Seven Deadly Sins

193 out

Holy fuck, Fraudrin is horrifying.

he's also a cute

And Hawk is some sort of sacred beast from the Demon Realm for surviving Derierie's 53rd hit when the normal Red and Gray Demons get shredded.

He's a dragon, man. Also, final boss

That would be a cool counter measure.

>jobbers: the manga

>Griamore is actually at the age when he lost his father to fraudrin and can now grow up without having to be suspicious of his father

Is it time for Mel's revenge? Amongst all the Commandments I think Mel is most deserving of landing the final blow to this guy.

What was the implication here? Why did Hendy act so smug about Fraudrin wanting Dreyfus' body?

Fraudrin enjoyed his life as dreyfus and to a certain degree identified with it
He actually saw Griamore as his own child

I seriously doubt this is the last we see of Fraudrin. Asshole is too much of a keikaku doori master to be taken down by this.

The dump.

Its starting to get old real fast.

All of the commandment fights have ended like this so far and they will be all back. Afterall Fraudrin managed to survive Mels full on rage nuke

>that v23 cover

This chapter was absolutely horrible

The way Nakaba draws fights is so weird, yet refreshing.


>Fraudrin forgets about break after being outside for like 1minute
0/10 chapter


Fraudrin suddenly beaten because Hawk landed next to him
Zaratras came back for 1 move and die again
Fraudrin demon form dies without a fight at all

That's not what happened. He clearly thought that Dreyfus passed out from the Purge. Which kind of was the case for a moment.

>bad art
>deus ex hawk
>totally anticlimatic
>powerlevels all over the place


>Fraudrin demon form dies without a fight at all
Oh user you sweet summer child.

Fraudrin would have probably joined them if they just asked, which I guess hendrickson did in a very roundabout kind of way


For a short moment I thought they would pull a goku/raditz here, but then I realised that Hendrickson is a shitter at this point.

Hawk looks... kind of gummy. Like all the bones in his body are broken.

Nothing this chapter implies any of that happened or that this is the end.

The art was sketchy, though. Last chapter as well. I wonder if Nakaba is sick.


Very intense page.

into the trash it goes

nice background

Interesting how he was paired with Grey Lord and both are actually monster like lower class fags.

Griamor is really lucky to have such good and caring parents. His papa papa, Dreyfus is an excellent Holy Knight, and his mama, Miss Drin from Germany is the mom every teenage boy wants.


Good man user


Gowther HYPE!

>zaratras is actually stiff while dreyfus is loose


He is one weird looking demon, why does he have Trump hands?

> using piercing thrust on a guy

Pretty homo there senpai


What does this page mean
They killed Dreyfus?

Praise the leftovers


So why did Dreifus give a shit about Griamor when he called him?

No he just looks unconscious, he's been possessed by a powerful demon for years, must be a little jarring being free from him.

I hope not that would be really cheap. I think it just shows once again that Fraudrin was a closet human lover.

Raising a child can do that to you

Fraudrin was gay for Dreyfus all along

>I have no mouth and I must scream


Wasn't that Mama Hawk which survived?

Didn't even a commandment ask fraudrin why he keeps the body?


So either Fraudrin survives this and the next chapter title refers to him going all out on their asses or he actually died from just that, we won't get a Mel Vs. Fraudrin and Gowther becomes the Selfless again.

Mama hawk got hit by the 52th hit and Hawk by the 53th.

But user, dragons get eaten-
Ah. No wonder Meliodas likes pork simmered in ale. He's not that different from his brothers after all.

He hasn't used Full Size yet so he will probably be back

Maybe the demon king himself will show up, rather curious what he's been doing if the ten commandments have been locked up for thousands of years or whatever. And rather curious that a good number of them were simply wiped out by Escanor alone.

full size?

Mel's dad was watching Mel do things from Purgatory. He's got no time to care for those 10 scrubs when his strongest son already gathered so many OP allies.

The magic of Dreyfus is some incredibly overpowered bullshit for a human.
As long as he keeps his composure that thing acts on nearly conceptual levels.

It's his power. The name was given in the fanbook.

At this point Nakaba just wants to draw a shocked 10C face every chapter

>He actually saw Griamore as his own child
Is Fraudrin the best villain? Keikaku master who fails time to time, actually loves his adopted son, remembered buying armor for him and made Dreyfus look good. I hope Dreyfus won't cut his hair to show off his freedom.

Grey Lord asked, he said he likes it.

Fraudrin redemption when

Never, he killed Liz, that said Meliodas surely did a ton more damage to all the clans that all the comandments combined.

Escanor didn't even kill one Commandment.

Alright, alright, I get it. Fraudrin, the "Selfless", after taking Dreyfus' life and identity for himself now also identifies his own self to be the same as Dreyfus. Identity confusion.


I forgot to post this with the dump.

Isn't dead. Otherwise Merlin wouldn't need to pull that "Oh I forgot I was resistant to the Commandments" thing.

>fairy tail 2: the manga

He is alive, just stone.


The menu sounds delicious, but it's made by Mel.

>Full Size
>Can grow back to full size even if only a molecule is left
>God/Demon King
>Revives all commandments to serve their king
totally not going to be one of those lads

Semantics, he's as useless as Kars.

>bait: not subtle enough

Have they explained why griamor is a boy again?

They actually relocated the Fairy King's forest? Totally forgot that part.

>Can grow back to full size even if only a molecule is left
No wonder. So Fraudrin is actually a Ban. At least Gowther won't ever get his Commandment back.

Side Effect of the training.

Manga has become boring as hell. I have to say, it's on par with Bleach now.


> Galan covered all that distance between Edinburgh and Camelot just by jumping

I guess Escanor wouldn't have much problem making a world tour.

Stone can be destoned, dead can't be dedeadded.

>dead can't be dedeadded.
Are we reading the same manga

>Muh Escanor

>still on the map

>dead can't be dedeadded.
Hawk, Mel, Ban's gf
We had Zarathras this chapter

Mel is cursed and Ban is undead. All the others resurrected came back only temporarly.

I wonder if Zaratras is actually dead now. Seems a little odd to bring back a major character and just get rid of him in a couple of chapters, especially since he didn't even interact with his son. He wasn't even crucial to the progress of the story since Mel's memories being read could've been done as an ordinary flashback and Fraudrin could've been purged by Hendy.

I think Hendy getting injured and brokenbones!Hawk is just an indication that Elizabeth is nearby. They'll all probably get healed up just fine.

Hawk did die, he just reincarnated into his own healed body. Mel is cursed by the Demon King, not just can't die, he can't even age. Elaine was a temporary thing, with Mera dead, she goes bact to being dead. Zarathras is the same, he would have died anyway the moment he saved Hendrickson and Dreyfus.

>Mel is cursed by the Demon King, not just can't die, he can't even age.
What is the point of that, actually, aside from the emotion eating fest? Why give the enemy infinite continues?

>Hawk did die, he just reincarnated into his own healed body
Liz did the same in Danafor
Remember, Hawk was a lot smaller after his death

>aside from the emotion eating fest
That's the main point. Plus it seems the demon king only cares about making Mel into his successor, so he doesn't want him to permadie.

Would be a shame if the demon king were to steal Meliodas body at some point to come back into the human world, wouldn't it?

So the jobber fairy and jobber giant actually lasted the longest, simply by not being present

Technically they jobbed in second, and all the ones that just got beaten in the past chapters most clearly aren't dead, or at worst Fraudin pass away and Gowther replaced him.

Where the hell is gowther anyway?

Is it just me or was there a distinct lack of backgrounds this chapter?
Only the first few page's backgrounds had any real detail.

And last week he released a smaller amount of pages than usual.

Nakaba is maybe not feeling well.

Yeah, it was substandard for Nakaba. Last chapter was really short and had bad art, too.

Nakaba is dying

>Nakaba dies
>Mashima decides to take over NnT, as Fairy Tail is already close to end


Don't be silly, his wife will take over. She did help him at the start didn't she?

Her art is trash though. She only did the inking/backgrounds.

> then he'll draw ton of Mera and Derriere lewd

Not even mad.

But they are both dead :)

You don't want this

Speaking of them, Zeldris implied all of the Commandments split to conquer parts of Britannia after Mel died, they just only came back to Liones to help Fraudrin with Escanor.
Since they are not present, we can assume Dolor is busy conquering Megadozer and Gloxinia is in the forest. But they are the only ones not present in Liones, could it be King and Diane already defeated them?

>that hawk
what the fuck

>gluttony is an ancient broken witch
>pride is about as broken as the sun is hot
Jobbers everywhere

What if King and Diane are waging war against them in Megadozer and the New Fairy Forest? So they couldnt just leave.

Merlin jobbed to Galan and Escanor jobbed to Gloxinia

Mashima's Diane's looks great though. I agree the boys and Hawk are too weird, but his NnT would be no doubt top notch.

That's what happens when you try to make your own version of another series's mascot, Nakaba's Happy looked awful too.

Can you post these crossover strips?

Erza is the only one that looks good in Nakaba's style.

Well the sins were created to defeat the 10 commandments, it makes sense that the commandments would start jobbing once it goes according to keikaku.
And honestly, Escanor/Merlin are just too broken to not job to.

They also did a christmas crossover special that one time. Well not really crossover, more like "X artist draws series of Y artist" trade thing.

The backgrounds are all hand drawed user (without textures) and are usually pretty good.

I actually prefer Nakaba's Happy and Natsu. Lucy looks a bit weird.

Will you guys still love Diane if her power up will be an extra pair of arms, like Dolor?

I was talking about her actual art. Anyone can reproduce patterns if they are shown to you once.

implying it won't be an extra pair of boobs.

user there are certain boundaries that you must not transgress

She'll need those for King's new extra long Chastiefol.

I found a trend in the fights. Every rarely used move is used exactly twice. Once to show it off, and once in a serious situation, where it usally doesn't work. Revenge counter, Hunter fest, Sunflower, even Merlin's teleportation. I bet when we see Diane fight Dolor, one of the chapters will end with Dolor stopping a Mother Catastrophe. Then comes the dance-off.

When you first bait fails miserably so you make another. Kek.

this honestly broke my heart a bit

Another Commandment "killed" in a suspicious way. Watch we not return to the scene next week and it's just left a mystery until they inevitably all come back and take control again. But it seems the majority of people actually think they're dead. It's like I'm the only smart reader around, wait, I am.

>It's like I'm the only smart reader around, wait, I am.
Don't be a retard.

Though it's obvious they will came back. All of them gets defeated one on one, then it can end with a 10 vs 7 group fight.


The retard who failed math class continues to haunt the NnT threads.

>then it can end with a 10 vs 7 group fight.
and they will get BTFO by Mel and Escanor again

tfw Fraudrin might've felt a little fatherly love for his body's son.

He was in control when Howzer told him Griamor died at Veizel. He was genuinly sad.

He was cursed by something while they were at druid training cave, but we don't know exactly what happened.

>yfw this was Fraudrin

Well, don't forget that he just came back from a ten year training session to steel his will.

>that panel dissonance

Fraudrin deserved better, may some demons get redemption, I mean saying that a whole race is evil just because is dumb, the holy knights were just as bad when they became drunk of power and they were forgiven.

Ok, what the fuck are Hawk and Mama Hawk? Mama Hawk killed Red and Grey demons in a second, Hawk survived Deriere's combo attack and can use the powers of the things he eats.

Are they sacred creatures from heaven? Pets of the Demon King? Plot holes?

Something is fishy here. There was already a demon-goddess war before the other clans joined in. Mel betrayed the demons before that war broke out, but the goddesses hate him too. Something happened 3000 years ago that made Mel turn against both demons and goddesses. Maybe the demons are corrupted too, like the Holy Knights were.

Hawk mama was on the demon side of the anime opening thing that showed the war 3000 years ago. They are clearly demons.

Fuck off #demonlivesmatter-tard, gas the demons species war now.

So did Fraudrin just start to see Griamor as his son for being stuck in Dreyfus' body for so many years?

seems like it, probably even more shocking to see him in his child form

Or they started having similar minds after being fused together for years?

They seen to be from the Demon Clan.

The question is, why Mama is green, big and silent while Hawk is average, speaking and delicious.

commandment checked

>but the goddesses hate him too
Never trust a traitor.

Gender difference. Mama is probably at least a thousand year old, Hawk might get that big some day. As for speaking, Mama speaks too, but no one understands, because she talks in demon. Hawk probably can talk because of the whole reincarnation stuff. Wandle was just a bird and he could talk too.

Well, if you take in account all the souls they devored, not really.

Reminder Fraudin killed both this QT and the Dawn Roar one.

And soul death is the only permanent death in NnT

Hawk Mama speaks in Bugoooo.
Hawk speaks in Pukya.
Although if Hawk Mama speaks in demon Mel, and maybe Merlin, should be able to understand.

>her armorless reveal
;_; damn shame what a waste

And somehow I'm sure that's gonna change since they said that the bodies are still alive.

>Where the hell is gowther anyway?
I bet he will appear in the next chapter.

that's a stretch. Even Liz's powers can't resurrect from a "classic" death.

I thought so too, but now I can't see him bringing back all those irrelevant minor characters.

Yeah, it's alive, but for how long? The body dehydrates in a few days and dies. It's just means if you can get the soul back immediately, you can get back.

damn, just when I was enjoying Zaratras. can't believe that goof is Gilthunder's dad.

> both aren't as serious as they seems

It fits actually.



Is this the original image or was it translated?

Meliodas is a dirty traitor and Liz was a whore. Meanwhile Fraudrin is best dad.

>fraudrin is defeated because captain leftovers burps on him

bravo nakaba

So, has Diane recovered her memories yet?

How embarrassing

That will be her power-up.

>10C can't stop getting BTFO
What even is this, Nakaba. Introduce the next set of villains already, these asshats aren't threatening anymore.

>still no Full Size
>still no Trick Star
>none of the commandments used other than Graylords
They will be back

This latest loss is the worst. He got beat by a pig.

She should just stay irrelevant forever


>dem spikes
Meliodas' true form will be even more hideous I guess.

those outfits are things that works in black and white, not color

Diane and Melodias are fine, though.

nah only gowther works

This is also the name of the technique of my dick.

Never change Fraudrin

I'm just glad Diane's hair got darker than the initial colour reveal. Fucking light brown, almost

If his dad is anything to go by Mel will just happen to be a very large blob of shadow.

Reposting old spaghetti.

I just want Hendy to live happily ever after with his husbando and raise shota Griamor together

>my faith is honed and unwavering. It is firm... It is tempered. There is nothing it cannot pierce!

>pink hair and sweater with purple sleeves

>gets mind fucked for 10 years
>finally free
>instantly without hesitation blows his rapist the fuck out


>The Ten Commandments' smoldering corpses aren't on the menu

Merlin would knock him out for the sheer audacity. Those are rare specimens, though only one of them is a corpse.

If you wanna fried Commandments, you need to go to KFE.

>Full Size
His power is that he is the Ant-man. He went little and avoided the attack the last moment. Next chapter he grows to the size of a mountain. Then Hawk Mama slaps his shit in.

I'm wondering if Demons can have children now or maybe they were cursed by the Goddesses which is why Deriere got upset when kids were mentioned and Fraudrin grew attached to Griamor

>I'm wondering if Demons can have children
One look at Grayroad gives you the answer.

I'll have the shish kebab, thanks.

>Gloxinias strength is 0
How is this even possible?
How is he standing and even can rais his hand?

It's just below the minimum range of the scouter.


When we getting King/Glox non-magic fist fight?

So basically Nakaba thought there weren't enough shotas in this manga so he de-aged Griamor?

Because he tries to convey one hit killer momentum strikes.
I am not sure if he has looked up on Historical fencing, or tried boxing or done Kendo.

Fairy Magic, ain't gotta explain shit

Since Fraudrin survived Meliodas´s nuke attack back at Dafanor, I doubt he is dead.

He'll probably survive and escape so he can get killed by Mel.

And it'll be glorious.

I hope they torture him in front of grimamor

Man, i almost felt sorry for Fraudin there.

Why he's a faggot

Hes the definition of evil

Is the anime worth watching for this then picking up the manga? Faithful or not? In a bored mood and happy to slog through 50~ or so episodes of a battle shounen.

I want to marry Elizabeth and start a family with her.

Pretty faithful doesn't do the large scale battle at the end justice but uts pretty gud.

A cruel hope next week is going to be quiet mel torturing him next week and how he's suppose too be the hope of the kingdom.

my body is ready for the demon king

I guess the entire commandments arc has portrayed demons as someone empathic creatures. Probably preparing for the 'druids are the real enemy' reveal.

Changes a fair few things that will most likely end up playing a part.
So manga it is.

Heretics must be purged son.

I'll take a King, to go.

>you didn't protect that smile

Dreyfus may be the original owner, but he doesn´t uses it´s full potential, for god´s sake, he used to have a bowl haircut. Also Fraudrin´s facial expresions, what a great lost.

And Nakaba changed a little Fraudin´s body design, here it seems to have the mouth in the right place.