Unopposed Best loli

It's impossible for a more perfect loli to be posted, considering I posted the goat loli.

I would actually be shocked if i was to eat my words on this one..

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It's almost cruel how far and away a lead Becky has over those others!

Becky has ALL the confirmation that she was needs!

>PPD thread
That'd require anons to know what it is nowadays, OP. Decent taste in waifu though.

best hau hau hau

What about Earth-chan from Concrete Revolutio?

nice trips.

miyamoto Sensei IS best, IMO

I appreciate that! She's totally a "One of a kind" type of Girl.

Becky a cute.

I should really watch this again some day.

So, I'm guessing that no one else is able to come up with anything that says anything in opposition to Becky being fucking far and away, the Winner. the heck could you say no to this girl

Well, than do it, user! You can never have too much Rebecca...

MORE best Loli

She seeeeees you :o

So many outfits for Becky. No lolis can compete in wardrobes.

Toldja' she could go about handling her Own...

challenger appears

too fucking cute.

Shiro puts every other loli on suicide watch

I wake up in the morning; she's THE first thing I think about upon climbing out of bed in the A.M....And she's the last thing I think about when my head hits the pillow..

Couldn't agree more.


I love this!

Will the manga ever be fully translated? It's one of those things that I've never been able to check-off my "to read" list. Shame Shaft never did another season, either.

I need some rare Beckys!!!

Shit i doubt it... ;_;

This gif is love.


No! I shant let Becky's thread trickle completely done just yet!

behave Becky!

Becky is eternal...Pani Poni, continues 'dashng' ALL the while.

Well yeah, she is the star.

..moot liked PPD...;_;

Now that's a great rarity Becky!

Only want Becky...Yeaaa, Shes the Gal for me!

How could you hold anything against this tenshii??

my Bex has perfect measurements!

For the sake of love, I give in not to an ending Thread!

Please don't cry Dear...There are still a FEW others out there who still love You as well...Cheer up...

A Queen goes out a Queen.

Manga becky looks horrid...

I'll give you that, but Rei is best PPD.

Don't do that.