What went wrong?

What went wrong?

too much autism

second season never

Too much muppet face

Ended. I started reading the manga, and it's still really good, but it feels a bit different than the anime.

Worked better as a manga really. The anime looked pretty but the execution was kinda flat. The emotional highs that it was banking on fell a bit flat since the buildup lacked that special Amano subtlety.

The manga art gets quite complex and probably quite difficult to animate and/or direct. Plus people expecting it to be the next Aria and not realising that it actually is a sports manga. That said, it was good but could have worked better as a more energetic sports manga. The way they've done it is somewhat in between relaxing and energetic which is a bit conflicting for viewers.

It's just boring.

Not gay enough.
Not moe enough
Not a single interesting plot point at all what so ever.
It was really just all in all a terrible piece of entertainment, quite the failure to, it's only selling point are the cute girls.

Also the fact that they kept pushing back the diving to have a big finale didn't quite help

These bitches were boring. Scuba Diving and autism wasn't interesting enough. And i mean that in every possible way about this show.

Show was about diving, there was almost no diving, only autism.

It's inferior to Aria in every possible way.

Way too much "funny faces" while Aria had them at the right quantity.

>What went wrong?

not enough lesbian fugging

>long pans of beautiful scenery with good music to set the mood and immerse the viewer in Neo Venezuela
>stuffed full of Teko's boring inner monologues, setting is rarely taken advantage of with how the diving is on the fucking last episode

The manga is a good but not great.

Pikaru's character is annoying at a time.

Overall, it's solid manga/anime. Not as good as Flying Witch/Aria/NonNon.


it's way too boring to the point of being even worse than the average trash of the "genre"

Too much yuri bait.

you're mother didn't swallow you

Do you people honestly hate Amanchu? Christ the shit taste is everywhere

Not enough yuri bait.

>boring, flat characters
>uninteresting setting
>shitty mascot that can't even compare to Aria shachou

First weekend on an end of season?

>implying anything went wrong

the only thing that went wrong is how much lust i feel towards sensei and ane-chan-sempai. It feels wrong, but so very right.

Nothing? I'm only up to ep 11 though.

Picture episode was really, really good IMO

that's not possible


I don't hate it, but I don't really care for it either.
It's ok I guess.

AOTY desu senpai

It ended.

It ends !
Still mad !

Your anime will be forgotten in 3 mother like Space Patrol Luluco.

Literally nothing. Perfect show, perfect soundtrack, perfect source material, and S2 soon to boot. It's literally probably the best anime in a decade.

one face.

I tried reading the chapters again after watching the episodes. I feel the manga is still better at bringing the overall atmosphere. For me the anime didn't bring anything more other than movement and soundtrack (a very good one, I'm glad). The pretty sceneries aren't even that special in the anime. Maybe if it's done by Kyoani or PA works who are really good at pretty pictures. JC Staff art team didn't quite cut it for amanchu.

Nothing really

I'd say it's a solid 6.5-7/10 and AotS to be honest, but this season wasn't very strong in the first place.

It's time to make the music

It's time to light the light

>Neo Venezuela

It ended.


The lesbianism was too subtle

I liked the idea of the diving theme. But I almost didn't watch it because the faces on this poster were too spooky. They turned out hilarious though. My face is still sore because I never stopped smiling.

Except for episodes 8-9. I knew I was in for a vapid slice-of-life, but a vaccum in outer space had more substance than those episodes. Wished all the stuff that was crammed into episodes 1-4 was spread out a little more. Why save the... cats(?) for the second-to-last episode?!

The music was great. The opening and closing theme is stuck in my head. But the actual graphics for the opening are so generic I frequently couldn't stand to look at it.

Overall I liked it.


She achieved diving licensed. So nothing wrong.

No "ara ara ufufufu" character.

Too much Teko autism. The other characters are barely touched upon

>Too much Teko
Does not compute.