked this up because of 91 Days.

Why did yui became blue?

Granberia is best girl


an what will you do AFTER Christmas iz over

Past a certain point, did it count as NTR when Luka got raped for losing?

> 91 days
How may horas?

I would say after you beat your fathers friend is when it would be ntr if you lost

But yesterday was 91.

Plus 6 hours. So technically 91 days.

>Year 2016 of our new lunarian overlord.
>Not learning nipponese
Set it up senpai.

That's not how it works damn it.

translation never ;_;

I thought the whole trilogy was translated?

My phone begs to differ.

I round up rather than round down.

>90 days later
>still not Christmas


>Literally the worst girl in the game

>90 days later
>only a few hours till Christmas
>not 24+ hours

>Granberia is best girl
A man of refined taste

I'll fite you m8

I Hate My Life


And you'll lose.
The true end is when you kill the monster lord and achieve ascension in which all monster scum die.

Fuck off third.

>no prostate exams

That's how you get prostate cancer!

2184 hours according to Wolfram Alpha.

7,729,306 seconds!

wow rude
get em done by a human
not a monster girl feminist

>not achieving ascension by killing the goddess with your monster wife and becoming the most powerful being ever



You can't just put a hat on everything! Putting a Santa hat on something does not make it Christmas themed!


>You can't just put a hat on everything!

Seem to work for me, Cred Forumsnon!

Every day.

What the fuck is that?

Fucking hell, the loli Illias who has to begrudgingly accept monster support was so much better.


>What is it?


Why is Alma so shit?
Santa crow.


Corteo had a hard life...

2nd Christmas without moot.


Beacuse she is a murderer, erubete too

Who is moot?

Looks like the pussy is mad at you.
We have our new nipponese overlord.

The CEO of Troll, Inc.

>91 days

was THE shit you mean?


Superior snek coming through

Shity snek my snek can beat your snek.

I accept my new moon overlord!

paradox user. the continuation, kinda

Damn I need to finish that edit.. and color it...


Gotta add that question mark



What the hell is a "Moot"?


I think he's the founder of 9gag




>Got the confirmation email

Sure is Christmas around here

Sure is!


wow... i really do like these threads !

Would you feel the fame if there was no pretty girls in this thread?

Pretty girls are Christmas

Post Christmas Kuroko plx


>91 days

>Can't even seduce a single human, much less sexing him


Alice just bribed Luka with new equipment and techniques so he'd tolerate her presence long enough for her to molest and rape him. It's like luring a kid with candy into a van. It's genius but also cheating.