He watches dubs instead of subs

>he watches dubs instead of subs


only Cred Forums watches dubs

>he downloads anime instead of streaming

I watch dubs.

Like yours, right now.

>He needs english translations to watch anime
>not being japanese
>current year


>he watches anime

>he watched MoMH subbed


Subs divert my attention from whats happening in the anime and im not that much of a weeb to start learning nip tongue.

I only watch dubs if
A: It's a western setting
B: It's exceptionally good

>He lurks in Cred Forums

>he thinks he has to choose

They're not mutually exclusive. There's no reason you have to pick one over the other. You can watch a show subbed and dubbed at the same time.

It's like this whole board forgot how to think.

You have clearly never tried to open both the sub and dub of a show at the same time on different monitors

You know what subtitles are right? You don't need two streams. It's superimposed text.

Watching dubs is shit taste

A lot of dubbing teams do much better translations than shitty fansub groups

Nice dubs.


>he starts greentext threads