Miuna Monday

I'm gonna post this til you like it

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I hate it, and I doubt you.

But everyone hates Miuna these days.

I want to shoot my semen inside Miuna's doli womb.

I just watched Nagi no Asukara and only now I have finally realized what the purpose of these threads I've seen many times is.

Count one more member among your ranks.

Another smile has been protected, praise Miuna.

Good morning Miuna, thank you for protecting my smile yet again.


i have a new pa works waifu

FakeMiuna deserved her misery.

I was somewhat annoyed by the ending. I like Manaka, but Miuna got tons of development and was the heroine in the second half yet she ended up with nothing. Even Sayu got more than her.

>Another smile has been protected,
More like ruined.

Miuna didn't win Hikari, she won us.

M I U N A !!

Not even best Miuna of that show.

why is there so much hate for miuna?

Good morning, Miuna! Your smile gives me the strength for another week.

Miuna ruines smiles because she is an unhappy character who makes others unhappy.

miuna lives in the trashbin

The sea is basically a giant trash bin. Humanity is adding garbage to the sea, all the time, but nobody is removing it. There are deserted island where no man has set foot on before, but where you can find garbage washed up on the shores.

And that is Miuna's home. And Hikari's.

Good luck with the debates today Miuna.

Muetta Monday next week?

Goodnight Miuna.
Thank you for protecting my smile despite me doing nothing to protect yours.

delete this

Wrong. Miuna gave up her happiness to protect our smiles.

Miuna leads the anti-efidolg galactic resistance!

Like Jesus?

Yeah, but cuter.


More cushion for the pushin'.

But I love it since day 0.

then you are most welcome here!


Protect my smile Miuna.

Hikaris cum.






NagiAsu sequel when? Uchoten Kazoku has season 2

>no tripcode
you will never be a meme!

Will PA Works ever make something as good as NagiAsu again?

The story was mediocre, but the visuals, mood, and atmosphere were great.

Yeah, they're called Hanasuku Iroha, Shirobako, and Uchouten Kazoku,

I give you Shirobako. The others, no.

No need for memes when you have a goddess


Soon what?

Miuna lewd-time.

Good night, Miuna. Please protect my autism in my sleep.

No lewd allowed.

Good morning Miuna.

I want to kiss your cheek and braid your hair!

Good night, beautiful sea.

It's go time.

It's been time to go.

miuna would not vote for trump

Because you'd be sent back.

>Uchouten Kazoku
>not good
Fucking cancerous Muyunafags.

It has been 2 years now, you are not discussing shit, fuck off already

Yea, because she loves me.

She loves you not.

Yea, no one loves me.

Why is she so pretty?

What's the best way to confess to Miuna?

Reveal your erection.

Suicide note

hikari skin suit

Do it.


Seduce her at a young age so that she imprints on you.

aren't 2 of them before NagiAsu?

Blown the fuck out

It doesn't matter.

None of this matters.


Once again the sadness is overwhelming and we wait for the pathetic embarrassment to disappear.


So long as there is someone, even if it is just me, there will be Miuna Monday.

No I think you'll finally realize this is just sad and a waste.

I'm very proud of Miuna.

The love never dies.

It will when you start decomposing.

No it won't. My love transcends death.

have some loli miuna


Sleep tigth ugly cunt


Goodnight Miuna.


Miuna makes me smile!

Let's settle this: is Miuna a sad or happy person?

Love is more important than either of those things.

Miuna is a sexy person.

miuna lives in the trash bin

were you aware of this fact?

Did you even learn the lesson Miuna taught to the Sea God? Loving someone is never wrong.

That's right! Miuna condones the loving of dolis!

How did that ugly old fuck dare to sully Iku-chan with his paws? Good thing Irako killed him and cemented his position as the best protag in Shigurui.

Miunas wet, slippery pussy.

It has been around a month without you.

Good night, Miuna!

Goodnight Miuna.

Good morning, beautiful sea.

Good night my princess Miuna


Sad. Very, very sad. And each post in each of these threads makes her sadder. It becomes clear the world would be a better place if she never existed.


What would hugging Miuna feel like?

I wish I knew.

Good morning, Miuna!


>it's the same fucking user spam pictures and bumps his own thread episode

Fuck off, there are several of us.

Did you know that the sea is full of diluted whale semen?

And salty.

From the tears.

Miuna isn't special.


Sex with Miuna!

I think they're fine.

Good morning, Miuna. Please continue to protect my smile.

Good day Miuna.

rare doli

Does Miuna like autism?

>bumps his own thread

Nice, another week another miuna.


Make her smile

Good Morning Miuna.
Thank you for protecting my smile.

Good Morning Anons.
Thank you for protecting this thread.

Go fuck yourself.



Good night, Miuna.

Worst girl.

Take that back motherfucker.

I love Miuna the most.

And the misery continues

The misery never ended.

I know how to make it end.

Jump in the fucking ocean and pretend you have ena?

Not my idea but you should try that. Go jump in an ocean.


pretty much yeah

I want the dolis on my rod.

>your pole will never be manually erected by a pair of dolis

Tadaima, Miuna.

And this is the best that can be done?

Good morning Miuna.

No one cares.


Goodnight MM.
See you next Monday.

Good night my sea.

Good night, beautiful sea.



didn't threads about this generic retarded moeblob go away?

Why do people like you try to take the happiness Miuna gives me away?

Who do you ship Miuna with?


Good night, Miuna.

I hope I can see Miuna in the morning!

I hope I can see Miuna every monday for the rest of Cred Forums.

Been two years out from Cred Forums. And this is still ongoing. All is good.

We get to enjoy Miunas smile a little longer this week!

is this a new meme

Ok but why do you hate the fish so much?

You are the only thing that is new here.

Good morning my beautiful sea!

Not Ded

Sleep tight Miuna. I know I will, because you are here to tuck me in.

Miuna's dick.

Miuna is dick

Miuna is not dick. Miuna is perfection,

Even Miuna's dick is perfection. That's how perfect she is.

>Miuna's dick
Is this bullying?

it' already thursday here and this thread is still alive, shows how the love for miuna is still strong


The love is just pretending not to be dead.

figure pls

Good morning, Miuna. May today be full of smiles. :)

> :)
Miuna wants you to kill yourself.

It was an accident. Have a strawberry and forget please.

Miuna is still just as fat.

i remember a full week once before





Yeah, from monday to monday, my smile was never that protected before or since.

More Miuna to go around.

Good morning Miuna! Waking up to your smile is a sign that I will have a wonderful day!

Good night, Miuna. See you next monday.


Good night Miuna.

Best girls.



The level of worthlessness is over 9000.

Worst thread continues to get worse. How is it possible?


You're here every week, user. Are you possibly tsun tsun?

Post the full clip where she gets hit by a car.


Miuna is pretty.

May this day be full of smiles again!

Nothing but tears.

>come back from work
>see Miuna

thanks for protecting my smile!

Name something besides your smile that you'd like Miuna to protect.

I don't want to be greedy, she already does so much.

Maybe my love for the sea.

So bored. So completely bored with all of this.


No one cares.

NagiAsu sequel?

I'd rather have a prequel.


Its Thursday.

What are you talking about, it's clearly still Monday.

Good night, beautiful sea.

how do you eat fucking pocky underwater?

Movie never user.

Good night, Miuna.

Will I be greeted by Miuna's smile when I wake up?

No, but she will personally pick you up when you blow out your brains and stop bumping this fucking retarded thread.

You are the ruiner of smiles, Miuna will protect me from you.





Good morning, Miuna.

Set same world but different characters. Would you watch?

With a different drama hopefully.

she is literally the only thing i remember about this show. i don't even know who won. way to ruin a show.

It is time to take out the trash. It stinks in here.

Miuna joins the cast of the last anime you dropped. Would you watch?

If I remember correctly the main girl was heavily hinted to have won but it was slightly open ended with a "I like things as there are right now" line. That was pretty shitty after all that drama.


Of course not.

>That was pretty shitty

How many smiles has Miuna protected?

not hers and certainly not mine

Why won't you let her protect your smile user? Why do you hold on to your frown?

Well Miuna, it's time to say goodnight, I'll see you next Monday.

Good morning, beautiful sea.

None. In fact there are many smiles prevented.


Where's Ema

Thanks for showing up for another day Miuna!

It's friday here already. Can this Miuna thread last the whole week again?

Nah, it won't last a full week in places like Burgerland.


Good morning, Miuna. Thankyou for being here once again when I wake up.

We've reached Burgerland Monday once before. The love is strong. It can be done again.

First sentence was for Miuna.

Yeah, we did. 12th of June to be precise.
Do keep in mind that 4chin was down for a while and that helped a lot.

We should all pray to the sea god. Surely he will bless us with down time.

This has been quite a long Monday.

longer than my rope

I believe in Hiroshima.

why the fuck do you keep making these threads

Miuna is a shit


Ema on the front page!


I love dolis, even glasslip dolis.

grassrip was a mistake.

Did anyone who watch the show actually know the themes, metaphors and symbolism it had?

Of course. Chiasaki is symbolic for my cum.


Good morning Miuna, what a present surprise to see you still smiling here.
I love you.

Miuna will live forever in the reflection of our smiles.

Good night Miuna.

Call me Saturday.

Miuna and Hikari's child.

Good night, Miuna.

Monday is nearing its end.




And the trash continues to stink.

I want to taste Miuna's _____.

FUCKING SAMEFAGGING. Go do something productive with your time faggot.

65 IPs.

Not today.

Yeah 6 people with dynamic IPs. We aren't impressed.

ITT A fourth-rate character from a third-rate show no one gave a second thought to in the first place

not to mention phone posting.

Anyway you look at it, sad.

I haven't even used my phone yet.

Use it. Call for help.

Just about time again...


No, seriously. Seek help.


Miuna will help me, just like every week.

Its almost Monday.

Keep up the good fight, user.

>3 years and love is still well and strong

Sayu is pleased of your love for her best friend

>3 years
Surely you lie

Annnnnnnd it gets even worse.

Who cares any more any way?

no sleepy Miunas allowed

i think it's time for this thread to sleep

How about a coma? How about the sweat release of death?

>NagiAsu aired 3 years ago

Time to let go.

Miuna is going to marry Beta-kun

Let go.


>this happened almost three years ago

What if we forget the rest of this and go to a good anime?

It's been a while since I saw Miuna Monday getting this many replies last time

Those without any life had even less this week.

That blood looks so vivid.

So you like Vivid?

The color palette used in the show was had really vivid colors in general. It looked quite nice.

So you both like Vivid?

Wait you are the same person. Nevermind.

I'm going to confess to Miuna!

Good night, Miuna!

Miuna IS life.

Vivid wasn't a mistake.

Good night, my beautiful sea. I hope to see you tomorrow.

Miuna possesses a pussy.

Oyasumi nasai, utsukushii umi.

Any Miuna lovers here who Scuba Dive? I envied her getting to swim in the sea, and now I have the means to do so.

I haven't even climbed the mountain yet for the Yamas. Can I just stay fat and unhappy?

Hinata Friday?

Season 3 with 23min eps when?




Hikari's dick.

From what?

Chisaki's nightmare cunt.

Here again, Miuna?

Why can't I stop thinking about Miuna's various body parts?

You're a dolicon.

But I'm fine with granny Miuna and her handle bars too.

Good morning Miuna!

Could Miuna love a girl?

Good morning user.

Goodnight Miuna, thank you oh so much for protecting my smile all week, it means so much to me.

Love Hoops > doli

So much for a good start to the day.

Has anything new or interesting been posted to this threads this year? The answer is no, right?



I'm sorry. Here is a more christian picture.



No, absolutely nothing. You have an original series with no signs of new related projects in the horizon with almost no new art out there that also aired three years ago. It's basically all a cult which I haven't missed since its inception.


Good morning, Miuna. Nice to see you're still here.

okada forced drama







Ema please go, you don't have time for this.

that's not miuna mate. please post miunas only


Fake Miunas are Miunas too.

How Miuna are these Miunas?


Just a little more.

Ohayou gozaimasu, utsukushii umi.

One of them isn't even a Miuna.

loli miuna a best and i'm not even into lolis


Best girl thread ?

Best girl thread !

is this the best version?

Why is her show so shit?

That's a doli though.

Fucking weeb


in her new show she even has a clone

Now neither of them will be virgins

Miuna > Muetta > Yukihime > Shit >>>> Yukina
Dolis are also great.
Haven't watched Shirobako yet though.


you should, it's really good

Why didn't Hikari protect Miuna's smile


Good night, Miuna. Please protect my autism in my sleep.

a nice butt Miuna


And it keeps getting worse.

You like this thread. Stop trying to hide it.

I am embarrassed to even know of its existence.

You're not fooling anyone. I know you can feel the love too.

I love the pain and death that will eventually end this painful worthless thread.

is right. You're definitely a tsun tsun. Don't worry though, Miuna still loves you.



Remember that bad thing we saw? This is worse.

Time for Miuna cosplay.










Now it really has gotten worse.

did the original version have a pet cat?


Sorta lazy to not have the color contacts. But rather close otherwise.

Left or right?

I love Hestia, but Miuna is the one for (You).

I think right is right.

I think it is obvious who would win in a dance contest.


>hfw this stupid thread goes away

Good night Miuna.

Nothing good about it.


The winner is clear. We need another challenger.

This is nice thread

Why do you say that?

Good night Miuna. Thank you for keeping watch over me all week.

why does she sit like that?

No answer. Must be a troll.


I'll take your word for it?


That is the ride when they took her to the vet, right?


Left or right?


wow time for a diet!

Gotta say right with the classy suit is a clear winner.

Obvious seefood diet. See food and eat it.


I don't get it?

I guess just wanting to be lewd.


Party Miuna.

More like loser not invited.

Which one is it?


I missed this earlier. Can someone translate?

If only none of them were.

the pleasure of cumming inside beautiful sea

I don't believe you.


Do you mean swimming in the ocean?

wth is that??!!

a real doli

I don't think either of these are good options. Aquaman will beat you up.

What the hell is a doli?

Ive done this I fapped in 2 beaches already. Watchedbthe semen move under the water


Literally no one cares.


Whats with all this ironic shitposting?

Ask who started it.

Would you prefer it if it were unironic?

Good night, Miuna. Hopefully I'll see you again tomorrow. The love is strong this week.


Yeah that's not the word for it.


one sec

There you go.

Wait, I like it better this way.

No, nobody likes you.

This means you.

It can't be helped.

You know who I'm talking about.

Does no one else here own MS Paint?

Don't worry, there will always be next monday.

You know Monday is the worst day of the week?

Miuna makes it worth it.

No one believes that.


Enough with this monday crap, IT'S SAYU SATURDAY NOW BOYS.

I could be okay with this. Continue.

Perfect definition of unwanted.

Isaid continue!


Is she slow? Because your posting is.


It doesn't take 10 minutes between image posts.

Sayu is for patting.

Not even him, but you can join in as well.

>still posting Chisakis

I challenge you to add a hula hoop to that gif.

Sayu doesn't like patting.

>morning after intense plowing, Yukina's hips still moving on their own.

Post what happens next.

she is a good chiropractor

I'm worried some of you won't get the reference.

When did that happen?

Yes she does.

So cute

Wanna be friends?


Can you reverse that?

Miuna likes patting.

That's a shoop, right? I see some pixels.

Done at 5?


SAYU and Miuna.

What do the ribbons represent?

I do, and so does everyone else here, including you.

SAYU say no


If I could eliminate Mondays and have to give up Saturday and Sunday to do it I would without a second thought.

Yet here you are, the only place in the world where's still monday.

It is the only way it will end.

>mfw I run away from the problem

Monday ended yesterday, it's saturday now, faggots.

IBO II in a couple of days

I'm okay with this.

Sayu is crying, Cred Forums. What do?

Thats kinda hurtful.

It's almost time for the next one anyway.

REJOICE, Emiya Muina

So let me get this straight, you spent the last 5 days on monday because you wanted it to end, while for anyone who hasn't been in this thread monday has been over for 4 days?

MIUNA and Sayu.

You think things go away by ignoring them? Seriously?

Yea, absolutely. But you are forgetting about the fact that Monday usually ends on Tuesday now. Please let me enjoy this. We havent had this in solace in a while.

>He believes in cyberbullying

But Miuna is only here on this fake Friday because of you (false flagging?) shitposters, so thank you.

And as I lay there gazing at the sky
My body's numb and my throat is dry


Yeah, that was one atypical monday.
But time hasn't killed the love, and shitposters also won't.

Good night Sayu, protect me in my dreams.

I sea nothing wrong with that.

If you shitpost their thread, they win.


i want to drown in those seas

>bump limit
See you next Monday, MM. Some of the streams of posts look so weird to me, it is like some bots are replying to themselves.

why am i even alive

o b e s e


Saturday for Stronk independent womyn.

Good night Miuna.

Good night, beautiful Sayu.