Question, why do people recommend evangelion as entry level into the mecha genre or more or less anime in general...

Question, why do people recommend evangelion as entry level into the mecha genre or more or less anime in general? Half of the series involves critical thinking and interpreting to fully understand the themes presented.

Sitting in your room all day doesn't increase your critical thinking ability.

The same reason why people blindly parrot that it "was the first show to deconstruct mecha" or whatever meme people throw around.

Because it's actually a good series.

Because it has naked 14-year-old girls

>Half of the series involves critical thinking and interpreting to fully understand the themes presented.
>being this delusional

It is entry-level and shallow as fuck compared to an actual deep anime like Brain Powerd

To prepare you for actual deep shows like K-On.

It's better to start people off right and having them ask questions as well as thinking. Once people get used to watching spoon-feeding and continuous plot-hole harem shows, their minds get trained into being dumbed down. At that point, they might even turn their nose up at Evangelion as being "good" and simply call it old, tired, and boring. I've seen too much of that with newer anime fans who started off their first two years with a steady diet of fan-service shows. They now evaluate the entertainment value of shows with that as their "standard of excellence". That's just too sad.

To most people on Cred Forums popular = entry level.

to prepare for deep shows

Because it's an actually good show, and if they're new to anime their impression of it will give a good implication of what other anime they'll like, i.e. whether they're a pleb or not.

Because Cred Forums is filled with bitter fucks who pretend at waifu

What do you think "entry level" means?

Does anyone seriously believe in the shinji-kaworu eternal loop theory? There are more leaps of faith in that shit than autists in idle Cred Forums

It's head canon and fans trying to make sense of a version of their show they don't like (Rebuild).

>making sense of rebuild
why? Accept mr. anno for who he is, not for what he has (not) achieved.

Could you tell me one episode that required critical thinking?

No, the reason Eva isn't one of the first anime you should watch is because you need to watch decades of mecha and romcom anime that Eva was made in response to.

Please don't ruin Asuka with gross 3D tranny cosplayers, you faggot.

Because thats the only chance they'll have to enjoy it. After they have a couple of seasons under their belt they realize how shit it is.

Question, why do people precede their questions with the word 'question'? Isn't intonation (or the question mark in the case of written text) enough to give away the fact that what you are doing is, in fact, asking a question?

Because you don't need to watch anime to have critical thinking and interpetation skills.

Why do people watch mecha in the first place, it's shit

Be right back, deleting all the good mecha anime that I have.

>replying to bait

>replying to bait replies

>replying at all
>not suspecting every post to be meta-ironic bait

I wonder

Oh fuck are we at that level already? I'm not good at this

But you yourself replied, buying into the setup I had constructed. I foresaw your post long before you made it. In truth, it is you who has become but a mere pawn in my grand scheme.

Hypothesis: Robots are cool. Everybody wants to be a robot.

Conjecture: Perhaps if this meatbag possessed a modicum of taste it would not be lead to pose such inane comments in the thread.

That's a thesis, not a hypothesis

I knew you would reply and cleverly left out my third green text
>implying I'm not along for the ride
To get more (you)s.

Ah, you see, you are but a newborn to a teat, sustaining yourself on what (you's) you can. Far be it for you to be a (you) farming grandmaster such as myself, as you can plainly see I'm sure. I must keep the source fed, be it only by a smidgeon, so that they may provide me with much more bountfiul (you)s. It is an elaborate dance that only the most accomplished can think of, let alone pull off.


I'll also add that I know most anime are shit and I wouldn't recommend my artsy friends low level entertaiment like ttgl or kill la kill but rather what can make on them animpression that there are hidden gems in the medium.

Why do freshmen take weed out classes?

actually they named their son oscar, but in Japanese you would say asuka

This series also require a lot of religious knowledge including Shinto and Buddism

It's retarded to reccommend it to newcomers, I never do that.

This is actually a good reason, but I still go for Cowboy Bebop or Michiko e Hatchin.

Don't do that, none of them is as engaging as Eva.
I dropped the latter and while cb is good and all is nothing TOO special. It just has that vibe going for it and not much more.

It was the first one they watched.

I guess it also does have art cred, but it's kinda pointless without a background in less lofty mecha.

This too, Eva is not as fun if you don't read Devilman, watch Ideon and Gunbuster to go

Asuka was born in Germany, but she's half japanese.

That's funny, guy.