Kenji Kamiyama Teases Ghost in the Shell News

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 3rd Gig MAY happen in YOUR lifetime!

Obviously meant to tie into the American movie. Probably will get the Space Dandy treatment with Toonami.

>2030 is only 14 years away.
We're still nowhere near Gits level.

Will they give her a new design based on ScarJo?

please no

No. It's almost certain that they'll continue SAC design, if the anime ends up being 3rd Gig for SAC. Since, you know, it's SAC.

The live action supposedly follows the Laughing Man plot of SAC.

it won't be a 3rd season

Great, another sequel no one asked for.

>Kenji Kamiyama teasing GitS news
>new Hollywood movie based on SAC
>Arise ended at the beginning of the manga
It's almost certainly SAC 3rd Gig.

if it is I'll cum but lets not jump to that yet

"news" could be anything

Is it season 2 to Koukaku no Pandora?

fuck you

Gonna be a Toyota x Tachikoma special edition car. With Tachikoma as the GPS voice

I'm contemplating how the children that liked that garbage SAC, if they're still here, are at least 25. Have they truly not grown out of their shit taste?

SAC is shit. The original manga is shit. Oshii is god and GitS enduring influence is almost wholly due to him, not your terrible monster of the week series.


Kamiyama's directing Hirune Hime which is coming out in March, so 3rd Gig may be his next project.

I'm not going to lie it is bait.

It's also my honest opinion. The artistry and influence of GitS is from the films, which are a very different animal from any of the other GitS media.

>edgy extremely derivative soulless "adaptation"
>anywhere near as good as the manga or SAC

agreed. the tv series got no heart.

It's possible, but I wouldn't hold my breath, particularly since Kamiyama seems to have abandoned TV entirely in the last eight years or so. More likely is some sort of short movie or Anime Tamago shit like Patlabor's getting.

Man I hope so, hope they get Kanno to do the soundtrack again, too bad Origa is dead.

I cant tell if they're trying to use her for her starpower to make the movie get more attention or if they actually think she looks like the major.

>too bad Origa is dead
Did you have to remind me bro