Misato: "get into the robot Shinji!"

Misato: "get into the robot Shinji!"
Reigen: "When things go south, it's ok to run away!"

Who is the better caretaker?


>Initially doesn't care
>Becomes a mentor for Mob so he doesn't cause trouble, AND becomes a good employee
>Gives surprisingly good commentary, even as far as tricking villains into giving up their evil ways

Reigen's anime was shit, so I'll go with left.

>when things go south, it's ok to run away!
Yeah, unless your enemy is trying to take over the world and you know you can stop them. Reigen is a fucking retard.

Putting the responsibility on a 14 year old is fucking retarded dumb sempai

why Should Mob be responsible? they should have run away and let government snipers take care of it

Misato is a shit christmas cake anyway

Reigen for best advice misato for best fuck.

Different circumstances
Mob wanted a way to deal with his powers and his feeling with estrangement with his own humanity, for which Reigen provided really good guidance, since he knew Mob was ready to use his powers if needed, but would only feel less human by doing so, which is why Reigen told him not to use his powers for fighting and to run away if needed.

Shinji, on the other hand, is a boy with self-esteem issues that won't tackle on his own life issues, due to the aforementioned issue. Thus, why Misato's "don't run away" is good advice for Shinji, since that is what he needed along with the atmosphere of familiarity provided for him.

Of course, Mob Psycho and Eva are considerably different series, and as the story progressed Misato's own problems became apparent and in many ways she was no longer portrayed as a reliable mentor, but as an adult with her own unsolved issues, whereas in Mob Psycho most of Reigen's "flaws" are passed on as comic-relief rather than character drama. Thus, Reigen may keep a better image as a mentor, since Misato's issues were more fleshed out and far more real.

>he doesn't know about 100% resignation
Mob shouldn't become a murderer

Even if Misato was more fleshed out as a person, at the end of it all she's basically pushing out all the responsibilities onto a child. Even when they were getting attacked Reigan however told Mob "No, leave this to the adult" and he kept insisting that Mob not act as adults are supposed to shoulder responsibility, not children

Misato a shit

Since the shinji misato doujins are canon,
I'm going to go iwth misato.

>all these showfags

Reigen's made a lot of big mistakes with Mob

Yes, so it's ok to push saving the world onto an emotionally compromised 14 year old.

To be fair, one's protecting a city and by extension humanity.

The other is only saving his brother and has accomplished the goal.

>Reigen's anime was shit

>Reigen's "flaws" are passed on as comic-relief rather than character drama.
Read the manga senpai.

Both are good because both give advice that lead to a better life for the protagnist. Shinji and everyone he loved would have died or gotten seriously hurt if he didn't pilot the robot. Mob and everyone he's made friends with would have been hurt if he or (them for that matter), didn't runaway. The advice is simple: Do something that makes you a better person. For mob its to run, for shinji its tofight.

see Reigan had his problems but he wasn't an emotional mess like Misato was

Misato because tits

Misato was a pedo so...
Reigen by default.

Yeah, but you also saw Reigen only treated Mob like that, not Ritsu or Hanazawa. And he didn't, precisely because the one who had a monster-complex was mob, and not them.
If Mob didn't have those issues Reigen would probably tell him nothing. However, he knows how much it pains Mob to feel he's somehow losing his humanity.

There's also the difference that in Eva you have a post-apocalyptic world in which the only weapons that can deal with the enemy destroying mankind can be used solely by children (especially children who are connected to said weapons). As far as Misato knew, it was either that or the extinction of humanity, children included.

Ironically Hideaki Anno actually gave the second advice in interviews, so Reigen wins.

Yeah, what a shit, humanity ending would've been much better.

>Forcing a kid to fight for the sake of the world.
Maybe Reigen just doesn't want to be tang.