Will it have the same effect if I was planking on top of my bed while watching anime?

Will it have the same effect if I was planking on top of my bed while watching anime?

How many reps should you do?

It's difficult to keep a proper posture on a soft surface.
Also, "don't raise your chin".

You create abs in the kitchen, not by exercising.

Muh dick

This. You can get a strong core but no one will be able to see it if you don't have the right amount of bodyfat %.

It's both, actually. I fell for the /fit/ meme and had the flattest, saddest abs after cutting.

Don't ignore your core. Fuck planks, do shit with weight.

you'd have a hell of a time planking for 30 minutes

Don't do this it makes mustard gas

Does planking really have such a positive effect?

Your abdominal muscles always look like a six pack.
You just need to have a very low body fat % for them to be visible.
Being skinny is more important to visible abs than having a strong core.

I plan to do 1 hour worth.
For starters like me 1 min plank then 1 min rest

that's why im on a hard bed with a lowered monitor

also lighting.

Personally prefer Plancking. While watching anime I sit quite still and try to radiate a perfect blackbody spectrum at 310 kelvins.

Go cum on birds you nigger

This. Stomach fat is fucking impossible to work off. Also they're more pronounced when you're dehydrated and underweight.

So are planks good for my core or not?

/fit/ here. you cant get abs from doing this!

Yes. You will definitely feel the burning you get from any other core exercise.

if you've never used your body for anything, yeah.

if you already lift, not really.

scobby, pls come back to /fit/.

Is planking for toning or can it also reduce belly fat effectively?

Basically this. "toned" is a look where your body fat % is low enough to show muscle definition. you can do virtually no exercise and be "toned", similarly to how people on Worlds Strongest Man are all fat.

i mean yea, but you should at least do other bodyweight exercises alongside it. Get a yoga mat, look up youtube vids that work for you and adjust accordingly. You can get a good core workout in 30 minutes if you don't take long breaks, which is kind of key.

Yes but you will only see those abs if you have 10% body fat or lower.
I'd say it's about 70% on what you eat and 30% exercise.

>it's a /fit/ thread on Cred Forums

It's for getting a stronger core. The thing about belly fat is that it's the first place you'll store fat. So it's the very last thing you have to diet off even if you're in shape. You cannot target where you lose fat. You lose it in tiny bits everywhere at once. This means the fat hiding your abdominals are the very last thing that comes off and that's when you're already skinny.

Yes, but it's isolation, and has the same limitation as all isolation exercises.
There's no substitute for a good compound exercised based training regimen. I recommend SS.

I recognized the Danberu nan kiro moteru artstyle.

toning i guess. if you want abs, eat right to get low bodyfat, do lots of cardio (inb4 cardio kills gains) and Crunches.

>ever believing manga is an accurate depiction of real life
Some people just never learn.

If you wanna be a fuccboi.

Do some Russian twists and heavy&slow spellcasters and cable crunches and shit.

The only exercise I do is the one from Anitore, you can also fap to it when you finish.


No. You must plank from a flat surface. Lower fat % if you want abs.

>fell for the /fit/ meme
>had the saddest, flattest abs
do you not brace your core or something


What will make me more gay, Cred Forums or /fit/?

Pretty retarded thing to have. Not only is it off topic but you wouldn't expect anyone here to know shit about being /fit/ either.


/fit/ brand autism coming right at you

>1 min plank and 1 min rest
>for 1 hour
>for starters
Good luck getting up tomorrow.

Cred Forums
>cute anime girls all over the board

>encourages you to go to the gym and meet shirtless muscled men

Truly a wonder.

Is this an allusion to the "anyone who watches anime is overweight" forced newfag meme?

Cred Forums for 2D boys, /fit/ for 3D guys.

I was waiting for the >tone thing to start.


I started working out and such at the gym and jogging and I am hit on more by men than by women.

Of course that's probably more because of where I live and the fact that there's more single men in this area than single women.

Crunches are really bad for you user

You left out the erp as little girls, traps, and fujoshit.

Remember: it's not gay if you say no homo.


Just like to take this opportunity before this thread gets nuked to say fuck abs workouts in general.

I do them but jesus christ, fuck abs workouts.

All memes aside fapping to traps is not really the full blown gay.

I mean it all depends on what aspect of traps you like, is it the whole sub/dom thing or is it the really into cocks thing.

then stop doing them
just do stomach vaccuums alongside a full body routine

nothing gay about getting your dick sucked by a guy.

r-right Cred Forums?

Literal faggotry has always been a vocal minority on Cred Forums. You're fucking delusional if you think gay shit holds a candle to the sheer amount of waifu shit.

>Facebook bodyweight shit charts

Get that retarded shit out of here. If it doesn't involve weight, it's a waste of fucking time. Pull-ups and dips are the exceptions if you're too DYEL to add iron.

They're good for me so I do them. Clearly hating them is just more reason to seriously commit.

Bro jobs are /fit/ approved, just say no homo

>sub/dom thing

The Rome meme never answers why you wouldn't just fuck a girl. I mean, no matter how you slice it...

no they not. they amazing.

>if it doesn't involve weight

what is body weight?

Are you ready for the second season of Anitore?

Their exercises are pretty low tier though, or at least the first few I watched. I should finish it.

We're talking about fapping not 3DPG sex you oaf.

At least have the good one.


Trap/girl/DYEL shit, that's what.


no h-homo...

A tranny did it to me once, even came in his ass. Forgot to say no homo though. Does this make me gay?

If anything, that makes it less of an excuse. It means the dick is only there because you want it.

Your body is already used to your own body weight, meaning you would hit body plateau at some point if you don't put extra weight.

Traps are for closet faggots too insecure to fap to blatant boys and need to ease into it with traps.

hating squatz doesn't make me any more eager to do them desu
I do my time, make no mistake, but nothing more.
And they're not good for you, at least in comparison to routines that do not require them.

You'll never become a sexy girl now matter how hard you work at it

Any episode with the chuuni girl is god tier, dat midriff

Just swap "fuck" to "fap to" then

user you don't understand there aren't enough straight sub/dom doujins in an artstyle that is fappable for me.

Just 30 seconds? Weird, I didn't think such a simple "exercise" would do something like this.

>pull ups and dips righr off the bat for DYELs
unless they're skellingtons that's not an option

What does this have to do with traps specifically?

>Start with 30 seconds

if it happen in Thailand, than you safe.

savage af

Just do some sit ups and push ups every 30 minutes inbetween Anime episodes and shitposting. Doesnt have to be many, but often through the day.

Should be more than enougth to work your muscles at begining stage, so that next day they`ll be sore.

No point in having abs if i dont look like a little girl.

I hope you don't seriously hate squats friend, they're the best!

I just do crunches and side bends but I always do them on Friday. maybe I should change it up.

How about a loli with abs?

>mfw 6'2 130

Suck my diiiiiick

The fact that you are subjugating another man to the woman role.

For fuck sake. You dont need endurance training. Just get some weight and do 3x8-10 crunches with them, its lot more effective.


No they're not, they're the worst
they're the best strength exercise around and a completely necessary part of anyones routine
and they're also just the fucking worst
But again, make no mistake, I squat every workout.

Well it was in college and I was with a group of friends and one guy got his dick sucked in this tranny brothel. He then begged me to do fuck a tranny too as he didn't want to be the only one. Didn't even feel like I was cumming anyway, just a slight rise and then my dick went limp.

Sounds gay

I tone for my waifu since she likes muscles.

Holy shit you're a Lich
Next you're gonna tell me you don't like deadlifts!



I've actually been doing squats during the OPs and EDs of my daily shows.
Maybe I'll add planks to my routine now too.

Oh no, I quite like deadlifts. They're fun as heck.

Yeah, fuccbois, gotta get that dank SLP aesthetic.

Of course it is gay, you're fucking a man.
A really girly man that everything but the dick is like a woman but still a man.
Still, it's less gay than go full bara mode.

is there a leg and butt one of these?

it's not gay if it's cute

Good. May you be blessed with many successful lifts.


The fuck do you eat? A bowl of rice a day?

I search the otoko_no_ko tab because it includes girly boys who aren't crossdressing.

Hey man, you too. Keep getting stronger, friend.

Fuck you I laughed
Rice, tequila, and multivitamins.
I eat a proper meal on Fridays to get all those fats and oils and shit you need. I'm at my computer all day so I don't need a lot of food.

Souls of men, clearly.

I'm at the computer all day too but I eat way fucking more than that.

How are you not feeling like you're starving all the time. All I did was sleep, read, and write a bit today and I ate a big meal of pasta and meatballs, some salad, snacked on some dried fruits, hot dogs for lunch, and oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.

I'm not even fat and that's just how much I have to eat in order to maintain weight.

I actually saw my beer belly disappear after 3 months in the gym 2 years ago before I become lazy due to stress in my job.

Only for that fat belly to return around 1st Q this year maybe due to burgers everyday cause I bought a 1 month worth.

Magic I guess? I don't know what to tell you

>1 month worth of burger

As in hamburger patties to make hamburgers for yourself or is there some sort of fast food hamburger place when I can subscribe and receive a burger every day.

You should buy a months worth of chicken instead and meal prep for a week at a time.

Except that chicken is degenerate shit meat and only fit for dogs, and you can tell /ck/ I said it.

France can suck my cock

Alright then fish or whatever but all that red meat will give you bowel cancer in 20-25~ years if you're eating that much of it monthly.

There should be such a place in the US

But cows are herbivores

Some patties I make for myself

I was eating chicken breast and cauliflower most of the time back then. Was effective losing 7kg and help repairing muscle so I can swim the following day.

But nowdays I've just become lazy. Sad!

Doing this for nearly 6 months now and even after i reached 5 minutes it barely had any noticeable effect effec,it's bullshit desu.

I only have 10% bodyfat so fuck off before saying it's because i'm fat.

I now have 20% bodyfat
What body fat did you start with?

You'll die of mercury poisoning way faster if you eat that much fish, much more substantial than some "bowel cancer" pseudoscience bullshit.

Also, the only "prep" you should do to fish is slice it into appropriate portions.

Again, come the fuck at me, I eat carpaccio every night and you can't stop me.

Nips eat a shit ton of fish and they have one of the highest life expectancies

I don't need to stop you doing anything, you're already committed to dying early.

giant lolis with abs and I'm in. Inside of her, that is.

>you're already committed to dying early.
Pretty much, yeah. I also smoke and drink like a fish.

I might not live long but I'll live well.

/fit/, nothing gay about liking 2D traps and shota.

Besides planking what other exercises can I do while watching anime?

Literally all of them, as long as you have an appropriately located TV.

Ones with stretching your dick

yea man strap a 20kg vest on a 150kg dude whos only exercise for 2 years is moving his mouse to the download button on nyaa and editing his mpv config.

trust me im a PT


Ah, the old plank and wank

squats are pretty good.


>appropriately located TV

I didn't take it before but i started out as a fatass,i was around 250 pounds 18 months ago and now i currently weight at 170.

My legs,arms and back are all pretty well toned,i just can't get a fucking 6 pack even after working out 2 hours a day and never having a cheat meal.,probably because of all the excess skin on my stomach,i wish i could punch my fat self in the face.

Strap it to your face

Treadmill and some sort of wireless waterproof goggles with a screen in them.

My point was that exercise doesn't take up your vision.

>have tv glasses/goggles

>run off cliff and die
>swim into wall of pool and break expensive goggles and break nose


Actually, they wouldn't even need to be wireless, you could have an umbilical EVA style.

I do cardio, squats/lunges/deadlifts/kickbacks/glute-bridges etc. and make sure I eat below my TDEE. Am I doing it right?

fuck Im 20% body fat at 170 lbs right now
height is 5'8

back then in 3 months i became 13% body fat at 155 lbs

And one of those endless pools with a current.

I think I'm on to something, too bad the venn diagram of rich, into exercise, and into anime is fucking tiny.

2 out of 3 ain't bad.

>height is 5'8

This has to be one of the truests post I have ever seen in this board.

Try this one.
You're a faggot

I love beeer thou, how do I compromise?

Beer is pussy shit, tastes like dirty water and doesn't get you drunk. Just stop drinking it.

Drink piss.

i had to stop the liquor though. should I just wine until I'm /fit/?


If you're eating steak or non-shit poultry like duck or goose.

so I'll got six packs if I work as a chef?

beer is actually a good recovery drink after you've having finished exercising, as long as you just keep it moderated and only drink a pint, or two, max.

Quick PSA, you can strengthen your abs during virtually any exercise as long as you focus on flexing your core during that exercise.
A lot of exercises encourage you to tighten your core, anyway.

No, but you'll become addicted to coke and amphetamines.

guess it's back to the nice stuff for me then. I think I have a disability that prevents me from not drinking 8+ cans of the cheap stuff.

What's the name of that disability?

Fast metabolism and a young age will carry that for now but beware that shit will start gaining on you around your mid twenties

I spoke with a researcher at a fish auction and he explained that mercury toxicity from fish is a non-issue. Studies in the past only focused on mercury levels rather than mercury and selenium because we misunderstood the causation of why mercury is harmful.

The assumption was that mercury does harm to the body until selenium binds to it and neutralizes it, the delay before the binding is when harm occurs. However the current understanding is that mercury causes harm by binding to selenium removing it from the body, it is the deficit of selenium that causes damage to the brain. With this understanding we now know that since most types of fish we commonly eat have an excess of selenium we actually reduce our risk from mercury by consuming more fish. Commonly consumed fish that don't have this excess selenium are king mackerel and swordfish but if you're eating alot of other fish you're still carrying excess selenium.

modern life

the only fish i eat is ur mums pussi, her bull's semen explains my abundance of protein

Dude, meal prep is for the lazy! yesterday I spent an hour making meals for the entire week. now when I come home from the gym, it's just 10 mins in the microwave for a lovely meal.

That was informative, thanks user.

do not exercise on the bed; do it on the floor.

>getting up
>getting on the floor

Same for me. Trying to stop but always end up after a few day buying at least 3liter of beer and black out. Repeat this shit for 4-5 days rince and repeat.
I really need to stop it's starting to get expensive. I spend like 150euro of booze every month...

you don't have to get up to fall onto the floor.


everybody do the dinosaur

You should lurk more, my dude.

What are you implying here, my man?

what the hell is that

There' probably nobody left here but will weight lifting burn as much fat as cardio?

From personal experience. I plateaued at cardio and needed to lift to burn more fat.

In most cases, weight lifting with burn more fat than cardio.

How about when beginning which would be better? I find running for a long period boring and repetitive after a while though.

I dunno, I was swimming all my life, never lifted till a few years ago.

Unless you want baby steps with gym like using girl's menu if you dont have any sport background.

That endurance helped me do Gym Swim Gym Swim alternate everyday.

If you're actually keen to exercise while watching anime, than load it into your ipod or something and take it to the gym.

Most modern treadmills are designed so you can charge your electronic device on it. And no, other people don't really care what you're watching.

Depends on whether you're gaining.

Muscle mass requires energy to maintain, so building more of it (which lifting can lead to) will increase your basal metabolic rate.

You can do Ct5k to get you started running. that's nicely varied.

but lifting is far better than cardio for fat burning. I also find it more fun in general. there's an immediate representation of improvement when you raise your total lifts.

make sure you're using something to record results. Progression is a great app for lifting.

Don't let your bones break family.


Now there's your problem.

So what should my diet look like if I want to kill fat while working on my abs? I've been planking, bicycle crunching and cross crunching and I definitely feel muscles developing but I'm one of the fat skinny type assholes and there's this small but absolutely cockblocking beer belly that's making me feel like a retard for working out.

I think you would need a hardwood floor or some hard surface.

It's all about calorie counting.

I've never gotten why anyone likes to get excessively drunk. Almost all my friends talk about getting wasted like it's a good feeling. I like booze but getting drunk just makes me sleepy and eventually nauseous at which point I don't feel like drinking anymore. I'm thinking that perhaps it's a genetic thing that some people experience drunkenness differently?

Who else /fit/ for their waifu?

For weight loss purposes, you want to focus on controlling your energy intake, not increasing your energy expenditure. It's much easier to reduce eating by X calories than to exercise X calories. Reducing eating requires zero time as you simply eat the same meals each day just at lesser amounts. The only effort involved is the willpower to withstand the inevitable hunger. With exercising you need willpower to do the exercise on top of withstanding the hunger and you lose the time spent on exercising. If the health and fitness benefits of exercise don't motivate you, exercising will only make you more likely to quit your attempt at weight loss as you get mentally exhausted from forcing yourself to do hours of exercise you don't enjoy.

Exercise when you feel motivated to be healthier or more fit.

just do long distance running burns off weight like a motherfucker and basic calithenics.
Do these exercises for 15 seconds each and as many reps as you can , press-ups, sit-ups, bench jumps, bench dips, crunchies, step ups( fast alternate legs), high knees, running on the spot driving your arms forwards and backwards, bench jumps( legs either side of bench and jump up to top then off), last is mountain climbers.
Do at least two sets after a fast running session i.e. 200m x 10 or 100m x 8 hill runs ect. Doing this 2-3 times a week will get you in shape. The running would be easier if you join your local harriers club, it will be full of people who are gud at running,like really gud, they will help you get into running proper and they'll have decent running routines for you to follow. Good luck mate its not easy but its worth it.

So if abs appear every time I do a sit up, will they be there after doing this without consciously flexing them?

Yes, but the amount of fat on your stomach will dictate how visible your abdominal muscles are.

so if we go the by the flawed bmi which is barely within the norm, meaning I should actually try this?

I'm not sure what you're asking, friend. if you're asking "should I do sit-ups?" then yes

I meant this sort of planking, sit ups actually take a lot of time, which I don't have a lot of at the moment this seemed like fairly quick alternative.

Sit ups are one of the shittiest abs exercise

Sit-ups don't take anymore time than planks. One minute sets and few minute rests for a couple sets. Planks just allow you to do something while doing the exercise.

Yeah but it doesn't mean you shouldn't do it! lots of body weight exercises aren't the best but they're good for people starting out or unable to use a gym

season 2 should be longer

But how many days of planking will it take to get boobs like hers?

which exercises will make me a little girl.


Most fatties have amazing core muscles under all the fat but you can't see the abs because fat. You have to have lower than a certain body fat percentage to see "cut" abs. (For instance the girl in that picture is probably less than 10% body fat).

That being said, if you've got meaty, fuk hueg abdominal muscles then you can get away with higher body fat content. However, you aren't going to get meaty, fuk hueg core muscles from just planks.

>Most fatties have amazing core muscles under all the fat
Nice delusions.

sauce? google and iqdb don't lead anywhere

Hand holding.

god damn I want to rub my dick across those abs.

Bodyfat percentages are higher for women. You add something like 5% to each level of visible leanness, so 10% for extremely lean bodybuilders, 15% for having a sixpack, 20% for looking "toned", 25-30% is looking normal, above 30% is chubby. Boxing girl is something like 15%. Also, the highest fat density area for women is the butt and thighs with the stomach and lower back being the second highest density area. For men it's the other way around. Because of this, women don't need to reach quite the same level of leanness as men to have a sixpack.

Do sit-ups if you want to kill your spine.
Was training for 300 sit-ups in one go, got a visit to the hospital.

Why did you train to do 300 situps in one go, even Saitama didn't do that

muh chunni navel goddess.

Walking and jogging does more than planks or any other abs exercise
jog everyday whilst eating to lower bodyfat and develop abs at the exact same time

This is illegal.

Planks and similar isometric holds are good for your back.

A fake is better than the real thing, because a fake tries hard to achieve that level of authenticity, which it earns through close imitation and constant working from effort or god's will, while the real thing just sits by itself with any effort or comparison to.

He just wants to have fucking abs and not go full t-rex mode

I don't know about you, but just adjusting my diet a little and doing shittons of situps got me pretty sick abs when i was younger.
Just don't eat like a fucking pig every single day of the week and do like 50 sit ups per day and it should work out.
gear up bitch boi

>body weight exercises aren't the best
>implying implications

That's why you need a fucking mat you nigger.
Just lying on the hard ground alone for a long enough time is gonna fuck up your spine.

It's no the ground that messes up your spine...

Just one or two exercises is going to be more than enough. More = better is fucking curlbro logic.

That's what progressions are for in calisthenics.
At least inform yourself before shitposting you little pissbag.