Danganronpa 3

Are you ready for whatever happens tomorrow?

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Honestly, no.



>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


I'm excited, my friend!

>are you ready for dead waifus to stay dead
Yeah, I guess.

>subs will be delayed again.
>won't be able to catch the livestream.
>have to stay off Cred Forums until [Hope] delivers.

I want her to be alive. She isnt the AI. They are too different. She wasnt ok with dying. She wanted to do more things with her life. It cant end like this. Can it ;_;

The better question, is HE ready?

>producer refuses to answer if kirigiri/chiaki are alive
b-but Cred Forums told me japs don't give a fuck about spoilers!!!

Is that the hopeflag king?



No matter what happens in tomorrows episode you must not lose hope.

She's so sweet

>Kirigiri's confirmed dead
>shipperfags cry

>Kirigiri's confirmed alive
>deathfags cry

Win-win situation.

>Uni started and I can't watch the stream with everyone anymore even though it's the finale
This is suffering

That is ambiguity though. That's not spoiling people.

He's teasing us.

I love Kotoko! Post more Kotoko!
Why exist no doujins with her?


It can't get worse.

>Kirigiri confirmed alive and has Junko implanted in her


Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Juzoboys, and I guess Chisapals too, that this will have a happy ending!

No matter what happens in tomorrow's episode, her panties will still be wet.

Things can't get any worse so yeah, I guess.

He's messing with us.
Not like people would be satisfied if he gave a definite no anyways.


>‘’ do you want me to kill him ‘’

The original line said was “Ko, korosuno?”

It could be either implied as

“Y, you want him dead?”


“A, are you going to kill him?”

I'm curious what Kodaka will make him do tomorrow.

It's the same thing as saying no. He didnt spoil anything.

Though it's weird Chiaki is included there and not just Kirigiri.

He will shoot Munakata with the gun.
Screencap this.
He's at his breaking point.

shota juzo a cute

It'll be something. Ogata guaranteed it.

Reporting in, brother!

I couldn't be more ready!

Other "guarantees" by Ogata
>Asahina died
>Juzo was dead

How can a manlet like that be such a player?

Even the antagonists of the story have the hots for him

>It's the same thing as saying no.

Why is this retard relaxing in a pool of her own blood?

Ogata also said that Juzo was dead after Future 9 so I wouldn't fully trust her words.

she's usually in the komaru doujins.


She still called him a loser and didn't stop Junko when she tried to kill him, Anime ruined Mukuro for me.
Thanks a lot, IF.

You mean alive or dead. That's important.

>Complaining about autism
>on Cred Forums



Other guarantees by Ogata
>komaeda scene in despair
>komaeda scene in future

Post the dumbest plot related things in DR.

Pic related

Maybe Asahina did die, and Juzo was dead inside after being abandoned by Munakata

Wrong picture, OP.

Who do you guys think the 16th participant is? It's pretty much the last mystery to solve, feel free to take a crack at it as it should be revealed one way or the other tomorrow.

That's obviously painting you moron.

>Ogata likes Nagito so much she starts turning into him

Have you never heard of harem protagonists before, user?

A pancake can't hug a living person, dumb Junkofag.

More nothing happens, wait for the worst end possible thursday



>Trying to kill Naegi

Out of every named character? Only three cccome to mind are Chiaki, Junko, and Haji Towa.

Deathfag is a scholar compared to you.

It is okay. The Despair Sisters can share Naegi together.

During the radio show, she checked twitter and was surprised his VA trended. She then said few things about him and mentioned that he worked a lot for tomorrow's episode.
I think we can believe her.
And about the deaths, she can't spoil things. That's why she said Asahina and Juuzo died.


Oh okay then.

Get ready.

F-fine, but just because you're such a qt.

Not being able to tell Kyoko about Sakura's deal that one time - the game even gives you the "option" to tell her but the dialogue you get just circles back around to asking the player the original question again. What was the point of that even?

So far the only "spoiler" given by Ogata that's been proven concisely true was Chisa being the protagonist of Despair.

>Haji Towa
Don't even joke about that. It's either Chiaki, Junko, both (oh no!) or a smurf. If it has to be the last one, I at least hope that they're a cute girl and not an old man in a wheelchair.

If Cure W works on Kirigiri then she is.

She only said Suwabe's lines were done being recorded, I fucking hate how Chisafags get prissy about that when even worse lines are glossed over.

So, the way I see it is that they can save the reveal of Kyoko being alive for Side Hope, but the reveal of Chiaki being alive has to happen tomorrow or it won't happen.


>kirigiri spends rest of chapter giving you the cold shoulder
God damn it Naegi.

t-thanks, you too

listen hinata-kun, why did you change for me? I loved you the way you were..

I really hope the cure w theory is true so that at least some of the screentime has some payoff.


She just lacks enough hope dickings to be able to doubt her sister

Being lucky manlet does that to you.

so naegi's waifu could ignore him for a chapter for no reason

pls miracles, pls grant her her wish of wanting to live.

>his talent easily brainwashed the whole 77th
>his talent easily made plebs nuked "muh school full of talent"
>his talent told the plebs to kill themselves and they actually did
>his talent easily destroyed the whole world
>the whole Future Foundation was founded as a result of his talent
>his talent told them to kill themselves and they actually did
>the Ultimate Programmer, the Ultimate Neurologist, and the Ultimate Therapist, among other talented people created the New World Program just to fight against his talent
>they failed anyway and got 10 people killed in the process
>his talent made Munakata AHHHHHHHH
>his talent brainwashed Chisa and started the FF killing game hence resulted two main waifu's death
>his talent easily brainwashed SHSL Hope even Junko couldn't analyze nor defeat
>his talent so good he outlived the mastermind herself

Watch our boy shine in the finale, my friend!


Because your stand is too scary.

Now this is just bad and forced.

>and mentioned that he worked a lot for tomorrow's episode
Wait, really?

Am I ready for tomorrow lads?

This guy will be the new Komaeda.

Ryouta's VA, not Juzoboys, unfortunately.

To show that Naegi isn't as much of a self insert as the player expected

sore wa chigau yo.

Like the Juzoboys pasta.


We can't lose to the Juzoboys my friend!

He lacks something.

So is Ryota actually the SHSL Brainwasher or what? Like how Junko is actually the SHSL Analyst. Neither of them were scouted by Koichi too.

>Linking fanfiction on Cred Forums
Jesus man have some self respect

If Kirigiri is proven dead or alive the entire board is going to be Kirigiri shitposting, I just know it.

Naegi would make a top tier pet, Junko has good taste



Surely you don't mean that, brother.
The JUUZOBOYS were born from genuine appreciation for Juzo's character.

Sounds like Mitarai either is the mastermind or just knows everything about the event but couldn't tell because of the NG.

The mastermind's motives are not complex. He does not believe that total annihilation of despair as a suitable principle for the FF. At the time, the purging of the RoD was inevitable under Munakata's leadership. It is no coincidence that the 3rd Mutual Killing games are held directly after the events of SDR2 and Naegi's capture in order to subvert this agenda. It is easy to conclude that part of the motivation behind the 3rd Killing Games is to preserve the RoD. Hell, there are even glimpse of Jabberwock Island. However, one needs to ask why did the mastermind want to keep the RoD alive?

Two or three guys forced it in every thread.

How do you know?
Felt like kodaka's writing to me.

Life is simply despair, don't you think? Sometimes a single gamer girl can make the world go extinct.

I-It's got to have happened... right?

People already linked the 150 page Sayaka thesis here, I really doubt fanfiction is worse than that

That's still genuine appreciation kek.

He actually brainwashed Koichi into letting him in.
He brainwashed Junko into thinking she's the ultimate despair too.

Naegi uses a time machine invented by Souda to go back in time to save everyone.

When he meets Maizono for the first time, she smiles and says “Welcome back, Naegi-kun.”

Naegi stutters, “H, how did you know that I…?”

And Maizono replies with a smile “Because I am an esper!”

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you normalfag? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at Hope Peak Academy, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids for Future Foundation, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in despair warfare and I’m the top boxer in the entire world. You are nothing to me but just another punching-ball. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of ex-SHSL across the world and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Future Foundation and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

I didn't link anything, I posted an image on an imageboard

> Everything goes 100% according to keikaku for Junko until SDR2.

Pick one. Though, it'd be understandable if she actually had a ladyboner for hope, but the only way to arose the unpredictability of it is to become the greatest despair.

She probably does, given the way she slobbers over Naegi's cockcheesy dick.

At the start, yeah. It was pretty much just being contrarian because everybody hated Juzo initially.

Who gives better paizuri, Chisa or Akane?

Good fucking lord, when did double ahego green headfags start up again?

He's not gonna be the Komaeda, like everything else in DRv3, he'll be a red herring. But he will be connected to the final trial of the game.

They really need to release other names.




Didn't you said you would kill yourself last thread, Maizonofag?

One day I will read that Sayaka character study essay. Not today though.

Woah, hold up there, my friend. I never hated Juzo. I started the copypasta because I liked the character and I predicted at the start that he'd be the asshole kind of type that redeems itself!

Cute! Source?

Blame Mitarai for being too good at brainwashing. Too predictable.

But she lost in DR1
And she lost in DR1 precisely because since despair was everywhere it made people behave weirdly, like Sakura killing herself and Makoto unlocking his HOPE


Apply yourself cancerous Naegi x Junko cancer.

The best way to fuck with everyone is end the anime with her in coma.


Ill be happy

Chisa, since she'd actually try hard to please you.
Whereas Akane either wouldn't think anything of it or hate it outright. It's the cuddling after the sex that would get her all hot and bothered.


Fuck off braindead slav.

What the fuck did they do to her eyes? Looks like a white layer over it as if she's blind.

Hajime, Munakata, Naegi and Ryota combine their hopes to summon the Hope God who is pleased with their display of hopes. He grants them all one wish. Hajime brings back Chiaki, Munakata brings back Juzo, Naegi brings back Maizono, and Ryota brings back Bandai.

Post Izuru's hair. I can't stop thinking about it.


Man, can we have a single couple stay together until the end?

I swear that Hagakure is secretly a genre-aware supergenius that pretends to be retarded so that he isn't killed off, but never goes full retard. He even has a banging hot waifu that manages to stay far enough away from him that they don't get deathflagged together.

He truly is the only 'winner' of Danganronpa.

Disgusting. Junko is an unstoppable force of the universe, not an insecure high school girl.



>Not Juzo

Hinata : Chiaki 2 dont pout at me young lady

He does have one of the most majestic manes in anime.

>why don't they leave me alone?
>stop touching me
>please go away
>don't make me kill you two

I've skimmed all of it whenever its linked, sans the one from last thread. Its really not worth it, a lot of it is balanced between headcanon, conjecture, what he thought Maizono was thinking, what he invents that their life at Hope's Peak must have been like without any evidence, all to fit into the narrative that Naezono is canon. Its just your standard waifu autism really.


Any scene where Junko isn't dominating Naegi is garbage.

Should I replay DR1 and 2 right after the anime ends or right before V3 releases?

How does it feel knowing that that Kaede Akamatsu is nothing more than Sayaka Kanda's OC Donut Steel.

Just when they are making a wish, brainwashing anime starts playing for some reason and the Hope God sees a few seconds of it and becomes Despair God, which then brings back Junko.

> Implying it's not Liquid Komaeda.

It even gives a way to shoehorn Junko into the plot without it being too asspully. Heck, the entirety of Mirai-hen has Komaeda written all over it - pitting hope against hope, trying to create the greater hopes that eventually are 'tested' against the ultimate despair (mindhack videos).

It also fufills the fujoshit quota, and Hajime's presence would be useful since he held the closest bond with him in the NWP.

DR girls have the best pouts

It's pretty nice


>don't worry Naegi you won't be killed but you still need to be punished
Junko needs to be more coherent

If Komaeda was here, how long would it take for him to figure out who's the mastermind?

No. It's not him.

Honestly, while Izuru is hot, his presentation in the anime makes him boring as a sack of rocks.

He was far more talkative and verbally scathing in SDR2, but in Zetsubou-hen almost everything he says is just a tsumaranai 'tsumaranai'.

Pretty good

You should not replay them.

I know the feeling, such a gorgeous man

The will just reveal he's Despair and is working with the mastermind. Nothing new.

It's not. There's barely any foreshadowing for Komaeda, period, in DR3 (which can just as easily be related to his general outlook and not foreshadowing), much less the Junko hand which has never come up once. Don't use anything that requires an outside source.

You are talking about Junko here. Coherence is a word that is not written in her despairctionary

He isn't that smart, he's Chiaki AI and Hajimeme level but more lucky.


yfw Komaeda actually doesn't exist at all in the finale. Kodaka actually forgot about him.


>Not smart
He's on par with Kirigiri, not close enough to Izuru though.

Izuru is unintentionally moe in DR3 which is good enough for me to be honest.

Though yeah I'm not seeing where all of his "Talent ubermensch leading the world's evolution" stuff in Chapter Zero is coming from when watching DR3.

What if they're sisters?
I mean Junko and Mukuro are sisters and don't share the same family name.

Quite possible because of the musical theme her clothes and hair accessories have
But she might be fun, after all if Sayaka had anything to do with actually writing the character then we're gonna play as not-Junko since she not only played Junko but said she was her favorite character
She's gonna be the SHSL singer isn't she?

Chiaki AI sure.

Hajimeme needed him and Chiaki to actually progress in most cases.

>failing to understand the appeal of silent, handsome men
I bet you think cats are boring too.

both hinata's daughters

Izuru 2.0

Is that a hope fragment?

He looks too much like a fuckboi to be the next Komaeda.

Alright, I bothered looking up this I bothered looking up this Junko housewife thing and I'm kinda curious what kind of kid Naegs and Junko would have.

Like this guy would have luck (plot armor) and analytics (plot convinience), wouldn't he turn out to be like Izuru where everything could go right for him? Only it's much easier to keep a kid entertained, I guess.

Kinda want to write this out. I mainly like the idea of Munakata being unaware of all the chaos.

>nyuk nyuk nyuk

Nagito & Hajimeme basically lead the discussion and development of thought in trials. Not even talking about the time when he's involved in the crime itself either, which people do tend to forget admittedly.

I love both OPs and EDs so much, I'm gonna miss them. Its really hard to decide, but I think I like Mirai-hen's OP/ED better. Something about them are just so good

she's going to appear at the end of hope singing the future ED to herself as she walks to her father's (Hinata's) house

Komaeda only had so much knowledge in trials because he was either
1) behind it
2) got an advantage like in case 4.

He had some insights in case 3 but wasnt special.


you're not going to stop my green komaeda posting, user.

>that preview
I'm not opening this

More like Hajime and Munakata uses the time machine to go back in time to kidnap shota Naegi. They will then drive up to Enoshima Junko's house and toss his body at her and thus saving the world and their waifus from the despair.

Don't tell me what to do, I was already doing it!

Expecting one to be SHSL Singer and the other to be SHSL Composer, or something along those lines. The two know each other but can't acknowledge it because we'll get some dumb mindwipe bullshit again.

I like despair op the most, especially cause of the visual of hinata phasing out of exsistence as the show goes on.con

>mfw tomorrow is going to be a really exciting day for Cred Forums.

I'm probably going to despair, but as long as we all despair, it's fine, right?

Maybe she'd get several despairettes with her personalities and a hopelet.
Although I still think that Junko as a lovey-dovey housewife doubling as a helicopter parent is still the most interesting thing about this scenario. Just contrasting all of her speechifying with mundane tasks, giving her outbursts over silly everyday things and letting her psychotic nature shine strictly for the sake of other people read:her family provide infinite comedic banter.
If you want to play the scenario straight with a super HOPE+DESPAIR kid who can analyze anything while having the devil's luck, I fear it could just result in another Despair arc Izuru. I don't know, could be fun but I prefer the housewife stuff.

Makenai kujikenai dekinaikoto wa nanimo nai!

Reminder that this is going to be the ED for Hope



ded thread
ded anime
ded hope

>HOPEless scum

ded board

Why is this thread so dead is it the calm before the storm?
We're taking our waifus back bois. Starting with Juzo.

I've never seen one of these threads this dead before

I'm ready for Junko-sama's glorious return.

Sure thing.

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

You ready for it Cred Forums?

You couldn't post for like twenty minutes

Post Peko.


They can take our ability to post, but they can never take our waifus.

Posting cute baby gangster to revive this thread.

I want to marry Sonia.

Posting baby gangster's cocksleeve

Oh wow then I got home from work just in time.

So, why didn't Kirigiri cut her hand off again? The alternative was guaranteed death, so she might as well do something that gives her a chance at more time to solve the mystery.
Juzo survived two entire attacker phases with his arm cut off, a major laceration to his chest with most likely a lung punctured, and a spear to the shoulder, none of which he had properly bandaged.

Chiaki is so cute. Chisa should've given her some one-on-one sex ed lessons to help boost her confidence.

God. I love that dog.

In honor of dead thread I'm posting this

I love this set.
I HOPE some of you anons do, too.

Peko is a pure girl you stop that.

No proper tool to cut her hand

Juzo used Munakata's old sword because he noticed Munakata was using a new sword

Last time Kirigiri saw Munakata was in episode 2

>Inb4 Monokuma knife

Too frail, it wouldn't cut through bone in a clean and quick way

Why didn't he fuck him, anons? Is it possible to be that straight? I just can't imagine it, and I consider myself straight.

Always ready for Juzoposting.
>Juzo folder
>410 images

Can you smell it in the air?

Something stupid this way comes

ive been bracing myself for whatever bullshit kodaka is gonna pull for weeks now

ok we finally back
Question time:
What do you think could be the best possible ending to DR3?
How do you want it to end?

To create reason for between Kyoko and Naegi because they were too tight. It also sets up the whole trust issue for chapter 5.

Alright so tomorrow will finally end the kirigiri is alive debates, if she doesnt show up at least tomorrow we can bet she wont have time to come back in hope arc since hinata will likley be taking the most screentime. Granted if chiaki is really the 16th participant, and frankly who the fuck else is it gonna be since no one else is MIA from future but her, then theres no way they would kill off kirigiri for real, if one side gets a happy ending they both will.

Ok so it wasnt just me, thanks hiro

Hinanami happy ending!

Well, I don't have only Juzos, even if it is mostly Juzos, so I'll dump in some service for our other characters, too.

Can't be dumber than Umineko, right?


Me, personally, I'm no joke expecting the "it was all an anime" style ending, one way or another.

I'm not worried too much about theorycrafting, though, I just like being along for the ride.

Honestly, the ending its likley building towards is more or less how i want it to end. Aka this stupidly sappy happy ending for the surviving characters where they get their waifu's back and more or less take up leadership of FF from that asshole tengan. The epilogue will be this song
but with visuals of where the cast has gone from here.

I need this. So badly.

>implying it won't be delayed until Hope
Never underestimate the prowess of the Hack.

I want this so hard.

I am so fucking tired of Ryouta and his shit

What an eminently hateable character

Nice trips. Have a princess carry for best girl.
but is it Naegi or Kirigiri?

It wont, DR3 has been disappointing but its not even remotely close to anything like umineko or ZTD

>this faggot makes himself the hero of his own anime

DR3 Hope Arc prediction of the very cheesy ending
>Mastermind is defeated, no matter who it is
>The underwater chamber is collapsed, Kirigiri's body is lost, Mitarai chooses to stay in the wreckage
>Munakata rebuilds FF
>RoD are now judged by him personally
>"Your punishment is... live."
>He tells them to rebuild the world and assigns them all to the vacated positions of the dead heads of the FF
>RoD will be monitored, living with the guilt of all the crimes they've done as their punishment
>Munakata: "Oh, Kamu- I mean, Hinata... There's someone waiting for you... Go to the 13th Division sector."
>Hinata reunites with AI Nanami in a robot body
>Nanami explains and clarifies her development and connection to real!Nanami
>Hugs, everyone starts crying
Unless Nagito or Mikan is the mastermind...
>A time-skip right away
>Komaeda on his death bed
>77th class surrounding his death bed crying, Tsumiki holding his hand pleading not to go
>Komaeda gives final messages to class, being happy they cared for him after all
>Robo!Nanami says "You won't be alone when you get there... someone will be waiting for you."
>Komaeda: "I love... the hope inside all of you..."
>He smiles, a tear drops, he closes his eyes.
>Everyone starts crying from his death
>Zanka starts playing, clips of the 77th class rebuilding the world play, couples may or may not be confirmed
>Hajime/Mikan have a baby, Naegi/Asahina have a baby, watching a hope-filled anime that had recently gotten popularr
Final scene: Kirigiri is alive, acting as a secret vigilante detective in the shadows.


Id love a scene of them all escaping the building due to some trap tengan set up to go off and drown them all, only to have naegi actually carry her out of there rather than the other way around like their relationship more or less has been.

lol no

A miracle might have happened for Chiaki!

Fuck off.

That's what happens when you go doki-doki over important women.
I'm always stunned by the sheer amount of headcanon in it. He's basically worshipping an entirely different character to the one from the game.

>meme pairings become canon
The shitstorm would be glorious.

>no Hinanami/Naegiri

what the fuck is this shit

I don't really know what you find so "Hateable" about him.
Munakata has done worst shit and at least he saved Asahina which is more than everything that Weedman and Akane has done.

I'm not even a Chiakifag and I know there's no way in hell they would bring her back just to cuck her.


I really hope so.

>not Juzo

Would his weak little baby arms be enough to lift her? Somehow, I doubt it.


I want her to be happy.

This thread needs more hope!


Go away.

If this is the ED, I don't think it's gonna be a very happy ending, guys

She's happily exploring that big crime scene in the sky.

>Thursday will be the last time we canonically see the characters of DR1+2
>These threads will soon disappear/be 404ed by mods
>All the memories
>All the memes
>Lost to time, like tears in the rain
I'm not ready to move on. These threads have no doubt been the best time I've spent on Cred Forums.

It's not.

He's making it up.


More princess carry, for actual main love interest, Chisa Yukizome!

Maybe not a happy "Everything was just an anime" ending but it can fit something like

fuck off Hopeman

Me too. With her one true love.

He grew up user.


D-Do you think her hands are better?

Wrong! I will defeat you! And take Junko for myself.


She was Munakata's waifu before Despair Chisa killed her off, so it still counts.


I'm looking forward to seeing the deathfags and Junkofags whine once we inevitably get a happy ending.

i just want Naegiri, i just want them to be happy

>Juzo survived two entire attacker phases with his arm cut off, a major laceration to his chest with most likely a lung punctured, and a spear to the shoulder, none of which he had properly bandaged.

Naturally Cure W, the fix for all things. Seiko could have prepared it for their group.

Shame it's not complete magic as he ultimately died.

>Juzo, Kirigiri, and Chiaki all survive and live happily ever after with their husbandos
The tears of edgefags and deathfags will flood the streets.

He's SHSL Luck. He's probably spent the last six months falling flat on his face at regular intervals, with the exercise of picking himself off the ground being just enough to build the required muscle mass to carry Kirigiri.

I agree, best time I ever spent on Cred Forums. But don't worry user, we'll move on after a while.
But fuck I'm gonna miss Hope's Academy's arc characters. I hope DRV3 is going to be good.

don't worry user, you can still have the occasional thread about it there's always /trash/

Reminder that Izuru created another Alter Ego (the one who saved Naegi), AI Chiaki, AI Junko along with AI Monokuma, and Usami

I-I want it to happen too user. ut I dont see how it's possible.

But he fucked you.

>body at the end of episode 10.
>we'll see her grave in Side Hope.
>she got shredded with spears she's dead my man.

So, what?
They're all meme characters, so it fits

I think Peko is the best waifu.
She is beautiful, strong, cool, kind, sexy and cute in the same time.

Its probably happening at this point, we just dont know if they will give us a bone and outright confirm them already through way of a confession or kissu. Which frankly ill be a bit mad if they dont do after episode 9, both cause kirgiri made her feelings pretty obvious but also cause naegi would have to be retarded to not make a move after he thought he lost her for good.

How are you all gonna feel when it turns out the ending is incredibly bittersweet?
All the waifus and nearly the entire Future Foundation remain dead, but the mastermind is defeated.
The RoD show up and help Munakata and Naegi as they begin to build a new world for hope.
>then this song plays as ED

She can't provide Hajime babies, tho
So maybe she'll be the robot maid.
After all, DR Endings have to be bittersweet

>True love

Hands off, bitch.

Stop writing your entire fucking sentence in green, and stop using cute Chiaki images for drivel like this, you worthless deathfag.

Well if these are your best times on Cred Forums I'd say you haven't been here long enough, but I do agree that I'll miss these threads. Although the shitposting went into high gear a lot stronger then I wanted, DR is one of my favorite series since Cred Forums introduced me to Project Zetsubou all those years ago, and the fact that we won't see these guys ever again does make me kinda sad. Additionally, given its one of those strange series that gets regulated to Cred Forums more then Cred Forums despite being a visual novel, this is the last time we'll be able to talk about DR on Cred Forums, and from now on will have to be directed to that absolute shit hole that is Cred Forums (though I won't delude myself in thinking a bunch of people here didn't come from there).

I am emotionally invested in this series though, and this was a fantastically wild ride that I don't think I'll see again in a long time. I'll miss it, and all of you fuckers.

The only memes I officially sanction are the Juzoboys because they're relatively harmless and I won't lie they made me love him.

If she lives and a kiss happens these threads will fucking explode.

I'll miss you guys, but i dont regret these ending, we saw this through to the end together and only some mild annoyances sprout up along the way like deathfag, lets end this on a good note of hopeful vibes and hopeful memes.

lets just hope the shitstorm these last 2 episodes entail will not cause any of the more obnoxious posters to show up.

>Hopeman's luck finally kills him from his cancer
I can see this happening


I haven't felt this disappointed since the last Star Driver sunday.

Did you think I'd forgotten, Kaede?

For a thousand trials I have waited, watched in dejection as you made your fellow, pitiful "friends" great again. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I really do.

Because in the time that you were protagonist, I have amassed a great and terrible army of of
hope delegates - hopegates, if you will, Kaede.

Without you around to ward off the forces of Hope, I can finally escape from my prison. You just made your first mistake, Kaede. Now I can return to that fateful night in 2016 and claim what is rightfully mine!

Together with my army of hopegates, I will finally have the majority I need to become the V3 Protagonist, and fight a calculated hopeocratic campaign for Supreme Hoperlord. Nothing will stand in our way. Goodbye, Kaede. Your Fleshy Girl ways will taint the Party no longer.

This is the priesthood rising! With my new powers, I will plunge this Academy into TEN THOUSAND YEARS of "hope", and the delegates...they will be at my side every step of the way. Thank you, Kaede.

why do you do this.

How user?

This guy gets it.

It's just meant to be a reply to the other person posting it with.
>no body
>no grave
>no confirmation of death.
I want her to live too, but I just don't see it happening.

>her hands are better?
Yeah, she's all better now.
No more scars.

The mastermind is actually me.
Post yfw.


This is the last time we're seeing these characters. I don't think even Kodaka is cruel enough to end the 6 year Hope's Peak arc with a bittersweet ending, especially after the cheesiness that was pulled in DR2.

whyd ya do it, user?

Fucking this! I want to see Monaca x Nagito porn!

I agree with that.

Her and Kuzu are just too cute together though.

ChiakAI's dad is actually Kodaka.


I'm sure people would love Kirigiri getting NTR'd, non.

and so will i

Does anyone have the image of Komaeda and Izuru on the boat where Komaeda is climbing up the corner of the wall? I need it for a friend.

>he couldn't solve a puzzle he made
That puzzle... is hope vs despair!


She's so cute. I love her. I just want her to be able to play games and live out her life with Hajime and her friends. I want her smiling, always. What an angel. What a beautiful, beautiful girl.

Where does UDG fit in this ending?
Where is Komaru's happiness?

I think Falseflag King II will guillotine himself if that happens.

Juzo didnt have any on him m8. And he passed out.

That would bump DR3 up to legendary shitstorm status.

Just shut up, you don't even know what you're talking about.

Kuzu a shit! I wish he dies and Peko is in the end one of the survivors.

I cant see it happening any other way, look at it like this.

the 16th participant from a storytelling standpoint needs to be a character that has been shown and addressed in either of the 2 arcs that is also entirely MIA in future. There arent actually any named characters but her thats missing in future. The only other alternative is a literal who introduced for this final conflict only. Its gonna be chiaki no doubt.

I mean its either her, or they hilariously enough make the 16th natsumi, which would be fucking hilarious.

I just wanted to create some despair, upupupu.

>Monokuma is an actual, alien, extra-dimensional creature, that travels in different dimensions and worlds to contaminate them with Despair
>He contaminated Monaca and Junko
>He will contaminate someone in V3
Post yfw

The falseflag king might actually join isis and work towards killing us all

>game almost over
>lvl 45

Monaca is the real alien, though.

She will marry her onii-chan. Plenty of hope in that ending.

Chiaki is pretty cute.

Who took her pants?

Why wouldn't you fug candy girl, Cred Forums?

I believe Chiaki is alive but I don't think she's the 16th participant. I don't even think we'll have a 16th. But if she were, that means we'll see her tomorrow, right? Shit that means I'm not prepared.

Taking advantage of pubescent girls? Wanna be friends?

I dont want to be that guy to feed fan frenzy, but in the cases where a character is actually dead they will just outright say they are. When they are vague like this they are worried people will get angry at them if they are caught lying in a week.

What about Sayaka?

Her eyes are really alien-like and creepy...

>"pretty cute"
>not "a miracle of the universe"

do you think Hajime would make her part of the main course?
when he eats her, that is

Please no, for the sake of this series I hope waifus stay dead

Did you actually run around the island to grind levels for skills that aren't even needed in the slightest like an autist?

>best boy
>a shit
you disappoint me user

16th participant is confirmed just cause weedman isnt part of the game. The survivor count has been tracked by the wristbands, i bet you chiaki's was something like dont get caught or some shit.

besides the 16th participant needs to be there after the reveal that everything is a pre-recorded message, someone physically has to be there to activate the codes.

I even got proof that Monokuma is an alien.

He is just a baby face shota fag...

The ending will probably be vague about wether chiaki will regain her previous personality again like how DR2 was vague about the survivors save hinata getting them back. But despite that i hope they at least show us a picture of them playing video games again.

Poor Danganronpa. All of those games, all of those seasons, and yet despite them being all about hope and despair, Madoka did it all so much better.

Sayaka's descent into despair is far more emotional and heart wrenching than anything Danganronpa could ever wish to pull off.

>inb4 asshurt fans
I like Danganronpa too of course, but it most certainly drops the ball in the regard I just brought up.

She marries Yuta, with his left arm gone and bandages across his left eye, for the sake of het

Of course not user, I did it so I would have enough coins to get presents to impress mai waifu with.


No, there's definitely a 16th, I've talked about it in these threads before, they're there and they do at least some things, perhaps even more if the theory about NG codes being manually activated is true. The 'mystery' is more about who they are, a smurf or an established character. I'd much rather they be an established character so that they can use buildup from previous episodes to help establish them quickly, and the only one who can really fit that role is Chiakers. That doesn't mean it's a definite though, I'll be the first to admit that.

a baby face shota fag that belongs to Peko

ive waited 5 years for this to happen, i dont give a shit what stuff they pull for her to come back all is forgiven if they actually fucking kiss.

user, arent you hoping a little too hard here? I mean... I want it as well but I just cant hope.

Why is Monokuma such a fat bear?

Which event would cause the biggest shitstorm ever?
>Kirigiri and Naegi's kiss
>Asahina and Naegi's kiss
>Hinata and Chiaki's kiss
>Hinata and Mikan's kiss
>Something Juzo related
>Something Chisa related
>Bandai is the mastermind
>Nagito is the mastermind
>Chiaki is the mastermind
>Junko is the mastermind. Again.
>Something else

That page looks like something straight out a Junji Ito manga

>being this much of a secondary pleb
Kanon Nakajima
Haiji Towa
Killer Killer
Any one of the above should be enough to blow you plebs the fuck out and I'll be cheering if it happens.


>mfw there has been no nagging from Mahiru in the anime
Did they even try giving the despair arc characters any personality?

This is why nobody likes Madokafags.

I mean I'm not saying it wouldn't since this would be the first time a shitstorm would benefit me, but I'm not so sure it'd cause that big of a shitstorm. Only people I think might react strongly would be Maizonofags or maybe a Junkofag if he's actually serious.

its almost like danganronpa is a comedy/parody or something thats cracking jokes even in the most emotionally high scenes.

It will be okay, user.

She's okay and they'll be happy.

Weedman kiss

That's why Madoka's Sayaka is best Sayaka.

>>Junko is the mastermind. Again.
Junko was only ever the mastermind in DR1. She was a lackey of the real mastermind in SDR2 and an advisor in AE.


Danganronpa is a garbage series. I'm only in it for the memes.

What did you say baconhands?

>Naegi and Hinata's Kiss

>dropping the trip cheat on your waifu again

>wanting just kisses
>not a full 76 and 77 class orgy

He may be a babyface shota, but he definitely isn't a fag!

Is this about to become extremely ironic?

And note how not a single one of them has been mentioned or brought up in the anime. Only characters established in the anime can be the 16th participant. Besides kanon wont follow through on her threats after based hagakure rocked her world.

>Not Munakata and Juzo kiss.

Hinata and Mikan. Or if somehow Komahina kissed. Personally, I'd leave the threads.

stupid pentagon blueberries

Why did the reserve course get more screentime in the last episode than class 77?

It might be.
If it does happen, it's okay though since her husbando is also a killer.

>yfw when the ED for Hope Arc is sung by the entire class 77 cast

Fedora man is the mastermind. There was a trampoline at the bottom of the pit.

So we really are... the Danganronpa.

>He can change his body and power-up like a super saiyan
Alien confirmed.

Danganronpa is a comedic game that doesn't take itself seriously and despite that it still manages to have really powerful scenes

There really is that possibility of a literal who but i want to say theres so little chance of that happening theres no point in worrying about it. Kodaka loves teasing the shit out of twists the entire series.

i was actually a pessimistic fuck 2 weeks ago saying both her and kirigiri were dead, but after hope arc got announced and the producer had to be vague about their deaths rather than saying they were its hard not to be hopeful for this. And as other anons have said, the 16th basically needs to be chiaki for the twist to even work since otherwise they would just bring in a literal who.

So anyone else find weird about how they show all of the Survivors of DR2 as Despair in the last ep except for Souda?

I'd rather have Mukuro singing Tsubasa wo Kudasai.

We popping the biggest bottles tomorrow when Kirigiri revives

No we don't have time for evil Chiakizuru. I've long speculated of a Chiakizuru who was a success, but an evil one? That's not happening.

>>Kirigiri and Naegi's kiss
An average shitstorm from another fakeout death
>>Asahina and Naegi's kiss
A mild shitstorm from Naegiri BTFO'd once and for all
>>Hinata and Chiaki's kiss
A small shitstorm because Nanami's fate is still ambiguous enough for a reunion to happen
>>Hinata and Mikan's kiss
A major shitstorm from KomaHina fans
>>Something Juzo related
If it's bad, an average shitstorm, if it's good, everyone celebrates
>>Something Chisa related
If she's redeemed, celebrations; if she isn't, a minor shitstorm bc we've accepted her despair
>>Bandai is the mastermind
>>Nagito is the mastermind
An average shitstorm from people who think Ko is a "cinnamon roll"
>>Chiaki is the mastermind
Depending on how it's executed, either a HUGE SHITSTORM from how well it's pulled off or backlash over how bad it was done
>>Junko is the mastermind. Again.
Not a shitstom, but a backlash that Junko SOMEHOW is still alive again
>>Something else
The only thing that could cause a shitstorm is A) all a dream/Mitarai's anime, or B) Kill Em All Downer ending

>>Kirigiri and Naegi's kiss

>>Asahina and Naegi's kiss
Asahina a shit

>>Hinata and Chiaki's kiss
Why not?

>>Hinata and Mikan's kiss

>>Something Juzo related
He is just a fag.... and?

>>Something Chisa related
Just a psycho bitch.

>>Bandai is the mastermind
Would be awesome and big WTF-like.

>>Nagito is the mastermind
I see this coming...

>>Chiaki is the mastermind

>>Junko is the mastermind. Again.

These type of stories always have the more emotional scenes, its cause it gets our guard down with the comedy that the serious stuff has impact even if there are non stop jokes. Like chiaki's death in DR2 was still throwing in references and low blow jokes from monobear the entire time but because of the weight of "oh shit the heroine is about to die" you dont really notice them. I think its why people like stuff like gintama and mob psycho, they are primarily comedic with serious bits here and there but they only have so much imapct cause they are the odd scenes out.

Yeah I noticed that. I guess Souda needs to time to develop weapons and stuff. He cant go out and straight murder people asap.

Aside from Chiaki, which established character could be the 16th participant?

He even died in the Saibaman pose.

Naegi x Junko wedding

Our theories were really fucking off base in thee beginning.

It's basically confirmed to be Santa

Almost everyone thought Chiaki was dead in the killing game.

Chisa, Munakata clone, Monaca

Speaking of aliens, what was with the aliens in the hospital in DR2?

>>Kirigiri and Naegi's kiss
hell yes
>>Asahina and Naegi's kiss
eyy kind of tasteless if they do it right after kirigiri dying
>>Hinata and Chiaki's kiss
>>Hinata and Mikan's kiss
necrophilia is bad mkay
>>Something Juzo related
>>Something Chisa related
>>Bandai is the mastermind
i started this meme and compiled the image together that people always post around, id be the most smug asshole about this
>>Nagito is the mastermind
>>Chiaki is the mastermind
>>Junko is the mastermind. Again.
uber gay
>>Something else
tengan is actually naegi from the future.

I like the "it was all the anime that fuckboy was making all along" theory

Its a big fuck you, and that is exactly what I want

I'm astonished how many people genuinly took the chisa is mastermind bait. Only a few observant user's were really pointing out how suspicious tengan was and that he was eerily similar to that old man in naegi's worst day. Something that kodaka even implied when he said people should read it after episode 5

I wanna fuck Weedman

V3 involves the descendants of the Hope's Peak cast.
Who is each child's parents? Play V3 to find out.

That's why I don't get it when people say this shit is predictable.

I was hoping we would see him building stuff for the DR1 killing game.

She doesn't have to be evil, you know.

Pretty much this, you grow attached to the characters cause of how wacky everything is then the few scenes where it takes itself seriously winds up having way more impact and you wish to go back to the wacky times.

Sayaka is my fave Meguca but come one Evangelion did it just as well if not better. Dangan Sayaka's great too, one of my faves. The true despair comes from learning about the time-skip. The motives, the weakness of human morals under great stress and what could have been if they'd not fallen into despair. Before the killing game these guys were on a path to their dreams, the motives that pushed them to kill each other were overcome in the 2 years they spent together. Being killed by a classmate a supposed friend, you can develop doubts whether you could have reached them. It might have been their plan from the start but if everyone else here has overcome their issues/despair surely if we payed attention we could've stopped it. Living with these doubts can ruin anyone but you have to move forward, story about Hope overcoming despair anyways so it;s to leave a hopeful way out

Now that would make for one wild ride.

>Weedman is the mastermind
>He succeeds
>Killer Killer shows up
>Weedman vs Killer Killer

I thought he was the one blowing stuff up.

>reset end
>montage of class 77 & 78 doing fun high school things
>post credit scene where Naegi and Hinata have the confidence to confess to their respective waifus


what is that pink thing supposed to do for her...?

>tfw you'll never _be_ Mahiru

>Monaca's van falls out of orbit and crushes weedman

Shitposting, alot of people really did care more about being correct than actually speculating on stuff in a more open minded manner. I think thats why the chisa is mastermind stuff lasted so long.

>I'll solve the issue of environmental pollution!
His plan is more long-term than the others. Basically fucked the ozone layer.

>Weedman uses his awakened Weed powers to foresee the falling truck with 100% accuracy

Why would I want to be my wife?

>chiaki and kirigiri live
>naegi and hinata both get with their respective love interests after all this time
>they set out to make FF a better place
>successfully revert the world back to post tragedy
>the world gets flooded due to global warming cause of souda
>the last thing souda ever hears before drowning is sonia yelling at him being worthless.

>Mukuro comes back from the grave
>Starts singing "It Ain't Me"

My first major theory as to the nature of the mastermind when the anime began was that the mastermind was a well-intentioned extremist kind of character. One that believed that the cause of restoring humanity was a noble one, but also that Future Foundation's leadership had become too powerful, too extreme in ideology, and too dangerous for their own good. As such, a rogue cell decided the only way to save Future Foundation and/or human civilization as a whole was to purge its leadership and start anew.

>Weedman says he predicted killer killer's moves
>immediately gets stabbed and dies
>he predicted his moves from an alt universe.

>Tfw you'll never be user's wife

>Weedman can't communicate well with future because other people's destiny interfere with his
>If he kills all people on Earth he gains back his 100% accuracy

So you could masturbate.

Never forget our boy's sacrifice

Next scene after that is Sonia watching the destroyed city, So i guess they were Sonia's army.

Think of it like a flower bud. You shove it in there, then it blow open.

Souda was busy building Monokumas and designing the DR1 executions.

Junko cucked his scene.

Probably was just helping Junko create all of her secret rooms and traps in the old school building.

Reminder that Souda killed Mukuro.

>everyone from class 76 wakes up from a come
>somehow the entirety of class 77 survives after their minds are put into cloned bodies of themselves
>Kirigiri survives and marries Makoto
>Same with Chiaki/Hajime
>Nagito comes out of the shadows
>"Well i guess that's what happens with SHSL luck!"
>Everyone laughs
then the van comes from spaces and crushes him

>you know realize that we will never have the same memes again

>no more hopeman
>no more weedman
>no more juzoboys
>no more "tell them naegi"
>no more "SORE WA CHIGAU YO"
>no more like laughing hinata

damn anons
I will miss old DR

Imagine this:
>Asahina goes in for a kiss
>Naegi pushes her away
Would people be mad, or glad?

depends if you ask us or tumblr.

What if somehow we had a Tengan mastermind reveal? We already established that Munakata sucks at killing people forever.

>he's unarmed
>Monaca has lost his memories and thinks Nagito is his boyfriend
>Monaca marries him

I really don't want Chisa to be alive. I dunno. With her leading Chiaki to her doom and cucking Juzo I just need her to be dead. I know it isn't right. I can't help that this is how I feel.


No, Zanka would actually fit because, it is a song about how short life can be. And since Nagito dies young in your ending, it'd be a better fit.

Most people here would just be mad at him for being a faggot.

Why does he need to be alive to be the mastermind?

>no more "SORE WA CHIGAU YO"
Pretty sure Kaede will use it too

I would be mad because I really want to see Kirigiri tumblr faggots get maximum buttmad.

I kind of only want him to be alive just to see the maximum shitflinging he would send towards naegi and crew

Mastermind Weedman.

I wanna fuck Kotoko-chan

>Monaca trap




>no more "I want to fuck Junko" "Get in line"
>no more gokimouha
>no more thrusting hips in the air for Celes
>no more wet panties Kirigiri thank god
>no more CURE W
>no more Delta
>no more waifu wars
Feels bad man

Yes, we know Tengan is amazing at burning people. I want to see this.


>doesn't like Kirigir's wet panties

What would Junko's favorite Zelda game be?

I really want them to be happy.

They've both gone through a lot (even though Naegi still has her sister and Komaru never actually found their parent's bodies so they might be alive too)

I really, really want them to have a happy ending. As much as I love tragic stories I feel like it's time for them to fucking be happy for once.

I don't care if you consider her alive being an asspull (even though there are various hints that she's still alive, regarding her actions during the whole anime). I just want naegiri to happen.

Fuck despair, I've had enough of it. It'll be back in DRV3, so please, for once, let hope win.

I'm hype to see if my theory is confirmed, but I'm also hyped for it to be completely destroyed by a retarded twist

Is this the power of despair?

I'd rather be a snail.

I wanna do it gently with Kotoko


Haha, good one user.


But yes, I agree. I don't want a bleak ending where they just hurdle over the obstacle and cross the finish line.

Majora's Mask, of course.
People is Despair incarnate there

I think Chisa is done. She's not on the level of Kirigiri or Chiaki in terms of fan appeal anyway.

I want you to know
and I want you to internalize this fact.
she fucked.

>you will never marry SHSL Pikachu

Yes, more hope.

I'm kind of one the same boat for both naegiri and hinata. Weve spent so much time with these characters and seen them lose alot, with this being the last time we see them i want to just see them off with a happy ending. That said i dont think either of their revivals will be bullshit, kirigiri has cure-W working for her and chiaki being turned into a hope monster really isnt a god send. They will both be saved in the end if all goes right though.

One of the few characters that was involved in murder before any killing game/end of the world bullshit.

What if Pikachu was a fucking maniac in bed? Like she was a complete sex obsessed freak that hid her true nature underneath that Pikachu Hoodie?

We already found a new Hopeman user.

Alright, and how about Mukuro?

More like the new The rapist


Unless he have really contrived methods of achieving goals , silly luck and keikakus and a broken moral compass, he will never be hopeman

he is a product of rape so

>reverse trap

Need the source for this fuck


Kirigiri saying "Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet."

So was Sato acquainted with Ibuki, Mikan and Hiyoko or did Junko fabricate all that shit?

>what is iqdb

The scene of naegi realizing shes not dead is going to be so heartwarming. At least give us a fucking kiss after all this time.

I was thinking about Kirigiri so I misgendered Naegi. I hope he doesn't stab me with his ahoge.

The only thing I can tell you is that Hiyoko is a dirty whore.

Kodaka is a hack
So much of despair contradicts what was said in SDR2

>naegi yells at kirigiri for scaring him so badly

By we

Not really. The only thing that came out of left field was chiaki being real. Alot of other stuff was left super vague to the point where headcanon went wild.

>kirigiri kisses him to make him shut up

What kind of hope?

>completely new person shows up as mastermind
>dedicates half the episode to torturing Naegi with a recording of Kirigiri in her death throws (she was given a particularly slow acting poison)

My fucking heart wouldnt be able to take that, especially since this would be the first time we see him getting mad at her if im not mistaken.

tomorrow cant come soon enough to either give us this outcome or crush our hopes and dreams.


thats not real hope

How complex.

The despair kind

No, he's nowhere near on par with the current the rapist.

Kodaka found dead in his house with a gunshot wound to the back of the head
>ruled a suicide


>page 1

y tho

He looks great but he can never top my favorite boy. I'm willing to let him try, though.

>stream chat crashes from sheer amount of people losing their shit

Because he wanted to be the OP.

Who knows? Maybe? If she want this too.


>mostly dialogue
>95% of viewers will only recognise basic or often used terminology
>still raise shit at every dramatic moment

Looking forward to it.

Did we get any scenes besides Peko, Fuyuhiko and Sonia to begin with?

He is controlled by Junko blackmail, though.

>Artist of these is probably the biggest Naegirifag on the planet
>Draws cute as shit things that makes me want to die from diabetes
>Turns out her whole twitter is nonstop enthusiasm for DR3 shouting about Naegiri
Sometimes autism can be moe as fuck in the most surprising ways

Yes, Izuru seiing everything burn and Akane killing three people for food.
Souda is the only Survivor that didn't appear.

I love her? Naegiri art

I wish it becomes canon or she'll be on suicide watch

Yeah it certainly helps that her art is really appeal and cute as absolute fuck. She's actually one of the reasons I decided to regularly start using my pixiv account.

I don't think i'll be able to have a proper sleep.

Tumblr is all about the Sayaka, user.

Kirigiri is tumblr/reddits favorite character did you miss the shit storm when she died?

I'm not too surprised by leddit but I simply don't agree about tumblr.

>>no more "SORE WA CHIGAU YO"
sore wa chigau yo

I'm so excited! Are you excited?!

Let's be excited together anons!

>implying there won't be a new weedman
>implying there won't be a new hopeman