Spoiler related question: So how did Corteo escape Fango's mansion after he killed him?

Why shouldn't he be allowed to leave?
Do you think Fango distributed to his soldiers a list of people he's planning to kill over the course of the day?

It was implied that his friend i Fango's crew help him.

Can you say WRECKED.

He quickly left, Fango was left alone.

Probably took a bit for someone to notice and then nab him at the railway station.

Man that last episode, everything went shit but I dont understand what will happen now. Will that guy at the end pick the mc up or something?

Most likely. That guy has his own keikaku

Could be a bait to get Nero out.

The same way Vincent died when someone else was shot.
Or was it implied that Galassias shot Vincent somewhere betweenAngelo assassination of Gallasias don and finding Nero?


Vincent died from bad health, not gunshot.

Vincent has deteriorating health and was shown coughing up blood earlier in the episode, pay attention.

Well why not, he's not shy about his kills. Besides, why wouldn't his moll or somebody pop in to catch up with Fango once Corteo left?

Guys, how good is this show? I mean, if I want to see something serious, should I pay attention to this? No magic bullshit, no stupid comic reliefs?

Very good and yeah it's a serious show. It trusts the viewer to understand things without tons of exposition or exaggeration, but everything plays out logically and with lots of detail so that a nongenius like me can readily understand it most of the time. Basically it's tight writing that's smart but not pretentious.

The worst thing is the declining animation quality after about halfway through, but it's no worse than a lot of other shows if you ask me.

And he conveniently died from illness just in that moment, waiting for his son?
Why did they took him to theater if he was literally dying.

>Why did they took him to theater if he was literally dying.
Why the fuck not, if he was going to die anyway?

>Well why not, he's not shy about his kills.
Because he's a gangster, not a bureaucrat.

He didn't want people to know. He hid the blood he coughed up because he didn't want people to worry.

user asked why others would know he planned to kill Corteo. The guy bragged about his plans to take down the Vanettis, why would he keep his plans to dispose of a Vanetti supplier secret?

>why would he keep his plans to dispose of a Vanetti supplier secret?
I'm saying it need be a secret but just something he doesn't care to tell anybody because frankly who cares?
It's just another nobody.
Of course it wouldn't be unreasonable of him to mention it, but by the evidence we are given - Corteo escaping successfully - it is unlikely that the guards thought of his leaving as overly strange, and I'm saying it wouldn't be unreasonable of him to NOT mention it.

And this is all assuming that he even knew that he was going to kill Corteo, which he may very well not have. He did have quite a temper as I'm sure you'll agree.

Watching his dream and life work crumble before his very eyes made his heart break.
You know that he could have had heart failure from all that stress?

Nero's shit is so ruined. I guess that would be the perfect revenge.

Got it. So you're saying Corteo was lucky Fango hadn't given it away.