Has your fetish ever been pandered too, accidental or intentional?

Has your fetish ever been pandered too, accidental or intentional?

>Has your fetish ever been pandered
can't say that it has


Feet can be cute but I can't see how they can be sexual. I guess I probably won't ever "get it".

if you see this picture and dont have the urge to put you're dick in there, you will never understand

For me, I only see 2d feet as sexual. 3d foot fetish I can't understand.


Probably? I'm sure some dominating female characters are created just to pander to people that has a femdom fetish like me.

>she kicks him away at the last second
my dick was never that sad in my life

Unbelievably rare, but there has been a few times

Probably. Most people wouldn't see ryona as sexual. It feels lonely.

No, because midriff fetish is barely known to Japanese tastes. I wish there was enough that there was "too much" pandeing.

>midriff fetish is barely known to Japanese tastes

Besides sex hair's scene in Amagami and Captain Earth, there's not much else.

Jojo I guess.

I could feel the suffering of all the footfags through my dick. It was magical

tfw user gives me a new fetish i might be into.


>only one scene of navel licking outside of a hentai
>no more navel stuff in anime despite belly buttons being particularly revered by the Japanese

There's not much mention of moms in anime usually, although I guess that's mostly because most anime focus on high school settings and not the students' home lives.


What anime is this. That belly button tho.

Its a mecha series by Bones.

I hope your fetish is long necks.

Stockings are sex.




Sometimes hair is really nicely animated like in Konobi, I'm not sure if it's intentional. Maybe someone in the back has good taste.

Are "moms" a fetish? I guess so, many times, but just as sideshow, sadly.

Occasionally, but never very well.

That healthy physique that Japanese artists love to bestow upon moms makes me glad to be a man.

would smell/10

only in outright hentai.

kinda hard to do risque public sex fetish inside an anime.

Femdom is usually done for comedic reasons or overly the top to emphasis a female character being the Bitchy Ojou-sama archetype (like ) and, almost always is peired with feet, while I don't feel arousal from seeing feet itself, but the fact of a dominating female gently stomping on my dick or using her feet like a onahole in a footjob like pic is extremily hot. Feet normaly: bland. Feet in femdom situations: dick is now diamonds

Moms are sexual as fuck in anime/manga. Shonen usualy has the best moms.
I would say femdom + milf is the best fetish but is impossible to happen in anime

There is no shortage of gore in anime.

Not enough inflicted on cute girls though.

>MomDom Incest


From what I saw of this manga, there's no more feet pandering besides this cover. What's the deal wit the author? Is he trying to cater to various fetishes?

Massage my feet user, ufufu~

Stop it i have enough fetishes as it is.

I'm an optician with a glasses fetish
I didn't particularly like kyoukai no kanata, but I did appreciate the glasses pandering
coulda did better on the frames featured tho

>have a fetish for tight tendons and muscle sinew
>scavenge footfag pics and crop the feet out
>scavenge neck pics
boring josei mango is the best place

I want to say yes, but I don't recall any examples.

I want to fuck the girls he draws
and fuck anime girl feet

Are you some kind of serial killer?

On another note, gotta love Mashima's attention to feet. The story is shit but the art is pretty good.

Hello there fellow unicorn.

You are not alone.

It wouldn't be my fetish if it didn't get some time somewhere.

Death is appallingly non-sexual, I don't see the connection.

anatomical precision, even when stylized, coupled with action and tension to befit expression is what I consider the background of attraction.

Literally anything with violence in it


Normally straight hair getting messed up is mine, and it has in plenty of shows, usually from girls waking up or getting zapped.

>Not enough inflicted on cute girls though.
This. Current season's Danganronpa has really delivered, though.

Everything this

>plenty of examples of vore, but always committed by males


Nope, even in H-mango it's hard to find.

There's actually quite a lot of size/giantess-content available (though more through manga than through anime).
Main problem is, they're almost all fucking tame "Oh, look how huge she is, lets just stand here and look at her and do nothing else with her" kind of shit.
I fap to it anyway, though.

>no kemono manga or anime
>no tf

I remember when zettai ryouiki wasn't a thing yet, but some anime unintentionally pandered to that fetish, while I couldn't pinpoint exactly yet. Nevertheless, it was a pretty common feature on female main characters, even for family anime. I was pretty surprised when it was identified with a specific term later on.



Yeah. Fairly intentional though

What us this from? None of the image searches found this

All the time

re zero manga latest chapter

Re:Zero, foot friend.

I guess Prison School and Kissxsis count? Also Corpse Party to some extent.

ImoCho as well.

Read Ureshon.



this, even hairy ones




I am.


all the cute girls in the series are mine to make youkai babies with

My fetish is dress shirts.

Needless to say I love Touhou.

No. Nobody ever wants to show buttholes or any anilingus.