I wish you had stayed dead Cred Forums

I like the new manga board.




please be lying

Don't you do this to me. I swear to god this fucking admin better not split Cred Forums.

You'll never escape.

Cred Forums always tsun.

Why is everything so slow?

Stop breaking this site

I love you lelouch, you piece of shit tripfag


>Connection error while posting
>Connection error while posting
>Connection error while posting
>Connection error while posting
>Connection error while posting
>Connection error while posting

this is so fucking gay

Why can't I post you chink fucboi!

We're probably being DDoS'd like usual

Never leave me, Cred Forums

Can the site stop dying?

This, thanks based hiro



Anyone have the Emilia/Satella version of this?

I'm also hoping Cred Forums would shut down sooner than later for all of us. It's for the best.

I want to delete Cred Forums

nice i can post again


C-connection error?

I'm still getting connection errors

I actually stopped translating productively to keep trying to post instead of just making good use of the time.

I'm hopeless.

Are we fixed yet?

What the fuck am I supposed to do when Cred Forums dies for real?

Go to reddit? Go to 7chan? Where is home after Cred Forums?


what is going on?!?

>down again

we back


Nice blog

I'm here user

like the other 5 anime-related boards we already have huh?

That's not very nice user.

I'm scared. Is it back for real this time?

You find your place eventually, only time will really tell in few years what becomes the successor to this site.

next poster is a faggot

>Connection error while posting

Hello? Is it me that you're looking for?

Nice blog where can I like and subscribe?


Moshi moshi?

Why won't you stay dead Cred Forums?

I'm here user. You can always count on me.


ya mum is a faggot


>tfw been getting connection errors for months
>it has always been posts with images
>it never stops

anime is immortal

Super special
That's why you are here with me


>going down at this hour
fuck you Hiro

If you don't already know, you're not part of the inner circle and we don't want you following us to the next good place.

What was up with that? I'm going back and forth with browsers it and Chrome seems to work just fine, but Safari is fucked.

Not browser error, I had it on my chrome. Servers are just shitting them selves and fixing repeatedly

can we post?

ファック ユー、ひろ

We're back?!

>using apple's garbage

Will Cred Forums die? What happened to being stuck here forever?


Just relax.

>Cred Forums is dying for real this time

Good bye lads, see you all in valhalla.

Oh, we're back

>Downtime causes me to introspect quite a bit
>Be on the verge of making some positive life decisions
>Cred Forums comes back up

Well, so much for that. Back the business as usual wasting my life away.

Moe is shit

If only it could go down during the presidential debate tomorrow.

i fucking hate Cred Forums and everyone that mains it


>decide to go outside
>it's 95 degrees
>it's fall

Haha, back to anime!


Is everything daijoubu now?

It was just a handful of people last I checked, has it grown since then?
I thought the alternative was me___.


>95 degrees
How are you still alive?
That's near the boiling point of water.

meguca is shit too


At least it's not a transparent circlejerk like moe.
Probably the best we'll have if this disappears.

Him just going nuts was priceless

>using Celsius to describe weather temperatures

Fahrenheit is better than Celsius for measuring body and weather temperature because just a few changes in Fahrenheit is easily discernible by everyone.

I've had this since June 12 or 13 of 2016, it's been almost 4 months and still with the fucking conection error, I mean, I have never got this problem for the last 5 years, what the fuck happened?



>using multiple scales instead of using one thing for everything

Why would you do this to yourself

Fuck off juju

fuck off americans
nobody likes F

what is dead may never die

>not American
lurk for 2 years before posting

But I like this board

The only people who measure temperature in C are fucking snowmen.

Nice bullshit

I cant let go of this board

i said fuck off american
now GET

>Using Fahrenheit
>For anything

I always figured it was my shitty satellite internet but apparently its been happening to a few others as well.

I resent that stereotype. I haven't fucked a snowman in like 7 months.

Patience, it's already on its way out.
Not with a bang but a whimper.

manga board when?

I want it now

>He can't tell the difference between 2-3 degrees fahrenheit

Do you have necrosis or something I don't get it, you must have serious nerve damage is 76 F and 78 or 79 F feel the same to you.

Back to sleep GW

Never, hopefully.

i hope better (v1)captcha appears

Neck yourself


I actually watched 1 episode of Rilu Rilu Fairilu.
This is madness.

You are fucking stupid, the same change can be expressed in Celsius.

Jokes on you. I didn't posted on these thread at all. Of course, this post doesn't count.
I'm going to sleep now. Sweet dreams, whatever you are.

Don't be faggots, its widely known that kelvin is the best unit of measurement when it comes to temperature

Was it good?

Yeah much more severely you fucking idiot.

The entire point of it is that the human body's senses are entirely sharp enough to detect much smaller changes in temperature without using Celsius decimals.

Who the fuck in their right mind says please turn the temperature up or down half a point. It's a waste of fucking VFDs to have a display that takes up extra space for decimals.

Whose eyes are those eyes?


tb h

This is a conversation for humans, not sun gods and tardigrades.

And on Umaru's birthday!
For shame!

So basically, Fahrenheit was invented to pander to the low intelligence of Amerifats? That explains a lot.

What did I miss? I was browsing panda for past few hours.

Where is the new /ghost/?

No he invented it for people who don't live above the 49th parallel, the place where everything inbetween 0 and 10 Celsius is the perfect temperature for freezing your balls to a chair.

Did /ag/ become real?


>the human body's senses are entirely sharp enough to detect much smaller changes in temperature
Again nice bullshit, in most cases no one cares about 1 or 2 degrees.
76F = 24C
78F = 25C
79F = 26C
So fucking hard

>turning the temperature up or down by units
It's either the comfy 20°C or the burning hell that is the ambient temperature outside with its 30°C

The trial was up for an hour and Cred Forums was disabled. If you got in click the /ag/ under "Pending Trials" in settings.


Lurk for 2 years before posting.

this tb h. Celcius is honestly useless. Kelvin is used by scientists and is based on absolute zero, Fahreneit is based on how good it feels for a human, but celcius is based on water which is retarded. Why use Celcius when either Fahrenheit or Kelvin is better suited? Acting smug because you're using an inferior water based system? good job fuckface.

what is love

You know that Kelvin is just Celsius but with a 273.15 offset, right?
And that Fahrenheit was also based on water (brine, not pure water though), right?

baby don't Hz me

baby don't hurt me

Why are you trying to moderate in a shitpost thread?
baby don't hurt me

>shitpost thread
These are prime board culture threads, newfriend.

Why say that it's 32 Fº while you could just say that it's 0 Cº.
The 0 gets the point across much better.

No more

You still made the OP you hypocrite.
Don't take me for a fool.

𝜈 more

Because while zero is the freezing point of water it commonly gets lower than that and it's retarded to converse with other humans about negative temperatures unless it's actually life threatening.

20F is much better than -8C or whatever the fuck it is.

Nuh-huh. It seems you ARE a fool

I get temperatures below 0 Fahrenheit for most of the year, so I'd have to use negative temperatures either way.

Why do tripfags post in these threads? Are they hoping someone will suck their dicks for still shitposting when Cred Forums comes back up?

Uh huh.
I've finished about 15 minutes of my video. Editing's a bitch.

Try being an upsidedownposter, we got a 42C earlier this year.

What is this thread about?

This has happened in Canada this year too fag.

> a fucking leaf.

>a fucking shitposter.

Nerds arguing about Celsius vs Fahrenheit

It's sad that no one uses the Kelvin.

>Cred Forums dies
>do nothing during downtime
It's almost like I never left

Try 46°C and tell me about heat.

abos out

Not abo, thank god.

I think I've spent more time shitposting on Cred Forums than I've have spent watching anime and reading manga.



I'm watching that show now, it's hilarious.

cute. made me have a feel.
I'm going to feel worse about /fit/ dying than Cred Forums dying though.

>Go to reddit?
If you actually watch anime, /r/anime is actually better than Cred Forums if you can stand the circle jerking. But you can kiss shit posting goodbye.