At this point I just want to see if it manages to get even edgier

At this point I just want to see if it manages to get even edgier.

I read a few chapters of this. The obvious failure party got trashed except for the priest girl and Dark Souls guy got his backstory fleshed out.

Does cowtits the farmgirl get GOBLINED? I can see the story going that way but I can't really be bothered actually reading it.

Read the newest chapter, more uneventful exploitative trash.

>storybuilding is bad

Four more girls are raped and killed within moments of being introduced. That's not storybuilding, whatever that means, it's just trash that only serves to let you see girls get beaten and raped by monsters.

>i don't like it therefore it's trash
Stick with your CGDCTs, junior.

Cry some more, tumblr faggot. Stories are allowed to have rape in them, even if it makes you so uncomfortable you just have to blog about it. If you weren't retarded you'd know the women being raped and killed were hardly the main highlight of the chapter, and served more than anything to show the sheer difference between a group of headstrong amateurs and one smart man who knows what he's doing, who was the real highlight with his protective helmet and use of fire as an effective goblin murdering tool. Besides, the "beating and raping" lasted all of one page and little of it was actually shown, anyone who is taken aback or can actually get off to it despite the brevity and lack of detail clearly does not even know that rape and ryona doujins are a thing, and there are plenty of them. Next time turn off the retard switch before posting.

Speaking about edgy
Does eny body knows the name of a manga that its about a girl that lives in a city around a giant hole and her dream is to become the bigest explirer of that hole but when she enter alot of fucked up shit hapend

>Actually defending it

>t. average fan of Elfen Lied

Something Abyss

It's effective story telling. There's nothing that gets males more riled up than the rape of women. People who get butt blasted about it only prove how effective it is at making people angry, but whitey doesn't know how to compartmentalize fantasy, so they turn their anger towards the writers instead regardless of how well implemented it is.

Do you really think this manga targets people who have taste and like good stories? Give up, this thread itself only panders to scum and you're losing your time.

Google only throw me one result and is not thr right one
All the character were lolis and i remember one geting crushed by a big hanmer like machine or press

Like I said.

It doesn't make me uncomfortable. It bothers me because I think that it's tasteless exploitation. The group introduced in chapter 4 being taken, raped and killed served no purpose beyond letting you see it.

What's a CGDCT?

I'm a big fan of Go Nagai and even Koichi O-fucking-Hata but I can't get into this. I'd rather just read Xration doujins, he at least doesn't beat around the bush.

>effective story telling
It's softcore pornography.

I feel like there's a real discussion to be had here so dammit I'm going to make it happen.

>liking edgy shit is poor taste
I dare you to tell that to Beserkfags.

>What's a CGDCT?
Lurk more.

Berserk was never really that edgy most of the time. Stuff like Mozgus' punishments and the Lost Children finale might have been a bit much but it all felt like it was at least going somewhere.

And the opening Black Swordsmen stuff of course but the 180 you get once the flashbacks start is really well done.

>not liking your edgy trash means that i only watch CGDCT

Oh fuck, it just hit me what CGDCT means. I'm a spastic.

But user, this shit isn't edgy.

Effective or easy? That's like telling people that playing arcade is easy by playtesting Pacman on a group of people.

Nope, the edge goes away pretty damn fast.
>but the goblin fortress chapter
Fodder died, whoopty do.

I agree with you on one part: character deaths are boring, especially that of redshirts.

When a character exists purely to die you stop caring, Akame ga Kill was full of that.

Akame is in a different level of nonsense. Sometimes it loops on itself and after laughing hard on head on a stick and comatose bitch, it just becomes annoying all over again.

I think we can all agree akame ga kill was trash but the thing missing from it was a protagonist that doesn't give a fuck.

I never spoke about 'edgy shit', I spoke about gratuitous rape just to appeal to the worst category of readers. At least Berserk gave it a dimension and an historic background that proves there was a lot of research to build that world. Plus a lot of the women who got raped in Berserk weren't 'throw-after use' characters. They got a real character development and are precious to the plot.
Women in Goblin Slayer are only there to get raped and disappear. Even worse than seasonal waifus. Use and dispose-of TRASH till the next TRASH appears. Try to deny that.
People who try to hype that manga perfectly know that these threads are filled with people who are just thrilled they can force their rape 'maymays' somewhere else than on /h/

>People who try to hype that manga perfectly know that these threads are filled with people who are just thrilled they can force their rape 'maymays' somewhere else than on /h/
But I hype it for the helmet maymays.

Rape is all people in these threads speak about, it being 'allowed' in a plot changes nothing to the fact that the writing is nonexistant. And also that the only reason people are following this manga, is because they hope for more rape. Not edge, not plot. Only gratuitous rape they can masturbate on. God this thread stinks.

>you will never be this salty
Go back to tumblr.

You wouldn't know goddamn exploitation if it jumped out and bit you on the end of your fuckin' dick, so get off my back.

Goblin Slayer is trash. It's not even good trash, just trash.

There's a difference between complaining about the Namek-length tier rape scenes in something like Wolf Guy or the rape bus in HSOTD and complaining about this where it's just like a page and to show the difference between experience and people who don't know what they're doing.

Seriously get some thicker skin

Nobody's offended you memeing idiot. The problem is that it's lazy storytelling, if it can even be called that, and the only reason this crap sells.

There are worse shit than this and you only bothered to complain about this is because of the rape so I think you're actually offended, user.

Yeah, that's it, try to downplay that rape after you scums spent weeks hyping it everywhere. I'll fucking listen.

I didn't complain, I just dismissed it all the way back up at . I've seen Ebola Syndrome twice. Nothing offends or upsets me except for shit storytelling.

>he gets bothered by the fanbase more than the rape
You're new or something?