Which Kyoani girl is your waifu?

Which Kyoani girl is your waifu?

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Mio or Tamako


Tie between the following: Mio, Asuka, Kotomi, Miyuki, Fuyumi, Shiori, Sylphy, or Izumi.

Too many best girls.

>daily kyoani circlejerk


>waifuing a filthy brass player

another kyoani circlejerk

I always thought natsuki looked like a bug

Property of Leina.


Yuuko is best girl.


Toka is my wife
Mai is my mistress
Haruhi, Asakura, and Mikuru are my fucktoys

My lovely wife

All of them

why is she so best?

Nichijou Mio

My waifu's from Shaft.

Nevertheless, both Haruhi and Kumiko are interesting for me.

she is too smug to be best girl

Mirai. She is the future of kyoani waifus


None, my waifu is Namco Bandai

The obvious one

The Best

This one is my waifu.


Leave the princess alone

I love my wife!

Tomoyo, who really is my waifu.

Violet Evergarden

>settling for second best girl

She has the potential to be truly the best KyoAni girl so far character wise. LN chapter one is translated so read it.


What we know of Violet so far:
Was found by Gilbert during war dozen years prior to events of first ark of anime.
Has supernatural power and speed.
Doesnt need to breath.
Can drink, but not sure about eating.
Doesnt age.
Murdered people in self defence and at war.
Initially had perfect "human like" body, but lost her arms at war and had them replaced with machine ones.
After war was rented by Gilbert to the company providing temporary secretaries.
Follows Robotic laws, but has own temperament and not an obidient tool.
Despite adult like appearance, seems to be "a child" created with such appearance from begining (though she should be least 10 years old given the time from when Gilbert found her)

S1 didnt air yet, and we already need S2 and new novel to learn if she`s actually human (which is unlikely given above traits), original auto-memories doll created by the Proffessor, or something else.

What a cynical cutie.

Her design is gorgeous.


Pic related is her "running" on water from chapter 1 of LN. Looking forward to KyoAni animating her appearance in wet clothes as she emerges from the lake, and the bath scene where Oscar sees her naked discovering he`s been fooled.



2017 can't come soon enough


She isn't of Kyoani


>KyoAni literally shits on her because of their loli hatred
Sure thing, bro.


Yui = cutey

best waifu



I love Mai.




>Only one Chidori
Based one user, even if it was a list.

Wasn't there a scene in the show where she acknowledged this name?

Where my Yuibros at?

Oh Manko?

Yui a cute.
Tamako a bestest.
Tamako Market's girls are all top tier. Shame we lost Horiguchi

Is why she prefers to be called An

Is this true?
Sounds like a dirty joke that kyoani slipped in.

Superior taste



The one with the fat butt.


The unattractive one?

great taste lad

That's not Koito

I want to give her a haircut



What does the hairclip symbolise?

Yui is pure love

There's nothing more sexy than Natsuki bullying and forcefully fucking Ribbon.

Same here, user. April 23rd 2012-forever.

I want to rub her cheeks!

I'm stuck on the rikka train

Her need not to get her hair in her mouth while she furiously swallows my cock.

I don't have a waifu, but Natsuki is GOAT.

>plays my instrument
>completely obsessed with band/music
>is a giant, but I'm still taller
Not even a question.

daddy issues bitch

I was a tough choice between Mayaka and Kumiko, but Mayaka wins.

That's not Reina.

Excellent taste user

What do you niggas use to take snapshots?


I meant software

Or do you mean in mpc?


Can you post your mpc settings? Mine suck ass

Or did you mean a saved settings file or smth

I meant what settings would be best for mpc. I can't find half the things used in previous guides.

Just download K-Lite and change minor shit to how you like it. There isn't really anything too important in the settings.


>still using and installing cluttered, bloated software

Go to mpv.io

Unzip the file then make it so mpv.exe opens .mkv or even .gif and .webm, any and all kinds of media really

Press s to cap with subs or S without subs

Image immediately gets saved to desktop

It's that easy

There's a whole lot of advanced mpv usage like watching and downloading youtube streams, scripting, config files etc but that would be for another day.

Yui is the best Kyoani girl. There isn't really much contest.

That's not my cock is called.







That's not a waifu, that's an onahole.

No human dick can ever fit fully inside her

I could really go for a power fuck right now.

100% unredeemable bitch