Holy shit samflam is really good

holy shit samflam is really good

It's fucking amazing OP, and there will probably never be anything like it again.

Masayoshi is the red man

OP 2>OP 1

Both are good though.

I told you.

Great ride

I really miss this show.

A trainwreck so bad it literally killed the studio that animated it.

>Two cour original
>sell less than 500 copies


Is this show considered fujoshit? I need to know if I can watch it or not.

fujobaiting for comedy's sake

From another perspective, it could only be so good because the studio accepted their fate and set themselves on going down with a bang,

You can tell just how much the studio enjoyed creating it when watching it.

>going out with a bang
lmao no

From what I can see on openings.moe, the ED of Samurai Flamenco look nice.

The ride is wild, you gotta make sure you sit down.

The greatest show of our times.

I love the endings, and the other songs in the singles are just as good

It's better for a studio to die than go to shit.

The first ED is so lewd.

Samflam is a masterpiece

Yeah just like what happen to Madhouse, Kyoani, and Shaft.

Yes, they male leads are gay for each other

i liked it until the gorilla thing happened then it just went downhill for me

>i liked it until the gorilla thing happened then it just went downhill for me
What was his name anyway?

Guillotine Gorilla, but we give him alternate names like slicing simian and other similarities as part of an injoke.

I think I'll give it a try. Just saying, you know, it's worth checking and stuff beforehand to make sure I'm not being a faggot.

If it had ended after defeating Lord Torture and Samflam unmasking himself to the public would it have been a 10/10? I felt like it was absolutely perfect up to there. The second half has some great shit in it but the first part is awesome.

I disagree
The absurd escalation and then being brought down to earth by that kid from the first fucking episode was perfect

>Legit called the kid in the first episode being the final boss but no one believed me
Honestly, the unveiling was actually pretty unreal seeing everyone flip out.

>Guillotine Gorilla
I'm pretty sure it was something sillier than that, like Choppy Chimp.

You mean Slashing Simian.

Chimpout Chimpy?
Slicing Simian?

Headhunter Harambe?

It was honestly the most disappointed I've ever been with an anime. I wish I had quit watching it halfway through.

You mean Beheading Bonobo?

I honestly wish you would fuck off.

I agree.

It ended up being trash overall in my opinion. I felt it was bad and boring overall after the torture arc.

The worst part was that one episode in the King Torture arc which was purposefully kind of boring. It was great in the Torture Arc, because it was meant to be kind of boring since the characters felt the same way with it. So wonderfully used and set up.

But then that set me up to believe all the bad parts of the rest of the series was setting up something similar for some kind of twist, but it never really came. I wish it was only 1cour and I could erase it from my memory. At least I have the satisfaction of it selling like crap.

>ywn watch samflam again for the first time

I'm jealous OP

Agreed. The beginning was great, but it's what it does in the latter half of its run that cements it as a brilliant show.