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Cyborg granny incoming.

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>replacing her entire spinal column
>still runs with a limp

10/10 accurate historical depiction.

Easily the most beautiful BB

That's pretty hot.


One thing that the Japanese have gotten it right with regards to Iowa is that Americans don't assimilate to your culture, but rather that your own culture assimilate to the American melting pot whether you like it or not.

What? If Yoshinori was tasked to do a Yukata CG for Iowa, he would absolutely do one.

Besides, her line pretty much shows her embracing their culture and even wants to delve into their alcohol after trying their beer.

Iowa is perfection.

But she's injecting American value of freedom, optimism, and big stick diplomacy while wearing the trappings of Japanese trinkets, as befitting of any American tourist!

Probably won't happen for a while, and while I want her to have one that's fine, the older ships need love too. I mean our cute snail finally got a seasonal and it was a about damn time.

>but rather that your own culture assimilate to the American melting pot
Just use the word "cultural appropriation" next time.


SJW get out.


>New Game! mangaka has drawn Naka but not Aoba nor Suzukaze

But that's literally the word you're trying to use, with a lot more words.

Japan does that but they in turn internalizes it and remake it into their own. Look at Japanese curry, Japanese fried food for example.
They couldn't do this with American imports. They have to take it McD, KFC, military doctrine and organizational practices as-is!

I wouldn't use appropriation as such with regards to American cultural footprint. Japan may be able to turn Chinese style noodle into their very own Ramen, but they couldn't take away the quintessential American qualities of hamburger or a bottle of coca-cola even if it's done and had Sasebo style.

>Japan does that but they in turn internalizes it and remake it into their own.
But so do Americans? It's not like California or Philadelphia rolls are a traditional part of Japanese cuisine.

Haruna is a beauty

It really is a good CG, I want nee-san to hold me.

Nah, I prefer cultural assimilation.

People use appropriation when they think that we're taking another culture and just trying to copy it. In the case of American culture, Assimilation fits better because it mixes it in with the rest of the culture. Do you really think that the Chinese-Americans, Italian-Americans, etc. really live in America the same way they do back in their country of origin?

Well yes, but keep in mind that it's always US appropriating other cultures on American terms, and not the other way around.

People use cultural appropriation in that context, yes, but that's not the core meaning.

Cultural Assimilation and Cultural Appropriation go hand in hand. Chinese-Americans modify/assimilate Chinese culture to fit American culture, but in the process America accept/appropriate whatever aspects of Chinese culture into a part of American culture. They both meet in the middle.

>Can't take Haruna to the Fall festival as she doesn't have a seasonal line for it
Well shit.

10/10 would free the shit out of Naha again.

Some ships really do make it look good, a same they don't get official seasonal art.

Remember to eat your pudding

Post ducks.



All eventual acceptance of culture is on the terms of those who host it, though. American companies make changes all the time to meet the terms and cultural circumstances of foreign markets.

I'd rather eat my biscuit.

>still no yukata for any of the germans
Maybe next year, I hope.


I don't really consider regional catering to diminish the American origin at all. It's not like the case of how US ended up claiming its own 'Pizza' away from Neapolitan Pizza here, but rather a case of US companies coming up with new tastes, yet the brand and image is still grounded in Americana.

>That Oota Yuuichi doujin that got scanned was mostly Graf fucking Bismarck with a strap-on instead of a threesome with them
How utterly disappointing.

It's all right.


I rather have some biscuits and pudding.

It's really not.

>It's not like the case of how US ended up claiming its own 'Pizza' away from Neapolitan Pizza here
But it didn't, Italian-American heritagefags are still adamant that Pizza is of Italian origin.
>but rather a case of US companies coming up with new tastes, yet the brand and image is still grounded in Americana.
The American versions of Chinese Food and Sushi are still grounded in Chinese and Japanese culture and imagery, even if they are still distinctly different from their native origins. They're still the same thing.

>Not getting off to lesbian porn
I get you want to self insert like a beta but TTK was still there getting sucked off by Prinz. No harm in watching.

What about biscuits, pudding, and coffee?

Are you really that adamantly opposed to just reading Akatsuki getting pegged?
No. Pizza has transcended the original italian community and it's completely redefined. Takeout delivery by Domino for example is hitherto unheard of, and US doesn't associate this with Italian Pizza.
I'd agree with you with regards to pasta though.

It's ok, and earlier one involves a threesome between the admiral, Bismarck, and Prinz. Hopefully that one will get scanned now. And i for one liked the one we got anyway even if it's not what i was expecting.


>No. Pizza has transcended the original italian community and it's completely redefined.
I don't think so, especially if it's based on the idea of delivery or multinational corporations.
>Takeout delivery by Domino for example is hitherto unheard of
Well yes, but that can be applied to all vehicle food deliveries, and automobile food delivery didn't exist in the late 19th century (given that cars weren't invented yet).

Sure, there weren't any multinational corporations that made Pizza in Italy either, but that's also because Italy was barely developed economically seeing as it had only existed for about 20 years.

I probably would have liked it at bit more if TTK was at least fucking Prinz instead of just a BJ and getting fucked by her.

I'm not really into strap-on play. Seeing girls fuck each other with one doesn't do much for me. I don't see how the doujin wouldn't have been improved if they were just being fucked by TTK instead.

I'm probably just so disappointed because it's a doujin I was looking forward to, but it's not what I was wanting it to be.


I got all his doujjins and working on them now. Two are half artbook, half doujin so the doujin part is shorter but still good. Except for the one that's half rape. But it has a happy end.

You and I as such don't agree with how the US would gladly take an idea and detach it from ethnic origin as it internalizes it. Not all food item goes through such a phase, but I'd still hold that Pizza is a case where is isn't defined in American parlance by its Italian import origins.

Look at Fried Chicken. US does not look to the colonial remnants in defining fried chicken. US defines it in its relationship to the deep south and then through the fast food era. The cultural transformation in US is rich and powerful to the point that ethnic origin fades out completely from how I look at it.

Harusame is pouring you a drink! How kind of her.

God speed good user, i look forward to seeing the rest of his works given the quality of his art work so far.

This is your dork.

She's very dear to me and I'd like to start a family with her!

But i want this dork.

>You and I as such don't agree with how the US would gladly take an idea and detach it from ethnic origin as it internalizes it.
No, I agree that the US can do that. But the US isn't special in that way, and there isn't some magical American quintessence that is immune to being subsumed, assimilated or appropriated by another culture.

>The cultural transformation in US is rich and powerful to the point that ethnic origin fades out completely from how I look at it.
Sure, but this isn't something uniquely American. Japan didn't know about deep frying until the early Edo period when they learned it from Europe, but "Traditional" Japanese fried foods like Tempura have also developed such that their European origin have also faded out.

Similarly, something that you could argue is infallibly "American" can also be subsumed. For example, pic related is made by Mos Burgers, and is, by name, a burger. But it uses rice patties with asian vegetables and Korean-style bulgogi pork. You could say it still has aspects of the burger in that it's meat, patty and vegetables, but there are many other sandwiches or meat, vegetable and bread compresses around the world that far predate the American hamburger. It's still a "burger" by name, but there's nothing about it that's "American" about it other than the name, just like there's nothing (As your argue) uniquely Italian about American Pizza than the etymological roots.

What is the meme boat of the week this week?

Well she is really cute so that's okay.


You are.

Mou sugoi Kaga-san!


I got sick in real life and wasn't able to save Warspite. Just end my life.

>tfw urge to actually watch and/or play just to contextualize the hentai I can't stop downloading for it

I-26? More like Slut-26, am I right?

Not the end of the world user, there will always be another chance to save her.

I don't agree that MOS burger is a product that has successfully washed its hands completely clean from America. The whole taste may have tailored to regional demands, but it has not changed the fundamental understanding of what a hamburger is with respect to America.

To me, American exports that lose that sort of meaning in cultural adaptation is when it is transformed through being treated as ingredients. Korean budae jjigae for one is a transformative product made with available american aid spams thrown into a Korean stew during a time of scarcity, which makes it firmly grounded in Korean circumstances. This goes as with Currywurst in Berlin. Both of these don't define themselves in relation to their American induced origins.

American cultural exports though remain much representative to their country of origin. There is no mistaken the American identity in all von Neumann machines for one.

Yeah but I have to endure being butthurt for an entire year I don't have a handicapped British lady to poke.

Could be worse, i openly neglect mine as she's about 4 BBs back on the to level list meaning it'll be months before i get to her. So until then she sits in port doing nothing.

Relax. She may come back sooner than that.

Maybe, but she's adorable as fuck.


I'm going to take Nimu's virginity!

>This slut
>a virgin
1 and only 1.

But the girl you posted isn't a slut.




But what about the rice burger is still American other than the name. I agree that their roots may be American, but as you said there is zero cultural association such that they can construe any distinctly American identity.

I don't know much about neumann machines, but I'm not arguing that everything American has been coopted, but that there isn't anything special about being American that would prevent it from being coopted if need be.

>von Neumann
He's just saying digital computers.

Molesting Ushio!

I'd rather molest Akebono.


I wished more ships would molest Ushio, she's just so perfect for it.

Its not molesting if she wants it.
She's in love with the TTK.

No one loves TTK more than Akebono.

Try it and see what happens

I ain't eating my pudding.

I am going to fuck the pudding.


It'll probably go like this.

Where's Stalker?

I need more manga.

This artist draws some cute girls

If you've ever picked up a history book you should realize how "cultural appropriation" is the most retarded concept ever.

I'd say influence or dominance. Look at how the far east had to wholesale adopt Chinese practices over say 700 AD or 100BC-100AD with the Chinese version of Latin dominate.

What is the potato looking at?

I made a change to the text in here and switched medium damage to heavy. I can't find any of the right pages in the original Japanese to tell if it's wrong, but the story makes more sense this way. Ships don't sink in orange, they only get escorted back when they're red, and a DD at medium health is still usable. Either the author took some odd liberties with the setting or the original Japanese to Chinese translator wasn't paying attention. I know Chinkfag's right since I can see 中破 in the Chinese. Either way, it only comes up twice, but I feel like it undermines the drama a bit. I don't know if changing it is going too far though.

Anyway, have a Hayashimo dump.













Cozy coffee.


I want her special blend.


Cutest plain girl




Seems strong whatever it is given all she needs is 3 cups to get through the day.










If you've ever looked up the actual meaning of the term "cultural appropriation" you should realize that the way it is used has nothing to do with its meaning.

The only thing "Cultural Appropriation" means is "a culture integrating an aspect of another culture within itself." It's as simple as Chinese Food becoming a part of Jewish American Christmas Traditions or Chicken Tikka being a part of British >Cuisine. The stuff about oppressing minorities or extending imperialism is not attached to that term.


If KanColle looked like this, I might even give a damn about it.




Thanks, I didn't think that this would get typeset.
As to the heavy damage medium damage, I'd recommend changing it to "significant damage," since it's ambiguous enough to suggest it's life-threatening but doesn't necessarily indicate that it's heavy damage.

Sounds good to me.

Tell me about her. Why it's so white?

Also, I failed to notice that the sign here is clearly in Chinese, not Japanese. The translation for "第一士官次室" is "NCO Conference Room 1."


Cozy pudding.

Abyssal in disguise.

Serious KanColle doujins suck.

I've got less dramatic stuff after this.

Also for this page, i may have waxed a little too eloquent. In the first panel, Nachi is saying something like
"People feel the weight of their own mortality the most when they look directly at death."
It's not specifically talking about Hayashimo's death (i.e. "your death")


Cozy biscuit.

It's a shame about her rigging design but her character is great.

Fuck you I'm enjoying myself

Your taste is as bad as stereotypical English cooking.

Akizuki will now attempt to set a mood where she can confess to the Admiral!




Underrated ships.

I get why people would like them I guess. They just aren't for me.

Cozy Zuihou.

>Skin and bones
Gross, looks like a holocaust victim. Ships need some meat on those bones.


Changed it.


This is my fetish.



Reminder you don't love you're shipfu if you don't let her spit in your mouth.

It's a good fetish.


Cozy Haruna.

I would drink it and ask to sip from the tap.



I want to freeze some of it into ice cubes to make future drinks extra refreshing.

Now I'm diamonds.

>Piss fags
Gross, at least we don't have scatfags.

Which boat is the biggest dork?

It's criminal that this guy's stuff doesn't get scanned.

The cutest one.



This is cute.



What a soft dragon.


Ro really makes me want to do lewd things to her

Also criminal that these are only 6 pages each.

Only a matter of time.

>that Tenryuu
>Naganami and Akigumo arguing in the background


Yuugumo best older sister and mom.

Me too.


Those two are so lewd.

Shame about Chiyoda though.



What's wrong with her?

The end.

Naganami a cute.

She doesn't want to bang.


O joy...yet another one.

I want to have sex with all the CVs.

>Another one
They've been in game since forever.

I want to lay siege to that castle.

It wasn't subtle, really.

Kanmusu no Nichijou when?

Who would be the Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake of the ships?

there will never be a KanColle SoL

Nice, I finally got contributor status on Batoto.

Will there ever be a new ship to reach the popularity of kashima

What the hell is sissy stuff?

Also, Naganami a goddess.


Not a KanColle player.

Is Warspite actually a cripple, or just implied?

Her legs are prosthetic.

She's too old to walk.

oh you.
not even implied. Fan interpretation really.

Is it because she's always pictured sitting or something?

A little bummed this isn't true though


I prefer Akashi's repair drool.

She's one of very few girls to be sitting down in her sprites, and she's the only girl with that chair-like equipment. The ship itself suffered severe damage to its steering in the battle of Jutland and had difficulty maneuvering for the rest of its long career after. There was debate over whether she had difficulty walking or if it was just a play on her class name, the Queen Elizabeth class battleships. Then another piece of artwork came out with her standing holding onto a long staff. Some think it's a cane, some think it means nothing. The only thing that'll settle this is the artist themselves coming out and answering. Personally I think the cripple explanation is more interesting than the generic royal stereotype.

For whatever reason I read that as repair period.

go ooyodo go

Would Akashi's pee have healing effects on me?


thanks for the info.

Yeah, I too hope they take the cripple thing somewhere. Thats a level of endearment not usually seen in anything coming from Nipland.

Well, the royal stereotype has no conflict with walking impediment. She's been portrayed as both at the same time.

That's half of what kissing is, retard.

Where can I take a look at her sprites?

Are these two the weirdest ships? I mean what's going on with them?

That's definitely the case either way, but it'll be a bit boring if they start adding more British BBs and they're all scooting around on their thrones. I like it as something unique for a ship who's been through so much.

And my image is the other bit of official art with her. There's not much so far since she's so new. You can also listen to her voice lines if you haven't already by removing the Gallery. She's got fantastic English for a Japanese voice actor.




theyre best boats

I for one imagine Kongou to share the same design language with the British battlecruiser lineage in armament layout (rigging). The Hood, Renown and Repulse should feel closer to Kongou.

As for the rest of the QE class, I hope that QE is that pale Tudor queen of secrets.

Hello, fluffy princess. I want to make you mine.

Sup fluffy semen demon.


/fa/ as fuck

Thanks mate.


Singapore hime shouldn't be this cute.

Is iku cute personality wise like nimu

thick as fuck

Akashi is weirdly wonderful. The social seclusion of the workshops and the metal fumes have probably knocked a few screws loose.

Yo-yo deals with the constant pressure of keeping a naval base functional as a full time secretary ship.

Oh my, looks like clumsy Urakaze tripped.

Why don't you help her up?

She gotta put those tits away first.

I need to expand that seaport.


Is she a drunkard?
I will not accept those types on my base. You're dismissed and scrapped. Only pure girls are allowed here.

>It's nine o'clock now. If I'm not mistaken, those are the Italian heavy cruisers... Hello! Eh, why are you running away?! Wait!

Warspite a cute

Do not lewd the Ura!

Is it pretty usual for a ship's VA to be a complete rookie?

I wonder if her VA will pick up any other roles in this year.

I want to fuck Urakaze while her husband is fast asleep.

Get out right now

Out of Urakaze?

Your kind should be castrated!

Can I hold hands and touch her hair?

Here's some Hiei in a swimsuit!

Unsightly. Cover her up.


Nice. Give me more.

Not until you ring her.

No eating buns!

More like these please.


I want to learn sex ed from Atago.

Ushio is truly the greatest hero.

>Not a KanColle player.
Time to start.

Kaga is a great cook

Stay away from Kaga please

This when?

Never, you turned every translator against you.

Stupid sexy tomboys are the best!

I want atago and takao to not be in shota doujin


But I'm not, I just don't understand Cred Forumsnon anymore

Cozy Kashima

Thanks, cozyfriend. You're the best.

Don't forget to grope your ships.

I want to grope Fubuki's chest.