Pokemon Thread

Alola Budget Edition

Just wtf were they thinking with this new trailer?

Is the same studio that was involved in XY&Z animating Alola?

Will they release something good for old fans like a series based on Pokemon Generations

who the fuck am I kidding? Probably most of the old fans already stopped caring about this fucking franchise

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Whenever Ash starts a new region and gets a new starter, you always know his main one isn't going to be the grass one.

Its only happened once so far with Hoenn.


They dont give a fuck anymore. Nintendo dont have the balls to change protagonists because they think elevens wont like it. Why risk changing it when they already have an established MC that can be recycled every fucking region.

No, they dont give a fuck about old fans either. In fact they dont want old hardcore fans caring about the franchise. Thats why Pokemon GO exists.

Fuck I saw the trailer and its fucking attrocious.

I dont get it, why wouldnt they care about old fans that have tons of money and can pay for their stuff

They dont want Bronies-tier menchild in their franchise, thats why. That represents a risk since people would notice those sickfucks can be close to their kids and drive new fans away.

Thats why the are giving them shit like Pokemon GO and 5 min specials like Pokemon Generations to keep them at bay.

Remember, they want KIDS to buy their stuff, not 25+ menchilds or 30+ wizards

>Just wtf were they thinking with this new trailer?
"We want the Yokai Watch audience"

Pokemon Go was made by an American.

so pokemon has become stale like Doraemon/Conan/Sazaesan?

A project that had to be approved by Nintendo executives since an American cant just say "i will create a pokemon game" and do it without permision. Probably executives saw this as a perfect opportunity to get rid of old fans.

is that even a thing?

Havent seen something like Bronies in pokemon.

No idea if the same studio will animate Alola

I guess its time to bury this franchise and move on. Too bad since I liked the xyz OP


Isnt yokai watch also from nintendo?

>is that even a thing?
I am wondering that too. Is it popular?

I think that became clear around BW. XY was about to break status quo, but the powers that be decided that Ash doesn't deserve good things happening to him.

>hating on fun designs and wacky,energetic animation
You guys really have shit tastes, and Pokemon doesn't give a shit about 'fans' that only want 'cool' shit. The franchise is for kids first and foremost and the new look brings about a more fun look to the show which is frankly better than the stiff, angular designs of old.

Yokai Watch is a competitor of Pokemon regardless if Nintendo has shares with both of them. And Yokai Watch is bigger than Pokemon in Japan. Roughly 3x bigger last time I checked.

This will be a proper goodbye?

Sun and Moon will be the best animated Pokemon Anime series and if you can't accept that then you don't know a single thing about animation.

Only if he gets laid with french pussy

nice shoop

What I believe is that Nintendo knows pokemon is already getting old and is trying to keep the franchise fresh while they are buffing Yokai Watch.

Its a shame nothing happened at the end between those two. Wasted chance to show something new.

Only if they keep the same studio that animated XY&Z.

Am I the only person in existence that loves the new art style?

OLM is still in charge of animating Pokemon.

Then it gets revealed that Serena was a bloodsucking monster all along and having sex with her turns Ash mentally retarded.

Why is this nigger still 10 years old?

Wonder if it's a different studio.

Sun and Moon have particularly noticeable changes from the standard Pokemon formula, so I don't think it's entirely TPC. Wonder who's in charge.

Because the Pokemon anime is more obsessed with keeping the status quo than an American sitcom

Nintendo doesn't have much to do with Pokemon actually. It is not even a Nintendo property, and they only get 10% of it. Now, I'm not sure as for the anime. But Nintendo isn't pulling the strings.

Nope, only Ash looks weird everything else is fine.

Yokai Watch is more of a side thing. At the end of the day, people can name 151 Pokémon better than they do for a vast majority of the Yokai in the game. It may find success, but it'll be nowhere near as significant worldwide as Pokémon.

people still watch that show huh?

People that used to watch it as kids got tricked into watching the new series because it had decent animation, shipfaggotry and it looked like Ash was finally going to win the league.

In the end the romance subplot will end up going nowhere and Ash ended up losing the league in a really stupid way.

Yeah, there are three waifus now to fap to.

On the bright side, a little girl murdered Ginger Hitler with her mech, so that's cool.

They don't waste time.

At least the anime will have cute girls.

It always does

>the child-bearing hips on brown girl

I'm sad to see Serena go, but dear fucking lord she won't be missed.

It has always been the same studio, they're just using different team for each season.

Did OLM animate something else? Or pokemon is the only show they animated?

They animate shitton of show m8, even including Yokai Watch.

>Pokemon Generations
>in any way

Yokai Watch is Level-5.

>And Yokai Watch is bigger than Pokemon in Japan. Roughly 3x bigger last time I checked.
At least try to make your lies believable.

YW's popularity is falling pretty hardnow anyway. The most recent sold pretty well, but nowhere near expected numbers, and there's not going to be any further proper sequels. Level-5's strategy has always been to milk a franchise really really hard and then abandon at the exact point they predict people are going to grow tired of it. It's pretty amazing how good they are at predicting that shit.

Wonder if Lady Layton will revitalize the franchise or be a one off thing.


They do a lot of long-running childrens' shows like Pokemon, Beyblade, Yokai Watch, Buddyfight, Cardfight Vanguard, Inazuma Eleven, Danball Senki and Tamagotchi

Is it only worth it to watch Alola just for the waifus?

Fuck I wanted him to win the fucking league and stay with Serena. That was the only way old fans would move on, but they had to ruin it again because they dont have the balls to change ash for another MC.

At least I wont fall for it again when some of them have a thing for ash.

I will miss french girl.

If anything it's amazing that Pokemon is still so popular 20 years later

It's worth giving it a shot, at least. People get so hung up on Satoshi's design they tend to ignore that everything else looks perfectly fine.

I literally can't see why this trailler is bad.

The waifus might just be iris shit tier and this thing will be there 24/7

>live-action Cardfight Vanguard movie

>Mallow looks like she's always having fun
>Lana looks deadpan, but in a good way
>Lilie thinks fun things are not fun

Lana's eyes are ridiculous. Makes me want to watch Katanagatari again.

Well, satoshi/ash looks more clumpsy instead of the badass design in xy, but i am ok with that.

Will Team rocket archieve anything in the series? How do you guys think pokemon would end if hipothetically the franchise went to shit? Proper ending to close satoshi story or just cut the anime off?

Yeah, i liked xyz opening a lot too

It's just that it triggered the people that got off on the Serena romance subplot and Ash being a somewhat competent trainer.

If anything the new Poke high school seems more fun than again following Ash doing the region's gym leader challenge and then losing the league while he is accompanied by a semen demon that wants to win some contests and by some other guy.

If only they got rid of Team Rocket as well.

Kindly go back to where you came from

>Proper ending to close satoshi story
You fucking wish

I dont understand why ash bayleaf is there. Who is the girl behind the coach?

Be gentle with me please, i came back from jhoto season to the xy season after hearing ash could win the famn league.

A genki, a kuudere and a tsundere.
What could go wrong?

>Team Rocket infiltrates the school as new teachers
>Jessie in charge of the cooking class
>Tries to make Ash fail by giving him faulty recipes, but his pokemon and luck cause things to go well and backfire on Jessie
>James in charge of the gym class
>Always tries to give Ash the worst possible work, but he somehow manages to pass every time.
>Meowth and an Alolan Meowth go around causing mayhem in an attempt to cause Ash to miss class, only for them to be chased away and handled without wasting time

I hope it doesn't happen, but I can see something like this happening, and it frightens me.

>How do you guys think pokemon would end if hipothetically the franchise went to shit?

Ash wins the league with a team of his best mons (Charizard, Pikachu, Sceptile) against some overpowered guy that uses legendaries, then a flashforward of him seeing off his son who is about to start his own Pokemon journey.

>even the games are no longer safe from cgi cancer
Rest in Peace hand drawn anything.

>How do you guys think pokemon would end if hipothetically the franchise went to shit? Proper ending to close satoshi story or just cut the anime off?
Depends entirely on how it "goes to shit" and how much time they get to end the anime.

I think bayonet wanted to fuck Ash or something. The girl behind the couch is latias.

People(who expected a "serious and mature" series) are still mad Ash lost the league, they probably got too used to XY&Z art style too. Ash still looks weird though.

If they have enough time and still have some budget?

Who am I kidding, they will tske the money and run away.

>I dont understand why ash bayleaf is there.
Johto was the first series that really gave the Pokemon personalities and Chicorita/Bayleaf's personality included a crush on Satoshi. It was strange.
>Who is the girl behind the coach?
Latias' human form from the fifth movie

Bayleef was very affectionate to Ash.
The girl behind the couch is Latias, from the Pokemon Heroes movie. Ash wanted some of that Latiass.

>ash bayleaf
It wants Ash's D.
>the girl behind the coach
Latias from Pokemon heroes movie

Lana is the cutest.

>Mallow is always happy and playful, even in fights
>Loses all the time, almost like Brock getting cock blocked
>Lana initially acts bland and uninterested
>Ash makes her laugh, and she opens up to everyone, completely killing her character
>Lilie is the know it all and prim rich girl
>That shitty fan theory of her being UB-01 ends up being true

That's what could go wrong.

You need to watch the fifth movie, user.

>baited to watch a franchise that wont change ever...

You fucking deserve it oldfag

The new season will have tons of new stuff and be good.

Usually I think they'd be able to rush to the league and give some satisfying conclusion. I think that might not be possible next season though due to the entirely different set up. If Pokemon's ratings just tank here I could see it ending with some really "nothing" ending.

>Pokemon Heroes


This franchise needs to die already and let Yokai watch take his place.

It's a merchandise-driven show. Ratings are irrelevant.

Lillie will be a fucking squid and you will like it

That's the movie name. It's actually called Pokemon Heroes in the west.

Is XYZ as good as that opening makes it look? Haven't bothered with the Pokemon anime in a while and I have to say, everything from the song to the animation is impressive.

>Johto was the first series that really gave the Pokemon personalities
Bulbasaur, squirtle, Charizard, Caterpie pikachu?

damn, i loved that movie as a kid. something about the setting and the music really appealed to me.

It was pretty good and had very little filler compared to other Pokemon seasons, but critical moments ended up badly executed (league loss, ending of Flare arc), which really hurt it as an overall product.

Consider it as a last known adventure of satoshi/ash. It will finish before moving to another region.

Drop it after the fucker leaves his Greninja

As long as you don't expect any closure with the main characters goals nor the bit of romance between Ash and the new girl nor greninja doing anything worthwhile and accept Alan as your Lord and Savior.

>That shitty fan theory of her being UB-01 ends up being true
How is that a bad thing?

I'd say yes.
The league arc might disappoint you, but mostly it's been great.
At least it didn't lie to you like Episode N's OP.

It starts good, but somewhere around episode 15 it turns into a rushed mess that can only be explained as the writers suddenly being told they had a lot less time to finish off the series than they thought.
It's still good from there on, but it could and should have been better and more fleshed out.

You're also much better off watching XY from the start rather than jumping straight into XY&Z.

Nah. Stuff like Team Rocket and even Ash himself only exist due to the anime being considered a viable product by itself. If it were entirely merchandising driven, it'd be just a straight adaptation of the games.

That's why the next season is going for a completely different style, but still not following the game's plot either (with the school concept). The Pokemon anime has some merchandising elements, like the generation transition, but a lot of it only exists for the anime itself.

The only one on that list that really had much of a personality was Caterpie/Butterfree and that personality only existed in its capture and release episode.

>Sun/Moon region means more topless Ash

Bayleef was sorta his main out of the three in Johto.

I don't think you understood what I meant, user. Things like that exist because they want something appealing that keeps viewers coming back, yes, but they want them to keep watching for merchandise reasons. The show isn't even available on home video.

Shows like these don't exist for the primary purpose of making a lot of people watch them live, they exist to move merchandise. If merchandise moves, the show is considered successful. If the merchandise isn't moving, the show is considered a failure and taken off air. They don't look at the ratings themselves, since they don't make money off views on their own.

Dragonball Kai nearly had One Piece-tier ratings back in its run but it got canceled and considered a failure due to sales of Dragonball merchandise actually going DOWN at the time the show aired. That's what they look at. Not the ratings.

Unfortunately it will be new retard Ash rather than GAR "wetter of Kalosian panties" Ash

Can't remember much about Johto except that by the end Charizard became his only relevant mon.

The kid is not even similar to the red mosquito.

Show me a bigger disappointment.

I'll wait.

Charizard got dropped off at training camp shortly after the first gym, then brought back in movie 3, for the 8th gym, and for the league. It played a very minor role in the arc and spent like 80% of it not being on the team

>Team up with Gym leaders and Champion of the region
>His reward is to be sent to special needs school


>I don't think you understood what I meant, user. Things like that exist because they want something appealing that keeps viewers coming back, yes, but they want them to keep watching for merchandise reasons. The show isn't even available on home video.

You say "shows like these", but I'm saying that the way the Pokemon anime is treated by its staff just doesn't line up with that.

Look at the tie-in anime from Level 5, for example. They're straight adaptations of the games meant to advertise them. The Pokemon anime, as it exists nowadays, just isn't that. The only concession they really make is the generation transition, changing the Pokemon line up, but you can go many episodes without any actual elements from the games (like replacing appearances of the games' villains with team rocket - something that happened a lot in the original XY series).

The new art style in the upcoming season has nothing to do with any art style change in the games either, and it's there just because they want to make a clear shake up for the anime.

In many ways, I think it's clear that the staff of the Pokemon anime looks at it closer to something like Doraemon - it advertises the bigger franchise in general just by existing and getting ratings, but it's not a direct advertisement of other products.

He was still Ash's main pokemon in his two most important Johto league fights.

>Getting released to le continue protecting kalos meme even though Alan is still around to protect kalos and clearly stronger
>People will defend this

Sort of, yeah. It pretty much had to do that the show started as an 80 episode adaptation of a Game boy game that didn't really have a story at all, and whose characters rarely had personalities and never more than five lines of dialogue each. They HAD to treat it as a rough template and then do their own thing with it. All those different Pokemon manga series from back then do the same.

word of advice, don't go to the anime general on /vp/, literally the most cancerous thing I have ever layed my eyes on on.

Also I knew Ash was going to lose, and Serena will be tossed aside ready to fall into the void like Misty, May, Dawn and Iris.

This time Ash should fall for Lillie, but then she turns out to be an Ultra Beast and they can't be together thus maintaining the status quo.

Eh, I've seen equally worse shit even on Cred Forums

Oh hi, it's you again.

I've seen this guy walk into every single fucking Pokemon thread on Cred Forums the last few years and start shit about how supposedly cancerous /vp/ is, no matter if /vp/ had been brought up or not. I'm completely convinced he's one of the people sitting there shitposting all day.

>falling in love with anyone


which is better? pokemon manga or the anime?

The game.

That was from a time that Ash was allowed to have a personality.

which manga, there's at least 8.

There's like 20 different Pokemon manga series user.

Electric Tale would have been the best if it was longer.

I'll miss Citron.

Pokemon Go was Satoru Iwata's project

XY will still always exist as it its own thing so I don't really care. It was delusional to think it could last forever, and it was always likely they would do a hard reset after.

I'll miss the entire group.
Fucking best Pokemon group yet, and I highly doubt the replacements can live up to them.

That's fluid animation with pretty backgrounds, what are you even talking about?

I think you need to understand that art style and character design choices cannot usually be conflated with budget issues.

Anyone of the MCs who won the league?

So Red?
Gold didn't really care about the league, Ruby was a prancing la-la hetero man who was all about the contests, Dia, Pearl and Plat never made it that far and Black got stone'd before he could fulfill his dream.

I assume most of the series that involve a straight badge quest ends with the MC beating the Champion because that's where the game ends.
I believe most Pokemon manga do things differently though rather than adapt the game straight.

There's more than one manga you moron.

Well, in that DP mango that had Lucas only,i'm pretty sure he didn't beat the league either
Dunno about that old one with the Clefairy that grabbed Red's balls
What about the others?

Zensho is pretty well known for being a very straight adaptation of the original game and little more.

>And Yokai Watch is bigger than Pokemon in Japan. Roughly 3x bigger last time I checked.
Was the last time you checked nearly 2 years ago?

This was the best Pokemon manga

funny thing is OLM animates yokai watch as well as pokemon

Oh look my first poke crush

Does it count as bestiality?

Kind of? Pokemon are more intelligent than animals, though.

Cred Forums says
>Ash is gonna get a harem

Realistic, logical people say
>Ash will fuck everything up and fail in every conceivable way in his school life because he's destined to lose. 20 years.

It's not a league so he might have a chance this time.

Only bestiality if she's in Pokémon form.

Reminder that Ash won the Battle Frontier which in the games you needed to be stronger than the champion to participate in it let alone win it.

Yeah, he is allowed to win at stuff of no importance like the meme orange league and the battle frontier (which is just a glorified gym leader challenge in the anime).

So he'll graduate from Poke high school and go back to losing leagues.

Choose your route

>you needed to be stronger than the champion
To be fair, it doesn't really make sense for there to be hundreds of trainers stronger than the elite 4 (including tubers and youngsters), it's just that it's pretty fucking hard because you can't beat it by overleveling your mons.

Only serenacucks hate SM to hell and would do anything for it to flop.

Remember to avoid the serena menace and they are doing anything since their ship sunk.

Serenafags ARE Lilliefags. Just dumb spics that self insert as Ash and wish they had a blonde gf.

It looks good. It's nowhere close to the movies or the original seasons with cel-coloring, but the animation looks pretty fluid and it's definitely much better than DP and BW.

But they are all pretty top tier.
Female character design seems to get better each gen.

This was a nice thread, stop trying to create shitty forced drama.

serenafags are autists who would do anything for their ship to be canon.

I just ship lillie and ash for fun. I know regional girls gets replaced anyways

You are shipping two Pokemon anime characters together. Naturally, you are also an autist.

Fuck off already. You're trying too hard

SIDF pls leave

Serena is Japanese, not French.

This isn't /vp/, you're not surrounded by a band of other shitposters willing to parrot whatever shitty bait you're trying to push. Go away now, little boy.

Why is this thread in Cred Forums not /vp/?

Doraemon/Conan/Sazae-chan still top the anime ratings while nobody watch Pokemon anymore

>yfw Ash has to bring back Charizard to be able to graduate.
Seriously though its pathetic that Ash's best pokemon was trained by someone else

Any attempt at discussing the Pokemon anime on /vp/ the last few weeks will just result in your thread being swarmed by a band of 10 or so pasta-spamming shitposters dead set on derailing and killing any kind of discussion. It's been pretty bad.

Pokemon tops the ratings too, though.

You need to go

Why did you have to command my dick to force to commit such horrible acts.

am i the only one who thought it was pretty neat that they didn't keep the same style?

>Serena's fate is ending up like a soulless idol like Elle no thanks to Miss Devil Wears Prada. Ash forgets all about her again while she grows up to become the Baby Jane Hudson of Kalos.

>Serena will choose dedicating her life to dancing around in revealing clothes for pedos and neckbeards over holding hands with her husbando on not-Hawaiian beaches

Maybe she doesn't have a crush on Ash anymore

No wonder her mom didn't want her to become a performer, she seen this shit happen to perfomers before.

She clearly does

Then why doesn't she confess or rape him?

She's working on building up the courage.

Serena is Kalosian, she was just at Kanto for a camping trip

>no Aoi

And she's still the girl closer to score the Satobowl

She used to be at the top, but Serena has her beat.

It baffles me why people love Serena so much despite being one of blander Pokegirls (and that's saying something). Her current outfit is hot rummage sale garbage, she has generic cute "girl" Pokemon like Braixen, Pancham (that thing won't be evolving into Pangoro anytime soon) and Sylveon. And apart from her performer which is excuse to leech off the Love Live/Aikatsu! fanbase she is completely useless for the plot apart from her non-existing romance with Ash.

Even May has Blaziken, Venusaur and Munchlax, Dawn had her Quilava and Mamoswine, and hell even Isis had Excadrill and a really pissed off Dragonite on their teams.

>In fact they dont want old hardcore fans caring about the franchise
Alola forms are actually pure gen 1 pandering so far
Heck, the new games actually look awesome and hype is over the roof

The anime is an entirely different story, they even pissed the animators with Ash losing the league

I think what he trying to say that Nintendo cares about most of the Pokemon franchise. Just not the Pokemon anime itself.

Hell most of the recent movies are just big budget commercials for brand new Legendary Pokemon or never before seen Pokemon set to appear in the next generation game.

Electric Tales of Pikachu animu when

What happened to grenigger?
He getting released?

>It baffles me why people love Serena so much despite being one of blander Pokegirls (and that's saying something).
Holy fucking shit this so much. Hell even the loli was more interesting than Serena.

Iris had something that the other girls didn't, actual closure on her story with her going on her own path and likely becoming champion just like in Black 2/White 2. Which is probably why she didn't show up in XY.

pretty sure Nintendo has nothing to do with the Pokemon anime, they barely have anything to do with the games as well, besides being the ones provifing the hardware, it's all Gamefreak

As for the anime last I heard Pokemon Co has their hands tied by TV Tokyo deals

Don't try to understand the mind of a waifufag. Therein lies the path to madness.

Who the fuck greenlit this artstyle? Ash barely resembles his old self, just euthanize him already for a new character.

Which movie is the best?

>Alola Budget Edition
>watch trailer
>its beautiful

Fuck off faggot, im not a fan of the series but Im well aware of what shit animations look like and this isnt one one of them.

Largely agreed to be the Entei movie or the Lucario movie.

Mostly backlash from fans who wanted their romantic edgy series back.

Too bad they still can't understand that ash gets reset after every gen

So do the teams go like this
>Ash will have Pikachu, Rowlet and maybe Litten and Pikipek
>Mallow will have Bounsweet
>Lana will have Popplio
>Sophocles will have Togedemaru
>Kiawe will have Charizard and Tortunator
>Lillie will have Alolan Vulpix
>Team Rocket will get new Pokemon, Jessie will get a Bewear while James will get a Mimikyu or vise versa because you know how much this anime loves to torture sweet pure James.

Your endless attempts at falseflagging is not helping any

>12 years old
Why was this allowed?

>false flagging
But it's the truth

Good job proving his point?

>Draw a trap-boy
>Call it a girl
When did this start again?

This is one of the protagonists in the newest Pokemon movie.

I genuinely can't tell if that's a boy or a girl.

Iris never became champion in the anime, and obviously never will because characters don't age and Iris somehow isn't going to be stronger than the Elite 4 of Unova.

But the animation in the trailer isn't bad and the artstyle is cute, it's just different.

>and they only get 10% of it
You mean revenue of the anime? Because they own an equal share of The Pokemon Company with GameFreak and Creatures Inc. They also own the copyrights to the pokemon themselves.

So, Generations is not going to see a Japanese release will it?

If they felt they had to make a change with the anime why not just start with a new MC?

They had the perfect chance to end Ash's story with him winning the league and the Serena.

I actually thought that Hiro had banned it or something I'm really tired of those shitposting threads on retards trying to give Hiro feedback or something. Good.

I think it's cute when people think that different=bad, yet are also the ones who complained the most about things remaining stagnant.

The new art direction isn't bad at all. I though Cred Forums of all places could appreciate a different artstyle if it delivers on quality animation, and to me this trailer does just that.

Pokemon's story has always been boring and bland. People liked X/Y because Ash was a competent battler. He can still do that in School, just without the pressure of a League. In fact if they reintroduce Best Wish's mini-leagues under the pretense of a "field trip" then the series is golden. Let Ash take on the Island Challenge at some point and then actually win the damn thing and people will start calling this the best season ever.

Also, lots of great waifs.

>Cred Forums
Pffft, that's because most of the pokemon posters here are /vp/ crossboarders taking refuge from their board being nuked by pokemon go and the recent pokemon anime nonsense.

It's just no the same without the league win. Also, XYZ had amazing animation. The sudden change to a much cheaper feeling artstyle does little to inspire confidence.

Conan still has some interesting plots for adult fans.

Pokemon is just Anpanman tier. They even dared to downgrade their target from elementary school kids to kindergarden young kids and toddlers, just like some anime and toons aimed at babies like Anpanman, Shimajirou, Rantarou, Curious George and Chugginton.

The art style is nat as good but the animation is way more fluid now. I only hope it's not "my pain is greater than yours" tier animation.

Lillie or Lana.

>tfw fags thought Ash was going to win it all
>tfw fags still think Selena will get the D

I don't wanna say I told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO!

Literally waifubait.

Now that you mentioned pokemon go, I imagine how upset the userbase became since this game probably attracted a lot of new people

This. kek

I don't think any sane person expected him to win or end up with the girl but I have to say it still was a well made trap to bait people.

How could you forget about Sapphire curbstomping eveyone at Hoenn?

Did Pokemon Contests gave you amnesia?

Hahaha, no.

She's a gaijin.


>Ruby was a prancing la-la hetero man who was all about the contests

>Implying the Ruby and Sappire arc wasn't about Ruby AND Sapphire

Faggot, Sapphire was also the MC and she became champion.

Can you explain how that even works? Is this anime kinda like the same case of Space Dandy, which was mainly for a western audience?

>which was mainly for a western audience
I think that's the case while the anime is aimed for children.

The thing is that I like Sylveon and used one during by Y playthrough. I would rather have it evolve into a never before seen Eeveelution to blow everyone's mind and to hype up the seventh generation, or never evolve and have it carry a Everstone to show that even the most simple Pokemon can be a great performer. But nope it has to evolve into Sylveon because it's the perfect girl Pokemon.

What I especially hated about Serena's arc were her rivals who were just pathetic and barley worth calling rivals at all. We even had that Amelia girl (who had an Espeon and a SHINY Dragonair) who was hyped up to be the main rival for Serena, but nope Sylveon manage to win by just spinning and prancing around while Amelia gets chewed out by Ms Devil Wears Prada and is never seen again.

Why don't you manchildren fuck off to your containment board to discuss your commercial ad there?

>to discuss your commercial ad there?

I'm not a /vp/fag, but Literally almost all the anime discussed in this board is an ad of something. Personally, I don't see any problems with the pokemon manga and anime being discussed here as long as it keeps being about the manga and the anime. Unless that's against some rule I haven't seen because it's Pokemon.

I don't even remember the Amelia girl you're talking about, whoever it was was most definitely not hyped up as a rival at all.

Her main rivals were always Milfuei, Shauna, and to lesser extents, Nene and Jessie.

Basically, during the past few years the Pokemon Company got scared by the success of Yokai Watch and decided that they'd make a generation "like Yokai Watch" to cash in on the market.

Which is hilarious because Yokai Watch's popularity has already begun to spiral downwards rapidly. So they're changing everything up to catch a trend that's already over

Why did they make him younger?

>I don't even remember the Amelia girl you're talking about


Because they don't care about Ash, and I'm sure they don't even like him

They didn't.

There's no rule, it's literally "stop discussing anime I don't like".

He does look younger with that design.

It's like McDonald's changing everything on their menu to compete with Crazy Burger down the street.

You don't need to be someone else, you just have to remember that you're fucking McDonald's and give the people what they actually wanted already. You are already the most iconic one if you didn't go out of your way to fuck it up often.

They already have an entire board exclusively dedicated for their franchise.

You might want to familiarize yourself with the rules before you start rulefagging. Do you go into mecha threads and shitpost about them not going on /m/ too?

Sounds like Cred Forums, feel bad for you guys.

The show is in the middle of a three week break right now, which has reduced the amount of news to discuss to a minimum. Chances are the situation will improve once the show starts up again.

Once the XYZ anime is over, I will just move on.
Probably a lot of people were hoping this season would bring different thing to the franchise for many reasons, including:

- Improvement on anmation
- A girl that really liked Satoshi
- Satoshi being competent in battles (god I saw the battles in B&W and wanted to smash the fucking screen).
- The XYZ openings were actually cool
- The Kalos Crew was great with Serena, Cytron and Bonnie (stopped watching pokemon when the Satoshi, Kasumi/Misty and Takeshi/Brook) parted ways).

Elevens baited me and it worked like wonders and its a shame they didnt end Satoshi's story cause they simply dont have the balls to change the protagonist.

Give Alola a try when it airs. It will refresh the franchise a little and bring new stuff in the table for the game and the anime.

Seems like you're trying to justify watching the same cartoon for nip 10yo children for the seventh time.

>The Kalos crew was great
Yeah, after the Ash/Misty/Brock trio parted ways they always tried to make the new characters fit into that sort of dynamic. They took a chance on having May's little brother as a fourth party member but made the wrong move of not giving him any pokemon what so ever and being a little smart ass.
Brock was always kind of a mentor figure when he wasn't being a perv but then he finally got replaced in B&W. In X&Y Ash actually became the mentor type for the rest of the party except maybe Cytron.

Fucking this

You must understand this is a show for kids and the executives want to keep it that way. They dont want bronies in their francise.

the only thing they will add are:

waifu material so degenerates like you can fap
changes in the game like screwing gen1 pokemon elements (a water charmeleon just what the hell?)
a new formula that wont succeed because people want more leagues.

is there something like bronies in the pokemon franchise? Because i've never seen something like tht in my whole life (i go to comic con and other events everytime i can and the only bronies i see are the actual bronies but nothing equal in the pokemon community).

About the changes in the game, swapping element types sounds interesting.

I doubt this would happen, but it would be neat to pull the rug from under us and get more fucked and interesting than XY ever was.

Will we have something like the Pokemon Chronicles ever again?

We've been getting specials like that relatively regularly.

I am an oldfag and still care about the franchise but I already stop caring about Ashanime since Hoenn arc.

I think everyone and their dog has a clue that Aether Foundation are the real villains and Team Skull are meant to be a false lead. Team Skull showing up rather early in the anime seem to confirmed this. I can predict Team Skull's role in the anime.

>Team Skull are basically the Team Rocket Trio, goofy and lovable jerks but a little more competent and dangerous.
>Gladion is Ash's main rival and has a grudge against him, he has a Litten and a Type: Null.
>Guzma is basically Meowth's Dream Giovanni in real life if he was a little bit more threating, the Team Rocket trio and Guzma bond into a beautiful hammy villianous friendship with Plumeria just rolling her eyes at their stupidity.
>Once Aether reveals themseleves as the real bad guys generically engineering Pokemon and trying to use the power of the Ultra Beasts. Team Rocket and Team Skull turn to the side of good and fight back.

So who's guessing that Tomokazu Seki will be voicing the Pokedex Rotom?

Chances are it'll be Oak's Rotom, who I think is voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima.

>That shitty fan theory of her being UB-01 ends up being true

what is it with nintendo's fascination with kids being squids?

There are, but it thankfully doesn't seem very widespread

I'm not saying it'd be surprising, just interesting.
It's a kid's show for fuck's sake, I don't know why people expect this huge left turn and twists.
But having that extra element of trust, and having a few twists in there can keep it fresh and add character development.

Will they do this? I wouldn't bet on it, they wasted interesting ideas before literally every time an evil team makes an appearance, BW being the worst offender, as is the relation between the games and the anime.

I just looked at the anime thread there, apparently someone was sitting there spamming it down by copypasting posts from some other forum. Sad.

Ash/Misty/Brock trio was boring in Johto and wasn't really much more than a placeholder group.

AG and DP were much better, sans how stale Brock became overtime.

The setting was beautiful. It was based off of Venice, Italy.

The thing is, how are the starter evolutions going to play into this?

First movie to be based on a real place, right?

Play into what?

>Rowlet's evolution fits Ash like a glove and will likely end up as his main starter for the region, the slim features, the cool design, the built for speed structure just like Sceptile, Infernape and Greninja before it.
>Litten's evolution is tanky and buff, also fitting Ash's fighting style of going all out with attack. But it's probably going to end up keeping it's comic relief role, sort of like a more comical and more obedient Pre-Orange Island Charizard.
>Popplio's evolution screams girl starter, Lana's Popplio might evolve into this to parallel the likely shy Lana's growth in confidence.

By the trailers with Litten's tail getting stamped on by Ash that his going to end up as the comic relief starter like Oshawott and Clemont's Chespin. I could see him stalking Ash at first before being captured and having a Tom/Jerry rivalry with Pokemon who is a mouse.

It's got a nice soundtrack too:

It did. Reminded me a lot of Majora's Mask.


Are the pokemon manga worth a read?

So, is Lana the main girl?

Pokemon Special's quality varies wildly depending on the arc. The RGB arc was pretty good, with the Yellow arc being somewhat worse but still okay.

The GSC arc is great, but while the Ruby and Sapphire arc starts out okay, the very end gets ruined by an awful deus ex machina, and the Emerald arc is even worse.

The FRLG arc is pretty good, but it ends in a sudden diabolus ex machina that gets resolved in Emerald. HGSS is a decent read if you want to see the GSC cast again, but the story's kind of rushed and mediocre.

Finally, we have the DPPt arc, which is pretty self-contained compared to the rest, but also very solid outside of the clusterfuck of legendaries at once in Platinum.

The arcs from BW and on aren't worth reading, though, as the writing and release schedule have fallen apart completely due to Gamefreak insisting on releasing a new game every year nowadays.

There likely going to be no main girl, Mallow and Lana share the role as the girls, making Sophocles the sole male of Ash's team. Lana has Popplio meaning Ash's might not be catching one.

If Lillie is a a part of the team then we have 3 girls outweigh 2 boys.

...and the other dozen manga?

Generally irrelevant trash that nobody outside of Japanese 6-year olds reading them casually in gaming magazines care about. Most of them are movie tie-ins or bizarre gimmick spinoffs.

The only two series outside of Special that are anywhere close to notable are Dengeki Pikachu which is a loose adaptation of the anime that ends after Orange Islands and is full of fanservice, and the very first manga which is pretty much Ren & Stimpy with an ugly male Clefairy as the main character.

Well it's a school. It's a class. I'll bet the blonde kid is some rich arrogant dick who gets upset because some no-name kid is showing up and upstaging everyone with his fancy "league experience" and whatnot.

Good Partners is comfy as fuck and has great art.

It's a complete artstyle change.

He's still 10. He's always been 10.

Hardly notable, though, considering it's just one volume. Golden Boys was a pretty good manga too, although it got cancelled far too early.

The animation looks fairly smooth to me. Art style =/= animation.

Generally, less detail makes things easier to animate. Also, they probably chose this art style because they felt it fit the setting better.

>Pokemon school
Was there not an episode in the first season about it?

There's at least one episode for each season.

Ash tends to stick around for a class and then leaves at the end of the day. For some reason, though, he's actually applying for one now. Maybe he decided that since Alola doesn't have a proper League, a school's the next best thing.

Not really, they spent their budget on XY and now has to hire an inferior art team.

Am I the only one who's disgusted with what they did about the Flare Arc and doesn't even want to watch the remaining parts of the show? I genuinely enjoyed XY and the major part of XY&Z but after Satoshi losing the league once again (though it was predictable), things started to lose their appeal and the double episode was an insult to all the build-up the show had done so far.

Is this supposed to look bad because its not CG backgrounds and obscene use of spin cam?

It is a show for fucking children, not neckbeards who watched this before 2000. Why are you so autistic?

I don't mind going in a totally new direction, I just wish they didn't cuck the guy so hard.

Don't bother, they don't get that the show cares more about drawing in new younger fans than pandering to them.

>it's for children so it's okay to give them shit
Fuck off.

>no league
>school setting
Sounds fun but will it the usual cliches?

The Flare arc was good, though. The only issue with it was the cheesy forced singing, but that's been an issue since the very start of Z.

It was awful. Shitty melodrama, quickly thrown in your face just to be there, Greninja did absolutely fuck shit and destroyed everything that was built since the middle-end of XY, as well as most XY&Z episodes (28 in particular, which is a crime against humanity) and lost his last chance at redeeming itself, the shit with the Leaders and the Champion "paving the way" and shit was cringeworthy, and I completely lost it when Zygarde went Zorro.

It was awful.

The Z thing is an in-game attack though, it wasn't made up by the anime staff.

Much better than how Team Flare was handled in the games, though. It would have been far more egregious if Greninja was a Mary Sue who did everything by itself. It was a solid addition to Ash's team that got him to the finals, which is more than can be said about any other Pokemon he's had.

People harp on XY's difficulty but the biggest problem it has is that the story hits a new low even for Pokémon. The previous gens' stories were inoffensive and childish but this one had one thing that previous games didn't: cringe, and of the worst kind.

sh defeated the Kalos champion. Kalos is a joke of a region if a newbie like Shota got so far

Haven't played the games but what's so bad about it? Does it go full edgy or something?

On one hand, you have the main villain trying to use Xerneas/Yveltal to power an ancient weapon that will kill everyone but him and Team Flare, who will be made immortal by it.

On the other hand, you have an obnoxious squad of friends who bring nothing to the story yet constantly interrupt you with childish nonsense (on your way to the next gym? Let's go to an empty haunted house instead! Did I mention I like dancing, by the way?), as well as a really out-of-place duo of random assistants dressed like super heroes.

There's also shit like a gym leader's Lucario randomly getting interested in you, culminating in you going into a tower with a gigantic Lucario statue where you're forced to make the Lucario part of your team and have a Mega Lucario vs Mega Lucario battle.

Basically, the story of XY is a huge clusterfuck of ideas that are awkwardly thrown together and executed terribly.

Wait, they just give you a pokemon like that or is only exclusive to that battle?

They force it into your team for the battle, and then you're given the choice whether to take it with you or not. If you don't, it'll stay there and let you come back for it whenever, despite there being plenty of its pre-evolved form in the wild. Lucario was always disliked for being generic furbait that the franchise forces into everything, but XY took the pandering to a ridiculous level.

>Basically, the story of XY is a huge clusterfuck of ideas that are awkwardly thrown together and executed terribly.
It's more that the game feels unfinished and rushed. Most Gym leaders don't even appear outside their Gym, and the Champion's appearances throughout the game feel like they were tossed in afterwards when someone realized the story necessitated the played knowing who they were before the final boss fight.

The fact that we didn't get a Pokemon Z that polished up the region and made it less of a mess is a massive shame.

>Most Gym leaders don't even appear outside their Gym
Wasn't that pretty normal until Gen 4?

I see why people would hate the character designs, but what's so awful about the actual movement and animation? I don't see it

Blue girl looks like she came straight out of Katanagatari

Fluid animation doesn't mean shit if you have to sacrifice the artstyle for it.

It fits the setting better so I don't see any problem with it.

Let me guess, you love Berserk and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure but you hate slice of lifes or comedies.

It was, but gen 5 gave us a pretty solid story that included the gym leaders in the lot and treated them as actual characters and not just checkmark bosses. Gen 6 was a massive step back.

Only Ash's design looks goofy, the rest are fine.


The setting is a terrible place for the series to go, though. A guy who just beat the champion has no business regressing to wacky school hijinks. XY was exactly what the fans always wanted, so there was zero point in changing it.

Also, considering that the real reason people watch slice of life is for the cute girls, SM looks like it's going to pale in comparison to XY in that aspect as well.

I've been steadily going through Special recently and just finished R/S. The deus ex machina at the end of that is pretty fucking dumb, definitely, but I can forgive it because other than that it had a good batch of my favorite moments so far - admittedly fueled by a load of bias for Ruby and Sapphire (both the games and characters), I love them a lot.

GSC felt just a bit clusterfucky to me lategame, but otherwise it was great too.

Would people be fine with the goofy setting if Satoshi had won the Kalos League and this was a new guy with a Pikachu?

>a new guy with a Pikachu?
You wish.

Alola has no League or gyms.

Maybe Samson asked Professor Oak as a favor to have Ash transfer in, hoping it would be good for the school.

I would have been fine with Ash winning the league and then going on vacation to Alola, where he suddenly gets sucked into wacky bullshit that's going on over there.

Alola as a vacation place would have been perfect. Could have cameo'd past characters as well and said they were on vacation.

>goes to a vacation
>ends up at school
What kind of vacation is that?

No. At this point Satoshi and his adventures IS the anime. It's like asking if Detective Conan fans would be okay with Shinichi finding a cure and putting an end to that long ass subplot then leaves the series and it starts following some new kid that gets deaged in a different way and also takes the name Conan.

I like how they keep changing Ash/Satoshi so he's essentially a different character each time but still Ash/Satoshi. but I don't still watch pokemon so whatever

S/M Ash looks really cute

Because he looks like 8.

>pokemon anime thread on Cred Forums
>everybody has a nice, comfy discussion almost every single time even if they hate the show

>pokemon anime thread on /vp/ outside the anime general

/vp/ is truly one of the most cancerous boards on the site

Damn, the XYZ opening baited me into watching the whole thing. The final match in the league and the 1 hour special really ruined everything.

Still I will end the XYZ series and then move on.

It's Cred Forumsp, alright.

Granted, good stuff does come out of there every once in a while.

Ash loves schools, though. As long as it's Pokemon-related, Ash loves everything.

Most movie locations where based on real places. Director usually goes on vacations to said places for inspiration.

No brainer.

Blue looks cute

His sister tho