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Doujins when?

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I will post this every thread until the episode!!

Anyone expecting Magicians now? I mean Yuto didn't use any new main deck monsters this week and next week it's Hitsu ni's time to have some fun, But it seems like he'll just do the same thing he did against the obelisk force with those same two magicians. and we're still suppose to be getting Performapal support in Raging Tempest

>Berserk Yuya, the Doctor, and all brainwashed Ruris in the same episode
How happy Ebina must be for being able to go all out with the expressions?

morelikely subs fucking where?

Soon enough, now the raw provider got his shit right.


Anyone got a decent version of this spread?
Bigger and without tumblr filters over it.

1 fusion slot left
3 synchro slots left
1 xyz slot left

I predict that Dennis's Force Witch will be the fusion card

Enjoy's cardian and crystrons will be the 3 synchro cards

Black Luster Solider rank 8 will be the final xyz card. There's no room for Shay and Lulu in this set and Serena and Yuzu have completely gone full parasite

Even if Yuzu still uses Melodious there's no time for it to be in this set anyway.

I still think it's weird how even through Yuya has an 8 card backlog of Performapal monsters all the back to the Edo duel, we've seen hide nor hair of them, please let that mean the next 3 slots after Dragoncalling are all magicians and the performapal support is just because some of them have a Wisdom Eye like effect for including them.


it's time to yuri post
tsop iruy ot emit s'ti

So, admitting guns don't exist even though there's several gun based monsters, why doesn't everyone just fight with stunguns instead of playing children card games? Pretty sure you can stun the enemy before they manage to activate the duel and summon a monster.

>I predict that Dennis's Force Witch will be the fusion card
What about the WW Fusion?


What do you mean nope? Why not? All the other monsters Rin used are in this set.

Because user. Nope. It's not happening.

>implying Konami will print any more Performage's



I think there's like a dozen unreleased Performages, right?


Why did Reiji give Dennis and Sawatari so many new cards, but Gon and Serena just got 2, and Tsukikage and Reira got none at all? Let's not forget that he only offered Shun ONE Pendulum card.

It's only fitting JUST NERVE GAS MY SHIT UP girl would BTFO Shun with a tazer

>1 xyz slot left
Raging Dragon, Neo Cipher and the 4 Zodiacs took up all of them.

Why is he so sexy when he's in pain?


TFW u win a duel against Ruri for nothing and then get BTFO by stun gun

Is this shopped?

Someone will post that Kaiba picture, I'm sure.


I refuse to shitpost.

Are you trying to convince yourself?

Poor guy just can't catch a break.

So when they're not dueling or using their original peronalities to trick people, the Ruris just stand around emotionlessly in Doctor's room? Hot.

Was 123 a recap episode? i can't find it on the cat site aside from a 480 version

The usual raw guy had problems for two weeks.
It's either the 480p version or a 720p with hardsubbed Chinese subs.

Alright mane thanks

So, why does Japan hate the recent episodes?

Too much rape?

That's because he's always sexy.

What was the point of Serena joining the duel? With the Yuto/Ruri stuff we got, it feels like she just got thrown in there because they didn't know what to do with her, considering both her and Yuri don't give a shit about each other.

Though I am expecting an episode for the both of them, as forced and potentially garbage as it'll be.


I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason they brainwashed Yuzu is to awaken the demon living inside Yuya. I have a feeling Kaito or even Edo is going to defeat Doctor in the next few episodes.

It serves more of a plot purpose than a thematic one. She was sent to keep Shun from climbing to where the doctor is, and then joined the duel to help finish things quicker.

She seems to be the Doctor's favorite, always seen beside him, apparently sent to do more stuff and now having a full parasite deck with a Parasite Queen as ace.
Since they have nothing else to do with her, might as well do this I guess.

Need more Shun pre-angst

I really hope that's not the case. I mean by the last few previews I was expecting the doctor to get dealt with soon and Yuzu not even get brainwashed, but since she is, I'm not so sure they'll pass the opportunity of a duel.

And since I doubt hitotsu ni/demon stuff will be resolved right away or stay 20+ episodes active, there might be room for the Doctor to escape and regroup, giving the Ruris a few more episodes.

Not to mention the idiocy of having the Ruris freed then captured again for whatever Leo's plan is.

I mean I could see they going for the most retarded course of action possible but so far Fusion arc has proved itself somewhat competent at not going for the most obvious.

They hated Battle Beast for wasting time and killing characters only to be EGAO'd
They hated Ruri/Shun for how rushed it was
They hated Yuri/Asuka because Japan is flooded with GXfags deluded enough to think Asuka would or should ever amount to anything more than she did in GX.

You got that right.




>yfw after all this, Yuya still egao's the Doctor like he did with BB

Yeah, I honestly thought we'd get Yuzu vs Rage Yuya.

Doctor's already EGAOing and he violated the citrus. Yuya's going to kick his teeth in.

She's the most asshole of the Ruris, so if anyone could make Yuya go Berserk, it's her.

And she's never dueled anyone that wasn't from Academia under her Academia guise. It's kind of cool seeing her finally being shown as evil instead of Ms. Misunderstood.

Those fingers give Kaiba a run for his money.

Nah son, Yuya's lust for the citrus alone will envelope the Doctor and destroy him quicker than Beerus evaporated Zamasu

>She's the most asshole of the Ruri's.
And she did a pretty good job with it. She knew exactly what would grind his gears.

>She knew exactly what would grind his gears.
That's probably the reason she was the one to do it.
She knows first hand how much Yuya cares for Yuzu.

So how BTFO will Leo's Keikaku be when he sees Yuya go Berserk?

>Anyone got a decent version of this spread Bigger and without tumblr filters over it.
I don't so I made one instead. You can use a program called Overmix to do the aligning and stitching cleanly & automatically, which really helps in cases like this where the foreground and background foci pan up at different speeds. It very simple to use.

Well he said to the Doctor he didn't want the Ruris to get hurt so when Ruri and Serena get destroyed next week, he's gonna be pretty pissed

>Yuya and Yuto already fused
>Yuri is a psychopath
>Yugo is still alive
>Ruri and Serena about to get raped

I haven't seen this level of keikaku being BTFO since Black Zetsu

Leo is clueless about the other Yuu's. He probably thinks Yuri is the only one that could enter some sort of frenzy mode. Heck, he only just realised that an episode ago.

The frenzy mode is what he is scared of because that is the awakening of the Demon Duelist.

Of course he knows about the other Yuus, but in his mind the only important ones are Yuri and Yuya, since Yuto most likely died in the invasion and Yugo is well, Yugo. That's why he ordered everyone and their mothers to kill off Yuya because he knows if the Yuus get together all hell breaks loose.

He just didn't count on the fact that the Yuus can awaken this Berserk Mode/Power without having to be near each other, i.e. Yuri.

I haven't been keeping up with this, but Serena is evil?

All the Ruris are evil sluts willing to bend their knees and let the Doctor do lewd things to them

Right now they are all evil and frankly the main threat, trying to kill off all the Yuus.

There's a mind controling parasite in her brain. And of all the 4 Ruris.

Ok, that's kind of random. Has that always been there?

Some creepy old man put them there because Arc-V had yet to fill its brainwashing quota as a YGO series

No, it was put there after she was captured.
A guy from Academia found a way to put these in people's heads to control them.
And convinced Leo to use it to keep the Ruris under control.

And to have them do shit for them. Serena kidnapped Yuzu, Rin completely wrecked Yugo's shit and destroyed his D-wheel, Ruri is now dueling Yuya (she dueled Shun before, and lost, but that wasn't enough to free her).

>Shun is the biggest asshole because of the Academia invasion
>Yuto isnt
>Turns out Shun was an asshole even before that
More Shun suffering when?

>Herr Doktor's plans invetiably fail
>He attempts to skip town off the island before things get bad
>One exit is blocked by Super EGAO Yuya
>Other exit is blocked by Shun who's already removed his coat and fashioned his scarf into a red noose
Which exit should he choose Cred Forumsrc-v?

Shun would only kill him. There's no telling what Yuya would do with his citrus at stake.

Everyday until Yuyafags get BTFO

IS this a new meklord or something?

I'm expecting a trap or spell that does the equivalent to the magicians.

Shun, he'll be sent to the EGAO shadow realm with that monster

Shun was chuuni from birth.


Chuuni != asshole




Why does Parasite Fusioner keep groping female monsters' boobs?

What do you mean by "why?"


Wait, do Shun and Ruri even have parents? Are they orphans or something?

>tfw not sure if i should just keep waiting for Mono or just watch one of the other subs

What should i do guys.

Wait for Mono.

wait he is alrerady doing 122 and 124 and soon 123
Only Kaito seems to have parents

What does this look like?

After the poor execution that took place in 119, I feel like Shark and Rio, Fubuki and Asuka make better siblings compared to Shun and Ruri. Hell, I bet Rio after watching their duel would probably say "Congratulations, you had earned my pity".


>Fubuki and Asuka make better siblings
That's one shitty opinion.
Fubuki and Asuka are some of the worst characters in GX.

Being an asshole is part of his chuuni image.

They are the best siblings.

sibling-wise not character wise.

Characters as awful as Fubuki and Asuka don't make good siblings.

Any scans of the latest chapter of the manga, in english

Asuka 's personality : How can I get Judai to notice me?
Fubuki' s personality : How can I get Judai to notice my sister?

They are in their own world where Shark in Rio do not exist.

Rio was pretty awful though, they were hyping her for more than a season and saying she was a good duelist, only to win one duel against a literally who and other one against that old fat.


Scale 14

Previous scales
the pastebin itself will expire in one month






When did this place become tumblr?



day one



Post more based Yuri.



Shojo Yuzu is cute. Cute!

based manga jewzu


Holy shit what a jew.






what does the moonrunes mean?


Nice. finally somthing to tak about


Bad end confirmed

Wow this manga is so much more interesting than the shitty anime. I prefer this version of Yuya too, this is how he should have been in the anime. Thank you Yoshida.



>If I don't come back you can sell my stuff!
He knows how to please her lust for money

Future? Dimensions? This shit is far better than the Anime already


Which are the other two enemies?

This version of Yuya's better, but Shun, Sora, and Yuzu (compared to when Zappa Gou was writing her) are notably worse.


Stop samefagging you retard. Nobody cares about your shit character


>This version of Yuya's better

You can't get much worse than anime Yuya so even that is not saying much.

>raging faggots in this thread love Yoshida and his homo pandering.
Of course


Holy shit so Reiji and Yuya are from the Anime timeline after all



But he is the hypest shit in the anime.


Nothing to do with the homo pandering actually. Yoshida can just tell a better story than Kamishiro and Ono. I don't mind characterization being sacrificed for a good plot when the anime has both terrible plot and characterization.

>I prefer this version of Yuya too
Agreed. He isn't a pussy cry baby here and he isn't that autistic with the whole Egao thing





Yuya Manga is so based.



Ren is from the fuuuture.

Paradox 2.0 confirmed

We found that out in his duel with Yugo. He said he dueled him when he was the Riding Duel Champion.

Why is phantom such a best?

Reiji and Yuya also are from the future.

Now I'm really believing the manga is a sequel to the show, even though it sounds so silly.

Now my mind is blown.

I wonder if the other 3 Ruris also existed in the future.

I don't think so anymore after this page
Seems like this is the first time they met. So no Anime sequel

>I wonder if the other 3 Ruris also existed in the future.
Probably. maybe thats why Yugo and the other yus recognized Yuzu

And to be fair, this is the best executed mind control in YGO so far.

What did he mean by this?

Having bugs in your brain just sounds fucking disgusting though.

Do eps not get put up on nyaa anymore?
Last one up is 121

>implying some shitty insects are better than the Millennium Rod

The mind control with the millenium rod was pretty shitty. The controller still had to pay attention to the controllee all the time to make sure she wasn't fucking up the duel, but being the villain, they do anyway.

At least with brain bugs the controller just needed to send some directives and the controllee would take care of the rest.

I ship them

>file name
makes sense you would


So will next episode be better than the previous 10 episodes? Or will it tank to the lowest rating ever?

They'll have to try really hard to make even Hitotsu nii-san suck.

like, via ups or something?

you just know.

the manga and the anime really have nothing to do with eachother do they

Wait, I thought Kurosaki saved her. Whys she evil again?

>Ruris just stand around emotionlessly in Doctor's room

as soon as someone throws out 720 raws I'll mux them and load them to the normal places.

Doctor's brain bugs are card game proof.

What the fuck is Kaito doing? Running in circles?

The talk about bugs has me craving for Worms.
The 2D ones, not the shitty 3D games.

tHen how save ruruis??

Maybe if we're lucky he'll run to the moon. I hope he isn't the one to take down the Doctor, let Doctor card Kaito please.

You don't deserve those quads

kill them all

>I hope he isn't the one to take down the Doctor

There's no one else. Yuya is too busy getting triggered, Shun is dreaming of Ruris, and Reiji is Yusho's new walking stick.

That's what it's looking like though. If we're lucky, I'd rather Edo defeat him.

There's still filler left in the form of beating Barrett, as well as Edo shilling his Dystopiaguy upgrade. If Konami were smart, they'd reduce the remaining filler to 1 episode: Barrett vs. Edo, with Edo egaoing Barrett by beating him.

Since Barrett pretty much had Yuya in a checkmate, it's safe to say Barrett would've won. And if Edo beats Barrett then technically he's defeated one of the only guys to ever checkmate Yuya.
It's the only way for Edo to be redeemed.

>Edo beating anyone


I bet Ruri is already pregnant and Shun doesn't know


Nah, she's not pregnant.
He checked.

So now that Yuto and Yuya can change places like Atem and Yugi. How will that affect the next episodes? We'l finally see Yuto Vs Yuri? or Yuto Vs Reiji?

Anyone would be better than Kaito. My preference would be Sora though so he can finally win something by himself before the show ends. Too bad he's stuck watching Cabbage and Banana dragon it out.

Sora will die tho by the hands of Based Yuri Sama

Just managed to catch with everything Fuck life with their bullshit
So. Besides Serena getting evil and just shilling Parasites, I liked pretty much everything. My only question is if Herr Doctor will get EGAO'D or DISOBEY


Disobey hopefully. I can't see someone like him becoming an ally even Leo has more changes of being a friend than him

He's getting whatever the fuck Raging Dragons attack name is.

Yugo's interupting, Sora's safe for now.

Judging from the chuuni as fuck chant, it's attack will most likely be fire related.

>And to be fair, this is the best executed mind control in YGO so far.
Fuck no. When you present mind controlled characters without even ever giving them proper characterization or development, then it's pure garbage. And for Yuzu and Serena, their own characters were thrown out the window when they were relegated to damsel status.

Wait, when did we get the chant?

Oh shit, Iwant to edit but I can't now.
But what if it not? One thing was BB who at least was certainly tolerable (at least by personality and appearance) but this one literally has no redeemable things, but let's suppose he is forgiven, what's the worst it could happen?

But when Yuri kills Yugo then Sora is dead too

Literally preview

Yeah but the Rod is harder to break. You just need to squash the bug inside and the person is free. The bug is also weaker too because the person themselves can break free of the control without anyone else's influence. Ruri broke free without Shun having to do much while it pretty much took Yugi to drown to his death to snap Jonouchi out of it.

is a semen demon
(the right one)

Old man ears.


Green hair makes anything better


Windafag should be happy right now.

>these ears

post pls

choo choo

So, I just caught up.
After BB and all that I can barely believe it, but they did it.
They made Arc-V great again.

Brainwashed Ruris and Yuri are all super entertaining.

Evil Serena is best Serena

*Serena is best Serena

Evil Rin is best Ruri

Hello Dumbo

>when you BM and almost get bodied but still dumpster your opp

It lost any potential of being great. ep.92 with it's poor execution damaged the story for stupid reasons and the BB arc in general destroyed the show's credibility.

it's a card game commercial, it never was supposed to be great.

but it again is the show I am most looking forward to.

Yet, other card game show's now(Vanguard) and previous YGO spinoff series did a lot better than this one's doing right now.

>it's a card game commercial, it never was supposed to be great.
DM was great tho. Yugioh didn't started as a card game commercial so thats why it can bengood

Someone didn't read the manga

please stop being in denial.

>muh sales

it is nothing more than a commercial at this point.

What denial?
The manga was a shonen about all kind of games, it wasn't all about cards until DK and forward.

>>muh salesdie
You know damn well I mean in regards to actual story and well worked characters in comparison to this.

>it is nothing more than a commercial at this point

It doesn't have to be. DSOD only spends 20-25 min on the duels and the rest of the time on presenting a story completely free of any card games.

This doesn't extend to YGO either. Vanguard G was arguably less about the card games in its first season and more about building its characters through how the game influenced them. There was less time spent on straight up card fights and more time on how characters tried developing beyond their initial insecurities.

>World Illusion
I guess all the other people are fakes or illusions.
Maybe something like the Mundus Magicus from Negima.

I only wanted to lewd her and her kitties, and make a lot of new support for both her and her archetype.

Remember episode 92?


Why are her and Yuri so crazy without them in close proximity?

Predator Plant on November right?

Thank you for sharing!
Is there a site that keeps the updated bin? Or do I have to check the thread every month?

I might make a new pastebin after the Yuya and Akaba duel ends months from now. Next chapter dump probably will occur on October 24th.

There is a page in the last chapter of the manga that contains the missile of Burn! OP
This means the manga is after a bad end of the anime amirite

Because Academia was filled with secret psycho's that even Cardgame!Lex Luthor was dumb enough not to know how bat shit insane his secret right-hand man was.

I see, I will remember that.
Thank you very much again!

xth for abused Yuus

Sibling love is nothing next to Doctor's parasites.

During the duel she even talks about how she and the other Ruris were reborn thanks to the Doctor and that is a joyous thing.


what about this version of abused Yuus?

I really don't want the brainwashing to be over in the next couple of episodes.

This is doing things to my dick.

yuya's expression is delicious
i just want to pin him down and slowly lick his wound.

mind abuse works too.

Speaking of this doujin... it is still not released? Has someone scanned it? Or should I better ask this at /h/ better?

Doujins of doctor and ruris when??

>image for mice

Not that user, but 10/10, would love to see more ARC-V doujins with futa Ruris and their Yus, or just more futa Ruris.

Still haven't seen any scans of it, guess you could try asking the request boards or /d/.

The way things are going I don't even need doujins.
Some stuff is so doujin-like I can just fill the blanks with my imagination.

In fact, precisely because the doujins are writing themselves in this arc I doubt we'll get any actual doujins out of it. We might get some more mind break or mind control stuff eventually but not using the same setting.

The only good thing is that if some faggot start a thread about "lol le kuroinu and buddharapist invades the last anime you watched" I just post Yuya and Herr shit and say "this happened to the last guy who tried to do the same as those guys"

Got a scenario: Yuya/Yuto, Kurosaki, and Yugo are defeated and captured, and have to watch Leo and the Doctor have the way with the brainwiped Ruris

>this meme starts shitting up future threads

Post the one of Sora cooking up Yuya

Eh. I'm more into the mind control/corruption aspect than the NTR aspect honestly.

I don't hate NTR but it also does nothing for me.

But then Yuya goes Hitotsu Ni and becomes guro literal, then look at the reader and say
>hope you are not scared, THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN

Predator Plants are garbage, who cares

Just have the ruris rape the yuus
except yuto who is forced to watch ruri rape her brother

>this entire last posts
Like I sayed in I am glad that at least this will be a good enough material for a character that can fuck in the not literal wat, ntrfags and rapefags for once.

I do!

just play plant synchro or something

I'll care when they finally get an archtype Fusion.

an Archetype fusion isn't enough to save them.

I like Predator Plant but a fusion wont save them.
They'll need more than that.
More monsters with search effects and recovery effects, s/t support be it search, recovery or abusing the counters, their own fusion spell and more fusion monsters. Even generic plant support sucks.

>generic plant support sucks

Best Ruri
Best Ruri archetype


What did he mean by this?

He became self aware and realized Atem is too OP for him. Kind of like the time Zexal became self aware when Vector was shocked Yuma created his own card.

buy magnets

I don't expect a Fusion to save them, just give them a starting point.

Someone post that lowest ranked episode list from niconico again, please.

Jesus, she was asking for it here. 10/10 troll.

I would just help her to mindbreak her into a snack housewive duelist

leave my Serena alone!

I was overjoyed when I heard new Phantom Knights showed up. However, I have heard they are shit. How shit are we talking?

Rank 2
>buth muh RANK DANTE
And I say shut up, it's a Clausolas for Xyz, you got to be happy with that. Negate effect and stuff

Utopia za Lightening tier

A (shitty) battle trap that summons itself as a monster, a VERY SHITTY RUM, a Soul Shave RUM but for DARK monsters, and literally a R2 Gorgonic Guardian

>Blazing Abyss
>Masked Hero
>Masked Heroes

If you dont see something listed above, its shit

>casually skipping over Blue-Eyes and ABC
Butthurt Yugiturd detected

They're not even the best demise deck, step it up.

>Blazing Abyss

kek, Dante the absolute madman lives another day

Blue eyes are shit, despite gaining more support. name one good deck from this meta

PK fire is everywhere what the fuck are you talking about?


Monarchs are garbage now.

BA is still good.

Kozmo has always been shit.

Masked Hero is still rogue.

Dracopals are pretty much dead.

Tellarknights have been garbage for a while now.

>PK fire

The guy asked about Phantom Knights

In which other deck are they even relevant?

Mermails are decent.

>Monarchs are garbage now.
I haven't played in a few months, since when was this? Last I heard, Monarchs were among the best

The deck is Phantom Abyss, you retard

Ban list got them.

Alright anons, what do you want the next OP/ED's visuals to look like and what kind of music do you want it to have? I want something centering around the 4 Yuus for the OP and a SoL for the ED with all the Yuus and Ruris. I'm hoping we get something like Challenge the Game where they show off all the carded people

That bad?

>Bitch searcher monarch is at 1
>Phanteism at 1
>Stormforth at 1
They forgot to limit Nigga Caius with sterois but I guess not always I can have anything

Yuto must like having searchable RUM's

Yuto's still dueling a little while next episode so maybe we'll get more stuff

Aren't there no more spaces in RATE though?


Hell yeah he does.

They'll just be released in MAXC.

Or the Dimension Box

Or dimension box.

When will the writers learn everyone who plays the deck plays it for R4/R3 spam and the trap monsters are shit?

No one knows what's going on in Hikokubo's head

More like Jewnami fucking people over.

ohhhhhhhh shhhhhiiiiittttt

Break Sword is better than it should be

R3 doesn't need more shit. It had its fun in the sun and still is technically. BA was a fucking mistake.

Yuto hurry up and debut RUSTY SWORD

What's this dimension box people keep talking about?

Just limit Dante and Scarm
Problem solved

So we can unanimously agree Zexal is better than ARC-V? It wasn't perfected, but at least it was consistent throughout. ARC-V has been shit for so long people will hate this serious even with the best finale ever.

Cursed Javelin will probably be a Rank 3 in real life. It's pretty good
>2 Level 2 monsters
Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 monster your opponent controls; its ATK becomes 0, also it has its effects negated.

No. And this is coming from a person who actually watched every episode of Zexal.

On that note what main deck monsters does PK still need?

They need a Terrortop.
They already have tons of search power, but they really need to not be so reliant on their normal summon.

Honestly for me all Yugioh Seasons are kind of shitty
DM had a lot of Filler
GX had a lot of filler and way too silly stuff
Never saw 5DS
Never saw Zexal
Arc-V is terrible
The only GOOD Yugioh material is the DM Manga and the Movie.

The duels in Zexal were really fucking boring. The plot was consistent, but those duels were just so simple, it was kind of a pain to watch sometimes.

The rank up is nice too mainly cause you can search for it
>Target 1 "The Phantom Knights" Xyz Monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it, then Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 monster that is 2 Ranks higher than that monster, by using it as the Xyz Material, and if you do, attach this card to the Summoned monster as Xyz Material. (This Special Summon is treated as an Xyz Summon.)

>Honestly for me all Yugioh Seasons are kind of shitty
>Never saw 5DS
If it weren't for SEX CULTS 5DS would have been perfect.

That god damn drop in quality hurts so much.


>any Xyz monster
It's really good

I guess Yuto used PK or around burn during tag duels
>During either player's Battle Phase: Banish ? "The Phantom Knights" cards from your Graveyard; destroy as many monsters on the field as possible, then end the Battle Phase. At the end of the Battle Phase, each player takes damage equal to the number of their monsters that were sent to the Graveyard during the Battle Phase of this turn x 800.

What's with the trap monsters. Is that going to be the next series' gimmick?
>Target 1 monster your opponent controls; it loses 600 ATK, then Special Summon this card in Attack Position as a Normal Monster (Warrior-Type/DARK/Level 2/ATK 600/DEF 0), and if you do, "The Phantom Knights" monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle this turn. (This card is NOT treated as a Trap Card.)

Double badge is okay I guess
>When you take battle damage: Target 2 "The Phantom Knights" monsters you control with the same Level; immediately after this effect resolves, Xyz Summon 1 Xyz Monster using those 2 monsters only. You can banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 Xyz Monster you control that has Xyz Material; detach all Xyz Materials from that Xyz Monster, and if you do, it gains 500 ATK for each Xyz Material detached by this effect, until the End Phase.

Heavy spell and trap usage is just the theme of Yuto's deck. Shun had it going too back when his main deck only consisted of three Vanishing Lanius.

I like that Arc-V implies that Hitotsu-nii's favourite dragon is DRXD. It probably wasn't intentional though

How come Leo has control of an entire dimension, but needs to outsource somewhat risky work to 14 year old girls who are suppressed to be critical to his plans and need to stay intact at all costs

Yuto must have been a huge meme in Heartland.
>He set a couple of cards and ended his turn so it has to be Yuto

So If Yuto got more duels in the arc-v he would just be setting cards?

Well he's the most unique duelist in the anime

Neither does R4, but we all know how that goes

His ace is also useless against Xyz monsters.

R3 was originally the degenerate Xyz rank

Wasn't he against the brainwashing though? Although, it's funny as fuck when he gets surprised by the Yuu's.

His ace Dark Rebellion's effect only works against Level 5 or higher monsters too. And in Xyzland that limit alone probably would make it memeworthy.

>dub censored Sora's monsters
>Dennis' monsters gets off scot free

Ruri's brainwashing made her retarded. She let the ultimate jobber Serena summon a level 8 with DRXD on the field.

If Serena loses because of that Arc-V will slightly redeem itself

What? He seemed reluctant, but he's the one who gave the doctor the ok to put brain bugs in the girls as long as they weren't injured or at severe risk.

Because keikaku, or something

What are arc-v biggest memes in terms of the dueling?

The Parasite Plant Serena used makes Queen immune to effects.


Isn't Parasite Queens effect that it can't be affected by other monster effects?

>However you still take damage
>gasp He/She *insert summon type* Summoned?

Nothing has topped
>But if it doesn't have a level doesn't it mean it's level is zero
and you can't go a single duel with out hearing BUT YOU STILL TAKE DAMAGE


Here's my prediction guys. OERD 2.0 will job right after it's debut episode

That's Parasite Plant's effect, Queen also has two Parasite Fusioners equipped. On top of that we don't even know Queen's effect yet.

That's cheating user

Yuya should just spam Requiem instead of making his own cards. Holy shit both OERD's are so disappointing. Odd-Eyes ruins everything it touches

On that note, what if the parasite get fried?


Well yeah, killing the host will automatically do that. Although Leo will probably pull off some bullshit to prevent it

Yuto did stop me from dropping Arc-V back then

Sora basically did that shit twice against Shun.
>100 ATK? It can't do shit!
>Revolution? It's attack is lower than Chimera!

Fucking stupid.

You guys never learn do you. Hitotsu nii hasn't accomplished anything of note yet

>it takes 2 amps to kill a bug via burns
>it takes 2 seconds of 0.1 amps to stop a human's heart
I don't think that'll work out too well user.

>Never saw 5DS
You fucked up

Yugioh series from best to worst?

Oh shit guys now that Yuto has taken over I think he'll turn Arc-V into a battle shonen for a few minutes.
>yfw Yuto battles parasite queen himself and then knocks his women and the jobber

My favorite
Second favorite
Third favorite
Fourth favorite
Your favorite

Previews literally say he gets pushed into a corner. Seriously how are shitty parasite monsters so good?

Shun would call it discipline

Meant for

If we're going by the entire series, Arc V is out because it isn't done.

What is the devil referring to? That purple shit behind Yuri in 123, or that blue astral like being Yuya emits in 125?

As someone who actually uses Utopic Future, I've gotten this tons of times on DN.

That's so boring though. Might as well have fun with this trainwreck

>implying Dennis' cards are even worth censoring when there so shitty they don't exist.


No way I refuse to believe people are that retarded

That big bug has a lot of protection right now. Immunity to effects and two safe guards from destruction.

user, people on DN believed MST negates. Hopefully Dueling Book has a link to the rules to prevent that.

Let's get this out of the way right now. There is no way Ruri and Serena are getting out of this unscathed. Yuzu is brainwashed, Shun is down, Yuri is busy with Sora, Reiji and Yusho are going towards Leo, Yugo is heading towards Yuri, Kaito and Edo are doing their own things, and Jack and co. are helping Gongenzaka. There is literally no way this duel is ending without someone being DISOBEYED.

It's just not happening. And it leads right into the next episode which has Leo talking about how threatening the Demon Duelist is and how his plan is really to stop it from reviving. Ruri and Serena are fucked.

I used to play Qlis when they were good. I can't count the number of times people tried to use monster effects and spells/traps against my Killer.
I actually had a counter at one point, but forgot about it. I think I had 24 traps and spells like Mirror Force and Book of Moon, 46 instances of Rank 4s, 17 uses of other Ranks, like Big Eyes, 11 uses of Synchro/Fusion effects like Construct, and 37 effect monsters trying to use their effects on it.

I honestly don't know what they're going to do with Yuzu and Rin at this point.

What the fuck. Let me guess they thought it was you guys who didn't know the rules

Doctor will probably send them to handle Edo and Kaito who are on their way to fuck him up.

Yuzu will duel Yuya. Who the fuck is Rin going to duel? She already dueled Yugo, on top he's already occupied dueling Yuri.

Rin will be for a Yugo rematch. Yugo will win and stop Rin.

Edo/Kaito will take on the Doctor

Leo is going to use Yuzu to stop Yuya since he seems to be the catalyst for the Demon Duelist. Yuzu will lose and the Demon Duelist will be summoned anyway.

Cue all hell breaking loose.

Every time they used a card that didn't fucking work, there would be a long pause. I usually just said R E A D because I tried explaining it to them but usually I just got cussed out.

>yfw Yusho and Yuzu after she's saved see Yuya sperg out and shit on him causing him to cave in to Hitotsu nii

Who do you think will win, Yuri or Banana?


No wonder Leo wants him dead

Low-key Yusho will probably shit his pants when he finds out what Leo told him is true.

What if the demon duelist is one of the other Yus like the one we least suspect
He should be wearing Yuto's church shoes

Yuri's Banana

Goddamnit Yuri and Yugo's duel will be interrupted just like in episode 92 isn't it

No. Hitotsu nii fuck off for a few episodes please

nice meme desu

The image should be a trainwreck

Doub it. Yuri will finally kill Yugo

Holy shit Serena and Ruri hit Yuya so hard they blast a hole in the door.

But Hitotsu nii is coming which means all 4 yu's are going to join together

>mfw Yusho's triggered face

Was Shun right all along? Should have he been leader of the Lancers?

Please let this duel be like Yuya vs Reiji 2 where neither side goes for action cards

Well Academia is really pathetic so yes. The writers have to knock out Shun so that there's some tension

No. There would've been some contrived way to put him in another coma before he accomplished much

That means
>Shun wouldn't've gotten little fairy from Sayaka and Kaito wouldn't've helped him so he'd die to Ruri
>Gon and Sawatari would've died to BB and maybe even Yuya
>Yugo would've stayed in Fusion with Yuzu the entire time
>Dennis would've probably double crossed the Lancers and maybe even card Reiji or Reira
>Yusho would've never heard about Yuya and any of the Lancers
>Serena would be captured and brainwashed
>Rin would've stayed in her tower
The outcome would probably be everyone dying, maybe even Yuya as well with Yuay and Yugo none the wiser in Synchro.

So what would happen if Hitotsu nii drew Egao world. Would he cheat and change it to something else or does the edgelord use the stupid card

Meant to type Yuzu

Except if they came earlier the parasite incident wouldn't happen

He would use it unironically, while inflicting pain to Ruri and Serena.

You meant Academia's bike. What a fucking slut did you see her horny face when the Doctor started touching her

If he can stop it from being a shit card more power to him.

it's here!

For all we know, the Doctor implanted them the second Ruri and Rin were brought to Academi

Egao Jesus forgives all user

Hitotsu Nii has an egao too

Seems more like a sneer than a smile

>tfw this is not a doujin

No, I think he was smiling

>Shun lead Lancers to Academia
>entire Jobelisk Farce shows up
>Shun OTKs all of them with Rise fucking Falcon



There, I stopped the doctor.

>Find out YGOPRO android finally updated
>excited to finally try out new magician
>No picture for it

I can't egao to this


Hilary is fucking full of bullshit

I hate when they bring modern things/objects to yugioh, seriously.

System Down for all the other types when?

Dragon System down when?

She needs to win asshole

just report and move on

Post characters better than Yuya.


He deserves so much better than 4Ks shitty dub.



Basically all of them.

what the fuck is yuyas problem

>someone saved my recolor from so long ago
Holy shit

Shillary, pls.

This guy kinda looks like a younger Martin Freeman


user said characters better than Yuya, not characters better than Kaito.

EGAO > All, except when Yuzu is involved so it's really Yuzu > All.

user, this shit is gold.

Metalfoes are

I'd rather have ARE YOU READY TO REPENT over EGAO. At least Kaito kills his enemies.

*without yuzu

I only did them because I needed practice, so I thought this would help me get a better idea on how to pose and outline. I never actually expected people to save them.

Never overestimate peoples standards

yeah Id fuck your recolor user

>Omega Limited and Level Eater banned

>ABCs and metalfoes aren't hit at all


does anyone have the pictures of Crow photoshopped into the other YGO openings? I need them for reasons

>hitting ABC and Metalfoes this early
nigga you fucking dumb,

They slammed PePe the second they could,and before that. They made a fucking emergency banlist as soon as it started dominating.


PePe was literally tier 0, Metalfoes aren't that bad and Konami still wants to shill Kaiba's shit so ABC and Blue-Eyes aren't getting hit anytime soon

Are Metalfoes worth bothering with?

That image made hard but afraid to think some doujin for it. I don't know if I fap or just find it interesting.

People always talk about pepe, but I've never seen a decklist of it when it was at its best. Anybody got one?

shit like this

Universe reset confirmed

anyone know in which episode number Yuya goes vs Ruri?

Blame it on Astral.


Mermails FOREVA!!!

Now we gonna get sharks soon so finally! Shaku DECK! SHARKUUU!!!


>it's a Clausolas for Xyz
well rank 3 already have a clausolas in Gorgonic Guardian, too bad it isn't generic

thank you! is it thrilling and shilling?

What are you talking about, dude?

only thing they are shilling is Raging Dragon next week

>good thing it isn't generic


The shark cards are supposedly getting imported to the TCG!

>the day has come where 1 material Xyz exist
is this konami trying to tell us to buy Big Black Cards

SHINUNA, Cred Forumsrc-v!!!!!



from the thumbnail that blue demon looks like goku

That's super egaojin 3 Yuya.




>Super Egao Blue
Super Egao Rosé when

When he fuses with Yuri, since that's his color scheme.


The blue face reminds me of vector for some reason



So Reiji is a time traveler?

So in terms of dueling it's SUPER EGAO > Yuri > Yuya > Yugo > Yuto, right?

It was not as good as Rin vs Yugo back in 117, but it was still pretty good.

Though I guess coming as a complete surprise (as everyone expected Yugo to just defeat Rin and save her) made 117 more impactful to me.

Probably, in terms of their deck strength it's PK > SR > Performapal Odd-Eyes Magicians >>>>> Predator Plants
Yuya's deck is that low because he has a lot of shitty Performapals

>implying deck strength affects how duels are decided in the anime

Glory on the Academia!

Why would you put Yuugo above Yuuto?

Because Yuugo beat Yuuto, remember?

Yeah, after Yuuto just stopped fighting because Yuuya stepped in.